Get the cycle prohibited. Cannot access the e-mail. "The proxy settings?

I'm unable to access my Yahoo mail and get the following message: "Cycle prohibited".
Description: Could not process your request for the document, because that would create a cycle of HTTP proxy. Please check the URL and your browser proxy settings. »

Thank you

Thomas Burchfield

No response. I have "new bookmark" e-mail page and that seems to work.

Tags: Firefox

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    Cannot access my Comcast mail since the last update. I can access it from Safari and Microsoft Windows, but generally do not use either of these browsers. I chatted with Comcast and they are the ones who asked me to try to gain access to other browsers. And, as noted, I managed. Only my opening my email to inhibits the Firefox, the browser that I use on a regular basis because of this problem I can't use Firefox.

    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.
    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

  • I can't access my hotmail account or book a hotel since the upgrade to 3.6.8. I get the following message: "the proxy server refuses connections. Firefox is configured to use a proxy server refusing connections. Check the proxy settings for

    I can't access my hotmail account among some other sites since the upgrade to 3.6.8 on my macbook. I get the following message: "the proxy server refuses connections. Firefox is configured to use a proxy server refusing connections. Check the proxy settings to make sure they are correct. Contact your network administrator to make sure that the proxy server is running. "I can not even find the proxy settings more.

    Windows: Tools > Options > advanced > network > settings
    OSX: Firefox > Preferences > advanced > network > settings
    Linux: edition > Preferences > advanced > network > settings
    Set your settings to connect to the 'No proxy', if you are not using a proxy.

    Firefox 3.6.6 added a new preference for connection settings, use proxy Panel"system settings", and the default value is the point. " This new preference does not affect most users, because they probably do not have a proxy set in place in their operating system. Therefore, most users should use the setting "no proxy".

  • 48 hours ago windows xp media played .m3u files, now get error Windows Media Player C00D1198 (automatically detect the proxy settings is selected)

    48 hours ago, I was able to play samples of the song from Amazon (.m3u files) using Windows XP SP3 Windows Media Player.  Yesterday and also today in an attempt to the same on Amazon, I get error C00D1198 on WMP-

    "windows media center cannot connect to the server the server name may be incorrect, the server may not be available, or your proxy settings are may not be incorrect.

    Automatically detect the proxy settings is enabled

    I did not bring any changes to the computer or downloaded codecs, not played any other player, and in the meantime has used another music site, etc.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    I guess you can still play all the other music ok?

  • How to load the CMOS (get the Bios settings) on Lenovo IdeaCentre K330


    How to load the CMOS (get the Bios settings) on Lenovo IdeaCentre K330? Found no parameters. I can click on F2, then network and passwords, is this all I could configure?

    OK, I got it - you must click F1 several times when starting system upward!

  • OSB: How to get the proxy service_name

    Hi all
    Could someone please tell me how to get the proxy service name within the stream of messages of OSB.

    Kind regards
    Rakesh Ranjan.

    Published by: Rakesh Ranjan on October 1, 2010 14:27

    Variable context Inound ($inbound) keeps the value of the service name and the name of the invoked operation. Use the expression $inbound/@name to get the name of the service and the expression $entrants / name of the ctx:service/ctx:operation/text() for the invoked operation.

    Do not forget that this Polish name will be there only for services that have operations (such as a WSDL based service)

    Kind regards

  • Cannot access Windows Live Mail: 'album photo editing.

    Try to send a picture, watch box 'edition photo album' message and I can't get out of this to access my box. It also means that I can't send e-mails from the photo.

    [Original title: cannot access Windows Live Mail]

    Join the club. Photo e-mail is broken, and unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it. You will find a description of the problem, some instructions to clear the error and suggestions on how to bypass the fault in this post: broken Photo mail function.

    You can also vote for the suggestion on the OneDrive UserVoice site.

  • Why the proxy settings are not respected

    I set up SSH as a proxy server on my laptop when I'm on a public network and configure Firefox to use the proxy by completing the manual Proxy config.

    If SSH doesn't work, I get this error message as expected: "the proxy server refuses connections" when I try to access any website EXCEPT Google.

    Searches on Google and access still works, even when the proxy server is not up. That seems broken.

    When the proxy server IS up, Google searches do not appear to use it.

    Google is my default search provider. If I try to access Bing, Firefox is behaving as expected (no access when proxy is out, throw up debugging indicating new connections when the proxy is up). If I change from Bing to be default search provider, the behavior of the two remains the same (proxy will use Bing, Google does not work).

    Why access to Google (and only Google?) ignore the proxy settings? Are there other sites of 'magic' that would also ignore the proxy? I use the proxy because I want to protect my internet traffic when I'm on public networks, if Firefox can randomly ignore them for some sites but not others, how can I trust him?

    My configuration problem. I realized that any site that uses https worked, while others are not.

    Somehow the "use this proxy server for all protocols" got unchecked. Audit, it solves the problem.

  • Map Quest - the proxy settings view


    Go on the map for our boxes VRTX view, you receive an error "Attention - no access to the internet" and on the same page by clicking Actions - Settings I see that MapQuest uses the proxy settings defined in the preferences - settings on the Console.

    Could someone please point me in the right direction because I am unable to find any preferences in the menu structure. Under Settings - General settings I specified the proxy and the test is successful.

    V11 browser is able to access the internet as well and the search for auto warranty works fine as well.

    No idea how to get MapQuest to work? OME v2.1.0.2635

    Thank you


    MapQuest uses the Proxy settings under Settings - General settings.

    MapQuest made it mandatory to use the API key while using their API for this reason. Since there is no provision to enter the key API of MAPQuest, warning message in 2.1 OME. This problem is fixed in the next version of 2.2 OME. However, even with the message warning, everything should work with the exception of the search operation.

