Ghosts on pages double-sided printing second on Officejet 6700 Premium e-all-in-one

Please can someone help?

Printer name model e-all-in-one Officejet 6700 Premium

Firmware MPM3CN1232AR

Software 028.000.1315.000


Win 7 SP1 64 bit

Wired ethernet connection


On two-sided printing, the second side of printing on all pages is ghost. This is in particular the noticebale on verticals.

This is true for all the qualities of printing on any documents .pdf or. doc.

I use all the HP printing paper and original cartridges.

I aligned the print head and checks suggested on the help pages.

I contacted HP support, which were brilliant and replaced the printer and the duplex unit.

They suggested that it was because I was using Office 2003 SP3 and Windows 7 but I find this problem on too but not in Wordpad v6.1 .pdf files

The problem does not occur when scanned or copied documents are printed

Is there a solution out there on this new printer please?


Hi 007OHMSS,

I carefully read through a VionAiry pointer to the post of ItalSanif with links to more articles.

There were two main suggestions as to how to proceed. I didn't uninstall the "bloatware" and back to base for the HP Officejet 6700 Premium drivers, but I installed the drivers from the series HP Deskjet 6980 in accordance with the procedure at this link and listed below, with a few mods to include activation of unit duplex in one set of instructions.

And you know what? This MARKET! Ghosting on the second side of all pages printed double-sided disappears to be replaced with a nice crisp clear impression. At present, all the other functions, including scanning seem not affected and function as usual, although of course the new driver (HP Deskjet 6980 series) makes the leaves of different properties.

In my environment, I have also 3 XP machines in network connected wireless to the printer via the router and the PC Win7x64 connected by ethernet to the same router. Meant this download and the installation of the driver HP driver the HP Deskjet 6980 series for the XP PC Web page not the Win 7 x 64 because they were not present.

I modified a bit routine and reproduce it below to help others. A/c for the original post, that was provided by the HP Technical Support. Why nobody's support services seems to know about or drivers have not been fixed I would never know.

First turn off you will want the printer already available on the computer before you continue.

For Win7 PC (XP is similar but not identical)

  1. Go to Start -online device and printers => then click on the "Add a printer" button in the upper left corner of the device window.
  2. Click on the button "Add a local printer" (choose this option if you do not your configuration)
  3. Check the box "use an existing port.
  4. On the drop-down list, select the option for example CN115130TP05JW , but use the correct name for the PRINTER port which is the serial number of your printer (do not use the fax entry)
  5. Now in manufacture of list on the left, select "HP".
  6. On the list of Printers to the right, select "HP Deskjet 6980 series (HP)" "
  7. "Once the pilot moved to enter in the" 'devices and printers ' window and right-click the newly added "HP Deskjet 6980 series" and select ""printer properties ' on the drop-down list. "
  8. Go to the "Advanced" tab, and then in the drop-down list next to the label of "Driver" select "HP Deskjet 6980 series.
  9. Click on the button 'Apply' - the configuration window should change it's shapea bit.

    10. in the HP Deskjet 6980 window properties, click on the tab "device settings" on the top of the window.

    11. in the list of parameters, search for "Unit duplex (for printing on 2 sides) ' and select it.

    12. once highlighted, select in the drop-down list ""Installed "; "

    13. When finished press apply

    14 now, go to what you use to print documents and select "HP Deskjet 6980" as your printer. Activate duplex printing and you should see the pages to print correctly.

15. you can also change the name of the printer in the "Général" tab I changed it in mine to "HP Officejet 6700 with HP Deskjet 6980 pilot set shadowd duplex printing".

I had a little problem in that, for some reason any in the document (e.g. Word / etc\ .pdf) box under the effects tab my radio button has mysteriously been on 20% until I changed it it was hard to see that there was no ghosting dialogue printer properties.

So after complete 1 reconstruction of the printer of the original with the parts sent to HP services support for November 2012, an escalation at magnifications greater within HP (no answer) and a new printer of A...n, VisionAiry has pointed me to a solution that I had tried with DJ 450 drivers, nothing works, after a Shane_R post dated last year.

So thanks to you and also to 007OHMSS who worked on this problem and original posters

All I can say is that it worked for me and I am so grateful to everyone on this forum to ensure that I am sure of my eyes and mental health, looking more printed duplex printed with a shadow/ghosts and to be what they were not prepared.

Congratulations so all round and thanks again

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    I assume you mean that you have a Packard Bell netbook which doesn't have a CD player.

    You can download the necessary software on the Internet and install it without the CD.  The location of base for your printer is here-->

    Most netbooks come with Windows 7 Starter, so for a better response, please indicate the model of your computer and the version of Windows you have installed (right click on desktop and select properties for this information).

    You have a wireless router? If so, what is its brand & model?
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    I am an employee of HP

    Please click on the star of congratulations in my post, if I helped you
    has solved your problem, please click on accept as Solution to help others. Thks.

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    OS: windows xp, service pack 3

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    If I double click on the "hp officejet 6700" icon on my desktop.

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    The report provides: Total number of printed Pages 8159

    If I double click on the "hp officejet 6700" icon on my desktop.

    Then click on "view the ink level.

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    Then click on "printer ews home page."

    Then click on the 'Tools' tab, I see:

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    Difference = 8159-6725 = 1434

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    MelanieHello and welcome to the Forums of HP, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I see that you have questions about your number of pages.  I would like to help.

    The built-in web server does not account for pages printed not across the network.  The number of printer pages all the elements. 1434 pages were not printed through the network, therefore, not counted in the SAP.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

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    Thank you for using the HP forum.

    You can download and install the software COMPLETE features of HP printing for your operating system:

    Once you have downloaded and installed the software, FULL of features, you will be able to print and scan.

    Hope that helps.

  • OfficeJet 6700 Premium printer: Re setting My HP 6700 x Premium

    Emergency assistance is needed please! I managed somehow to me locked out many many functions on my printer that I tried to install on my new HP laptop since Tuesday, January 19, as well as the problem of getting my port number! as I have nowhere to put a disc in my new laptop! even if everything seems to work at the minute, I'm very worried if my printer need Urgent updates my printer stops working! I'd appreciate any help I could be offered please! informaitiom even on a full re my printer together please! some things that are locked on my printer are the date and the time in my country there are about 15 to 20 functions I managed to block me out!

    Thanks for any help you can give too


    Thank you for using the forum.

    Please download and install the full software features from this link to win 10 for your printer:

    You can try to reset your default printer.

    On the front of the printer control panel select Setup > tools > Restore Factory defaults to reset the printer to its default settings.

    We recommend that you uninstall the previous software before you reinstall the downloaded software FULL of features,

    Hope that helps.

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    From the desktop, hold down the Windows key and press R.  In the run window, type services.msc and press to enter.  Scroll down to the print spooler service, right click and select Properties, then click the Stop button.  Now search for C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS, then delete the tasks within this folder - you may need to click a command prompt to get the authority to open the PRINTERS folder.

    Restart the computer and you should find that the documents have been deleted.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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