Get different search results on different workstations

Can someone give me some insight on why would be the following:

Users A and B on two different workstations - both using the same version of the compiled HTML help find their application type the exact same word and click view. At the user obtains a list of 39 subjects and user B Gets a list of 10 subjects.

I tested it with one of my developers and we have checked that we each entering the same search criteria exact but get different results.

What should we do to ensure that this happens not when we distribute our application? Or at least what we can do to fix for a user when he arrives?

I use RH - HTML X5.0.2

Thank you

Mark, you're a genius... I am not I never thought to check this.

Thanks for your help.

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    You must change a registry key, Microsoft explains all here

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    In the version I use (6.0.2), whenever I have a search using said search box, the result is automatically displayed on the current page, I'm on. It changes the page I'm on.

    How can you change or where is the parameter that has to be changed (I looked in 'tool', then '' options' and have not found a setting/choice for this action)?

    I would greatly appreciate help on this, since I have concluded that it is frustrating for some time. This is the first time, I looked for a solution with you' well all. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    You can do one of the following:

    1. After you enter your search term in the search bar, you can middle-click or Ctrl + left - click on go (magnifying glass) button in the search bar (= Middle-click (press the scroll of the mouse wheel).)
    2. You can change a preference to always open a new tab when searching from the search bar by pressing the Enter key only (not the URL/address bar):

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    Not related to your question, but...

    You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update if necessary:

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    Enter Subject: authorizations in the URL/address bar. (Requires the colon and no space)

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    Change the browser.newtab.url preference, or it is ignored?

    If it changes after you exit and then restart Firefox, look for a user.js file, as described in this article: How to fix preferences that will not save.

    If it is ignored, are looking for an extension that is unwanted in the Add-ons page:

    CTRL + SHIFT + a button orange Firefox (or tools) > Add-ons

    On the left side, click Extensions, and then disable all non-essential or unrecognized extensions.

    Typically, a link will appear above at least an extension disabled to restart Firefox. You can complete your work on the tab and click one of the links in the last step.

    Any improvement?

  • When I type in the address bar, yahoo search results appear. This just started happening, he showed the results of google search before. How can I get the results from google instead of yahoo?

    If I type "NBA" in the address bar, I get results from yahoo. I don't want the results of yahoo, I want Google results. This just started today. How can I get Google search results to show after typing in the address bar?

    1. Type of topic: config in the address bar and press on enter
    2. Accept the warning message that appears, you will be taken to a list of preferences
    3. Locate the preference keyword. URL, right-click on it and choose reset

    This will restore it to Google.

  • Web App search results to display the TASK parallel library instead of the list view

    Is it possible to get the search results Web App to view a presentation BPD instead of the standard list view?

    If it is possible the call would go on the form or on the page of results? (currently, use the same results page for several web applications.

    Thank you!

    Not quite sure what your after.

    You can send the results of research to a custom page, I think you did that? This page can have its own model.

    The module itself for the search results:

    {module_webappsresults, bkp, resultsPerPage, hideEmptyMessage, rowLength, sort}

    They are key elements where bkp being true means that search results will use the backup of the web application on the main list.

    If you apply the rule of custom template by adding a space and a model = "PATHTOFILE", you can specify the search results to use a custom template.

    None of this is what your after?

  • I want to erase the search results for certain searches. When I search for some keywords I get old SERPs that I know are not up-to-date. If I use a different machine, I get the current results. I can't find how to clear it.

    I am tracking my own Web site position in search rankings. For a short period, he appeared on page 1 for certain keywords. It is now on page 2 or 3, (as seen by me and other users when you use another computer or a browser), but when I search on my computer I see the old pages of results showing the top of page 1. How can I erase these old pages of results?

    If you press Ctrl and F5 at the same time, that changes? I think that Google (I guess that's what you're referring to the) changes in search results is inspired by a little if you are connected and preferences, etc.. Try to connect on google if you are connected.

  • Get different results even script according to what VM it hits?


    IM starting to Powershell and PowerCLI, so you will know at what level it is on =)

    I get different results depending on what VM my script hits (whetever they may or may not have more than one drive). I do not understand how I can fix this...