    You can use BingAPI for MapView OME 2.1 by setting the key to Bing in action | Settings in the map display page.

  • How can I stop Firefox from sinking my IP when I use the proxy settings?

    So basically I use settings from manual proxy on Firefox from time to time to be more anonymous. These proxies are normally rather slow (but hey, it's the price for you to pay for anonymity). Sometimes I'll see a sudden leap of speed. I suspected that the proxy may not work for some reason any. So, I use a website that tells you that your IP address is to see if the proxy settings are really working. Of course when I update the site it gives me my real IP. I have check the proxy settings and it turns out that the browser was restored to use the proxy settings of the system (for some reason that is the default instead of no proxy). This happens randomly and why not apparently when I use the Manual proxy settings and it flees my IP every time that happens (and I never know when it does, unless I am very attentive). Is it possible to prevent him from returning to the system without no reason proxy settings? BTW, I tested the proxy in question after what is happening so it still works which preclude the possibility of the proxy does not (even if that were the case, I'd rather my IP don't Connect at all that the leak). So yes, any help in getting it to stop doing that would be nice.

    Hi internetman, in your system more than details it shows as active. It may or may not be something, but try to disable in case it makes a difference.

  • the proxy settings not detected after automatic update

    Following automatic updates on Thursday, I can access is the web.  About Network Diagnostics for Windows, the message error is 'Windows could not automatically detect the network proxy settings '.  I don't see that I have all the proxy settings...  I have a HP Desktop PC HP P6-2260, and I use Windows 7.  It works OK if I do a system restore - but I don't want to have to do one of these whenever I go on the computer.  Any suggsestions?

    Thanks Jaco.  I had a good overview of the updates that have been the cause of the problem.  Many of them related to security, so I checked my security software, and after execution of updates it y it has solved the problem - microsoft updates must have been clashing with updates of security in a way.

  • Connection to the store of Windows without turning off the proxy settings.

    Original title: do not connect not not in the windows store

    It's been 2 months since I bought my laptop from sony with windows 8. not once it is is connected to the store or any other windows app despite the repeated attempts by the evolution of the proxy settings. Don't ask me to try to disable the proxy settings, because it's the only way I can have access to the internet. Please solve this problem as soon as POSSIBLE, or if not I'll have to switch to another mode of system.not only store I couldn't even connect to any windows app given.i have not yet updated my windows up to now.
    I tried each and all solutions that was posted on this issue.please suggest me proxy or any other solution parameters.

    Hi Jagan,

    1. When you say repeated attempts to change the proxy settings, have proxy settings you tried to change?

    2. your computer connected to a domain is?

    3. you receive messages or error codes?

    This problem could be due to some incorrect settings or because of the connection proxy you use.

    Using a proxy server can allow the administrator to limit access to the Internet.

    You can reduce the effect of these problems by allowing unauthenticated through your proxy server access. We recommend that you enable unauthenticated access only for connections to URLs used by each application that has a problem. Some proxy servers may suggest that you create a list of URLs (also known as the 'white list') permissions.

    Please refer to the article to address these issues that relate to the use of Windows Store apps or use of Microsoft applications that are included with Windows Update or Windows 8, you can include the addresses mentioned in the article in a list of permissions ('white list') on your proxy server and enable HTTP and HTTPS access for them :

    The use of proxies authenticated with Windows 8

    For more information, see the article:

    Using the Proxy selection and Proxy bypass lists

    You can also consult the steps by Rajesh Govind, Support Engineer, may 4, 2013 and check.

    Windows 8 apps not able to detect the proxy for my machine settings.

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

  • Recognizing the proxy settings

    My Firefox just stopped recognizing my proxy settings. No matter even if I have settings in the fields or not... I can it be set to manual and let the proxy field and the port field empty and is always connected to the internet. I put the proxy settings in Internet Explorer and Chrome and they work properly... any suggestions?

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
  • set the proxy settings

    I support approximately 1,000 customers and my manager has approved the use of FireFox with a condition that we put a proxy and it is whenever a user starts Firefox. I would like a VB Script that affects the proxy settings every time you start Firefox. I think that this could be done when the customer starts a script, the script sets the proxy settings and then launches the firefox program. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

    You can use a mozilla.cfg file in the Firefox program folder to lock the prefs or specify new values (default).

    Put a local file - settings.js in the folder defaults\pref also the file prefs.js - channel where to specify using mozilla.cfg.

    pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");
    pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0);

    These functions can be used in the mozilla.cfg file:

    defaultPref();	// set new default value
    pref();		// set pref, allow changes in current session
    lockPref();	// lock pref, disallow changes


    See also:

  • Which is by default the proxy settings?

    I wonder what is the proxy settings setting? On my computer, it is set to "Use the system proxy settings", I wonder what should be the default value of the version of firefox that I use, which is the latest version of firefox.

    Not of Proxy is the default value.

  • When I bring up Firefox it asks me to make sure that the Proxy settings are correct. What are the proxy settings?

    When I double click the icon of Mozilla Firefox to open up an error message appears and says "the Proxy server refuses connections" check the proxy settings to make sure they are correct. Contact your network administrator to make sure that the proxy server is running.

    Please help me with this.
    Thank you

    Try the following and any parameter works, keep it Permanent:

    (1) go to the Menu Tools-> Options-> advanced-> network-> click on the "Settings" button... "in front of connection-> select option 1-> click OK-> OK

    (2) go to the Tools Menu-> Options-> advanced-> network-> click on the "Settings" button... "in front of connection-> select option2-> click OK-> OK

    (3) go in the Tools Menu-> Options-> advanced-> network-> click on the "Settings" button... "in front of connection-> select option3-> click OK-> OK

    Check that the solution works.

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