G72-b66us hard drive question

I just bought the laptop in the subject... I have a HP dv9700t I put a Corsair SSD drive in... My question is the SSD will work in the g72?


SATA SSD working usually in portable computers with SATA drives. We receive occasional reports of issues, but the ssd should be a drop in replacement for the traditional mechanical hard drive.

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  • Qosmio X 300-130 - hard drive Question

    Why Toshiba has equipped this model with 2 x 320 GB 5400 RPM drives when there are 320 GB 7200 tours available disks.
    Is it a question of dissapation of heat with higher rpm records?


    I imagine that the heat can be the reason for this. As you know heat and how cool the material is a common problem with books and I think that Toshiba has decided to use the HARD drive maybe a bit more slow, but avoid a temperature higher inside the laptop.

  • HP Pavilion dv6-1260se artist edition Entertainment Notebook PC Hard Drive Question

    Hello, I hope someone here can answer a question for me. I have a 4 year old HP Pavilion dv6-1260se artist edition Entertainment Notebook PC and the hard drive died on me. I have been trading for the replacement of the hard disk and found a 1 TB disk toshiba sata hard I like, the original drive was a 500 GB. I'm a graphic designer in order to available disk space is important in a replacement player. The page of product for my laptop specification does not say if the original hard drive was a sata drive. Did anyone here know if a 1 TB sata drive will work in my laptop? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Your hard drive is SATA. Service and maintenance Guide lists the largest available in 500 GB hard drive. This isn't a definitive answer that your laptop can not use a 1 TB retail hard drive. However, if you use recovery disks Vista to install Windows on it, the more great concern will use a hard drive Advanced Format (AF). Most recent hard drives are AF and Vista will probably not be able to install.

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/manualCategory?cc=us & dlc = in & lc = in & product = 3979400 & task = &

  • Hard drive Question on new Y50

    Hi, I ordered a Y50 last week and I'm waiting to be shipped. I've gone through these forums a lot try to seek answers to my question.

    I intend later my SSHD to a 512 GB or 1 TB SSD 1 TB upgrade when prices are met. What I'm confused about is a recovery key and how that will work with the new HD? I read that it will not work if the partitions are changed or if you use a new HD, or if you format the old drive?

    I don't know if I want to run Windows 8.1, maybe linux, I want to expirament. I can just use Windows 8.1 anyway.

    If I ever want to sell the laptop, I want to while working where I do not change the hard drive. Is there a concise guide on how to get all backed up and is working on a new hard drive, including a recovery key?

    The first thing I want to do when I get the laptop is my backup system image, but what good is it if I plan on the HDD out of switching or the modification of partitions? I looked on these forums, and the more I read I became more confused.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • HP laptop - 15-g227wm: Hard Drive question, in need of a solution

    First of all, I don't know if the version of Windows running was of 32-bit or 64-bit.

    The laptop in question is my mother and randomly, he started to become unresponsive in the middle of the night.  She had not dropped it and only uses the laptop to surf the internet and play some Facebook games.

    I went to the start menu and asked the laptop to run diagnostic systems.  In two minutes, he told me that the disk check hard short DST was not, by giving the code 9SNJ3G-7MP84W-XD7WL1 - T 60, 703.

    As it is a hard drive problem, I hope that, at the very least, it will take replace the hard drive, if not buy another laptop.

    The problem is the following; the laptop was purchased at a Wal-Mart.  It was the display model they had, as it was the last one in stock, and Wal-Mart could not locate the box for the laptop at the time of purchase.  We have no user manual and no CD to reinstall Windows (the laptop had 8.1 the purchase, and we took advantage of the free for 10 update when it was available).

    Please let us know our best options.  Thank you for your time.


    While I can't tell you precisely what that code means, yes the the bottom line is the hard drive has suffered an accident and needs to be replaced.

    Initially, the PC came with 64-bit W8.1.  HP does not support this model for 32-bit operating systems.

    Here is the service manual for this model.


    Removing and replacing the drive hard in this model is a daunting task, but if you are up to it, see Chapter 6 for R & R procedures.

    If the laptop is still under warranty, you can get HP to replace the drive under warranty.

    If this isn't the case, you're on your own.

    You can order W8.1 recovery media for the laptop computer from the link below, or clean reinstall 10 64-bit windows on the new drive from the link below it (media creation tool).  You can clean install W10 for free, without a product key, given that the laptop was already legally upgraded to W10.



    Support page of your laptop is on the link below...


  • Hard drive question

    I have a HP Touchsmart tx2 laptop and the hard drive died, I was curious to know if this... http://www.Newegg.com/product/product.aspx?item=N82E16822136692... hard drive fit in there, I've never had to buy a portable hard drive before, I was worried if it would be appropriate or not...

