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I have a pc hp laptop 250 g2 f0z43ea. It has 1792 MB of video memory, but has only 32 MB of memory dedicated. It uses the generation intel hd 4000 3rd. I want to increase the dedicated memory, I checked in bios but no option, I have two questions

1. is it possible to increase dedicated memory, adding more ram?

2. can I change the graphics card on my laptop because I don't know if its integrated or not?

I just want it have at least 512 MB of memory dedicated or higher

heeeeeelpppp pleaasse!


You cannot change the graphic card there is no graphics "card" in your notebook.

Graphics GPU is cohesive and integrated on the motherboard and cannot be upgraded or replaced.

You cannot change the amount of system memory dedicated or shared in your model or almost any other laptop.

Add more memory system can allow for more shared for graphics system memory, but it won't do a thing for the dedicated memory.  This will remain a constant 32 MB.

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  • Qosmio F750 - how to change the graphics memory dedicated to 2 GB...

    In order to get my Qosmio F750 ready to run some games, I've updated all the drivers on via the toshiba Web site and the NVIDIA site also the software downloading. This includes upgrading the BIOS to version 2.00.

    According to the [laptop specifications given on the Toshiba site |].

    I should have the following allocation of memory for the graphics:
    "4095 MB Total: 2048 MB of memory dedicated + 2047 MB shared memory.

    When I check the window Information on the performance and tools, I'm getting shows the following information:


    Display type card Intel(r) HD Graphics 3000
    Total available graphics memory: 1 696 MB
    Dedicated graphics memory: 64 MB
    Dedicated system memory: 0 MB
    Shared system memory: 1632 MB
    Display adapter driver version:
    The primary monitor resolution: 1366 x 768
    DirectX version: DirectX 10

    Of course, when I look at the specifications of the laptop, I realize that the current graphic memory allocation matches the economy power Mode i.e. allocation of graphics when running on battery

    Normally, it would be nice, however, I don't see any change in the displayed info even when I'm running on current alternative.
    I checked all my power settings, but even when everything is set to "performance mode", the information displayed is the same.
    I try to look in the system bios to change manually the graphical distribution but none this option doesn't exist. Rather all options are defined in performance mode...

    So my final question is, * how can I change memory allocation performance mode graph as it is stated in the specifications of the system? *
    Is this something that happens automatically without changing the displayed Info?
    Is there a driver that I forgot to update? An update of the driver caused cela?
    A BIOS update caused this?

    On a side note, the audit of the DirectX Diagnostic tool, I have the version of directx is displayed as version 11. So I thought that the problem was with the displayed information. But even on the Diagnostic tool gives me the same information.

    I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this.

    Thank you


    This is controlled automatically by the graphics driver.
    If the application that is running would require more RAM (IE game), the graphics card would control this value and I would add some of the memory to the memory of the graphics card.

  • Graphics memory more after upgrading BIOS on Satellite A110-195

    After update BIOS spécifiée for 1.30 to 1.60 available crahpic memory: 64 MB, must be 128 MB.

    After the update or it my mistake?

    I think it's your mistake. Graphics memory you will have if you use more RAM. As far as I know use this device comes with 512 MB of RAM, but you can improve it up to 4 GB.

  • How can I set on Satellite M70 - 394 to 128 MB graphics memory?

    How can I change the graphics memory from 8 MB to 128 MB? I have tired to adjust it by the BIOS but cannot find it there!

    As far as I know on laptops with Intel (shared memory) graphics card, it is not possible. It is controlled automatically. For more graphics memory, you must use more RAM.

  • Dedicated graphics memory


    My current dedicated graphic memory is only 512 MB and it barely meets the requirement of minnimum for most games. After reviewing a few videos online I did this can be changed throgh the BIOS of the system but it is simply not that option in my current version of the BIOS (I have already installed the update to the newest BIOS).

    So, this brings me to my question. Is there a way (maybe a program or something of the sort) to increase the graphics memmory dedicated or am I stuck with this amount?

    (My laptop model: HP Pavilion dv6-6b47dx)

    Thank you!

    I never heard of anyone being able to change memory allocation of graphics by any means.

    If you want to try different things, go ahead and let us know if something works, because hundreds of people have this question and hundreds were disappointed.

    If you want to replace the motherboard to support one listed in the service manual for your model, if any, which may have better graphics, it would be your only option.

    I would like to buy a new laptop before going this route.

  • Satellite E105 - Allocation of graphics memory


    I have a Toshiba Satellite E105-S1402. I recently bought Starcraft 2 and my laptop has almost always slows down the game. I guess that's a problem graphic since everything else on the laptop exceeds the minimum requirements. I thought to increase memory dedicated to graphics card but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help?

