Graphics Intel card replacement on Satellite Pro M70


Does anyone know how to replace the graphics card Intel in this model? I would like to play Battlefield 2, but I can't because the graphics card is good enough.

Thank you

Please see this forum topic about changing the graphics card on the Satellite Pro M70

My comment: it's not possible to upgrade the graphics card

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  • Satellite Pro M70: The game performance with Vista and Intel 915GM graphics card

    I have a satellite Pro M70 1.73Ghz with 768 MB of RAM.
    Although many would condemn the 915GM chipset (with graphic GMA900) as garbage, I was surprised to find on XP it can run quite a few games like Need for Speed Underground 2.
    I've heard some bad comments on the chipset with vista, and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows if I'll get the same kind of performance 3D with vista or not.

    Hey guys

    You have a Mobile Intel 915GM 8MB - 128 MB shared memory graphics memory. What do you expect?
    Check on the Microsoft website, the terms of Vista!

    It s not a graphics card performance and the games will not work with fast performance under XP and not Vista OS.

    Expect too buddy!

  • Is it possible to replace the graphics card on my Satellite Pro?

    Is it possible to replace the graphics card on my Satellite Pro?
    I need to so that it can run CAD software. Anyone know if it is possible, or it is soldered to the motherboard :(

    No, it is not possible given that the graphics chips more are part of the motherboard.
    In some cases, it of possible to remove the graphics chip on the motherboard, but in this case that it must always use the same GPU for this motherboard.

  • The upgrade chart/processor Intel on Satellite Pro M70

    OK, let's go with my first assignment. I bought a Satellite Pro M70, a year ago. It has a graphics chip (intel gtl 950?), I just would like to know, if it is possible to install a graphics card, ati or nvidia.

    Furthermore, is it possible to upgrade the processor? and what about warranty if the upgrade and installation of all this?

    Here, I'm going with my first reply you ;)

    No, it is not possible to s. The technology of the laptop is different as desktop computers and therefore you will not be able to update the graphics card.

  • Satellite Pro M70-113: cannot install Vista graphics driver and lines appears on the display


    I have satellite pro m70-113 with ati x 700 graphics card.

    When I installed vista, he installed the default drivers for the x 700 'mobility radeon x 700-microsft Corp.-WDDM '.

    I've updated the display drivers for vista, that released by toshiba 2 days back... but the driver is not updated to the latest version, only the catalyst control center is installed when I ran the update of the driver of toshiba.

    The problem is that whenever I put my laptop in standby or hibernation and resume... the screen shows thin lines vertical/horizontal... and I can't use the laptop... and I have to still put the system to sleep, just to hope that it is not blocking the screen this time...

    This problem is 25% of the time only when resume...

    This problem is not resolved by the update driver for toshiba has released a few days back... as is not installs the drivers (I can't even install the drivers with the option "update drivers" of Device Manager and select file driver update from toshiba.) It says windows find new driver, but could not install the driver... Contact the manufacturer...)

    This snap shows the problem... :

    I updated the driver from an earlier version of catalyst, as it is downloaded from the ati site before that toshiba has released the update... this time it updates some 8. XXX version but the screen problem remains...

    Second, this update of the driver leaves me not sleep my system... the process starts for a sleep, but go back to the locked screen without making sleep ever... so I have no choice to get stuck with the default Windows... drivers having only the problem of the screen... and not the problem of sleep...

    Anyone here with a solution?

    Thank you.


    I have Satellite M70-159 and I noticed the same thing several times. For most Vista works well but I don't remember cases in which the described problem occurs. I was just curious on M70 Vista and have had no time to intensive testing.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to know if you have already updated the BIOS to the latest version 5.10. If this is not the case to do this and watch carefully if the problem persists.

  • Problem on Satellite Pro M70 SD card reader


    I have a Satellite Pro M70 (PSM76E) and can not get the SD card reader to work. I do not have the CD for my laptop and not drivers for the SD card reader in the download section for my laptop.
    I use XP Pro and it appeared in Device Manager as a mass storage device (with yellow apostrophe) soas suggested in a previous thread, I installed a driver of a similar model - now no yellow appostrophe but still does not work.

    Can anyone help please?
    Thank you very much

    You don't have a SD card reader but 5 in 1 and for this device card reader, you need to install Cardbus Driver version Have you already installed?
    It is available for your model of laptop. I found it on the Toshiba support page.

  • Satellite Pro M70 can't read 4 GB SD card

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro M70 PSM76E and a 4 GB SD card. The laptop can not read the card. How can I do to work properly?

    Problem is that older models of laptops have problem reading last SD cards with a capacity still more and more. In my opinion it has not much to do. Maybe you can try to install the driver for some newer model laptop SD card reader. Perhaps driver for A100.
    I have too many M70, but I don't use SD cards. I prefer that USB keys because there is no any type of restriction.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M70-113: Express Card slot - what for?


    can someone tell me what is the slot for card express on my satellite pro m70-113 like what material can I connect to it for expansion...

    Thank you...

    Post edited by: ashishsoni


    I guess that your average slot on the right side of the laptop.
    Well, the express card expansion slot can accommodate two standard module formats: an expressCard/34 and expresscard/54 module to the module. An expressCard module is small, modular add-in card technology based on USB and PCI Express interface.

    Please read this article:

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M70 - ist is possible to change the craphics controller?

    Is it possible to change the graphics controller to my Satellite Pro M70...
    If so, where to buy a new one?



    Well, in general it s is not possible to replace or update the graphics card.
    But I compared a Satellite Pro M70 unit because this series of laptop was delivered with different hardware configurations and I found that these installed graphics cards:
    Mobile Intel 915GM Express Chipset AlvisoGM 8 MB to 128 MB shared video memory
    ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600SE 128 MB of video memory
    ATI MOBILITY RADEON X 700 256 MB of video memory

    However, in my opinion you can not change the graphics card

  • Satellite Pro M70 - screen is blank

    Hey guys,.

