Generate PDFS without embedded ICC


I am trying to create a file for IngramSpark without any embedded ICC profile.  Their PDF Analyzer keep telling me this:

PDF CONTAINS ICC COLOR PROFILES: LSI application files with no color profile assigned. Please convert all colors in shades of gray to black and white images or CMYK for color images and remove all color profiles to correct this problem.

The images are all shades of grey in the book. What are the parameters/procedure I need to generate the PDF from Indesign CS6 to avoid this problem? I'm generating the PDF in

PDF / X - 1a: 2001

as I've read elsewhere that it should work better, like PDF / X - 1a: 2001 is not 'supposed' to carry the ICC profiles. But so far, no luck... I did the file to PDF / X-3: 2002, but keep the files get rejected, too.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. I-> close <-to get my books out and it's a crushing stumbling.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, after reading IngramSpark File Authoring Guide and s PDF checklist (see file attachment), it would seem that IngramSpark uses a very obsolete DeviceCMJN single workflow. Modern best practices PDF edition today print stream to use PDF/X-4 with imagery left in its original color with ICC profiles and without any flattening of transparency (it is our recommendation to Adobe). To make things worse, IngramSpark is not even specify what CMYK print with (there are a number of different CMYK color spaces and if you convert or otherwise prepare for evil, your colors will be bad.

Which is contradictory in their specifications, it is that he supports the use of PDF / X - 1a: 2001 and PDF / X-3: 2002 although each of these files formats of contradict their rules otherwise. PDF / X - 1a: 2001 is totally DeviceCMJN, but it doesn't have a color ICC output intent profile. PDF / X-3: 2002 not only has an ICC output intent output profile color intent but it also allows (and encourages) use of imagery with imagery of tag-as well as CMYK ICC color profile.

If IngramSpark is rejecting a PDF/X-1 file because of color profiles, it's the color output intent profile, they could very easily ignore. And clearly PDF/X-3 will not reach their expectations.

To completely avoid all ICC profiles and get only CMYK, use the export profile of high quality printing and change the Policy of Inclusion of profile in the Panel out to not include profiles (from the default include profiles of sources containing the tag) and the Color Conversion to convert to Destination (preserve numbers) in this same panel. This is absolutely not recommended, but it's (most likely) going with them must.

You should consider a different printer given their fairly obsolete workflow, blame the customer and practices.


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