Get a new laptop Win7 for dual boot with Win8

So I bought a new laptop with Win7 installed in it and decided to take advantage of the offer low cost upgrade Win8 - just in case. I am unwilling to well to commit myself to Win8 yet but I'd like to tinker with it anyway, and so I tried to create a dual boot on another partition that has failed because of the disk being style GPT.

Now, after reading a bit, I have this: I would be able to delete existing partitions and reformat the MBR disk and then reinstall Win7 (since a recovery DVDs) in that new partition and then install Win8 after that on a second partition? Would this work (as to not to hurt the disk itself) and get my system dual-boot for both of them?

Windows 8 Pro license is an upgrade, so you are not able to even dual boot with it in any case. You can not install Windows 8 Pro upgrade on a blank partition.

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