    Have had my Satellite Pro M70 for more than a year now and never gave me any problems before. On about 3 times now, the screen disappeared all of a sudden completely gray and white and stays that way, unless I restart and is so very well.

    Appears to be spontaneous, can't everyday and not even aware if his reason leaving for a long time.

    Ive noticed that more than half of the screen flashes from time to time but don't know if it's because it's on during a long period or heat related but only started to do this recently.

    It just seems to be a problem with the monitor, like running programs under were unaffected (IE if I was running MSN messenger and the screen went gray, I could still type messages, etc just not see them!).

    Have the latest graphics driver for my Intel knowledge:, don't know if it could be a problem with the card? Hepatitis a lot of free hard disk space, seeking to increase the ram (currently 512) suggestions?


    I am very happy that I don't have these problems on my Satellite M70. I recommend you test your laptop connected to an external display to see if the symptoms are the same. If so, I fear that there is a problem with the graphics card.

    On the RAM, can I just say that your laptop can handle with max 2 GB RAM and compatible RAM modules are:
    512 MB (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB (PA3411U-1M1G)

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M70 overheats and turns off

    Need to support some tech with this problem.

    Satellite Pro M70 constant over heating problem. After use of 20-30 minutes of normal (web navigation etc.) the bottom of the laptop becomes really hot near the fan, unbearably hot to the touch.
    If I play games or do whatever it is cpu-intensive, it will end by the smell of the burning and power off.

    All this time the CPU fan never turns! Just lets him get more hotter and hotter. Strange thing, that's when you start first upward, the spins of CPU fan for about 5-6 seconds to make it work! Already tried to clean it, was not very dirty, the fan is not stuck, it runs if you blow...
    Update I tried to the latest version of the BIOS overheating again...
    Tried all the toshiba utils for cpu temp monitoring etc., they indicate the CPU get more hotter and hotter much more of 60 c +, but none of them (or other 3rd party utils) can detect the fan...!

    Fix for that or is it just bad fan / design of the temp sensor?

    > Already tried cleaning...
    Yes, but how did you do that?

    In the past, I have separated three Satellite M70 notebooks and was surprised inside, how much dust has been placed behind the cooling rack. After notebook professional cleaning was much quieter and has been properly cooled.
    Maybe the grease thermal CPU and graphic should be replaced also.
    After a long period of use, it seems quite dehydrated.

  • Satellite Pro M70-275 slower than the Satellite M70-110?


    A couple of weeks ago, I bought a portable Satellite M70-110, with Centrino 1.7 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. Last week, this computer got stolen from my apartment. (Damn them thieves low-life..)
    I wanted to buy exactly the same model again, but he could not find anywhere. Instead, I bought a Satellite Pro M70-275 because he seems to be pretty much the same thing, with a great 2 GHz. processor, it's going to be a little faster then, I thought.
    The problem is that it feels like the new is slower; I don't understand why. No more slow, as when you are working with graphics heavy, cause I don't have, but slower at startup, when this regime between programs and so on.

    The old used XP Home Edition, the new one XP Pro. This could be the problem; XP Pro requires more RAM?

    The old man had an ATI Radeon x 700, the new a x600se, but I can't imagine that this could make a difference with the applications that I am running.
    I use a Soundblaster PCIMCA card in the new. This could be a problem?

    Any ideas appreciated!

    Johannes Ogren
    Göteborg, Sverige


    As much as I know there is not much difference between WXP Home and Pro, and I think that the use of the PCMCIA card. Try to turn off the sound in the BIOS and also disable it in Device Manager.

  • Can Satellite Pro M70-199 (PSM76E) - I upgrade the hardware

    Satellite Pro M70-199: PSM76E

    How can I PUT it? (HW)

    All you can do is upgrade the RAM and HARD drive.
    If you need more space on the HARD disk, you can upgrade the HARD drive. This should t be a problem.
    The RAM can be upgraded to max 2 GB using memory DDR2 PC2-4200

    The CPU or the graphics card update is not possible.


  • Satellite Pro M70 usually power up when the AC


    I bought my dad a Satellite Pro M70 for his birthday and it was used for about 3 months. All of a sudden without any reason that it not power up if it is not connected to the AC. The battery registers itself as 100% charged.

    When on AC, everything is fine no problem.

    But when it is not plugged into the AC, it lights. When put under tension however you can unplug the AC and it will all work very well again.

    Any ideas?

    Should I try a BIOS update? or does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Thank you


    This problem appears at the beginning?
    Sounds a bit like electroninc power supply malfunction and in this case, you should always ask the service provider to Toshiba for assistance.
    Don t worry, seems, the guarantee is valid and each procedure must be done for free.

    But I m interesting if this will help you:
    Please, try to disable powerplay in the properties of the graphics card and do not set the CPU at low speed in Toshiba Power Saver mode fixed.
    Check this option.

  • Satellite Pro M70 and (not) working with projector


    I have a Satellite Pro M70 (model PSM76E-00100KEN), and when I connect it to all a projector, it appears via the projector is the image of the office.

    The laptop continues to work OK, but the projected image never changes the background image I have on the laptop.

    On the power of the laptop Windows XP logo comes at a time, but then other changes of the display appear on the laptop.

    It has ATI mobility Radeon X600SE graphics card. This card allows 2 screens and when I activate it it starts flashing number 1 on the cell phone and number 2 on the projector, but still shows only WinXP only on the laptop.

    Any ideas on how to get the two to work together?
    Thank you

    Search on 'M70 TV' out using the box at the top of this page. You will get useful advice.
    A +.

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