GPO does not

When attempting to perform a group policy , I get the following error: Resource '$ ( string.Advanced_EnableSSL3Fallback )' referenced in displayName attribute could not be found . File C: \ Windows \ PolicyDefinitions \ Inetres.admx , line 795 , column 308

How I can fix it ?

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    Failed to open the Group Policy object, you can have right does not fit the domain Server 2008


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  • GPO does not apply to servers in SERVER OU

    The first stop below is my OU structure...








    I have a couple user GPOS applied to the USERS OU. One is a GPP drive mapping, the other two are old school GPO which add URL to Favorites IE user. When a user connects to a working/PC post (that is in the OU workstations) that they apply very well. But if a user to connect to a server (in the SERVERS OU), they do not apply. A "gpresult" isn't even list. It's as if they are not related.

    Solution until now:

    The only way I found to get the user THAT GPO/GPP is to apply and appear in a gpresult is to apply the unit to ORGANIZATION SERT.

    It is beyond my comprehension.  Why the GPOs would follow with the user?  Why apply to workstations but not servers if not applied to the SERVERS OU?  I did all the weird parameters or active loopback so I don't see what that would be in conflict.  Any help with this would be awesome!


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  • Desktop Wallpaper GPO does not apply to all users using Win7


    Been working on this for days now, tried everything I found in google, but still no luck.

    Checked the config of politics, image is accessible by all users, run gpupdate/force, gpresult shows that the policy is applied to users.

    The company had other policies of active wallpaper that us is then disabled.

    The strange thing is, on the wallpaper of GPOS on the server side, the path is set in a shared location, say, \\abc\wallpaper , but when you check the users who have the problem, on the client side - game of strategy as a result, policy focuses on a different path, say \\xyz\wallpaper. This was probably the location of the old image they used on other political paper painted \\xyz\wallpaper is always available and has the same picture as the \\abc\wallpaper.

    Need help please.

    Thank you.


    Hello sakurage,

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  • EliteBook 1020: External keyboard does not work in the form of Bitlocker

    We had a few HP 1020 and 1040: models recently, and all have the same question. When the laptop is connected, the external keyboard does not work in the form of Bitlocker. It works in the BIOS and in Windows itself, but not in Bitlocker. This means that we must open the laptop screen to enter the Bitlocker pin, then let it open and GPO that dictates the computer into hibernation when the lid is closed. We have twisted the GPO, but in vain. Anyone else seen elsewhere or a solution?

    If the bios is up to date, I would look at the BIOS settings. I think that Fast Boot is enabled in your case, this may cause usb devices not to see in the stadium that BitLocker requires

  • Thumbnail option does not work in Terminal Server in Windows Server 2012 and server session

    This might be a stupid question.

    We have two Windows server 2012 R2 - TS and DC. The clients are connecting to TS and access the shared network drives present in DC. I always unchecked 'show icons, never thumbnails' and 'Show thumbnails in System Properties' enabled on DC and the two TS.

    No always thumbnail option.

    You will need to click on each image. Users have many files containing multiple images. It's annoying to click and view each image.

    Note: NO GPO is configured to block it. Checked.

    I can't find any object GPO to allow this option to be :)

    More info. For customers, anywhere, whether network shares or all folders in TS session. It does not work. Also tried painting and Windows Photo Viewer.

    Here, any help will be very appreciated!


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  • Windows server 2012 RDP Clipboard does not work for regular users

    Hello again,

    I wanted a little more secure our 2012 server.

    I disabled via GPO, local disk and printer redirection when a user connect through rdp.

    But I activated the policy to users, so while you can do the redirection of the Clipboard between there pc and rdp Server (copy / paste)

    Problem is that it works in only for the admin.

    The fact that local drive redirection is disable that copy / paste does not work?

    Force the update of the Group Policy object and I sign the user out and reconnect and copy and paste does not work

    and also, the process rdpclip.exe is running. I have restart this process.

    Any help or guide

    Thank you once again.


