Game Explorer has 653 icons for Everquest 2?

OK, so my Windows 7 game Explorer has a grand total of 653 icons for Everquest 2.  I tried to remove the registry entries, but whenever I start the game, it seems that an additional icon is added in.  I see it on my laptop (Windows 7, 32bits) and office (64 bit Win 7).  Anyone has similar problems or have a solution to stop what is happening?

I have this problem as well, so let others who play EverQuest 2 on Windows 7. I think they have solved the problem on the Test Server, but as of today it has not been moved to live.

Although it is easy to kill the question to Sony, I would like to know how to delete these extra icons in Windows 7, regardless of who put them there. I should be able to select one (or maybe all) icons and delete them. There is no option to do so, there is no right-click menu for them or any other way to remove them from the system.

If any program places a graphic I should be able to delete it, as in this case there are many duplicate icons. Why Win7 allows duplicates, and where it places?

I don't mind doing the cleaning, but it's a little difficult to do because she is located.

Thank you! Edit: Has managed to find. Duplicates are in the registry.

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    We will cover all the possibilities.

    1. download each of the tools for deletion below, save it to your desktop:

    Norton Removal Tool:

    McAfee removal tool:

    2. close all open applications (that is, anything with an icon on the taskbar).

    3. After completing some you have a copy of your handy product key, uninstall all software (including LiveUpdate and Add-ons of Norton) Norton through Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a program (or Control Panel |) Programs and features, if you are using the classic view)

    IMPORTANT! => Activate the Windows Firewall immediately after the restart.

    IMPORTANT! => Now you're "working without a net": no to ANYTHING else online (e.g., navigation, reading e-mail, chat) until you have completed the steps #4, #5 and #6 below!

    4. right click on one of the files that you saved in #1 above and select run as administrator to run the utility. DO TAP not your keyboard until the race ends, then restart.

    5. Repeat step #4 for another removal tool.


    -Online use another computer to download the removal tool, if necessary, then transfer it to the computer via CD, DVD, or a USB brand new, never been used (flash drive), or a summer freshly updated in shape.

    -Online start the problem in Mode safe computer, if necessary, proceed as above.

    -Online after completing all of the above, uninstall AVG Free & reboot. Now do a new installation of AVG Free 9.0, this time select the CUSTOM installation option and do NOT install (uncheck) Linkscanner Search-Shield, Active Surf-Shield, security or the email of crawl components toolbar.

    Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email

    -Online download/run system update before running Windows Update again:

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  • Weird black/window box after commissioning; "Explorer has stopped working". Error messages; Do not click on some things in the start menu; several McAfee icons in the lower sidebar...

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    There is an option to run a 'this page with a script' or something to that effect.  If I choose Yes or no is not serious.

    Under this window is another

    "Runtime error!"


    Application has requested the execution in an unusual way.

    On my sidebar on the right low in McAfee Ms red with white background icons, many of them until I sweep (no click) with the cursor.  They will disappear after the scanning, but then return.

    When I click on Explorer or the window will Flash quickly on and outside, or should I get the message "Windows Explorer has stopped working".

    I can get on explore if I disable all add-ons.  But it won't let me check yahoo IND. e-mail messages.

    When I try to go to things in the start menu that look like we can help him, I'll either get the error messages or off quick flashes of a window.  When I went into Control Panel, nothing happens when I click on the icons.

    When I went into the System Configuration. then click on services there are things that say that they are arrested.

    In its responses, please explain things as you explain to a 60 year old grandmother.

    Hello Halima S,.

    Thank you for your response.  I was checking things until I found your answer.  Do not be alerted via hotmail.  Somewhere in my files McAfee "View Log" I found that I was 'ping '.  What is crazy?  In the files for seven times in a row from 09:30-09:34 "SystemGuards have allowed a moment change on your computer."  Should I try to mess with this before that I have use the above tips or try your advice first?

    Ping, means that your mcafee dat files are up-to-date and also it cannot be updated no more. so try to update your antivrius manually by downlading latest mcafee dat files and also try runing mcafee!

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    What a pity that you cannot use the system restore - which would be the fastest and easier to solve this problem.  I recommend that you turn on the system restore and immediately make a restore point.

    In which office files are your desktop items (or they are in each file)?  I find a folder with all the icons of your desktop in it and copy it into a new folder named "(Old Desktop) and put it in your Documents folder, just to be on the safe side - if you have a copy of going bacck to if something goes wrong while you are trying to solve the problem."  You can then try to remove the three options (or ones without entries starting with down one in the path of the file) one at a time (by checking the others every time to ensure that they still contain your desktop icons).  Once you get to the last one check again to make sure that it contains all of your items of office and then restart.  If all goes well, which fix the multiple instances of the desktop icons.  If not, read on.

