Graphic problem Dell Inspiron

I have dell inspiron 17r 5721 i7-3517u 8 GB 1 TB Radeon hd8730m. Windows 7 Ultimate (first of all, I had 8 Win but I hate it like hell, so I send it there where it belongs - hell).

Can anyone tell me is there a way to tell when my games using Radeon HD 8730 M instead of the Intel HD Graphics 4000? Because each game I played, the value of the graphics settings WAY TOO LOW for Radeon cards. For example the Sims 3 (not to mention it crashes without reason, whenever I play, it is not out of place I think that in this case). For example: resolution 1024 x 768 instead of 1600 x 900? Oh come on.

Or how to PROPERLY use CCC and Intel graphic Panel so they would work together just as they should? I put but high performance for each game... I do not work. : /

Then remember that I can use only drivers from dell support. I could not install new to (because I see dell support drivers are not the newest) site Web of AMD and Intel without problems as constant flashing screen, or simply because during the installation error has occurred and it has stopped working.

HI, I had the same problem but I solved it...

REALLY EASY!  (after 6 months: P)

1. update the video drivers from the Dell (all VIDEO PILOTS) website ~ CK = mn

2, install this the site of AMD ATI driver. (AMD CATALYST CONTROL CENTER)

When you configure this new driver you get a new software with that tha name is:

AMD game evolved... .use this program because this program to find your games on your PC and if you will be launched this program, games games will use a video automaticly ATI card... If you couldt see some of the games in that you have installed, you could find and add manually...   (link to image 2.)

(you can together optimise settings "grapichs" with some games, and you can't some other games, but don't worry... ALL the GAMES you want started from this program work)

a few pictures of the program:





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    Hi, I had similar, but just put problems to update my firmware from the dell website and his works now... something about a Fw_calibration update... don't know if... you can try to update your firmware and see if it works... good luck... nb just did and it worked for me so not yet tested how it will be for a long time, however...

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    Also, is anyone else having the same problem? My dealer told me that they had the same problem with the same model and once again, Dell would not send them a replacement screen.

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    I have a laptop Dell Inspiron and have had problems with the keyboard. He'll stop typing altogether, or sometimes when I press the space bar, it scrolls to the bottom of the page, very annoying.

    I can't be sure of course, but it sounds more like a hardware problem than a Windows. Contact Dell.

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    cs_setInnerHtml ('video_71f6248b-a8b6-4375-b456 - 3013244614b 7', ");
    Please advise... what should I do? & How can I maintain myself. Coz there is no Service authorized Dell centre in my country...

    Connect an external monitor - if she has the same defect, the motherboard should be replaced.

    If it is not the case, disconnect and reconnect both ends of the cable that connects the motherboard and display panel - and the absence of damage.  If it is damaged, replace the cable.  If this does not resolve the problem, replace the LCD screen.

    Maintenance manual is here

  • Failure message from the graphics card Dell Inspiron 580 s


    A week ago I was on my PC and I get a black screen, saying: my graphics card has failed and needs to restart the PC. So I did and it worked perfectly afterwards, so I don't think anything at the time. Yesterday, I got exactly the same problem occurs, then I ask it to see if I need to replace or not. My graphics is the graphics card Intel (R) Graphics integrated 4000. The PC is 6 years old and has been used a lot, so I think it's towards the end of his life.

    Thank you for what you never answer and if you need more information, just ask.

    OS: Windows 7 Pro

    I plan on rebuilding the PC in about a year, but I'm just wanting to make sure that it is not a Fatal problem.

    It is a with a TFX power supply mATX chassis. You should be able to Exchange in a mother mATX 1155 or 1150, at the expensive of invalidating your Windows license.

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    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Click on start-all the Programs-Accessories-accessbility-on screen keyboard.

    Try to type with the keyboard of the screen to find out if your real keyboard is the problem.

    Thank you.

    Tech of

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3521 core i5, graphics card problem

    Service number: ADMIN NOTE: maintain the label removed by privacy policy > well, my gf uninstalled the graphics card by mistake!

    I tried to download the many updates to support Dell & AMD Web site but never managed to work.

    I have windows 7 ultimate

    would you please tell me what I need to do?

    steps and sources

    Thank you

    Cathy Faragalla

    Easier, is likely to do a restore factory - back up your data and use the backup of Dell and recovery to restore the image.

  • Problem with Dell inspiron 15r graphics when you try to play Pro 2013

    Hello! I bought Dell inspiron 15r (i5.12GRam.1TGB) with Intel HD 4000.

    When I tried to play pro 2013 I get a message saying that my card is not compatible, because it is 64 MB.

    What can I do?

    Hi simosmme,

    Dell Inspiron 15R is supplied with technology switchable graphics in which you cannot disable the integrated video card and use only the discreet graphics card. The two video cards work in tandem.

    Please follow the steps mentioned below to select the PRO 2013 application and assign the discrete graphics processing unit.

    1. Click on the Start button and select programs
    2. Click Catalyst Control Center
    3. Power , click on select switchable graphics
    4. Choose an application from the list or browse and select an application and set the discrete GPU.

