great mystery - simple animation now does not have safari and chrome

An animation simple edge - basically a slideshow with a button / stop - which has certainly worked with Chrome a few weeks ago now does not work - neither with Safari.

First thought is that both of these browsers have changed their behavior script and "users of edge so sorry."

But having found that there is no fundamental difference between it and all other animations on I reduced the size of the stage of 1388 x 933 to 800 x 600 and it now seems to work. I have not yet seen what the upper limit is

Customer wishes to maintain the resolution or even increase in the future to display pictures in all their glory on the retina screen resolutions.

Is this a problem with the edge and is there a way around this?

Thank you

I have updated the animation with pictures that match the size of the scene with precision. An initial test suggests that it works now with chrome, but so far on a single machine under test, safari seems to run the animation but to 1/20 the speed of the other browsers.

for anyone interested in trying to figure out what is causing this, I moved the defective original mentioned above in another folder ml files

Tags: Edge Animate

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