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my pc of grand theft auto game does not work, it is installed and installed without any problem at all. the computer is only a month and has no virus in it, but the game runs only frame-by-frame very slowly. is there a certain setting or something that must be enabled to operate the game properly? or windows7 is not compatible with the game?


If it's a new PC and Windows 7 is installed, you must always install DirectX9 for site updates in order to play older games:

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  • Grand Theft Auto IV video card driver-

    I just bought grand theft auto IV and loaded on my computer, when I start the game, but it is said that it was "impossible to create depth render target - please re-install DirectX and/or install the latest graphics card driver. I reinstalled directx, and it still doesn't work then I guess it's the video card driver, but I don't know how to install this...

    Visit the site of the manufacturer for the latest drivers for your particular video card.

    For example if you had the NVIDIA graphics card, you go here: TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • Grand Theft Auto 4 failure at startup


    I recently bought a copy of Grand Theft Auto for PC and I got all the download and instill the fact, but when I double click on the shortcut of the game, it does not work. For example, he goes to a window that looks like the "Search" button start and after a certain time window, it then says "error: DD30D" or something very similar to this code, and wants to say please reboot the system. No matter how hard I try, it continues to act in this way, even if I reboot the system. Can someone please help me and let me start the game properly?

    -Carlo thanks :D

    Hello Carlo,.

    We would require the exact error code or error message you get when you try to play the game.

    Try to uninstall reinstall the game and check if that helps. To uninstall a program follow the link.

    Uninstall or change a program

    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Games for windows error of grand theft auto 0 x 80072751

    Installed grand theft auto and keep getting error ox80072751 when you try to update profile.

    If you always encounter this error, call the games for Windows Live Support number, they can help you with that. North America: 1-877-274-4349
    If not in North America, call your local support of the Xbox, or discover the GFWL Forums at, others are useful also.

  • Trying to save the Grand Theft Auto IV game and needed an upgrade to record with the error message: Windows live update failed 0 x 80080005

    Original title: games for windows live update failed 0 x 80080005


    I had to GTA IV the first time when I wanted to save my game play. I'm logged into my account and he said that an upgrade is needed to save the progress. So I tried to put up-to-date, but after 10 seconds, he said that a problem has been found. I need to check my internet connection (no problem). So for support windows if the problem remained. On the note it says 0 x 80080005 I don't know what that means.
    Please help, and I'll hope you'll know the answer.


    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand you are trying to save the game Grand Theft Auto IV and needed an update to register with windows live error update failed 0 x 80080005. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will certainly help the question of fixing.

    Please follow the steps described in the links below and check the issue:


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    I hope the above information helps you and your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution.

  • How can I fix Grand Theft Auto 4 on Windows 7 PC missing textures?

    It's my first time install a game on my laptop Windows 7 pc, and I have little troubled with her times. Can someone help me with my Grand Theft Auto 4 fixing. Whenever I'm in the gameplay, the majority of the field disappears. Can someone help me please, really would appreciate the help...



    I have a new games I need help how to find the read key and to use with my pc


    Want to know the product key for the game Grand Theft AutoIV install and play.

    Grand Theft AutoIV is not a registered Microsoft product, I suggest you to contact you the Grand Theft Auto IV press for assistance.

    It will be useful.

  • How can I get the directx for grand theft autoIV

    Original title: directx

    I'm trying to find out how to make the directx for grand theft autoIV... ive tried two different ways, but my antivirus keeps their start... where can I find a true download of directx? Thank you


    What you actually need is DirectX Runtime June 2010, which is an optional update that needs a lot of games.

    Even my Lexmark printer requires... I'll include a link to the full installer...

    This is a package to free extraction. It will extract after double-clicking it so be sure to note the location where extracted you\it.

    Open the folder, and then double-click DXSETUP.

  • Satellite L500-1DT: can't play Grand Theft Auto because of the graphics card driver

    I use my laptop for a number of games.
    I just downloaded GTA4 but can't play.
    I get a understood to "re - install DirectX and/or insert the latest video card driver.
    I reinstalled DirectX, but I'm not sure of the video card.

    Any ideas what driver I need?

    Hi mate

    This unit supports the Mobile Intel GL40 graphics card.
    The latest graphics card driver can be downloaded from the Intel page.
    See the Intel Web site.

