Get integer values of visa series read


I am having trouble getting the integer values correct of the reading series string that I get. For example if I send 0P3 I get 48,112,51 as elements of an array. I used the string to byte array function to convert the string I've read on the serial port. The values are the ascii equivalents. How can I get 0, p, 3 in the back? I need that the program does a length check and crc going wrong because 0 is now considered to be 48.



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    I use VISA 5.3 for reading my serial device... my standard equipment is WELL this device will send four messages of single command given to this instrument... and I read messages through VISA series READ... during the race, the VI buffer displays the messages individually...  I need all four messages to display at the same time in VISA SERIES READ BUFFER, in order to find more than this block, I should add from the palette of function.

    Disable character of endpoint detection or make four readings where you concantanate simply the strings together.

  • Visa series read write


    I have no problem with reading series. I want to playback multiple visa series... Fist read I want to read the data of 5x8bit uC then if visa data read isnot "NOT" I'm going to send data to the CPU as the character ' end then read data from uC to new but is leght data 2x8bit data...

    Please, help me...

    This is the number of bytes you want to read. You already said you first want to read 5 bytes. If you use VISA set up the Serial Port and the stop character allow to true, you can set a number of high bytes and playback will end when the stop character is detected. The character of default endpoint is a line break. If you set it to false, you can use the bytes VISA to the Serial Port to determine the number of bytes in the buffer is and read this number. This makes the basic example.

    Did you do any debugging serial communication base? I suggest that you use a program like Hyperterminal/Procomm/Putty/.etc before trying to write your own program. It is also difficult to give detailed advice without knowing how you have set the serial communication of the microphone.

  • Serial Port Visa to read 1 line IO

    I have a visa series opened and need to read the State of the PIN-6 on a connector Series 9 pins to see if this line is high or low. Is there a way to do so by the visa series read the command?

    PIN 5 is located on a 9 pin connector. If you want to detect the actual input lines as CTS, DSR, DCD or RI, use a VISA property node and select property > settings series > Modem line parameters

  • Read integer values to worksheet and display the values in a table

    Hi all

    I have integer values to read from a worksheet and display them in a table. I uses 'Reading of the spreadsheet file' mode 'integer '. I want to display these values in a table. The problem is the table takes only 2d-array of string as input but not an integer.

    It works fine if I change 'Worksheet file playback' mode to 'integer' to 'chain', but I want to read integers and must use integer values for calculations more. Please give suggestions on the display of integers to a table.

    Thank you.

    Do not take not piece-by-piece just convert as a whole. See the attached example

    Good luck

  • Issue of Visa series?


    Currently I use VISA to interface with RS232.

    My question is that I see a difference in execution time of each image eight envoys

    by VISA.

    For example,.

    Serial bus status: baud rate: 9600 data bit: 8, Stop bit: 1

    I used the example "basic series read/write

    So if I write '1' data, I see the performance of 16ms in my application

    with data up to "12345678", eight data I see him getting same 16ms.

    However, as soon as I increase given to 9 characters, "123456789."

    I see the time pass to 32ms about.

    So my question is who made series VISA application makes Group of eight chassis

    entry, write to read from HW or HW? This is why I see the execution time

    increase by nearly twice the 8 characters?

    Thank you in advance,


    No, I don't have a problem.

    There are a few minor differences, but not time to double

    that may be acceptable.

    Thank you.

  • Is it possible to get the value of the resistance of a circuit with NI USB-4065 USB without using studio measure?

    Hi, I'm working on a project where there partly to measure resistance values in different parts of the circuit. Now, the company where I work currently at wants to get the NI USB-4065 USB. I use visual studio 2005 c# to develop applications and I need to know if I needed measurement studio or are there drivers (dll) just to get the values of resistance and General measures of circuit. I have need the controls or anything, just to programatically read the NI USB-4065 USB key values when I need the application.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Yes, you can have several NI 4065 DMM in your system. When you use the API OR-DMM, you open the handles separately for each DMM by using its name. His name can be configured inside the measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX).