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  • CD\DVD player does not display the contents of the data DVD.

    CD\DVD player does not display the contents of the data DVD, but will display the content of the data CD.  What is happening on more than one PC, and it began when Active Directory GPOS have been applied for the PC.  If untying policies the problem persists.  What happens on DVD ROM and DVD RAM drives.  Scanning software has been added to these machines, think it might be an ASPI crush.  All these machines are XP SP3 running McAfee.  When you insert a DVD with data on this topic, the name of the drive in windows password DVD RAM drive to CD drive, and if you try and browse the DVD it displays as a blank CD.  I changed something on the PC with the policy but cannot understand what he.  Other identical PC can view the contents of the DVD very well, but they never had the same strategies.  Any ideas, thank you.

    Hi PDoneen,

    The restore of the system; restore the computer to the before date when policies have been launched on one of the affected computer.

    You can check the link for the steps below: how to restore Windows XP to a previous state:

    Post back with the results.

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Domain group policy does not work on a station


    Been the last week reading everything that is available on the internet.

    Win 2008 R2 Standard

    Group Policy created and linked to an OU - ministere1

    in the AD, the container has users in it that the policy should apply to.

    everything works fine on PC1 for User1

    everything works fine on PC1 for User2

    does not work on PC2 or for User1 or 2

    RPC is enabled

    Domain controller - use the default

    gpupdate/force - shows update is successful

    Gpresult /R shows the groups appropriate for user 1 and 2 but can be applied strategy local politics

    is there something I need to turn it on to use the distributed domain GPO?


    politics is Frank - maps a network as a reader folder (checked the privileges and as said before - this works fine on PC1 but not on PC2)

    Both PC's are Win 7 64 bit Pro

    When you try to test the strategy side server it shows RPC server not available

    RSoP will also show access denied on PC2

    If you have any solution for this problem - please help

    In this case, Peter


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  • Port 139 does not not on Windows 7 after deployment.


    I created some images of new installations of Windows 7. But the pack of GPO that is applied in MDT 2012 changes settings in windows 7 so that port 139 does not correctly work with gap analysis network SMB.
    recently we bought workstations that already have a Windows 7 image on them. But because computers OS was deployed hollow some imaging modalities 139 port does not work properly. Is there such a tool from Microsoft to restore the port 139 on a charge CD Windows 7 feature?
    Or any Microsoft employee who has done any research into this problem and tested and found a solution to this problem?
    Thank you.

    You can take this on the Technet forums because I don't know where the sizes are fixed. One thing to remember when the GPO is that in many cases, changes may "tattoo" the registry and must be explicitly changed back instead of be reset to the default value.

    I hope this helps.

  • JRE 8 update 31 on a Machine of Windows 8 'Java-version' does not

    Hi people

    I work for a software development company. For the moment, we test Java 8 features with our software and the use of Java 8 in our environment. For installation, we use an automatic installation of the .msi file for 32-bit and 64-bit Version of Java 8.

    So far, everything works fine on our test with Java update 31 8 machines. The only thing we noticed is that we had a few mistakes when we were checking the version of java via the console.

    For example, when upgrade us a Java 7 to 8 Java machine, we have first of all uninstall Java 7, restart and then install Java 8. After that the process, we receive an error when we execute the command 'java-version '.

    Error: The "java" command is not found or is written incorrect (not exactly this error, because we have a German version of windows).

    This only happens on machines with windows 8

    On a windows 7, we get a correct output:

    C:\ > java-version

    Java version "1.8.0_31".

    Java (TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_31 - b13)

    Java for 64-bit Server VM (build 25.31 - b07, mixed mode)

    We could resolve the problem on a windows machine 8 by adding the java installation directory in the systemvariable "path." Once the 'C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_31\bin' is added, the command returns the correct output.

    This work around is not a good option, in my opinion, because I don't want to install some GPO crazy to hardcode the installationdir in the systemvariable. I think that the installer must handle this task for me.