    Please let me know if it helps.

  • Dell Inspiron n7110 graphics and games graphics problems and screen resolution

    I have a dell Inspiron n7110 with 8 GB of ram and a processor intel core i3 and I recently changed my windows 7 home premium to ultimate because no product key for the ultimate version. I don't know why the games graphics and graphics are so low. The screen resolution is also is not very clear and my resolution is completely upward. The resolution of the screen used to be clear before I changed versions of windows 7. I have to buy a better graphics card? Do I need to make updates to pilot any? And if I do not need a new graphic card can anyone give me suggestions. Any help is appreciated, thanks

    Processor: | 6.5.
    (Vivid RAM) memory. 7.4.
    Graphics card: | 1.0 scale to under-score = Lowest-1, 0-7, 9 - higher
    Icon games | 1.0
    Main hard drive | 5.9

    Assuming that your laptop is the exact model as well as the review below it uses
    a Nvidia GT 525 m. This card has a reasonable performance, so the score should be higher.

    During the reinstallation of Win7, you must also reinstall the graphics as well as all of the current versions
    the other drivers (BIOS is not always necessary) after download from DELL.

    In most cases the laptop graphics upgrade is not possible, and where possible it is generally not cost-effective as adapters for laptops cost more expensive for a given with PC model.

  • Graphics card problem switchable dell inspiron 15r 5521 hd7670m

    I have a dell inspiron 15r 5521 with dedicated 1 GB hd7670m
    I installed the drivers they work fine but games gives low fps as seem to be running on intel hd 4000.
    Please help I think that gpu will not give any show.


    Look at this Web site. read the usermanual for the driver and install it. It has helped me. now the two GPUs running smoothly.

  • Details of graphics card (5548) Dell Inspiron 15

    I recently bought a dell inspiron 15 (5548) and now im faced with somewhat misleading of the problem with the graphics card. Is - this m265 R7 or R7 m260?

    Latest drivers Dell show as m265, but the games stuck and completely non playable after the A06 bios update. Latest drivers from AMD say good race his m260 and games (ex: CS: go to 45-55 fps).

    Also when buying the guy from the dell store said m260 / m265 is a dedicated graphics card and this message says that it is not, rather, it is just a rendering engine. Thus, evrything goes through processor again and so on...

    Could someone sort this point for me coz its nowhere mentioned on the page of the product it's a converter card. Also when you guys will fix that issue drivers? It is 260 or 265 or just a problem of labelling? IM currently with AMD drivers and it just works.

    Idk it I can post my service here tag. Answer me if its ok.

    I need answers guys...

    The system uses the hybrid video controlled by software.  Only the Intel GPU has a connection to display - all passes video through it on its way to the screen, even if it was made by the AMD GPU.

    Virtually all systems of low - medium range now work this way.  If you need true GPU support, discreet, it is the province of high-end Alienware and Precision mobile workstations.   That's all as many competing systems from other manufacturers.

  • Fuzzy graphics with incorrect, faded pastel colors - Dell Inspiron 15R (7520) 7730M


    There seems to be some available in Australia recently, and was asked to help the owner to fix it.

    Symptoms: Graphics blurred with incorrect, faded to the pastel colors.

    On an external monitor, the graphics are OK.

    Flat screen, even when starting, the display is fuzzy with colors that don't seem to one (or more) components. Strangely, during POST the color is not consistent always the same and instead of black, it's either a pastel red, sometimes yellow, sometimes lime green tint.

    Given the nature of the fault (on external monitor colors are OK), I have concluded that the two graphics cards are OK and the problem was due to BIOS, faulty LED panel or display faulty or loose cable.

    To this day, I spent countless hours (days) on it.

    I have:

    update BIOS to A09

    reinstall all the drivers for Win8

    installed new HARD drive and put Win7 on it to check if maybe Win8 installation is not corrupted (no recovery media).

    He took display disassembled and re-sat cable

    bought and replaced the display LED THE Optronics B156HW02 V.1: NEW Panel / W:1 A F / l: 1

    All to no effect.

    I welcome suggestions.

    Below I will (try to) insert some images as they are apparently worth a thousand Word each...

    Well, here's the solution:

    What was causing blurred graphics in Dell 7520 (15R SE) was incorrect (taking into account the resolution of 1920 x 1080 FHD Panel) factory equipped with the display cable.

    The mounted cable was CNNGH (DC02001 |) C10 or "QCL00 câble LVDS - HD"). Suspect that it is defective, I bought and fitted a replacement who was an exactly the same thing.

    What should be installed was the R4WW7 (DC02001GD10 or "QCL00 LVDS cable FHD").

    Whatever it took to find, had to buy another phone, disassemble, Exchange parts and then buy the right cable. And almost 2 weeks to pull the hair out of my head.

    Someone needs the Inspiron 15R SE 7520?

    I have 2 of those - one with warranty, without work brilliantly. Open to offers.

    Also have a spare HD 1920 x 1080 to THE Panel with good cable Optronics



    Hope this helps someone.

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