    In addition, you can go ahead and install OR DMM today. It is downloadable for free on NOR-DMM (and most of the pilots NOR) supports the simulation. You go to MAX and create your simulated three 4065 s. Then you can start writing your program now. Since these devices are simulated, they will not return the real tensions (obviously) and that it won't react realistic hardware triggers if you use (obviously), but they are pretty close to the real deal to allow you to write a lot of code and become familiar with the API. No need to wait until you get the material - you can be really ready for it by using the simulation.

  • VISA series 2012

    Hey all,.

    I worked with LabVIEW 2011 to develop a program to drive a motor via the VISA series block. I've updated since for 2012, and I had problems to get the LabVIEW program to reward the engine. I have a 3rd third-party program installed that I can use to send signals of the motor base, so I know all drivers are installed correctly and there is no communication error between the engine and the computer controller.

    Anyone had this problem before? My suspicion is that there may be a compatibility problem with communication between the versions of labview 2011 and 2012 series.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the screenshot. At first glance, it doesn't look like something fishy is going on. That being said, let me know when you run the example of shipping if you are able to see the available COM ports.

    Another thing to check is to bring visa installed on the new machine. Under the record of National Instruments, you can check in your Start menu. If it isn't there, you can download it here of, n8:3.1637, ssnav:su... . Also you can check and see if the COM ports appear in measurement and Automation Explorer? Let me know if one of these suggestions solves your problem, otherwise we will continue troubleshooting.

    Thank you

    Doug W

  • [.ini files] Get the value of multiple labels with the same name


    In an ini.files, I need to get the value of each tag named in a certain way in a section, but unfortunately, I have 3 or 4 tags with the same name in several sections. I don't know how to retrieve these values, the program always consider that the first tag and not others, I tried to remove each tag after obtaining its values, that he did not.

    Does anyone have an idea to solve the problem?

    Thank you!

    As you can read in my last post, you must read and throw 'x' lines:


    Skip lines

    for (i = 0; i< x;="" i++)="" readline="">

    Start reading the useful lines

    ReadLine () / / read a line

    ... / / Interpret the line

    Don't forget to add a control during i/o operations of robust error and to check the end of the file.

  • 'valid integer value' does that mean?

    When you print a file created by the Canadian tax preparation software, in PDF format I get "A00000000 is not a valid integer value"... What does this mean?

    An integer is a number. Whatever this by a letter or symbols of any kind is not an integer. At some stage in the operation, the program expects an integer and becomes something else instead.

    You can print on paper of a PDF document created by the tax software? Or are you trying to take the tax info and put it in a PDF? If you print on paper, you can find it easier to get help from the society of tax software. If you print on paper and that the PDF file was created successfully, I would try to print the PDF file from another computer, or to another printer, or preferably both.

    Assuming you are printing on paper in PDF format, I would see if you can print from another PDF file. In addition, you can check your printer - either update, driver or reinstall it. Drivers, sometimes being damaged.

    Let us know is it y of the above works.

  • APEX new documentation of tree - get selected value


    I played for a while with the new tree APEX and also the sample application that I have not found anything at all on this subject. Unfortunately after a few painful hours, I'm not even able to get is of value (at least, I guess it should be possible somehow to get the value of a selected node). The only documentation that I could find was this:

    SQL query

    Enter the SQL source for this component.


     select case when connect_by_isleaf = 1 then 0 when level = 1 then 1 else -1 end as status, level, ename as title, 'icon-tree-folder' as icon, empno as value, ename as tooltip, null  as link from emp start with mgr is null connect by prior empno = mgr order siblings by ename 

    More information

    • Type: SQL statement
    • Supported Bind Variables: Application, Page and System Variables
    • The minimum column: 7
    • The maximum column: 7

    So please, any ideas how to get the value of a selected node would be highly appreciated. There is already a similar question here APEX 5.0 tree , but the proposed solution redirects to the same page and sets the item via the link values. I don't want to redirect anywhere, do anything, I just want to read the value of a selected node.

