Get incremental counter/sound to work along side with action with usb-6008 with labview tia sal22

Get incremental counter/sound to work along the coast with usb-6008 with labview tia sal22

Hi all

I can get this vi to work if they are distinct from the vi but I can't join them together

Example of my error:

If buffers are set to 0 the freq counter increment works, but no sound
If the buffers are set to 1 the audio works fine but is not increment the Freq counter
If the buffers are attached to more 1 clicks and pops are coming

That's what I'm doing:
(1) have the frequency of increment of my internal sound card to a certain level as .01hz a second until he gets to 20 000 hz

(2) use my device usb-6008 daq, which is connected to the same machine to measure the voltage at the same time. (I am in a position very low voltages between 1-5volts)

(3) output to a worksheet text file which will show you:

time in seconds, frequency, voltage



I'm a bit confused about how connect the increment and the audio during the measurements with the usb-6008 housing on the same machine
at the same time and in the same VI.

Anyone have any ideas?  I'm using labview 8.5
TIA sal22

Ha ha you have been deceived by a dynamic thread. Insert a convert from Dynamic Data Express VI (Palette to own: Signal handling screw Express) between the daq read and build the array function. Then it won't work. Now the value in the dynamic data is only converted to a numeric value

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    LabVIEW FPGA called another software component, and the component returned the following error:

    Error code:-310601

    NOR-COBS: Impossible to detect the communication cable.
    Check the communication cable is plugged into your computer and your target. Also, verify that the proper drivers are installed.

    Thank you.


    Hi dvaldez2.

    LabVIEW FPGA offers no support for any material to third parties, other than the 3rd Spartan XUP Starter Kit. These are probably the drivers you downloaded.

    However, this driver supports only the Starter Kit Board itself (, 400, 790 & Prod = S3EBOARD). You may not use the driver with any other Xilinx FPGAS.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you



    Thanks for posting on the forum of NOR.

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    Kind regards

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    Go on the side of Support HP and look for drivers for Presario R3000 and download the driver for Audio "SP28552" but do not install it. After you download the driver, search for the driver on the folder file download you too and right-click on it and select properties and then select "Change the setting for all users", once the pop-up window, select Compatibility Mode and select it for Window XP Service Pack 3 all the and click ok. Once you ok it click on the file to put in place and follow the steps.

    I did it on my Compaq Presario R3000 which has Window XP and I installed Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit on it and it awesome except for the Audio that I just decided to work, but I still have problems with the Base system device drivers.

    I hope this help you with the problem of noise.

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    No, it's going to work, you can not connect computer Office AiO 23 and get a sound of the AiO 23.

    Kind regards.

  • Im having problems with getting my sound to work on windows 7 RC 7100 32 bit I tried to use 2 soundcards.

    original title: Audio does not work

    Problems of sound in windows 7

    Hey all. Thanks in advance for any time you spend to help me.

    Im having problems with getting my sound to work on windows 7 RC 7100 32 bit
    I tried to use 2 soundcards.

    1: creative X - FI Extreme
    for creative people, I tried using drivers creative Beats, creative version drivers and vista 32-bit drivers with no luck.

    2: its integrated with Intel DP35DP motherboard card
    7 drivers are available for intel sound I used vista 32 bit since no windows drivers.

    I have 3 device failed in the Device Manager. Simple PCI controller, peripheral Audio communications of high definition, Microsoft makes confidence audio drivers.

    the 3 rooms of this note.

    Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

    with or without pilots the warrning does not change.

    System Spec.

    Card mother Intel DP35DP
    3 GB ram
    Core 2 duo E8400 with
    ASUS Nvidia Geforce 8800gt
    Creative X - FI extreme pci / Intel integrated audio system
    Termaltake 600 watt Toughpower supply
    Pioneer dvd Sata burner

    Managed to solve this problem by installing the 64-bit windows 7 instead of 32 bits.

    not sure why the sound failed. but now its fixed.

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    var so: SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("myStuff","/");

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    If (SO. Data.JumpCounter)


    JumpCounter =;


    And when you jump:

    JumpCounter ++; = JumpCounter;

    so. Flush();

    It outputs here in a text box:

    JumpBox.text = JumpCounter.toString ();

    This set works very well, I just can't get it to increment when colliding with my MovieClip.

    I have a class that looks like this attached to my MovieClip I want to increment which looks like this:

    package {}

    import flash.display. *;

    import *;

    SerializableAttribute public class AddJumps extends MovieClip {}

    build function

    public void AddJumps (): void


    addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, collision);


    private void collision(e:Event):void {}

    If (this.hitTestObject (MovieClip (root). (Player)) {}

    MovieClip (root). JumpIcon.visible = false;





    I'm not sure access to the or increment my counter to a category. I can't remember how to access the scene.

    Thanks in advance!

    It's the only part that you add to your class:

    MovieClip (root) .incrementJumpCounterF ();

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    Some microphones require Mac OS X drivers.  It would therefore be important to determine if yours is a.   Google your brand and model micro with Mac OS X and the drivers of Word to see if someone needs.

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    Try a reset of the monitor. Unplug the power cord from the monitor and hold the power button of the monitor for 30 to 60 seconds. Plug the monitor back in and it lights up.  Does that help?

    Consult this Manual.  Go into the on-screen display-->> volume and turn up to max all the sounds?

    Don't forget that you have a green audio cable plugged into the monitor and audio output on your PC port. Don't forget to unplug the headphones.

    Try a PC speaker separated in order to eliminate the PC as the problem.  You can also try the monitor and cable on another PC.

Maybe you are looking for

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