GPS and Wifi issues

Hey guys I wanted to do and take into account and post this question because it affects my Pokemon catch capacity:

My GPS just do not work with precision and not enough fast. I noticed about a year ago when I tried to use the WAZE app for the first time and it does not locate my position accurately enough and it's the same for Apple and Google maps.

I've never really cared because I rarely travel too far and my GPS worked well enough for me to navigate when I should not rely on a map. Now that Pokémon GO is out which relies on positioning very accurate since some Pokemon can only be captured in some areas, it is really annoying that my phone takes a lot of time to put me in a general situation or fails to find me at all. I know it's just a game, but it's really annoying because it's the first week of release, and all my friends are playing. Seems my GPS only works pretty well to play when I'm more urban areas in my city (perhaps the buildings help focus signals on my phone) compared to parks and suburban more areas. The phone would make my position in the game by tens of metres offshore and sometimes would be me all about teleport to another whole BLOCK!

I think it may be a hardware problem because I also noticed that my phone started to worsen to pick up WIFI signals as well. I use to be able to walk my business and maintain a good WIFI signal and now it seems that I can hardly connect to my router unless I'm less than 10 feet of it. Around, I read that this could be a short film of either a bad charging cable, damaged by the heat that damage the WIFI and GPS, modules or an update that fried partial systems.

I checked my router with the new iPhone of others and they had really good reception of the WIFI signal like what I had at first, that's why I think it's a hardware problem. I did a reset, full location Services are on and I tried every solution developers Pokémon GO suggested. While I'm due for an upgrade to another phone soon, being is not able to play with friends and walk around looking for Pokemon cool is a disappointment.

Any suggestions or ideas on what could be the problem? I even tried to piggy back wifi hotspot a friend to see if I can use their GPS location. No luck.


Hi FunnyAsianBoy,

I'm not sure what you mean by "full reset", maybe you have already done this:

If you want to know for sure if it's a hardware problem, here's what you can do:

1. backup of the device, of course.

2 replace the device to its factory settings using iTunes (contrary to "erase all content and settings ' application of the parameters, this will completely erase your phone, operating system included). Instructions: use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory - Apple Support

3. DO NOT restore from a backup. Set the device up like new. If the WIFI problem is still there (and you have restarted your router at least once), there is a hardware problem. If the GPS problem is still there, but only on cell systems, I'd want to put your SIM card in another phone with the same provider (or put another SIM with the same provider in your phone) to isolate the problem.

Alternatively, you can call Apple support so that you have access to a Wi - Fi connection. They have a diagnostic test of the material that they can do remotely, and they will do it for free. Of course, it is not as reliable as if you physically go to an Apple Store, but it is very convenient as you can do from anywhere.

I hope this helps!


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    I'm having the same problem. Same phone, same age of phone.same symptoms.

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    You can try the recovery of the internet (which will work if your older model has been updated to enable of): hold command + Option + R until you see a progress bar (take a while). It will connect you to the Apple servers. When you see the utility window, choose disk utility to erase your disk and when you're done, choose to reinstall OS X.

    Computers that can be upgraded to use OS X Internet Recovery - Apple Support

    PS: Correction: I think not yours can be updated; in this case, you will need the original installation disks to wipe the drive and reinstall.

  • Cards and rental issues with iOS 9.3.1

    So, it seems that some iPhones have been affected by the latest 9.3.1 update when using maps and location services.

    Since my update to 9.3.1 new iOS, both of my APPS of the map no longer work.

    I went to the Verizon store and they said they had 6 other customers with the same question this week come in the store, but could not help or has a solution. They said it was a problem with the new ios

    Okay, I'll be happy to take a look with you. What seems to happen?

    Well when I enter an address in MAPS or GOOGLE MAPS at random falls a PIN for my site no where close to where I really am.

    He will say that the destination is, and then all the c apps is they state "loading".

    then the cards just freeze and there is no gps in real time or the point "you are here" never moves...

    OK, so the location is never load and if so it is not updated to become precise?


    and even when I tap on the arrow to refocus or start again the directions... just it freezes or trying to load...

    and then will never give real guidance... because my original location on maps... is leagues where I'm really... or let me down in the middle of a wooded area, etc.

    Ok thank you. I know how it is important for maps working properly! I'd be keen to have fixed too.

    I completely deleted the Google maps app and reinstalled it... with no fix... same issues

    It is a problem that we've seen happen from time to time after this update. In some cases a full restore to the factory settings and then restore a backup to the phone set. Otherwise it will be a bug problem which is released with the 9.3.2 update which should hopefully will come out soon.

    also, I backed up my phone and deleted everything with a factory reset...

    always had problems even after

    even after reset and reload the iOS again... nothing works

    OK, so it seems that yours will be the one who will have to wait for the 9.3.2 update with bug fixes for the location and accuracy.

    Therefore, it does not mater if I buy another maps application? still underway to have the same problems with the gps and location?

    You can certainly try each of them have different compatibility requirements, but we found that most of these cases concern the location services on the phone itself.

    and I can't get rid of the 9.3.1 iOS version? and go back to the old version?

    If you had a backup of an earlier version, you can restore and then use the backup of the old. Just, you lose everything that you have current data.

    Hmmm... is in fact phone... like three of my friends who have an iPhone 5, iPhone 5 c and the iPhone 6 have no problem...? ! ? ! Just me...

    It is not with all phones. It has been an intermittent case so far. There is no rhyme or reason as to why some phones have had problems with the location after the update.