    For example, I created 4 new virtual machines.

    TestVMfirst1 have only a single drive

    TestVM02 have 2 drives

    TestVM03 have 3 discs

    TestVM04 have only a single drive

    My goal is to get a CSV with all disks included. I want the name, the data store and SizeGB, this info I get from Get-hard drive.

    When I run my script to select all 4 virtual machines:

    $VMs = get-cluster-name kluster01 : get-vm-name TestVM *


    $VMs = get-cluster-name kluster01 | Get-vm-name TestVM *.

    $Results = @)

    {foreach ($VM to $VMs)

    $Result = new-object PSObject

    $Result | Add-Member - membertype NoteProperty-name 'Name' - value $VM. Name

    $VMDiskCount = 1

    Get-$VM hard drive | {foreach}

    $disk = $_

    $Result | Add-Member-'Disc ($VMDiskCount) name' name-value $disk. Name - membertype NoteProperty

    $Result | Add-Member-name '($VMDiskCount) Datastore disk' - value $disk. Filename.Split(']') [0]. TrimStart('[') - membertype NoteProperty

    $Result | Add-Member-name 'Disk ($VMDiskCount) SizeGB' - value ([math]: round ($disk.) CapacityKB / 1 MB))-membertype NoteProperty

    $VMDiskCount ++


    $Results += $Result


    $Results | Select-object * | format-table


    I get the result with max 1 disc:

    Name(1) name of discDisk data store (1)SizeGB disc (1)
    TestVMfirst1Hard drive 1DS-20140
    TestVM02Hard drive 1DS-20140
    TestVM03Hard drive 1DS-20140

    But if I run the same thing but with TestVM0 * (selects 4-2 VMs):

    $VMs = get-cluster-name kluster01 | Get-vm-name TestVM0 *.


    $VMs = get-cluster-name kluster01 | Get-vm-name TestVM0 *.

    $Results = @)

    {foreach ($VM to $VMs)

    $Result = new-object PSObject

    $Result | Add-Member - membertype NoteProperty-name 'Name' - value $VM. Name

    $VMDiskCount = 1

    Get-$VM hard drive | {foreach}

    $disk = $_

    $Result | Add-Member-'Disc ($VMDiskCount) name' name-value $disk. Name - membertype NoteProperty

    $Result | Add-Member-name '($VMDiskCount) Datastore disk' - value $disk. Filename.Split(']') [0]. TrimStart('[') - membertype NoteProperty

    $Result | Add-Member-name 'Disk ($VMDiskCount) SizeGB' - value ([math]: round ($disk.) CapacityKB / 1 MB))-membertype NoteProperty

    $VMDiskCount ++


    $Results += $Result


    $Results | Select-object * | format-table


    I get this result:

    Name(1) name of discDisk data store (1)(1) name of the disc SizeGB disc (2).Disk data store (2)SizeGB disc (2)
    -------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    TestVM02Hard drive 1DS-201Hard 40 2 discDS-20110
    TestVM03Hard drive 1DS-201Hard 40 2 discDS-20210
    TestVM04Hard drive 1DS-20140

    I miss all my disks on TestVM03, I seems that the first VM sets the limit on how many records can be issued in the table... A dirty solution is to create a model on the first target VM disks, but it seems the wrong way to solve my problem.

    Thanks in advance

    You're conclusion is correct, I'm afraid, the first line determines how many properties, you will see.

    Alternatively, you can sort the lines on the number of properties in descending order.

    Something like that

    $Result | Tri-objet-property {($_ |)} Get - Member). {Count of}-descending | Format-Table

  • I got a virus that affects my Firefox browser. It distorts Google, Y! and others and provides different search results. How can I fix it?

    By mistake, I downloaded a virus. It prohibits many Web sites and provide incorrect search results. I uninstalled Firefox and downloaded a new version, but the problem persists.

    Hello, please remove the extension named Addons engine 3.0.1 - it sounds rather unusual and perhaps malicious: disable or remove modules

  • When I look for a file in Win Explorer, I get a list of files in the search results. But some of the files seem to be missing. I get a message that the directory is not found when I try to open the search results.