    Thank you very much


    I simplified my previous solution and she calls a underlying $s directly from select function, is not necessary to create a JS function in a header.

    So all we need to do are:

    (1) create an element on the page P1_SELECTED_EMP

    (2) create a region of the tree and as a source of the region use the following select

    select case when connect_by_isleaf = 1 then 0
                when level = 1            then 1
                else                          -1
          end as status,
          "ENAME" as title,
          'fa-folder' as icon,
          empno as value,
          empno as tooltip,
          'javascript:$s(''P1_SELECTED_EMP'', '''||EMPNO||''')' as link
    from "#OWNER#"."EMP"
    start with "MGR" is null
    connect by prior "EMPNO" = "MGR"
    order siblings by "ENAME"
  • Get the value in the selection of message

    I need to read a value from a choice of message and when a button is clicked an event is triggered.

    I've coded this way but I can't get the value of the choice of the message.

    If (("ApplyBTN".equals (source)) & & (!)) » ». {Equals (source)))}

    OAMessageChoiceBean = dropDownAction

    WebBean.findChildRecursive ("DropDownList") (OAMessageChoiceBean);

    String valueSelected = dropDownAction.getSelectionText (pageContext);

    String valueSelected1 = (String) dropDownAction.getValue (pageContext);

    System.out.println ("valueSelected" + valueSelected);

    System.out.println ("valueSelected1" + valueSelected1);



    In addition, for the choice of message, you can try the options below:

    1 try this code:

    String selValue = (String)pageContext.getParameter("DropDownList");

    2. for a choice of message, you need not specify pickListViewDef and pickListViewName. So just delete the pickListViewName.


    3. is there a particular reason that you have associated with the View object for this? If you do not need this to eliminate viewName and viewAttr also.


    See you soon


  • Getting the value of a Boolean value defined in the pageFlowScope...

    I have a link on one of my feeds defined task as a java.lang.Boolean with a value type of #{pageFlowScope.isAdmin}.  For the test, in my PageDefFile, I have the parameter defined as: < parameter id = "isAdmin" value = "false" / >

    In my managed bean, I'm trying to access the value of the "isAdmin" binding as follows:

    Boolean isAdmin = (Boolean) flowScope.get ("isAdmin");

    This gives me a caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast java.lang.Boolean when I try to run the action.

    What I'm doing wrong here?  I know it's something stupid, but it's just one of those days... Thank you!

    write as

    to get the value in use of pageflowscope below

    ADFContext adfCtx = ADFContext.getCurrent();

        Map pageScope = adfCtx.getPageFlowScope();

     String appScopeValue=  (String)pageScope.get("vinay");

    Read more:

    to try to channel Boolean value as

    Boolean value = Boolean.parseBoolean (strBoolean);

  • How to get the value to help trigger the poster or y at - it another option.


    I have two tables emp and dept in the two table it is last_updatedatetime of column dating from stores over time, and there are a few more columns in both the table and the deptno is common in both table

    Then, I created a view using this table with readonly.

    now, I wanted to get these value from view if last_updatetime change in the base table and wanted to store only the data in a temporary table.

    Please help me to solve the above problem

    Thanks in advance

    I don't know y at - it another way, other than the triggers to audit changes. I wonder how a READ ONLY view (just SELECT the operation) could help fill some other temp table because you can't keep questioning the view at regular intervals. Instead, I would say, is to create a DML trigger on the table DEPT_EMP. Inside of the trigger call a stored procedure to control the corresponding State (WHERE the d.empno = e.empno AND e.emp_p_ind = 'Y').

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    I'm trying to get the value of selectonechoice. I get the value of an index instead of to get this...

    Use these classes in your application

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