good ways to clean the ibook G4 keyboard

What is the best way to clean an ibook G4 keyboard?


where it says iMac iBook and it is a 2004 model

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    I tested a few months things now in the ACP countries.

    There are some modules that are no longer relevant.

    Is there a way to clean the library of modules?

    Cleaning could be something like...

    • Some modules together for easier and faster to the group identification
    • Removal of the modules that are no longer needed
    • Modules disabling some how to, at least, remove them from my view.
    • Sorting by type modules
    • Modules of sort by creation date

    .. Bottom line is that there are a lot of things in the library of modules that I have to go and I need everything, see all the time when I'm at this place.

    Thank you

    Thomas H.

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    Hi John,.

    This point is on the roadmap, although I don't think that we have a date for it yet.  I hope to see a similar workflow as with other learning objects.  Project > publish > retirement > delete.

    The idea of consolidation and other sort options are all good ideas that I will pass on to the team.

    Kind regards

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    I am following the model of consumers/producers to use the queue to synchronize the following process: the producer is a loop to produce a number N, I will put each number generated in a table and after each 5 numbers generated, I put the table in the queue and pass it on to the consumer. I have to wait the use by consumers of the data and it will then remove the item from queue so that producers will have the chance to produce another 5 numbers. As I put the maximum size of the queue one, I expect that the producer and the consumer turns to produce / consume all five numbers and the opportunity to another. Here is my code

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    For the first 5 numbers, product will generate every thing right and put it in the table, and it's going to pass the array to the quere so that the consumer will have the chance to loop through the table. I except the procude loop will continue only when the queue is available (i.e. all items are deleted), but it seems that once the consumer starts the loop loop of the product will continue (if the indicator x + 1 and x 2 will be changed to numbers). But this isn't what I want, I know there must be something wrong, but I can't say it is.

    dragondriver wrote:

    As you say in 1, sequency structure to enforce the order of execution, that's why I put it here, in this example, the simple question, I replace the complete code with increase in the number, in the real case, the first markers + 1 and + 2 must be performed in this order.

    Mikeporter says:
    1. get rid of all the structures of the sequence. None of them are nothing but apply a work order which would have been the same without them.

    So even if you delete the sequence structure, there will be a fixed & defined order and it is because LabVIEW follows the MODEL of FLOW OF DATA.

    Data flow model (more precisely in the context of LabVIEW): a block diagram node runs when it receives the required inputs. When a node is running, it produces output data and transmits data to the next node in the path of the data stream. The flow of data on the nodes determines the order of execution of the VIs and functions on the block diagram (click here for reference).

    Now in your code, just remove the sequence structure will not make you order will be going to stay the same, but you need to do some very minor changes (as thread of the error in loop, before that he go to the node "Élément Dequeue").

    Come to the main point: it's a good way to use the queue for the consumer/pmodel that?
    The model you are using (and qualifying as consumer/pmodel) is much too deviated from the original consumer/pmodel which model.

    dragondriver wrote:

    For the second, Yes, it's my fault for delete, though. I'm actually the example of model of producer/consumer design pattern, but I do not pay attention to the while loop in the part of the consumer.

    While loops (two producers & consumers) are the essential part of this architecture and cannot be deleted. You can start your code using standard model.

  • Is there a way to disable the "on-screen keyboard", so it doesn't show up everytime I turn on my computer?

    original title: is there a WAY TO DISABLE THE "ON SCREEN KEYBOARD', so IT doesn't COME up WHENEVER I TURN on MY COMPUTER?



    Control Panel - easy access

    Or WIN Key + U (Win Hold key and tap U)

    How do I change the keyboard to the screen on or off in Vista

    Hide a persistent onscreen keyboard on Vista

    Toggle the on-screen keyboard

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • What is the proper way to clean the LCD on my HP Pavilion g7-1173dx?

