Get the value of the field notes.

Hi all

I just started with powercli.

I want to set and get the value of the field notes.

Put in it, is done by, virtual Set-machine - VM "Name VM" - Description "text1 text2 etc." - confirm: $false

But how to get the value of the field notes? I it could be done like: Get-VM-name 'VM ' | Get-Annotation CustomAttribute - Description

However, I get an error:

Get-Annotation: 08/07/2012 11:11:28 Get Annotation found Cu

stomAttribute with the name "Description".
On line: 1 char: 44
+ Get - Vm "klj - bastionhost | Get-Annotation < < < <-CustomAttribute description
+ CategoryInfo: ObjectNotFound: (Description: String) [Get-annotated
tion], VimException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId: Core_ObnSelector_SelectObjectByNameCore_ObjectNo
tFound, VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Cmdlets.Commands.GetAnnotation

kim look

You can get the field notes VM with:

Get - VM | Select-Object - Property Name, Description

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    I use $VMNotes = Get - VM myvm | Select-Object Notes in a script to extract the contents of the Notes field.  The data returned is:

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    How to return only the content of the notes on the ground, without the @{Notes =}?

    Try $VMNotes = Get - VM myvm | Select-Object - ExpandProperty Notes

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    How to make the most of this, I worked, but what I can't find is it possible to change the field "Notes" of a virtual computer?  I found in Set - VM, there is the Description field we used to use, but once when we have improved our VC we lost all the descriptions, so we started to move everything in the 'Notes' field instead.  Should perhaps use us description instead of Notes field?  I've always been a little confused why VMware had them both there because they seem to do the same thing...

    Thanks for the help guys...


    You can do this way:

    $vm = 
    $note = (Get-VM $vm).Description
    $note += " appended text"
    set-vm $vm -Description $note -Confirm:$false
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    Nice day

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    Hope this information helps. Back to us for assistance.

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    to work properly, no recent changes I know.  The eggs should be hatching, and I can't wait to

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    Perhaps that the eggs have hatched and the webcam has been removed.

    The problem is not just about anything on your computer.  You have to ask the person who is the owner of the webcam.

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    I had the same problem with my Compaq after upgrade of a cell of 12 after battery box white market. What I did first, was I uninstalled and reinstalled ' Microsoft ACPI - control method battery compatible "and who did not work, so I followed the following steps:

    1. a laptop battery and remove (while on).

    2. open the lid and remove the AC adapter / CC (for again, turn off the system)

    3. close the lid and plug in the battery

    4. open the cover, plug the AC adapter and turn on.

    After I did the above, my system began to charge the battery. Some people say that after step 2, shut down the system before you unplug it from the AC. I don't have because most of the solutions I found does NOT shut down the system first. If you've been careful with your system, this time above should not do harm to your laptop


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    Hey Jake,

    As you face the issue with Google chrome, you may need to change the settings in Google chrome itself.

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    Always get the 'ads not this site' not in chrome extensions

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  • I am creating a total field contingent in a PDF form created by me which will only add cost in total ONLY if the box is checked.  Another disadvantage to this is one of the fields (number of monitors), I am eager to multiply by the field notes.

    I am creating a total field contingent in a PDF form created by me which will only add cost in total ONLY if the box is checked.  Another disadvantage to this is one of the fields (number of monitors), I am eager to multiply by the field notes, which is a field required number on there.

    All of them are select___

    Here are all the names of FQDN (towards the bottom):

    Check the boxes:

    • selectiPhone
    • selectSwipe
    • selectMonitor
    • selectDesktop
    • selectLaptop
    • selectiPadCell
    • selectiPad
    • selectPhone

    Fields of costs:

    • CostiPhone
    • CostSwipe
    • CostMonitor
    • CostDesktop
    • CostLaptop
    • CostiPadCell
    • CostiPad
    • CostPhone

    The notes field that will calculate this is "NotesComputer Monitor in notes". -It is a body of numbers forced the inability to put anything else in it.

    Then add them all in TOTAL COST

    Sorry for my ignorance: it's my first time doing a form like this.

    Please see below for the screenshot.


    Dropbox - conditionalSum.pdf has the answer

  • Permissions to modify the field notes of a VM

    Does anyone know what authorization is required to edit the field notes (or custom adding notes in a field) for a virtual machine?

    I would try the Virtual Machine > Configuration > settings or rename

    Good luck.

  • A deployed Application OK;  my application still gets the "404 Not Found" error...

    I'm trying to deploy my application from in JDeveloper to the oc4j standalone on the local host, before you deploy to an application server. I am a beginner and I do this by following a tutorial. The tutorial application is deployed very well, but my application still gets the "404 Not Found" error after deployment.

    The standalone oc4j is installed on my PC under Windows XP by running the \jdev\bin\start_oc4j.bat file < jdev_home > and works very well because the tutorial application is deployed and works very well.

    For the purposes of the tutorial, the deployment is the last chapter (Chapter 10). I started from the application of the tutorial almost completed at the end of Chapter 9 and went throug all the steps in Chapter 10 and the application is deployed and invoke it with success.

