Get an error "Your PC is not connected to Internet" while trying to launch Windows 8 store.

* Original title: Windows 8 store does not load.

Whenever I tried to connect to the Microsoft Store since my laptop Windows 8, it would give me the message "your PC is not connected to the Internet.  To use the store, connect to the Internet and then try again. "I am connected and can surf the Internet and download windows updates. When I took my laptop to the home of a friend, the load store. When I got home, the store will not charge and gave me the same message "our PC is not connected to the Internet.  To use the store, connect to the Internet and then try again. "All applications can connect to the internet, but not in the store. Help, please.


Once I got home today, I started the laptop, and then started the store. Surprisingly, the store charged. I never turn off the router ADSL. I change all the settings since last night. It might be that the service provider has me connected on another server, or the port has opened. In any case, I feel good that the store works now. Thank you K Sharief for your time and your help.

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