Generation of SSB AM acoustic

The vi in the file ( can be used to generate an acoustic one AM SSB signal through a 5401 pxi and labview 2012 student?

If not, can someone recommend another example vi the vi above would be reduced 80% development time, as I am just starting and have no experience with labview. If it can be implemented, how? I'll ask for help to the wiring in the sound card later. Thank you!


Hi Groundflight,

It would depend on the function generators, you have at your disposal. The 5401 is a standard function generator who wouldn't be able to write to arbitrary waveforms. In others, it can only generate sine waves, square waves, trianglewaves, etc.. The frequencies and amplitudes are adjustable, however only in the software. This means that you can change these settings, but only when you plan to do. The trick with this is that you will be limited by the resources of your computer and clock rate.

With an arbitrary signal generator, you can predefine the wave you want out, load this waveform on the amount of memory on-board card and generate. The Modulation Toolkit will help you create the waveform you want to / out of load on the arbitrary signal generator.

The Modulation Toolkit is generally used with our RF equipment (AM, FM, FSK, PSK, MSK, PAM, etc..) Radio-frequency signals) However, it should be able to be used with our signals arbitrary maps as well. With the Modulation Toolkit, you provide the basic band information or message signal that must be modulated with the carrier. This is specified by the type of waveform in LabVIEW. You need to convert your audio of this type, however, I have no experience in doing so.

Kind regards

Jason L.

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    It seems that the computer has trouble reading the device. Whenever I plug my iPod nano 2nd generation USB in my laptop (Windows 10), which has some sort of interaction with it freezes. For the moment I plug in, programs such as Winamp, iTunes, File Explorer (if I click my computer-> try to right click on the drive, that says all F: drive instead of the usual name recognized as "My iPod."), the Device Manager when I try to turn Apple iPod USB Driver and the small icon in the system tray when you try to eject the drop-down list no longer appears, all these programs themselves just freeze and unresponsive until I unplug the device. In Event Viewer, the moment where I plug it, it gets spammed by looping errors to:

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    So, basically, it seems that the computer is blocked just not try to read and recognize the device, which means that I can't really do anything with it. The iPod itself seems to work fine, I can hear songs, recharge the battery and other things, earlier I can't add or remove pieces of her.

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    You must exclude a faulty USB, cable anchorage, try another, or using your power with another Apple device cable, to confirm that it works correctly.

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    How to put your iPod in disc - Apple Support mode

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    I suggest try to reformat the iPod using Windows, as if it were a USB flash drive.  But you can only do if the system hangs when you connect iPod.

    NOTE: If you find a way to reformat iPod using Windows, use FAT32 as the disc format.  If there is an option to do a quick format, do a full format instead.  Once the process is complete, the iPod is totally blank.  You do restore using iTunes (if you are prompted or not), to the embedded iPod software.

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    All I can suggest is keep hunting until you find a third party store that includes and can fix it. It is an obsolete device Apple is concerned. They no longer service or support or have the replacement devices available and they never stocked parts for it as service is managed by the replacement, no repair.

    p.s. & display = list lists the display available for $200 but stock and should have a repair guide too.  Note those will be retrieved/used parts, but shop ifixit has a good reputation, has been around for a while and offers a lifetime warranty parts. You could contact them and ask about the availability of the display 1st gen iphone.

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