    If no solution... and simply live with it until a new iOS comes out, and who knows how long it will be...

    I know that the update is being developed because it contains bug fixes for a few different issues. However, I'm sorry I don't have an exact date.

    Just a question - when you deleted everything for a factory restore - did restore like NEW or from a backup?

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    During the last few days I been dealing with the issue that my laptop does not recognize the usb ports and wifi. After several reboots, it works fine. My drivers are up to date, so I don't know why, I'll have this terrible problem.

    Welcome @hildergarn,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome! It is an excellent site to find answers and ask questions. I understand that you have a problem with your Wi - Fi and USB ports on your laptop from HP.

    My first suggestion would be to use the wireless network troubleshooting and Internet tool. At the bottom it will ask you questions to help you diagnose the problem.

    Please take a look at this great Charter called troubleshooting wireless network and Internet. This document will help you to solve the problem of Wi - Fi.

    Have you tried to restore the BIOS?

    Have you tried to connect directly to the Modem/Router?

    You have uninstalled the driver in Device Manager?

    Please try to uninstall the driver in Device Manager by using the following steps:

    • Go to the Device Manager.
    • Expand network adapters.
    • Right-click on all NICs individually.
    • Click on uninstall.
    • Restart the laptop twice.

    How many devices you try to connect?

    What you are trying to connect via USB?

    Are - what you happened to try to use the HP Support Assistant?

    Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant, if you not him have not yet tried. Simply download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updated.

    Here are other troubleshooting steps that may help too. If the USB device does not appear in Device Manager, then it might be a question of power requirement. Unplug the machine and perform the following steps until the device is detected:

    • Reboot the laptop
    • Plug in and wait five seconds.

    • If the device does not appear, try connecting to another USB port.

    • If the USB device is displayed in Device Manager after you connect the cable to a different port, then uninstall and reinstall the software of USB device driver.

    If the device is not recognized in any port, unplug it and go to the next step.

    • Open the Device Manager.
    • Double-click Bus USB controllers,

    • Double-click on a USB root hub,

    • Click the Power tab

    • Click on properties of power supply (if it is displayed).

    Devices need that are connected to the hub are shown, as well as the power they have. If the total displayed power is more than 500 mA, remove the devices and use a hub powered.

    • Continue looking at the properties of the power of each USB hub. If the total power required exceeds the total available power for the hub, then remove a device on this hub to a decrease in the number of consumption.

    • Plug in and wait five seconds. If the device is not recognized, unplug and go to the next step.

    Please note; Remove USB cables at high speed that are more than 3 m (9.8 ft) in length and use cables at high speed that are shorter than 3 m.

    Source: troubleshooting USB connections - please look at this document and follow all the steps in it.

    When we came to a resolution, please share what has worked for you with others by marking this post as an acceptable Solution. If you do not want to show your appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below.

    If please re-post and let me know the detailed results of all the troubleshooting steps in this post. Could you please provide me with your model number (How can I find my model number or product number?) also.

    Can't wait to hear from you!

    Have a great day!

  • Every Pc has yellow ball on the NIC (LAN and WIFI)

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    I am the admin of our small network and have never needed to play with the
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    Wireless network card: frequently asked questions

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    Hi all

    So I'm not a beginner in the world of smartphones, and today, I have a problem with my Z3C which affects me because I bought not long ago. Wifi, for most every stop just 10-20 minutes to work. It shows the Upload activity, but no download activity. That drive crazy me I have a connection internet 50mbps that works perfectly with a Moto X, an Alcatel Idol 2 Mini S, a pletora laptop computers and smart devices and a HP VoiceTab 6.

    All the speedtests show me on 40/48mbps download speed, only the Z3C download speed reach 30/40mbps then radically goes to 2/5mbps til it falls to 0.

    Now, I have tried everything, reset, reset, safe mode, different routers (I have 2 home and tried in different restaurants and offices), different sims, no sims at all... it just doesn't. So what I did is to use only the LTE is sure, fast and problemsless, BUT why should I make happy my carrier when I use the WIFI from home and Office? Sony will pay my package?

    Many people, Lollipop fixed the wifi issue.

  • Laptop says that I am not connected to the internet when in fact I am. The LAN and WiFi

    I recently acquired a laptop HP ProBook 4540 s. It is currently running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

    Although I seem to have full connectivity with internet through two LAN and WiFi, the icon on the taskbar always has a red
    'X' through it.

    When I go to the network sharing Center, there is no listed active networks and yet it shows fully connected at the top of the page.

    Because there is no active networks listed I can't change of 'Private' to 'Home' or 'Office '.

    Also, I do not believe that the computer running automatic 'windows updates' because he thinks that there is no internet connectivity.

    It can search and identify the 'local' WiFi routers and I can connect to them with ease, but the laptop still says: I am not connected.

    I tried a lot of things. New drivers, uninstaller and reinstall, Hard reset and many other suggestions I found on the internet without success.

    I hope that someone out there has seen this particular problem.

    Thank you

    Hello Rick,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for details on the question and your efforts to resolve.

    This problem may occur because of corrupted network driver or incorrect network settings.

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:
    Run the network troubleshooting and check.
    Using the troubleshooter from network in Windows 7

    Convenience store network in Windows 7 provides a way for anyone diagnose and fix network problems. The problem may be caused by a number of problems with your computer, the web server or the network between your computer and the web server.

    If this does not help, use method 2.

    Method 2:
    Reset TCP/IP and check the issue.
    Refer to this article:
    How to reset TCP/IP using the NetShell utility

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

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