    If this does not work, or if you prefer, you can treat the situation as a corrupt user profile.  To fix this use  If that is the only available Administrator Profile (you need to be an administrator to fix this), enable the Hidden Administrator Account (HAA) using  If you don't remember the password, try nothing because that's probably what you (or seller) did during the installation.  Make sure you have at least two profiles administrator with strong passwords (to remember) as well as your standard profile for daily use.  Once that is done, don't forget to disable the HAA to save it in case it is necessary once again and for safety reasons (since people often try to hack into systems using this account).  Do NOT use the HAA as your administrator account because if you lose the only administrator on the system account or it is damaged again, then you're watered.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Is it possible to customize my icons in Games Explorer? are the icons customizable PGN (e.g. Chess Titans, cell free..) and when I drag an application from a game to Games Explorer loses i ' ts icon and shows me the unknown file icon.

    Customize icons,
    Games Explorer

    To do this, you can try this tool...

    Not sure if it will work in 7 as it was written in Vista, but you can give it a shot.


  • Get links from dosbox for update in Games Explorer

    I placed links to dosbox game wrapped securities in the explored game and need to know how to force windows to load the data of boxart for them.

    Hi Jeffpiatt,

    Welcome to Microsoft Answers Forums.

    Games explorer is a Microsoft application that contains games that are supported by Microsoft. DOSBox games are third party games that are not supported by Microsoft so that you can not update or display in Games Explorer.

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • Desktop icons not working/Getting Internet Explorer has stopped working Message also

    I'm having a problem with my desktop icons.  The first time, I use a desktop icon to enter a site when I first you register my lap top everything works but when I close the site and try to open another icon on my desktop, icons no longer highlight or open.  This just started today.  Ran a comprehensive analysis with Norton 360, but he found nothing. Also in constant trouble with my internet explorer. Download internet explore has stopped working message.  Is there a way to fix this?

    I tried your suggestion about resetting my internet explore.  Follow the link that you provided, and it worked.  All my icons work (opened and closed several times to double check). Also my internet has regained its original speed.  Thank you very much!

  • y at - it a fix for 'windows explore has stopped working ".

    y at - it a fix for 'windows explore has stopped working ".

    Hi Emmanuel,.

    ·         When you get this error message?

    ·         You did any computer change?

    ·         When was it last works well?

    We have no fix to correct the error, because Windows Explorer may stop responding for several reasons such as the file system, third-party software conflicts, corruption etc. So, be aware of what caused Windows Explorer to stop working and based on that the next steps could be useful.

    Try the following

    Method 1:

    Step 1:

    Check in safe mode see you facing same problem

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Step 2:

    Check in the clean boot process

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: follow step 7 to place the computer on its usual way, once completed troubleshooting

    Method 2:

    Follow the steps posted by THE C following the link below;

    Reply back with the results

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    Original title: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727

    When I'm looking for my document folders all of a sudden, a window pops up saying: windows Explorer has stopped working, then it restarts my computer, I followed to DW20.exe and my friend told me to try and rename it but for some reason any he used to let me. This is a recurring problem and is extremely frustrating!

    Please help me


    Were there any changes (hardware or software) to the computer before the show?

    Perform the steps from the link below and see if it helps.

    Error: Windows Explorer has stopped working

    Note 1 : when you perform the clean boot, then follow step 7 to reset the computer to start as usual after the boot process.

    Note 2: Make a backup of all your data on an external drive before you perform an upgrade in-place, as this could result in loss of data.

    Hope this information helps.

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    My folder of the game has stopped working for some reason any. I mean, it was working perfectly and suddenly, all my games disappeared.


    1. cannot drag ANY game in the folder to create even the simplest links;

    2. no game seems to go in the Games folder of all after installing it. Only Fallout 3, but that too after it write manually using the command prompt. Will not work with other coz' I don't really know for others;

    3. even after manual registry entires, only some will appear and that too, just an icon without any kind of information. The icon is too very bad quality. Most of these managers to game such that VGEE won't even pick up one of these games;

    4. it seems to be two registry entries. Is this normal? PIC is here:

    The files, btw, will be visible only if I add games in the top folder.


    I have already tried to disable and reactivate the control panel Games folder, have tried to create a new registry entries, tried to delete a user and create a new, tried to use software like VGEE, tried to remove the registry entries and start fresh, tried the thing 'show all files' and other things that I remember.

    What should do? How to create links in the folder?

    And please don't say pc format, coz I have over 60 games, averaged around 6 GB, larger be up to 14 GB, which I'll have to download it again and loads of other software too, some have no CD or digital download copy or such. Received more than 1 TB of files, it would be really a copy/paste of pain.

    Is the folder of games btw:

    Hi Devil12911,

    Restore the system to the date it was working fine. Link below will help you to complete the restore of the system:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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