Get 403 forbidden before I had the opportunity to present the passwords.

Key URL of a site that I have been on several occasions. Before he even gave me a challenge screen it gives me a 403 Forbidden: access is denied by using the data provided. Works great in IE9.


How about - - will it work?

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    Similar thing TI also occurs when you are working on other programs on the mac, but not nearly as much.

    Guessing here, but try to disable drag between pages on the tab more than movements in the system preferences > mouse. or a Trackpad. Depending on whether you are using.

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    I don't think that when I turned on my laptop before asked that the password and now it's

    She named me and under my name is my gmail account

    any suggestions on how to get on my computer?

    Original title: I have windows 8 on my laptop

    It will be your password for your computer (not your gmail password).

  • Cannot log on to Twitter. I get 403 Forbidden: the server understood the request, but refuses to fill. »

    When I try to log on to Twitter, I get the error message below.

    403 Forbidden: the server understood the request, but refuses to fill.

    Seems to emerged since I have updated to Firefox... I think so...

    You can manually connect on Twitter by removing cookies from twitter. Click on "Firefox" at the top left, and then choose 'Options '. Click on the "Privacy" tab and click on 'delete cookies '. In the list, scroll down to and click on 'Delete the Cookies' I hope this helps. Regarding the 403 error, it is usually caused by a typing error in the address bar, or with a failure on the Twitter servers.

  • Get 403: Forbidden of Google API - encoding problems in my POST?

    Hi all

    I have problems connecting to the Google API by MAIL by following the instructions on this page:

    I've also posted on the forums of the Google API, but I'm starting to wonder if it's a problem that this forum would be able to answer. Here is the post on the Google forum:

    Google used to accept a GET request and provide a string SID, who served as a connection key services such as Docs and Calendar. He still offers this SID to GET requests, so I know I can do the BB Simulator applications, but it no longer accepts the SID as a connection key. Now, I have to send a POST request in encoding UTF-8, including parameters as my user name and password and get an AUTH token in response.

    Missions in this forum, I see that I can use a URLEncodedPostData object to encode the parameters for the WORK in UTF - 8. (I know I have to eventually get keys to use on a true signature BB, but I want to get a hello-world working on the Simulator before I pony up for them). I put the settings in this item and include it in the application, but I always get a 403: forbidden with an error message 'error = BadAuthentication' in response, as if my password is wrong. I checked the name of user and password with care, and I can do the JOB and get the AUTH token with the curvature of the line of control on this machine, there must be something about how I make the POST in the Java code.

    Someone on the Google forum suggested that my settings may not have been encoded in UTF - 8, but shouldn't the 'UTF-8' parameter in the constructor URLEncodedPostData manage this coding? I also tried manually escape the '@' in my e-mail address to "% 40" because it seems that URLEncodedPostData does not encode the symbol like this @.» (My password contained no character who must escape for URL encoding.)

    Here is the code I use. I use the Eclipse IDE for Blackberry OS 5 (I think that the version of the plugin for eclipse is 5.0.0_5.0.0.25) with Verizon 9630 Tour Simulator. Any help?

    private void googleSignInTest(String emailAddress, String googlePassword){
    // see
    String uri = "";
    InputStream inputStream = null;
    HttpsConnection httpsConnection = null;
    //create https connection, POST
    httpsConnection = (HttpsConnection);
    URLEncodedPostData postData = new URLEncodedPostData("UTF-8", false);
    postData.append("accountType", "GOOGLE");
    postData.append("Email", emailAddress);
    postData.append("Passwd", googlePassword);
    postData.append("service", "cl");
    postData.append("source", "my-test-app");
    postData.append("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
    postData.append("Content-Language", "en-US");
    DataOutputStream outputStream = httpsConnection.openDataOutputStream();
    //make the request and get response
    int responseCode = httpsConnection.getResponseCode();
    //403 Forbidden Error=BadAuthentication
    //Do something with the response
    }catch (IOException e) {

    Seems that I have to set the content type in the connection, and not in the post data:

    httpsConnection.setRequestProperty(HttpProtocolConstants.HEADER_CONTENT_TYPE, HttpProtocolConstants.CONTENT_TYPE_APPLICATION_X_WWW_FORM_URLENCODED);

    Also, the following line is probably not just:


    It probably should be:

  • Firefox only runs very slowly I get "403 forbidden" message whenever I connect. How can I fix it?

    Firefox has turned very slowly on my Mac (version 10.6.8). Very, very slowly. In addition, whenever I connect I get a "403 forbidden" message for my websites favorite, my email, etc. How can I fix it?

    I tried to open Firefox without Add - ons and that did not help at all.

    I also uninstalled MacKeeper, but which did not help either.


    I'm glad to hear that your problem has been resolved.

    If you have not already the case, please mark this thread as solved by the solution of marking.

    This will help other users experience similar problems helps to find faster and more efficiently.

    I hope that you will continue using our products and we thank you for contacting the Mozilla Support.

  • Get 403 Forbidden in Firefox, trying to use HELP

    Whenever I try to use the menu of HELP from LR (and other Adobe products), I get a 403 Forbidden message in Firefox my default browser.

    Is the URL which is a failure: & p = Lightro om_6.0 & l = en & id = AH_HOME

    If I copy and paste this URL in another browser, like IE, the redirect works and resolves at: and the help page appears correctly.

    If I then copy this URL resolved in Firefox, the help page then also displays correctly.