    What is the proper way to clean the LCD on my HP Pavilion g7-1173dx? This is my first laptop and I'm in love, but the screen must be cleaned and I don't want to spoil it. TNX


    Please follow these tips:


  • Best way to clean the shippingMethod


    do you guys know what is the best way to clean the shippingMethod inside a shippingGroup? I want to just get rid of the SM and keep the SG, I thought to affecting an empty string for the shippingMethod, such as:

    for (sg ShippingGroup: shippingGroups) {}


    vlogDebug ("deleted a shipping method.");


    Is this a reasonable way or y at - it something better?

    Raise sg.setShippingMethod (null);



  • Best way to clean the files on the computer?

    What is the best way to clean your computer, files that aren't necessary? I know that some programs out there do the computer work. But how do I optimize my computer's performance by getting rid of the junk. I seem to have several different programs to 'install' as for Adobe. I really need to keep this laying around? Files really make me scared because I know that remove a minute even bad thing can mess you up bad.

    The best bet would be to do a disk cleanup and delete the proposed? I prefer not to download anything because my main point was to remove things so that I did not need to add. I think that my computer has not really too much about

    There are anythings that come on the computer which can be removed?

    mws_1984 wrote: what is the best way to clean your computer, files that aren't necessary?

    Hello mws_1984, this will remove all unwanted files, but it will remove many of them.

    You could try to go into start, computer and select the C: drive, right click and click Properties, select disk cleanup.

    A screen will appear that shows some files being deleted and then you will see another screen that shows some features that are available for withdrawal. Check the items that you want to remove or clear the items you want to leave.

  • Good way to recharge the computer to increase autonomy

    Dear support Member,

    I use a HP-Envy-Spectra-14-3010NR model that runs on Lithium-Ion battery.

    I'm not very sure about what is the best way to increase the life of my battery systems. In previous models, I have suggested to me that I must leave my battery discharge completely at least once a week and then reload.

    What is the mode of operation in suggested Lithium-Ion batteries?

    Should I still keep running on the load (with power on) or should I let it load completely, then turn off the sector until the battery is completely empty - or there is another way that is more suitable.

    Please suggest.

    Thank you.

    Hi NMahajanCA,

    It is not necessary to do the foregoing. Drain the battery or charge not completely will increase or decrease the battery life. Here is a link to understand your battery.

    Calibrate the battery resets the battery indicator to accurately display the charge level in Windows. Here is a document on how to do it.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • Good way to use the concurrent data store


    I'm developing a multithreaded C++ application that uses the C++ of Berkeley DB Library.

    In my case, I have several databases that I composed in a wooded area. It is important for me to use an environment because I need control over the cachesize parameter.

    I don't need no guarantee of transaction and have for most of the readings, so I decided to use the "simultaneous database.

    I first pre-fill all databases with a number of entries (configuration single-threaded phase) and then work on it at the same time (for most readings, but also insertions and deletions).

    I tried all kinds of different configurations, but I can't work without specifying DB_THREAD as a flag of the environment.

    I don't want to because then access all handles is synchronized sequentially according to the documentation:

    "... Note that the activation of this indicator will serialize calls to DB using the handle between the threads. If

    simultaneous scaling is important for your application, we recommend handles separate for each thread opening

    (and do not specify this indicator), rather than share handles between threads. "

    (Berkeley DB QAnywhere C++)

    So I tried to open the environment with the following indicators:


    All data in this environment handles are open only with the DB_CREATE flag.

    So, since my understanding this same basic access handles need to be synchronized, I opened separate handles foreach database for each thread (opening the handles is still single-threaded).

    In my first approach, I have only made use of the object of global environment. Which does not work and gives the following during operations error message:

    DB_LOCK-> lock_put: Lock is no longer valid

    So I thought, since the same handle global env is passed to all handles separate DB, it is perhaps a race condition critical on the handful of approx.

    So in my next test, I opened also handles separate EPS in each thread (and db handles owned each).

    That does not produce an error in db, but now it seems that each thread sees its own version of the databases (I call it stat early in the life of each thread and he sees all of the empty dbs).