    I'm always asking questions about things!
    Owner: Touchsmart tx2-1275dx

    You need a drive 2.5 "hard...


  • Replacement HARD drive questions

    So to make a long story short the Thinkvantage Toolbox thing reported a bad hard drive for about a month now.

    I get no other indicators of failure of emminet as bad sectors but didn't want to push the thing as its under warranty so I am in touch with the contact centre yesterday and had a replacement delivered today drive, and I live in the Bush so kuddos it.

    However, I have this HARD drive with nothing but lables to ship the old man back to "avoid being charged for the new part.

    If at this point, I have two main concerns.

    I understand the work of monkey of replacing the drive on this computer, but am I to assume that the new disc has a preloaded OS or something or there at - it a procedure that I could follow, perhaps?

    I've done some general poking around on the net and you have not found anything so far so I'll try here.

    My second consideration relates to return a drive that I lived with for more than six months and shows no other problems except for a flag of Thinkvantage.

    I understand that there is a kind of extended warranty "servece" that allows the physical conservation of the old drive and I'm not trying to be a jerk on everything that I understand the recycling of old electronic devices and so forth and so but it seems silly just send my old data like this on a vague threat of a charge if I do not return the part.

    I am happy to return the thing, but if I am not satisfied that I was able to erase the disc it will come back with a few nails through it and etc.

    Is that going to undergo this 'charge', they mention?

    If the old drive was more like a bad drive I would not also be concerned about data cleaning, but I'm not tickled on the idea of sending the thing somewhere with more than half a year of various personal information on this subject in its current state.

    How they even think that they would be "charge" is another question altogether, but I find rather reasonable for my worries appealed, if one is available to force the issue unnecessarily.

    Thank you.

    Well, got some information by e-mail, Lenovo, this morning.

    Fitness beat email out here to the boonies in less than 24 hours Friday.

    UPS has been everywhere this one not?

    The confusing side kuddos for the speed again and I noticed that the replacement drive is more than 50 concerts more so than the old car so more warm and fuzzies of my dissertation.

  • HELP the T61p Swap hard drive Question - URGENT

    My T61p 6459-CTO went black screen. 1 long beep - 2 short beeps, I guess that the MOBO issue problems with Nvidia Chipset on that I read.

    So I wonder if I just take my hard drive out and put in it an operable T61p to close specifications would be that boot up and work like my old machine? Or I am a joke?

    How close the specs should be? Questions you plan?
    I need to get as forward as soon as possible.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you


    Welcome to the forum!

    You may need to day of a couple of drivers, but any T61/p or R61 will work fine as the drive.

    Good luck.

  • Replacing HARD drive questions

    My laptop is as follows:

    HP DV6-1355DX

    Windows 7

    OEM HARD drive is a WD 5000BEVT p/n: 499040-002

    Other posts in this forum, I'm certain that my laptop HARD drive has failed.  I found multiple suppliers for the exact same HDD, but I know that the technology has changed since this particular laptop was bought there are 3 1/2 years.  That being said, I really have no idea on HARD drive except for their purpose.  So my question is can I replace/upgrade HARD drive with a different manufacturer/model?  If Yes, what manufacturer and model do you recommend, and other that physically remove/replace, what would I do for install (software) to make this new feature of HARD drive properly in the laptop?  I have a system recovery disk.

    Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who can offer sound advice and will take the time to help me.


    bwstein wrote:


    Thank you for your help.  If I change a bevt a different HARD drive, do I need to worry about drivers or other aspects to do work, or just install and use the recovery discs I have?


    No, you don't have to worry about this. Version BPVT supports the Advanced Format Technology that should be more reliable than technology in the BEVT discs...


    Just put the hard drive and run the recovery discs.

  • Sending for repair HARD drive question

    7690 AMD GPU in my HP Envy 17-3000 fried, and I'll send for repair in a few days.

    My question, will wipe they my secondary hard drive? I know they're going to wipe my primary SSD 128 GB drive, but what my secondary drive?

    All program files and what are not the main boot disk and all my music/photos etc are on the secondary drive.

    If so, I wiped more than 500 GB of files that I would like to keep, mainly the music, do I remove the hard drive and keep it so it does not keep? Or just leave it empty my warranty?

    Also, what is the usual repair made on a fried GPU?

    Hard drives are also on the list of devices customer replaceable in the guides maintenance & Service for all but the Ultrabook and tablet laptops.

    If a HARD disk fails under warranty, HP can you send one for you to replace yourself. It does not void the warranty.

