Generating license file info in the 3rd party licensing Toolkit


I use LV 2010 and the award of third-party license and Activation Toolkit:


I see 'info license file' is a required typedef entry on a large number of entries, but I don't see any method for the info inside. I understand the password and the path, but that "handle" refers to?

My search of the articles of the or the examples was unsuccessful, pointers or sample code would be appreciated.

Thank you



All jokes aside, I'm sorry for the confusion... This may not have been the most intuitive choice.

We actually have a (complete with forums) community group dedicated to this toolbox, if you are interested at all. (I know, the options of collaboration more...)

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    But this forces me to do all the calculations where these dash marks appear on a path whose Illustrator has already done (because it displays dashes on the display).

    Is there one or more methods that already exists that I can call and he would send me the start and finish of each dash mark that appears on a path?  I have started working on the code to do it but you can see he's going to get involved enough and that he hoped that what was already available in the sdk, and I just missed it.

    Did search the forums, I didn't know that anything discussed in this sense.

    Like what you would get if "Decaying you appearance" of in Illustrator?

  • Is it possible to add articles without using the 3rd party blog widget?

    I develop a news Web site, is there a way to add items without using 3rd party blog widget? I want that article to read on my site not on tumblr or Wordpress

    I am looking for another way to do it, rather than make a new page on muse, whenever I want to download an article. There may be a widget that would have a text editor and automatically performs a new page?

    Thanks in advance! (PS I'm desperate for answers, I always thought that if I ask here I would have not responded. This is my first request here)

    There is no automatic way to do it with Muse other than to create a new page each time. That said, if you are hosting on Business Catalyst and know well how it works, you can define articles, news, etc. directly on your site of Muse.

  • How to lock a folder OR file in windows without using the 3rd party software

    How to lock a folder OR file in windows without using any software of the 3 part,.

    Please help me if there is another way to lock.

    Hi kvegesna,

    To lock a folder or file in Windows XP, the only way is to encrypt the file or folder.

    How to encrypt a folder in Windows XP

    How to remove encryption from a file or a folder in Windows XP

  • Where are the 3rd party application files stored?

    When I install an application "Hello World" simple on my BB device, is the *.cod extracted in the hierarchy of the original file of the classes?

    If so, where are the class files physically stored? How can I find out the absolute path of this application? I can browse its files?

    Also, is stored on the flash memory, NV store, or on the SD card?

    You will not be able to find the class files associated with your cod.

    I think you are trying to create a class file, you can run dynamically.  You'll never be able to do it, at least not with the current JVM.

    Please ask only once.

  • Oleaut32.dll seems to be on the computer but the 3rd party install can't find it

    A brief history. I got the Itunes error for months. I lived with him (after failed it several attempts at correction). To do this, I'll post the following event log error. Now I am trying to install software for a video camera and it can not find the file oleaut32.dll (this time in the System32 directory). I bought and run the RegServe software to solve registry problems (which was supposed to go to fix this). Now, I'm getting several other errors in the event log (unrelated to the errors of the oleaut32.dll file) after the execution of this software. I tried to repair Itunes after the register of difficulty in case he had to just update its links. No luck. No luck on installing the camera software. I installed optional updates from Microsoft incase they might also need this dll file and therefore would set the record link. No luck. (but no installation failure).

    Here is the series of errors in the log of events from when I tried to fix itunes:

    Application MsiExec.exe, version 4.5.6002.18005, time stamp 0x49e01c42, module OLEAUT32.dll, version 6.0.6002.18005, time stamp 0x49e037da, exception code 0xc0000006, offset error 0x0006c7e7, 0x9f4, failed failed application start 0x01cae48391384bf1 process id.


    Windows cannot access the file C:\Windows\SysWOW64\oleaut32.dll to one of the following reasons: there is a problem with the network connection, the file is stored on the disc or the storage drivers installed on this computer. or the drive is missing. Windows has closed the installer program for Windows® because of this error.

    : Program Windows® installation

    File: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\oleaut32.dll

    The error value is listed in the additional data section.

    User action

    1. open the file again. This could be a temporary problem that can be corrected when the program runs again.

    2. If the file is still not accessible and

    -C' is on the network, your network administrator must verify that there is not a problem with the network and that the server can be contacted.

    -C' is on a removable disk, for example, a floppy disk or a CD-ROM, check that the disc is inserted into the computer.

    3. check and repair file system by running CHKDSK. To run CHKDSK, click Start, run, type CMD and then click OK. At the command prompt, type CHKDSK /F and then press ENTER.