    What is the right way to use the concurrent data store? Each thread should really open his own set of db handles? What about the number of open handles env?

    PS: Without specifying that the DB_PRIVATE flag seems to do the job, but for performance reasons, I want all operations to perform in the cache and do not specify product DB_PRIVATE average of several writes to the disk for my scenario.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    CD (simultaneous database) allows a single editor with multiple drives, access to the db at a given point in time.    The handle for the writer doesn't have to be shared with readers.   If you share the DB handle then calls are synchronized, but if each thread has its own handle DB then this is not the case.     Since you have an environment, DB_THREAD must be at the level of the environment.   This will allow the sharing of the environment handle.     This type of error "DB_LOCK-> lock_put: Lock is no longer valid" you can provide us your code so we can take a look.   Also what BDB version are you using?

  • Flex Hero - good way to change the style/color

    There must be an easy way to change the hue of the view... or more precisely the ActionBar/header at the top.

    For example, as I see on this site:

    I would like to be able to change the background colors for something else then the default value is black.  I need to create a new skin for this?


    You can set the ActionBar chromeColor.

  • What is a good way to clean a macbook air screen?

    Just want to clean my screen is their way I should do?

    Use the cleaning cloth provided with the computer when it was new. You can use the cleaning rags used to clean eyeglasses.

  • How to create Redo Log as a good way to avoid the problem of performance

    Hi Experts,

    I work in the following environment.

    OS - Windows server 2012

    version -

    Server: production server

    1 to 10 of each month, we have huge process. Like many DML and ddl involve.

    I've implemented the RMAN also.

    My Alerts log entry is as below,

    Kills Sep 08 17:05:34 2015

    Thread 1 cannot allot of new newspapers, 88278 sequence

    Private stream flush is not complete

    Currently journal # 1, seq # 88277 mem # 0: D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\AWSPROCESS\REDO01. JOURNAL

    Thread 1 Advanced to record the sequence 88278 (switch LGWR)

    Currently Journal # 2 seq # 88278 mem # 0: D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\AWSPROCESS\REDO02. JOURNAL

    Kills Sep 08 17:05:38 2015

    Archived journal 81073 extra for each sequence 1 88277 0x38b3fdf6 dest ID thread entry 1:

    Kills Sep 08 17:05:52 2015

    Thread 1 cannot allot of new newspapers, sequence 88279

    Checkpoint is not complete

    Currently Journal # 2 seq # 88278 mem # 0: D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\AWSPROCESS\REDO02. JOURNAL

    Thread 1 Advanced to record the sequence 88279 (switch LGWR)

    Currently Journal # 3 seq # 88279 mem # 0: D:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\AWSPROCESS\REDO03. JOURNAL

    Kills Sep 08 17:05:58 2015

    Archived journal 81074 extra for each sequence 1 88278 0x38b3fdf6 dest ID thread entry 1:

    Kills Sep 08 17:06:16 2015

    Thread 1 cannot allot of new newspapers, sequence 88280

    Checkpoint is not complete

    When I check in the internet I found a few points and need clarity also by the following.

    -It is recommended that this switch Redo log 5 times maximum per hour, but I have this time of maximum peak about 100 redo log changes occur.

    -It is recommended to have the large size of the Redo log. But I have 3 Group of redo and each size is 50 MB by default.

    -My group of Redo log not multiplexed and it by default with each group have only a single Member




    And advised by experts with add that again group will give more performance in the other location. Is it mean that I need to add the Redo log as a different group, player or Redo Log itself I need to replace the other location.

    Say in the end, My Live server works with the location and size of restore default. I'm trying to create a better way and get all confused

    How to do it perfectly.

    Experts, please share your comments to my environment to log redo instance as better through your comment or recommended weblink based on my above needs, or a document.

    Thanks in advance, if you need more information to help me, then ask me, I'll share you.


    You can't resize an existing redo log group.

    You will need to create 3 new redo log groups and drop old log redo (with 200 MB size) groups.