    Best regards


  • external hard drive questions

    How can I move only my new images on an external hard drive? I have my library of photos copied onto an external hard drive currently and you want to move only new images. The only way I know how is to move my library of photos once again, but then I would have 2 libraries of photos on the hard drive and double images I want.

    Also, how can I save my external hard drive to another hard drive external?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am fairly new to back up my photos and tips on a systematic and safe method to save frequently pictures would be great! Thank you

    You can "move" and new photos to any photo library - you must use the Photos to import, iCloud library sync them or PowerPhotos to move

    How to backup up depends on your backup software - backup TimeMachine to an EHD - you need to remove the form DHM the list excluded in the TM preferences


  • Portege R500 USB Extrenal HARD drive question

    Recently, my boss bought a Portege R500 and I installed Win XP SP2.

    Installed all necessary drivers.

    It is, if I connect an external USB HDD's does not detect and I use the laptop after having removed the USB HDD applications hang up and it wont even stop.

    Can someone share a light on this problem?

    Thank you.

    It is not easy to share a lot of light on it. Who is the manufacturer of this external HARD drive? You have a software with this HARD drive that needs to be installed first?

  • Satellite 1130-z24: upgrade hard drive question


    I have a toshiba Satellite 1130 - z24, which requires a new hard drive, the old man is a MK2108GAP of 20 GB but I want to set up a larger capacity drive. What is the record of the maximum size that I can use without any problems of compatibility?

    One of the following players would work?

    MK6034GAX 60 GB
    MK8026GAX 80 GB
    100 GB MK1032GAX

    I searched on various forums and websites, but the only information I can find is that the BIOS will not support the discs above a certain size, but I don't know how it is.

    Any help much appreciated.


    I think that good old classic supports IDE controller.

    The IDE controller manages max 128 GB HDD due to support of the 28-bit LBA.

    So in your case, I would recommend choosing a HARD disk that is not longer than 120GB
    so, theoretically the 100 GB MK1032GAX should be compatible

  • A2 has its very high ground and HARD drive question

    I don't know if this is "a bug or a feature.
    somewhere at top left (perhaps directly from the cpunit), a high pitch sound is produced... not all the time and not all perceptible time... but I still do not know what that is... someone could explain to me? I read the fact sheets, but I did find something relevant to this topic

    computer laptop is brand-new... personally, I think it's whenever the centrino adapt his frequncies but is this correct? Thanks in advance...

    Another issue is that when I remove the battery then its ok and there is no sound... but when the battery is attached then we here... sometimes hardly hear you sometimes you hear one is very annoying... (I speak an ambient silence)

    something out of place... Hard disks are lying be absolute silence?

    (I'm sorry to give my anguish but the laptop is brand new and too much money for not worrying if something goes wrong)


    It is not easy to say what he can be. It's very confusing that this noise appears only when the battery is attached. HARD drive is not placed in the top left. If you check the underside of your laptop you can find coverage of HARD drive on another side than the battery.

    If you work in ambient absolute silence, you can probably hear all the sounds that can be done when the laptop is running. It must be clear to you that it's not quite quiet laptop and to do some noise. If you think that it can be a serious problem the best way is to contact the Service partner. Your laptop is a new, and they can check.

  • Satellite P10 804: HARD drive question SMART WARNING

    When I start or restart I get a message:

    SMART: Disk failure is imminent - backup and replace the HARD drive - press F1 to continue

    Not the wording, although more or less correct.

    It started 3 days ago. Basic research online suggests that SMART warning system is not always correct.

    1 is there any software which will check the disk and correct some errors?

    2. If I need to replace the HARD drive, what are the specifications, it can be replaced by what?

    3. What is the largest size of concert, it may take?

    4. What is the process after the replacement using the restore CD?

    Thanks in advance.


    Can you please tell me what happen if you use the F1 button?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello so, my drive is probably leaving me as I write, I got a few BSOD in the morning and CHKDSK is now to find tons of bad clusters in all directions. So my main question is, my laptop will support an SSD if I buy it? Second, I checked the hardware

  • HxD for Mac - problems with opening .dmg file

    I tried to open the downloaded "HxD for Mac application" but its .dmg (hxd4osx - 1.1 b 1) file will not open, not even after the converted (in reason to get error message "Strives image must be converted"). I have an iMac, OS 10.9.5. Can anyone help?

  • HP Pavilion TS Sleekbook 14: HP laptop model disk hard 14-b109wm

    Not serious all I want to know is what the name of the hard drive of my computer is or would be a good replacement of the hard disk. If you want to know Im hot for a new because my laptop built-in hard drive burned out or something of the sort. Sorry