    I discovered that, by right-clicking on the desktop (Vista OS) > personalization > display properties > advanced settings, I see the following:

    128 MB dedicated video memory. I guess that's the figure I must increase, but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help.

    Kind regards


    According to specification for laptop, your laptop has Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD with 128 MB - 1342 MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory. This cards don t have some sort of control of memory where laptop user can set how much memory will be used for graphical operations.

    If you want to offer more memory for the graphics, you need to upgrade RAM but I think that 4 GB of RAM you should have now is maximum RAM that can be used on your model of laptop.

  • Portege M400: How to change the size of the graphics memory 945GM?


    Is anyone know how can I limit the minimum and maximum graphics memory on 945 GM Graphics Card (M400).
    My goal is to put FIXED to 128 so that I don't have freezes when video memory change. It of VERY annoying and punishes my work (Office 2007 is very eager or on video and main memory).

    Thank you

    Hello Filipe

    It will be interesting to know what you mean under punishing work of Office 2007.

    In any case AFAIK on Intel (shared memory) graphics card it is not possible to fix the graphics memory to a specific value (no BIOS settings and also no matter what setting in advanced display settings). If you want to use more RAM for the graphics I recommend you to upgrade RAM.

    Sorry, but I don't see any other solution.

  • Graphics memory shared in a Satellite A200-1CK

    Hello, I have a Satellite A200-1CK which has 2 GB of RAM and 256 MB graphics memory shared.

    is there a way to check how my phone is currently using this 256 MB and you can manually change this?

    for example, to define graphics for always using 128 MB memory if the laptop needs or not?

    I already checked with google and I found a few sites that say you can change something like that in the BIOS but I can't find.

    Thank you



    When I try to play a game that requires 128 MB graphic memory it does not even start. In theory I should be able to play the game, since I have enough memory. Or is it fake? Shared memory is perhaps not as real graphic memory. Can someone explain?

    There are different reasons why starting a game doesn t.
    Maybe a graphics driver is not compatible?
    Generally shared memory graphics cards are not really designed for games. Of course, some older games would go but with the games recent very strong graphics cards needs.

    I agree with alphaleader. Shared memory will be allocated automatically. She shared max value depends on the amount of installed RAM memory.

  • Satellite P305-8915 - how to increase the graphics memory of ATI Radeon 3650?


    In the specification of [Toshiba P305-8915 | rpn = PSPCCU & modelFilter = & SelCategorie = 3 & selFamily = 10 73768663] I saw grapich memory could be changed, but my question is how to do this? I have search and I can not find it.

    Ideas to change the graphics memory?

    As far as I know shared memory cannot be set by the laptop user. It depends on the RAM upgrade. With more RAM, graphics card will use more memory for the graphics operation.

    As you can see in the specs that your laptop can be upgraded up to 8 GB of RAM.

  • Graphics memory ATI 128 MB to 256 MB on Satellite L20

    It is possible increase graphics memory ATI 128 MB to 256 MB on my Satellite L20 182?
    Maybe upgrade the BIOS?


    I presume that you laptop uses a shared memory graphics card that supports the memory of 32 MB to 128 MB. The graphics card shares memory with the main memory of the laptop.
    Unfortunately, it s a physical limitation and it s not possible to use more than 128 MB

    Update the BIOS or a driver update will help

  • Satellite A300-148 how to increase the size of the graphics memory?


    I have satellite a300-148, I update my laptop RAM from 1 to 2 GB but the VRAM is always 128 MB. and in the toshiba site write this:

    ((Graphics Adapter:))
    Manufacturer: Intel
    type: Intel® GMA X 3100
    memory: up to 358 MB total graphics memory available with 2 GB of system memory
    memory type: shared))

    But my laptop no graphics card (intel GMA X 3100) is (mobile intel 965) how can I solve this problem?
    There are different between the two adapters? How to increase my laptop memory graphic size?

    Please help me...


    > How can I solve this problem?
    Problem? What is the problem?

    Take a look here on this page of the Toshiba hardware specification:
    [Satellite A300-148 | = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 150445]

    Laptop supports the Intel® GM965 Express chipset but the graphics chip is Intel® GMA X 3100
    As you can see the type of memory is shared
    What does that mean?
    This means that this graphics card shares memory with the main memory. Everything is controlled automatically by the graphics driver.
    If the memory of the graphics card is required then graphic driver would assign memory automatically to GPU.

    I hope this helps...

  • How to increase dedicated on Satellite L870-136 graphics memory?

    I am trying to increase dedicated graphics memory allocation, and I read that I can do this if the BIOS, but I have absolutely no idea how access.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    To be honest I m not sure that you can do, but when you start your laptop press F2 repeatedly and you should be able to enter the BIOS settings.