    I wonder if what's on my hard drive and if what Win Explorer is on my hard drive are two different things.

    If I do a search in Win Explorer to "purple", I get a number of results.
    (To search for a file, I am in the word "Purple" in the search field in the upper right Win Explorer and pressing the "Enter" button).

    There are a couple of JPG files that I wonder about the search results.
    One example is called "purple_flowers.jpg".
    When I double-click this file in the search results to open it, my paint program opens and gives me a message that the directory is not found. If I use MS Paint to try and open it by double-clicking on the file and selecting "open with...". MS Paint", I get a message that the directory is not valid.

    The location of the directory on the error message is the blue 'Images' folder for my user. But, when I opened this file, I don't have a file with that name in this directory. The same thing happens with another JPG file, called "octopus.jpg" when I search the word 'Octopus '.

    Is this something messed up between what I have on my hard drive and think what Win Explorer is on my hard drive?
    How can I fix?
    Something must be reset in Win Explorer?

    I could have the JPG files with these names at the same time. I had a large library of images for a project, but I deleted it.
    (I tried to turn on the option to show hidden files in this directory, but that did not help).


    I thank very you much for that answer.
    But it seems to have stumbled on the solution:

    Strangely, this worked:

    (Maybe you know why).

    I moved the files in my blue images folder in another folder, delete the folder images blue, emptied the Recycle Bin and rebooted my computer.
    When my computer has finished its startup routines, my folder of photos blue was there! And he had the shortcut to the folder 'Sample Pictures' inside.
    When I searched "the Octopus" and "purple", I no longer saw these JPG files in the search results.
    I don't really know what happened, but I thought that after these results just in case someone else knows this.

    I'll read and watch in your information. I don't want to know more about what is happening in my computer.


  • How to get rid of the software malicious - result

    This malware redirects Firefox Google searches to a limited set of trade data and other questionable sites. It is not a problem with Internet Explorer, but I need Firefox because of Zotero. Analysis of standard security software (Sophos) detects no problem, and reset Firefox did not help. Search the Internet for possible solutions suggests looking for - results via the control panel and uninstalling did not help because the program has not been listed. Any other suggestions would be appreciated

    Just to understand what you see:

    • you are on the legitimate Google site, you click on a result, and it takes you to an unexpected site?
    • you are on the legitimate site to Google and content additional/inauthentic is injected into the results page?
    • You cannot use Google because you are diverted to another site?

    In Firefox, could check you your connection here:

    "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Options > advanced > tab mini network > button "settings".

    The default setting "Use system proxy settings" should piggyback on your Windows/IE 'LAN' settings, but you can also try the 'no proxy' to see if that helps.

    Any change?

    Malware often masquerades as an innocent name, or is protected by other installed programs at the same time. I suggest therefore return to control panel, uninstall a program, for a second look. After the loading of the list, click on the column heading "installed on" to group additions by date. This can help the build-up of undisclosed items bundle or other programs of mystery who snuck with some software that you have agreed to install. Out as much garbage as possible here.

    You can "absorb" remain problems with scanning/cleaning suggested in this article of support tools: Troubleshooting Firefox problems caused by malware. Although there is nothing wrong with Sophos, each vendor tends to have slightly different reasons for the detection of malware from programs considered to be "annoying". Also, the classic "Google redirect virus" often required a rootkit remover before it could be completely cleaned.

  • While playing some games I get different blue screens. Include messages: WHEA ERROR INCORRIGIBLE and a common one is CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT.

    While some games I get different blue screens and I can not understand what causes them, this only happens when I play a bit of some games. Include messages: WHEA ERROR INCORRIGIBLE and a common one is CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT. I tried a new install of Windows 8 and this problem still occurs these games has worked on the same computer with Windows 7.

    Original title: Windows 8 BSOD


    They have been linked to the material (since obviously you re-installed), two of them were corrupted because of the speed of the accident.

    If you're a clocking over please return to default (overclocking pushes the material beyond the design of the ists)

    Please run a malwarebytes scan before starting on the underside

    Please download the free version of Malwarebytes.
    Update immediately.
    Do a full scan of the system
    Let us know the results at the end.