    Someone here run into similar problems with java on windows 8 at or someone knows a better way to solve the problem?

    Best regards


    We could resolve the problem on a windows machine 8 by adding the java installation directory in the systemvariable "path." Once the 'C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_31\bin' is added, the command returns the correct output.

    This work around is not a good option, in my opinion, because I don't want to install some GPO crazy to hardcode the installationdir in the systemvariable. I think that the installer must handle this task for me.

    Someone here run into similar problems with java on windows 8 at or someone knows a better way to solve the problem?

    Your "workaround" is your solution. The Java installer does NOT change the path. Any change in the path must be carried out by the user.

    Another alternative is to create a simple "java.bat" file that is located in a directory that is located on the path.

    This batch file can add the entry appropriate to the PATH environment variable and then launch Java.

  • MMR does not not on a direct connection VDI


    According to the view release notes 6.0.2 ROR Horizon is supported on VADC (Agent direct connection), but so far I was not able to make it work. Strange thing is that when I connect to one of these workstations via the broker, ROR works. I use a VDI in Win 7 x 64 with the latest VMware Agents installed. Also, servers connection view and view composer have installed the latest versions and the client has the latest version of the Client view installed. There is no firewall rule that block traffic MMR no more, because for testing purposes, I've disabled the firewall on server side, client-side AND the VDI side. Anyone any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you


    Did you apply the group policy setting to enable it? Unlike the full connection agent, there is no UI admin to set this policy at the time of the connection, so it must be configured by GPOS. From view_agent_direct_connection.adm:

    Multimedia redirection (MMR) activated

    Determines if the MMR is enabled for client systems. ROR is a Microsoft's DirectShow filter that transfers multimedia codecs-specific data on view offices directly via a TCP socket to the client system. The data are then decoded directly on the client system, where it is played. The default value is disabled.

    MMR does not work correctly if the client system's video display hardware is not supported for recovery. Client systems may have insufficient resources to deal with a local multimedia decoding.

  • SSO does not when you log in Win7 VM - second connection required

    Created new desktop Windows 7 in a pool of related clones. Customer use of view to access the new virtual machine, I am invited again with Windows 7 login. It is not passing through the SSO for Windows login credentials.

    With the help of this document (KB 1029391) I checked the following:

    To solve problems when using SSO in a VMware View environment:

    1. Confirm that the installation of the Agent/Client or configuration is correct. During the installation, select log on as current user.
      1. This is defined in the Client, tried to use HTML and Client Access, same result. You are prompted with Windows login after a successful login to VMware.
    2. Check that disclaimers or banners of login are not used when using PCoIP display protocol. For more information, see Black View Client enter screen when using PCoIP (1016961).
      1. No banner or notice are used or see, there is also no symptoms "black display.
    3. Confirm that the userinit is properly configured to pass credentials. For more information, see confirming that the userinit string is configured properly (1028975).
      1. Checked and double-checked. Copy? pasted from this document without a change in the symptoms.
    4. Confirm that GINA is correctly chaining. For more information, see confirmation that GINA is chaining correctly in VMware View Manager 3.x/4.0.x/4.5.x (1029075).
      1. The article says that this does not apply to Windows 7 workstations.
    5. Make sure that no group policy conflicts. For more information, see make sure there are no conflicts between Group Policy objects and view virtual desktops (1027446).
      1. Have spent hours looking into policies using the resulting strategy game. MSC, impossible to find something that would seem to be linked to the process of connection.
    6. Ensure that the Interactive logon: require no policy GPO of CTRL + ALT + DEL is disabled. For more information, see Single Sign-on does not work in the VMware View desktops (1026797).
      1. It is also checked and properly adjusted.

    I also checked the setting mentioned in KB 1019466:

    On Windows Vista, if you install the PCoIP server component, the Group Policy window disable or enable software Secure Attention sequence is enabled and set to the Services and ease of access applications. If you change this setting, single sign - on does not work properly.  Ensure that the Group Policy window disable or enable software Secure Attention sequence is enabled and set to the Services and ease of access applications. It is also defined as stipulated here.

