getData returns an incorrect number of bytes for the .png icon

BB Storm JDE 4.7.0

I'm creating a module of code in a .cod file. I get application descriptor and the first descriptor I getEncodedIcon() and the returned EncodedImage I call getData. The result is a byte array that has 2 additional bytes to the beginning 0x00DD (it's a .png file).

OK, first of all, why is it? The first 2 bytes tells me it's a file .png or something?

Second, can someone tell me a quick way to convert it to an array, starting with the 2 byte (the 3rd byte).

I watched ByteVector but it allows me to copy but not for copy in.

I don't want to do byte-by-byte as it is slow.

I want just to get an arrangement [] starting with byte 2 bytes or to first get the .png file returned with the correct byte.

Note that I confirmed that what I say is true by setting the two breakpoints in the debugger and by writing out a file again... he got 2 extra bytes at the beginning of the different file than that was the original .png file.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Thank you


You could do a System.arraycopy () with size origArray.length - 2 I guess. But you have to double the space...

What you're trying to do with it? Many features of rop and others allow you to specify an offset in the table to avoid copies.

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    With numbers that have more than 40 figures, Oracle will sometimes replace all numbers according to the 38th numbers with a 0 and sometimes replace 0 after the digit 39th or 40th.

    Therefore, what is the largest number of digits, can be trusted to safely store Oracle?

    This is the code I used for this testing process.

    create the table max_num (num number);


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    l_x: = x;

    insert into max_num values (rpad (1, x, 1));

    end loop;


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    dbms_output.put_line (SQLERRM);



    Select num, length (replace (num, 0)) of max_num;

    What length more of a NUMBER that Oracle will "support"?

    You have already given your own answer. If 'length': the maximum number of digits is written the doc gives you the answer:

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    private public static var Buffer_size : uint = 0 x 800;

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    However, I am confused about the part where it defines a hypothetical image and sends the data to the shader:

    effectShader. data ["source"] . width = BUFFER_SIZE / 1024;     <---(2048 / 1024 = 2)

    effectShader. data ["source"] . height = 512 ;

    From the code above, one can easily see that the size of the image is only 1024 "pixel" (2 * 512), and on the receiving end there is a "image.4" of variable entry expected to receive.  So far, I was under the assumption that a data type "image4" consists of a variable amount of pixels (determined by the size of the image that is food inside), each composed of 4 layers of color of 1 byte.  In this logic, each pixel in a data type "image4" should consist of 4 bytes.  Now, let's do the math: 4 bytes * 1024 pixels = 4096.

    4096 is not equal to 16 384!

    How can feed you a 16 384 'byteArray' bytes in a variable "image4" of 4096 bytes?

    I'm sorry to seem presumptuous to the explanation above, but I can not understand what is happening here!

    The number of bytes is a 'pixel' in PB?  He holds float or integer values or both?

    I've scoured the web to find these answers, but nothing helps!  Maybe I'm off the mark with my current understanding of the pixels and images in PB, but I need to understand this before I can move with the application that I do.

    I am very grateful of any advice or information that someone can give.

    Thank you


    This is the Pixel Bender Language Reference:

    "pixel1: represents the value of a single channel of an image." The name distinguishes this
    single element pixel of a pixel which contains several channels. The pixel values are
    considered as 32-bit floating-point numbers. »

    32 bits = 4 bytes

    If a channel is four bytes rather than that you have accessed. If this should explain the difference.

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    The forum includes only the topics in the years underway, and counts on the home page are simply not up-to-date? If so, how can I see the subjects of previous years?

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    I also download the vi in this for reference.

    the user name for the client is the user and the password is pass.

    Thank you

    Hi ican.

    you have not changed the customer. See the attached picture. The error in the server side, it's that the 4 was connected on the two functions of split to the length. See Server for the necessary difference image.


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    Today, I tried to talk to the telephone line of Adobe Tech and all they wanted to do is insert a packaget of software allowing them to take possession of my new PC... NO STARTER.  After talking with several "supervisors" we gave me an another phone number to the TEAM from ADOBE, which of course only works for the current range of products.  SO.... I need guidance... I have Adobe Acrobat 9 enbedded in the work process that I use and it works great... I am a frugal man, and do not want to buy new or different Adobe Acrobat SW just because I still find an operational installation program.  How to get off this meeting happy tour and get my software installed on the new PC?


    Since you have the serial number of moose Acrobat 9 standard, you can download Acrobat 9 standard using the link below and install it:

    Once it is installed, you can use the license key to activate it and use it.

    Kind regards

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