  • Tecra A3 - 106 Intel Graphics memory Question (915GM)

    Hello, no doubt this will be a strange question, but please accept my apologies, I can't understand it well...

    I have a Toshiba Tecra A3 106 with 915GME 128 MB Intel graphics card... He used to appear as a memory of 128 MB on my system, and somehow, it is now limited to 64 MB probably after update my drivers or a change to the settings of this unit, somewhere...

    I recently updated my bios to v.2.50, could this be the reason? or the most recent driver for the game? (I am currently on

    I know that I must be blind I can't find the setting for this... But I need your help...

    Thanks in advance...

    EDIT: I realized that it is a thing of BIOS 90%... Phoenix BIOS 2.50 does NOT contain an option to change the graphic committed memory size of 64 MB to 128 or vice versa... My previous BIOS was this option in the tab "Advanced"... And... I can't downgrade to the previous version as installer does not support the downgrade... PS: I checked the Windows settings this topic... Not found no apparent solution...

    Edit2: Found this link about the question on the Toshiba site: 556xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 1150837 & stateId = 0% 200% 201 152026

    Obviously, this is a bug in the BIOS and the source suggests that v1.70 and newer versions are fixed... I REALLY DON'T THINK!


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    Hello Onur

    The link you posted from TOSHIBA U.S. page and I assume that you have a European model of laptop. If you want to update BIOS please use Toshiba European page. The United States from Toshiba is like another firma and it isn't really the same thing.

    If models of laptop computers in the United States some problem it doesn? t means that all Toshiba laptops have the same problem.

    I checked that your model of laptop shared graphics memory card. I guess you know what that means and the fact is that units with Intel graphics card have no parameters where user can manually set the amount of memory must be used. On ATI graphics cards settings it is possible. I checked a few notebooks similar and in the Phoenix BIOS I didn? t find anything. Because of this, I'm really confused when you mean that this option was available on the ADVANCED tab.

    I really hope that someone who have the same unit as you can give us a good info about it.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite A200-1YX - what is the maximum of the available graphics memory?


    I have a 1YX Satellite A200 with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator on WIndows XP 32.

    On the Toshiba website says ( & ACTION = PRINT_WITH_BACK & com decided .do w .broadvision = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 144755) as my maximum graphics memory is up to 358 with 2 GB of RAM but in my DirectX says that my maximum graphics memory is 128, and I have 4 GB of RAM.

    How can I increase it? I have the latest drivers.


    The video RAM will be automatically assigned and t, you can change it. This means that if the system is in need of video RAM more then it will be automatically assigned more video RAM.

    But I put t understand why you need more like video 128 MB of RAM. I think that's enough, because the graphics chip isn't designed for games.
    There are maps better graphics in the games market.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200 - how to increase the graphics memory?

    Hi, another question.

    I am unsing an A200-1CC, it's an Intel 945 Express Chipset Family settled. I tried to install a game that requires memory graph 256Motets. I received an error message "Shadow Pixel 1.1" maybe not supproted... and the page the maanufactured FAQ told me be sure to habe 256 MB in use.

    The A200-1CC has a 1024 MB of RAM and uses only a little over 100 MB memory graphics. I have check the Intel web page. My 945 Chipset supports Pixel of the shadow; and memory maximum grpahics used in 256 MB. So I increased my mother-2048 MB memory card today. However; It shows still 122 MB graphics memory in use. Page intel says that sometimes you can adjust the DMTV in bios, but that does not apply to my system.

    Any chance to get used to 256 MB graphics memory? -I use a Vista system...?

    Thanks in advance for any idea you may have.

    ;-) Ingo


    No, you can increase the video RAM and there is no option to change this.
    The video RAM will be assigned automatically, but you can t change that.

    I know this good news of aren t but in my opinion the Intel graphic card is not designed for games. An nVidia or ATI card graphics would be a better solution for the game.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-692 - how to reduce graphic memory?

    I'm looking for information how to reduce graphic memory. I have Satellite A100-692, PSAA9E-09900QGR and install 1024Mo RAM but 512 MB is dedicated to graphics memory. Because of this I have 512 MB of RAM in real-time only.
    I would change it. Should be spend of only 256 MB memory graphics. I checked the BIOS (ver. 2.00) and graphic drivers and anywhere is option for memory graphic change.

    Please help how do.


    You described your situation, but this seems very strange.
    As far as I know, the laptop uses a 128 MB ATI MOBILITY RADEON X 1400 graphics card and this isn't a memory sheared graphics card!
    This card uses own 128 MB and must share main memory!

    I put t know why you suggested that you have only 512 MB.
    How did you test it?

Maybe you are looking for