    Anyone have any ideas? I have spent an embarrassing amount of time on this and have no close to get the SINGLE sign-on to work. I must be missing something - but what?

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. After a repair, I started to remove components from the equation and found the problem to be Imprivata, we use for our SSO here. Apparently the version I was trying to use was having problems with Windows 7, because we installed a newer version (after update our device) and voila! the OSP has worked perfectly. I don't know why I thought that earlier, I hope that this thread will save someone some time.

  • Silent automatic update of flash player does not

    I was happy to read the news on the new Adobe Flash player silent auto update feature, but unfortunately this does not work on my machine. All the world had the same problems and was able to resolve?

    Some information about my setup:

    I had already installed Flash player, version, ActiveX version and plugins (installed in the .msi files, deployed through Active Directory/GPO - no additional configuration, simply .msi original files).

    To test the automatic update feature, I decided to install the new version, but only the ActiveX version. I installed this via the installer .exe (install_flash_player_11_active_x_32bit.exe) manually, choose ' Install updates automatically when they are available (recommended) "in the last step of the installation, as shown here:

    When I open Control Panel-> Flash Player, on the 'Advanced' tab I see:

    • "Install updates automatically" is selected but grayed out (without right to admin with this windows user)
    • ActiveX version:
    • Plugin version:

    The "mms.cfg" under C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\ file contains:

    AutoUpdateDisable = 0

    SilentAutoUpdateEnable = 1

    The task of "Adobe Flash Player Updater" has been created and is scheduled to run every hour. I see that it is started ('last start time'), the result code is 0x0, which means "no error".

    So, just as expected. But the automatic update does not work, since the flash player plugin version is never updated!

    I edited the "mms.cfg" and added:

    SilentAutoUpdateVerboseLogging = 1

    After manually from the task, there are a few lines added to "FlashInstall.log" in the same directory:

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.814 [info] 1614

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.829 [info] 1615

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.829 [info] 1618

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.829 1619 1063 [info]

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.876 [info] 1614

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.876 [info] 1615

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.876 [info] 1618

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.876 [info] 1608

    2012 4-4 + 7-20 - 48.876 [info] 1604

    2012 4-4 + 7-21 - 10.425 1403 12029 [warning]

    2012 4-4 + 7-21 - 10.425 183 1407 [warning]

    2012 4-4 + 7-21 - 10.425 [warning] 1408

    2012 4-4 + 7-21 - 10.456 [info] 1624

    2012 4-4 + 7-21 - 10.456 [info] 1612

    2012 4-4 + 7-21 - 10.456 [info] 1621

    What does that mean?

    More information:

    • Windows XP SP3, install all windows updates, German
    • Software antivirus Avira Security Professional
    • Machine is behind a proxy server, but it is set up in the control panel-> Internet Options

    I guess that there is a problem with our proxy server. The automatic update does not use the proxy information, the settings of the Windows Control Panel?

    Kind regards


    Hi Steve,.

    This error is probably due to the fact that you have selected "Require client certificates" on your Web server. Please untick this and try again. If you still see errors, please post a new log with the error codes after you make this change.

    Thank you


  • iPhone 7 more buttons outside does not

    I've had my iPhone 7 + for about 2 weeks now. Every once in awhile all buttons outside to stop, volume up/down, power, home. The home button will still record and push and give the sensation of taptic and touchID works. The phone itself still works and I can answer texts and which do not use notifications.

    The couple spent time he did, he came upon her in about 4-5 minutes, however it was about half an hour and still nothing. I want to restart my phone, but the switch does not work.

    Has anyone seen this issue or know how to fix?

    Thanks in advance.

    I just experienced the same problem on my iPhone 7, I think it's a bug in iOS, but I am using iOS 10.0.2. Power + button low Volume allowed me to turn it off then turn it back on... Apple please fix this bug!

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