    The installation of the graphics card must be made in the Device Manager.
    Here, you use the Advanced installation procedure which allows to point to the driver files downloaded from the Intel page.

  • Control parental is not allow me to play Grand Theft Auto 4, and I can't find a way to turn off the parental control. What should I do?

    I tried to remove the parental control, since I put in place myself by a mistake, and I would remove it. How can I do this?

    Hi Emil,

    We are happy to help with your concerns about the parental controls on your computer.
    Parental control works only on a non-administrator account. First, you log on to your computer as an administrator. After this, please follow these steps to remove parental controls on your computer:
    1. If you set up Parental control by using the control panel
    a. click Start, type Parental controls, and then press ENTER.
    b. Select the user who is under parental control.
    c. Select disabled, and then click Ok.
    2. If you set up Parental controls with parental controls
    a. connect to using the parent account.

    b. click Manage list of the members of the family.

    c. Select the child's account, and then click Remove. Click delete to confirm.

    d. open the parental controls on your computer client.

    e. on the upper right side of the parental control window, click the icon to get the latest settings from the Web site .

    f. you can also uninstall parental in case you do not have access to the account that is used to configure the settings. You can follow the steps in this link.

    Please let us know if you need more information.

    Thank you!



    Hi the keys,

    You can use a USB or SD card to speed up your computer which consequently would allow you to play games that require a lot of memory to live. Windows Vista has a new feature "ReadyBoost" using what you can do the same thing.

    Windows ReadyBoost can use storage space on some devices of removable media, such as USB flash drives, speed up your computer. When you insert a device with this capability, the AutoPlay dialog box will offer you the option to speed up your system using Windows ReadyBoost. If you select this option, you can then choose how much memory to use for this purpose.

    The amount of memory to use for ReadyBoost acceleration recommended is one to three times the amount of RAM (RAM) installed on your computer. For example, if your computer has 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM and you plug in a 4 gigabyte (GB) USB flash drive, setting aside from 512 MB to 1.5 GB of that drive will offer the best performance gain.

    Please visit the following link:


  • I am unable to run a trainer for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

    original title: why I can't start this program?

    I used to run this program, but after formatting my computer I can't run

    -I don't get any errors at all
    -It does not start

    The only thing I know is that when I double click on the file loading cursor flashes for a second as it will load, but it does not start

    I mean I have not changed my PC and I got Windows 7 before and I still have Windows 7 which would perhaps? I tried as admin, running with compatibility options and everything, but I can't start it!

    To be more precise, the program, I am trying to open is a trainer for GTA San Andreas, I used to use a lot in the past which can be downloaded here:

    Thank you both for the replies, appearently, I needed 3 ActiveX controls

    -COMDLG32. OCX
    -TABCTL32. OCX

    I am proposing to the installation location of the hack / trainer / mod thing and it works perfectly

    Also, I don't have these 3 commands to run before, why he needs them now.

    and another question, why I do not have an error and it does not work and nothing happened, it seemed like a virus :/

    Thank you

    Problem is solved by the way

  • Hoe kan ik grand theft auto 4 show in Windows 7?

    HEB het spel geinstalleerd vanaf 2 DVD; easy lang; starte even daarna op; Kan het vandaag al niet meer opstarten. Wat you doen?  Paul


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  • Grand theft auto iv in windows 8

    I can't open the auto iv GTA game in windows 8. who can help me?

    Just need to install games for windows live :)

    I have 8.1.1 windows 64-bit. And perfect working GTA 4 :D

  • Can I run GTA4?

    Hello guys, since my purchase that I always wondered if I could run GTA4 on my computer. I am able to run Grand Theft Auto San andreas to the very high heat everywhere. I tried to run but he can't give me no result since Im running windows 7... So, if anyone of you could tell me how the game will work on my computer it would be awesome. I would like to know what setting should I set for the graphics? (very low, low, medium, high, very high) and if I'm going to lag.

    Here are my specs.

    HP p6242f

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.5ghz

    Nvidea GeForce G210 512 MB @

    8Gig DDR3 @ 1333 mhz

    750gig HARD 7200 RPM disk

    LG 24 inch @ 1920 x 1080

    CC, here are the pages of specifications for your computer.  Also, here's requirements for GTA4.  You can compare the specifications of your computer with the system requirements for the game.  From what I saw, it seems it should work well on graphics at high.  Check the specifications of your video card to make sure they meet the system requirements.

Maybe you are looking for