    Here you can find a good explanation: DBA for Oracle tips Archives

  • What is the best way to clean the bad data?

    We are new to Eloqua (E9) and I'm working on cleaning up our incorrect data. The first part of the process is to find, so I started to create contact filters focus on specific areas that I can see what we are dealing with before I commit to clean in a program.

    Many of our contact fields have given with aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd, etc. or variations on that (for example, xaaaad). In my contact filters, it seems that the only way to find things like "xaaaad" as well as "aaa" or any other variant, is to use 'First name has aaa', 'first name does bbb", etc.

    My question is this: in order to use 'Field contains', do I have to enter each value (aaa, bbb, ccc,...) in the unique filter? If so, I will hit quickly step 15 Max is there a better way to do it?

    Thank you!



    You can find the cloud name Analyzer (side scan) connector to be helpful in your quest! Here are more details:

    Abell has presented a session on data cleaning at Eloqua experience last year and one of the things she mentioned that helped this cloud connector.


  • Good way to update the linked Images Clone

    Hi guys, what is the best way to update a linked Clone image without having a ton of shots on the main template?

    To update, I know I have to do the following (not including the tasks of cleaning and others):

    1. Power on template, apply the changes (patches, app updates, etc.)
    2. Turn off - take new snapshot
    3. Tap the pool of offices on the new snapshot
    4. Recompose existing workstations using the new snapshot.

    I finally can clean snapshots or it will be just an infinite number of snapshots from 1 day up to this image gets his retirement? I made the mistake to delete the snapshot, that test workstations before redial already used to the new snapshot

    Thanks in advance.

    Exactly, I delete the older snapshots that I'm, and I feel comfortable.  I got more than 4 Active snapshots before.

  • Best way to clean the paragraph and character catalogs?

    Over the years, I have created a bunch of tags of paragraph and character for different types of documents: novels, technical manuals, etc. For a given document type, I'll use some tags and some don't. For example, a novel will not use numbered steps or sideheads.

    The problem is after years of import for the last tags of a certain type, all files in all chapter books have swelled catalogs, full of tags that are not used and are not applicable for the type of document. I would like to clean these catalogues and let only relevant tags to this kind of document. I'm ready to take the hit if a chapter or book uses a tag that it should not, as long as I know what it is.

    What is the "best practices" way to achieve this? What method do you recommend?

    1. Create a template with the own catalogue file, open each book individually, remove all of the tags file and re - import the template tags?
    2. Create a template with the own catalogue file, and then create new books of the model, copy and paste the text of the original of the files bloated?
    3. Others?

    I understand that the process will be painful, as to clean out her garage. But I'm sick of tripping over all the echoes I have accumulated.

    Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.



    Your #1 approach is probably the best way to go. However, instead of trying to clean up the tags manually, take a look at paragraph of Steve Kubis and character tools. See:

    This will help clean up a lot of things and they are reasonably priced. It also has corresponding tools for the management of cross-references, variables, arrays, and colors that all work you same way. You can try before you buy.

Maybe you are looking for

  • iPhone iOS 9.2 6s gps works not

    02/01/2016 my gps stopped working. anyone else having this problem? I already tried everything, except food

  • Battery always in on the Ideapad Z480 white LED.

    I just bought the IdeaPad Z480 with Windows 7, I have to wear the device off, but the single-pass of orange LED battery indicator to black and rest in order to know that the battery is fully charged?

  • HP desktop using 8.1

    I got an HP Support Assistant alert my network firewall and the disabled Virus protection.  They need to be turned on, because I have Norton?

  • How to stop the shockwave flash crashing?

    I start Google chrome for Facebook and I have a problem with the shock wave flash crashing all the time, any suggestions on how to prevent this?

  • Windows media 11 to win, player rip music t

    Hi, I tried to copy a cd in windows media player 11 and get a message that the file is already used to close and try again, but I closed everything bar the computer and I get always the message and no tearing.