    Stop 0 x 124 is a hardware error
    If you are overclocking try to reset your settings to standard processor and see if that helps.
    If you keep getting the BSOD here are things more than you may want.

    This is usually hardware related, defective heat, memory or processor even if it is "possible" he is associated (rare) driver.

    Stop 0 x 124 - what it means and what to try

    A "stop 0 x 124" is fundamentally different from many other types of bluescreens because it arises from a complaint of material.
    Stop 0 x 124 minidumps contain very little concrete information, and it is therefore necessary to address the problem as a case of material in an unknown state of distress.

    Generic troubleshooting ' Stop 0 x 124 ":

    1) to ensure that none of the hardware components are overclocked. Material which is pushed beyond its design specifications - by overclocking - may malfunction in unpredictable ways.
    (2) ensure that the machine is sufficiently cooled.
    If there is doubt, open the side of the case (be aware of all the relevant conditions guaranteed!) PC and direct an electric fan squarely to the motherboard. Who will rule on most cooling problems (lack of).
    3) update all drivers related to materials: video, sound, RAID (if applicable), NIC... anything that interacts with a piece of hardware.
    It is best to run the latest drivers anyway.
    (4) update the BIOS of your motherboard according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    Their website should provide detailed instructions on the brand and model-specific procedure.
    (5) rarely, bugs in the operating system may cause "false positives" 0 x 124 events where the hardware wasn't complaining, but Windows thought otherwise (because of the bug).
    At the time of writing, Windows 7 does not have to suffer from a defect, but it is nevertheless important to keep Windows up-to-date.
    6) trying (stress) test these hardware components that can be put to the test artificially.
    The most obvious examples are the RAM and HDD (s).
    For the RAM, use the 3 rd-party memtest86 utility to run several hours a test value. (6-8 passes to stress the ram)
    For hard drives, verify if CHKDSK /R finds any problems on (s), including "bad sectors".
    Unreliable RAM, in particular, is mortal, as well as software, and anything other than a 100% clear memory test result is cause for concern. Unfortunately, even a 100% clear result the diagnostic utilities does not guarantee that the RAM is free of any defect - only that none have been encountered during the test passes.

    7) as the last of the non-invasive troubleshooting steps, perform a "Vanilla" Windows reinstallation: just the OS itself without additional applications, games, utilities, updates, new drivers - or ANYTHING that does not come from the Windows 7 disc.
    Who stops working mitigate the problem of the 0 x 124, jump to the next step.
    If you run the "Vanilla" installation long enough to convince yourself that not a single 0 x 124 accident occurred, start installing applications and updates slowly, always stopping between successive additions long enough to get an idea of the question if the machine is still free of 0 x 124 breaks down.
    Smash back, obviously the latest addition of software may be somehow connected to the root cause.
    If the stop error 0 x 124 persist despite the above steps, and the equipment is under warranty, consider to go back and ask for a replacement that does not suffer periodic MCE events.
    Be aware that want to perform the subsequent hardware troubleshooting steps can, in some cases, void your warranty:
    (8) clean and carefully remove the dust inside the machine.
    Reinstall all memory modules and connectors.
    Use a can of compressed air to clean the RAM DIMM supports as much as possible.
    (9) If all else fails, start removing items of hardware one by one in the hope that the culprit is something non-essential that can be eliminated.
    Obviously, this type of testing is much easier if you have access to equivalent components in order to perform swaps.

    If you are in the situation to have completed all the steps above without a resolution of the symptom, unfortunately the most likely reason is that the error message is literally correct - something is fundamentally wrong with the hardware of the machine.

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    Lmwhitfield please see Creative Cloud on 2 PCs where this subject has been discussed.  I also recommend searching the forum, because it is a common theme in the Adobe Creative Cloud forum.

  • How to Config? All I get is a Google search result.

    I need to open on Config to access certain log files. When I put "on the Config" (without the quotes) in the address bar all I get is a Google search result. go to this video on how to get to about: config. There is a video done personally.

Maybe you are looking for