    4. If the problem persists, restore the file from a backup copy.

    5 determine whether other files on the same drive can be opened. If this is not the case, the disc could be damaged. If it is a hard disk, contact your administrator or computer hardware vendor for assistance.

    Additional data

    Error value: C000009C

    Disc type: 3


    Fault bucket 5215083, type 5

    Name of the event: InPageCoFire

    Answer: no

    Cabin ID: 0

    Signature of the problem:

    P1: c000009c

    P2: 00000003

    P3: oleaut32.dll








    Attached files:


    These files are available here:


    I'm not terribly computer literate, but I can not follow :) if someone could help me please. We just got back from holiday and have lots of pictures on this camera, that we want to download. I think that if I can fix it a mistake oleaut32 that it will solve all? Oh, I tried the chkdsk command and it will not work up to what my next reboot because the disc is in use... and I do not search the forums for all notes with this file name, but was the only one with windows update issues and I was afraid to try because my updates were actually on the job so far.


    Update: now IE is the error and hanging (attempt to close):

    Failed application iexplore.exe, version 8.0.6001.18904, time stamp 0x4b835fec, failed module OLEAUT32.dll, version 6.0.6002.18005

    error trying to install the camera software:

    Application Setup.exe_InstallShield (R), version, time stamp 0x3b95f860, module OLEAUT32.dll, version 6.0.6002.18005, time stamp 0x49e037da, exception code 0xc0000006, offset error 0x0006f828, 0xee4, failed failed application start 0x01cae4c22a7ac136 process id.

    When I tried to run chkdsk on reboot, it continues to give me the message of direct access is not make the record (or something of the sort) and then abandons the chkdsk

    seems to be fixed by a sfc/scannow (who said that he could not address all the wrong file)...

  • Download the 3rd party system reports

    Hello! I work for a community theatre, all volunteer, like box office support person.

    I just bought a new computer with Windows 7.1 a couple of weeks (update of XP).

    Now, when I try to download a report on the system if CSV or another type (internet is the basis, not a purchased software system), I get the following error:

    "Your current settings do not download this file."

    Trying to find WHERE to change my settings for this... Especially since the layout on 7 is a bit different than XP.

    Maybe it's your software antivirus or antimalware software or you can you set your Internet Explorer security too high.

    What is the name and version of your anti-virus program?

    What other security software is installed?

    What browser do you use when you try to download?

    Assuming you are using Internet Explorer,

    In IE, tools > Internet Options (Alternatively, control panel > network and Internet > Internet Options)

    Security tab

    Select 'Internet Zone' (normal is "Medium-high")

    Click 'custom level '.

    Scroll to the "Downloads - Downloads" and make sure "Enable" is selected.

    OK your way out if you made a change.

  • Hub for the 3rd party applications integration

    It is possible for an application create notification items that appear in the BB10 hub.

    But it is also possible to create messages that appear in the hub with an application icon custom a custom application folder? Or is it not open to developers and reserved for services like Twitter and Facebook?

    So far, I only found examples of code for the integration of notification in the hub.

    Applications can put a personalized message in the hub, but all third-party notifications appear in the same folder with the same icon.

  • Content management available on the 3rd party host?

    Muse sites accompanying hosts FTP still have content management capabilities? Or is it only for sites hosted with Business Catalyst?

    How easy it is are also Google Analytics to put up a site Adobe Muse and how would you do that?

    Thanks in advance


    You can host websites of muse created anywhere, to see how you please take a look

    Third-party hosting services | Adobe Muse CC tutorials

    On the subject of Google Analytics, check this tutorials

    Use Google Analytics | Adobe Muse CC tutorials

    Let me know if you have any question.

  • What are the 3rd party hosting server required to run sites with Muse Web export on the html option?

    I understand a large part of PHP or SQL things Don t like this, but would like to know what is required.

    I know that I need to buy a domain name and the hosting server with the name of the server, e-mail server and enough space to fit my files, server but I need something else?
    Oh and regardless if it's windows or linux servers?

    HTML, HTML5, PHP and SQL are languages.

    Ask the host if you can host HTML files (all hosting service professionals can do what those I mentioned in the second paragraph here) and you mention exported Adobe Muse.  Tell them which computer you use, how you plan to get the files uploaded to them, and they will answer on linux and windows servers.

    The largest and most popular servers If you use not Adobe Business Catalyst or the server of the client are bluehost, hostgator, godaddy, network, netnation solutions.

    You didn't mention what you needs, such as blogs or e-commerce site, it is therefore impossible to tell if you need "something else." But the people running the host servers that I mentioned above can direct you. For Adobe, you can also ask on the forum of Business Catalyst.

Maybe you are looking for