    What is causing this problem with Firefox, and how can I solve it?

    Looks like you are running with the LR more up-to-date.

    The reason why we asked for the full version number is 6.0 (2015.0) has been released with a wrong URL in there for help pages and it has been fixed in the updated version first (?).

  • Why do I get "403 Forbidden" error when I'm on a 3G connection?

    When I'm on wifi, I don't seem to have this problem. That's what I see on the screen:

    Access denied.

    Technical description:

    403 forbidden - you are not allowed to

    communicate with the requested


    It is possible, or the server does not allow mobile browsing.

    Have you tried other browsers (dolphin HD, Miren) to see if the problem


    On Friday, 15 July 2011, at 20:56, orlando.terte

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    What version of oracle apps?

    have you used the user exist in your report?

    Try using the outputs of the user and P_CONC_REQUEST_ID

  • How to get windows Vista if I forgot the password

    Well, I have a sony vios computer that I use for 6 years and have windows vista I need to use now but I forgot the password to access the system how can I do to get and change my password used again once I can not use the due recovery disk i have records for tax purposes and I can't lose him please a little help

    Thank you


    If it is not applicaple, you need to reinstall the operating system.

    "What to do if you forget your Windows password"

    "If you forget the administrator password, and you do not have a password reset disk or another administrator account, you will not be able to reset the password. If there is no other user account on the computer, you will not be able to log on Windows and you need to reinstall Windows. »

    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Here's information from Microsoft, explaining that the policy:

    See you soon.

  • The moderator last night found my problem of tracking both ed keys are corrupt. I lost the contact before I had the names of the two keys. My TSSTcorp cd/DVGW ts 552D is not recognized by windows XP. What are the two keys, please?

    No changes have been made to my computer.  The cd player is sometimes recognized by windows XP maybe once a month.  It is not playing audio files or music CD or movie videos either.

    I'll give you a link to an automatic fix for these two registry keys, but it really sounds like the optical drive is a failure. Replace an optical drive, it is very cheap and very easy to do. - for MS - MVP cdgone - Elephant Boy computers - Don ' t Panic!

  • Forbidden/403 error when you access the OIF after installation


    I just installed OID + OVD + OIF on a Windows 2003 server. The Oracle database is on a separate machine.

    For the installation of the OID + OVD + OIF, I installed WebLogic 10.3.3, then ran the installer OID + OVD + OIF and was able to do successfully.

    I then rebooted (seems to be necessary), then ran startNodemanager.cmd and can access the Console of WL and seen the servers 'wls_ods1' and 'wls_oif1 '.

    I have two of these servers has started successfully.

    When I go to http:// < host >: 7005/dohad, I have the console of the ODS.

    But, when I go to http:// < host >: 7499/fed, I get an error 403/forbidden.

    I checked the Adminserver log file and the wls_oif1 log file, and there are no errors. In addition, the log file of access for the wls_oif1 server shows no access.

    Is there an extra step that I have to do to enable the server of the OIF?

    Thank you

    You are using an incorrect URL. Please use this:

    http://: 7499/fed/PDI/initiatesso

    and / or

    http://: 7499/fed/sp/initiatesso

    If you want to administer the OIF, you can use the MS enterprise manager. Using the em, you can start the OIF and use the url above.

    http://: 7001/em
    http://: 7001/em

    Port 7001 is the default value; If you thing hv selected during installation, then use this port. The login is (by default) weblogic and password, this is what you gave when installing.

    I hope this helps. Let us know.

    Published by: AmbarishMitra on April 11, 2011 10:33

  • has got 403 forbidden Bank sit web... why I'm stuck

    I have an account at the Royal Bank of the Canada, but when I try to access I get "403 forbidden" why?


    Please try after deleting cookies: Tools (Alt + T) > clear recent history, in the interval of time to clear allchoose, click Details and enable (check) the Cookies and clear now. Alternatively, you can also try to selectively delete cookies via Tools > Options > Privacy > Show the Cookies..., type rbc in Search and delete cookies. Also delete cookies from royal.

    Clear recent history

  • Unable to connect to HP ePrint. Error message "Ajax submit failed: Error = 403, forbidden.

    Installed the new printer HP 8600 more.  Trying to connect HP ePrint with username and password I created.  Error message "Ajax submit failed: Error = 403, forbidden.  What does the error message mean and why I can't connect on the site of HP ePrint?

    With the help of Google Chrome. Cleared cache memory, closed, reopened, and I was able to connect. Problem solved. Thanks for your help!

  • I forgot the password of Windows XP connection; How to recover the password or reset the computer to factory settings?

    Original title: installation of windows xp on laptop.

    Hi I have an old laptop with windows xp, I forgot that password and can't get past the log on screen, however I have installed a linux operating system and really do not understand how to use it. I tried to recover my xp before I changed the password but there is no food options and when I alt + f10 to set to the acer factory default it doesn't work he brings just a box ask when OS I want to use, this laptop has no hard drive but I have a drive hard usb is it possible to download a program boot XP or something and where I could get it?

    Thanks in advance for any help, I can't wait to hear how a "noob" I am: P

    Hi darthebar, if you forgot your password in windows XP follow

    1 keep pressing F8 during the startup of the computer to the top
    2. If the options to come (use the arrow keys)
    3 highlighted safe mode, and then press enter
    4. If she wants a user name and password type administrator (if not, press CTRL + ALT + DEL )
    twice and then type administrator

    Thank you

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