Getting the error "the GIF graphics filter is missing"... on Picture It

I write in the name of the customer:

"Hello...". I have a problem that you are trying to start my program Picture It... The error msg I get told 'the GIF graphics filter is missing '... I restarted my computer and reinstalled the program of my purchased CD, but the same error msg reappears... Can you help me? »

Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2001


Something to try...

Graphics filters are shared files and a single
Reinstall will not replace them. First of all, you must
Find and rename your current filter
... Gifimp32.flt to Gifimp32.OLD...
then a reinstall of Pi2001 should replace the
damaged filter.

Let us know if it solves the problem.

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    Hi JerseyFran,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!

    When you get the error message?

    Did you change the computer that is causing this problem?

    This happens usually if you uninstalled an application that has been installed but it was not always full uninstalled from the computer. You can use the Windows Installer Cleanup utility to uninstall the program completely. Follow the link given below to download the utility.

    Download the Windows Installer CleanUp utility

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    You can also visit the link below and check if it is a help.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Get-Datastore. Where-Object {$_Name-Notlike "Datastore1 *"} |

    Select @{N = "MON"; E={$_. Name}}, @{N = "Total virtual machines"; E={@($_ | Get - VM). County}}

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    Credit for finding this link goes to CherylG.

    2. then, uninstall all ATI/AMD software through programs and features.

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    While this may not work for everyone, he worked for many users.

    I hope this helps.

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    Install the Visual C++ Redistributable for your system

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    I have a satellite L series with dual graphics card that works together. Its an AMD Radeon 3400 m apu with a built-in HD 6520 G and a discreet graphics of 6400 m.

    The 6400 m turns on never, I used the amd system monitor to see if it is already in use, but it's never.
    Even if the 6520g is at full load it lights.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.
    Thank you.


    As far as I know, this topic has already been discussed here in the forum and the switch between internal and external ATI GPU is not supported.
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    Note that I do not use MySQL and so not really familiar with its CONCAT_WS function but you get the idea. Am I missing something here?

Maybe you are looking for