    My application starts with the login.jspx page. The application works perfectly when it is called directly in JDeveloper by right click on login.jspx and then selecting run. But in case to go through the same steps as for the application of the tutorial, my request still get "404 Not Found" in the browser.

    The deployment steps are:

    1. right click on the ViewController project, select new, then on profiles/WAR deployment file, to create the deployment profile. During the creation of this profile, I entered 'ZBV' according to the root context custom.

    2 right-click on the deployment profile (ZBV.deploy) and "deploy to...» "the standalone oc4j on localhost and accept the default configuration. Messages in the log in JDeveloper window are clean without error.

    3. open a browser, enter the url "http://localhost:8888/ZBV/faces/staff/login.jspx and get"404 Not Found". I cancelled and went through the same steps several times and always got the same error. I use /staff/login.jspx after ZBV/faces because in the navigation of the Application, the login.jspx file is located in the staff-ViewController-Web content folder.

    I wonder what could be wrong with my request. In the tutorial, it is said that a .war and .ear file will be created, but only the .war file must be created because of the dependence of the ViewController project on the DataModel project defined in the application. My request is this defined addiction so I went throug the same steps as for the deployment of the application of the tutorial.

    I hope that the experienced and experts and gurus will shine on me with their experience and wisdom.

    Thank you very much!


    Check your OC4J logs to see if the deployment worked and if you receive error messages.
    You can go in the OC4J administration console to verify that the deployment is in place.

  • Get the field to remain Virgin until the user enters the value in the previous field used in the calculation

    I work on a PDF form and am stuck on one of my calculations. There are two fields 'desired Start Date", which is a date entered by the user. The "desired end" date is one year from date entered by the user. I figured out - however, before the user enters a date, I want this field remains empty. Currently, it fills with 01/00/000. How can I get this field to calculate not unless a date is entered by the user? So far, I tried this but can not get the blank to stay:

    If the field 'Desired Start Date' is empty, leave 'to' field blank

    var myStartDate = new Date (this.getField("Desired_Effective_Date").value);

    If (((myStartDate == 0) & & (getField("myStartDate").valueAsString = "")) {event.value = "";})

    If the field "Desired Start Date" is an effective date, use the date to calculate one year after the date of entry.


    else {this.getField("to").value = util.printd ("mm/dd/yyyy", new Date (myStartDate.getFullYear () + 1, myStartDate.getMonth (), myStartDate.getDate ()))}

    Try the following than the calculation script custom field "to".

    Get the value of the date field beginning

    var sStartDate = getField("Desired_Effective_Date").valueAsString;

    If the start date field is not empty...

    If {(sStartDate)

    Converts a date in a date object string

    Kai = util.scand ("mm/dd/yyyy", sStartDate);

    Add a year

    oDate.setFullYear (oDate.getFullYear () + 1);

    Set this field to the calculated date value

    Event.Value = util.printd ("mm/dd/yyyy", anyway);

    } else {}

    This field blank because the input field is empty

    Event.Value = "";


    You may need to change the date format "mm/dd/yyyy", I used to match the formats of date fields.

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    Hi guys. In the application, that I'm working on, I came across a bit of a challenge.

    Basically I have a vertical field Manager ful of custom components.

    Basically this custom components, draws the user name, some other info and pictures of the user related to their account.

    It all works very well, but what I'm trying to do is to get the exact field on the vertical field Manager at any time. You see, while it displays the image of the user, I download from a Web server (and it will display a picture by default while it is downloading). So what I'm trying to do is go to the correct custom component of the vertical field each time Manager, so I can quickly change the image is correct, once I get the correct uploaded image. The manager of vertical field is called via the standard method.

      VerticalFieldManager vfm = new VerticalFieldManager(VERTICAL_SCROLL|VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR) {
    protected void sublayout(int w, int h) {
        super.sublayout(480, Math.min(240, 360)); 
    for(int i=0; i< contacts.length; i++)
    //Contacts is an array of my custom component. I am just calling it
    contacts because it basically is a list of contacts.

    Everything works well for me except a way to get the correct field on the vertical field manager. So that I can

    Run it in a contact, and then reset the image.

    Can anyone help with this?

    Thank you

    I suggest that you give to your download manager - a reference to the contact that you update, if networking is done, you can refresh it.

    except if you develop for a device of some I would be careful with the absolute values like 480 btw

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    Tip: After getting the computer fully patched, download/install KB971029 manually before connecting any external drive to your computer:

    VERY IMPORTANT! =>  No matter what Norton or McAfee free trial which is preinstalled on the computer when you bought will be reinstalled (but invalid!) when Windows is reinstalled. You MUST uninstall the trial AND THEN download/run the appropriate removal tool before installing updates, Windows Service Packs or IE upgrades AND BEFORE installing your new antivirus application (for example, Microsoft Security Essentials - free).

    Norton Removal Tool

    McAfee Consumer product removal tool

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