Green and amber color on ethernet?

What do green and orange color: ethernet, or the LAN port?


Depends on what network card is supported. On this off is 10 Mbps, orange is 100 Mbps and the Green is 1 Gbit/s over a LAN

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    Always looking for help with this issue please. At random, video calls download like that.
    So far no solution and I write again for more help.

    Try to update driver Intel HD graphics card.

    Be sure to select the option Windows 10. You can also use the direct link to this driver:

    This updated driver from Dell is address the issue explicitly green screen video


    -Fixed the problem of video green screen

    -Fixed premium content playback problem with 15.40 PV drivers problem

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    Pro 9500 impressions of low nozzle printer test only half of the colors red, green and cyan.  The bottom half is normal (no scratches & etc.).  Upper half is completely empty.  Problem started with a single color and progressed to three.  Since the three colors are adjacent tanks, at the far right of the Assembly to the tank, is there possibly something something in common to all three?  What is a control problem?  Cleaning (both normal & deep) and the replacement of the tanks have had negative results.  Head alignment will not work.  "Can't do the printhead alignment."

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    I use the video monitor for the CS5.5 program.

    Always trying to between CS5.5 and test the trial version. The new challenge is the color green and colorful lines on the imported. AVI files.

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    nVidia card?  Go to the nVidia Control Panel and set the parameters of quality 3D of 'let the application decide '.  If you have an ATI card should there be similar parameters.


  • indicators red green and yellow are grey, I have accidentally uninstalled something in the "login items", but don't know what or how to replace. Thank you!

    indicators red green and yellow are grey, I have accidentally uninstalled something in the "login items", but don't know what or how to replace. Thank you!

    You have probably changed the OS X. go theme color in Preferences-> general systemand pass ' appearance: " "Blue ".

  • Is Microsoft-New Xbox 360-shows green and purple of screen when playing, defective?

    I just bought a new xbox360 for Christmas and since the purchase, he showed color display only green and purple. Once when playing adventures with the kinect, all entered colors automatically, but it has not changed and when to use again another day it was back to the purple and green screen.  Not happy at all, the console was very expensive and should work fine.

    Woulds appreciate your advice or any information where I can get help for this problem thank you.

    I replied to your other thread you created... MyPcHealth




    Try disabling the startup of Windows 10 hybrid - you can do the following.

    Open settings and select System.  Select food and sleep, and then click additional power settings - in the next window, click on "Choose what the power button" in the left pane.

    In the next window, click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" (close), then Remove the check mark from the box against 'Turn on a quick start (recommended) '.  Click on the button Save the settings, and then close windows open and stop the laptop by right clicking on the icon in Start Menu, select (Admin) command prompt and click 'Yes' to the uac prompt.

    Type (or copy and paste) the following command (including spaces) and click Enter.

    Shutdown /s /t 0

    Start the laptop and let Windows take over completely for a few minutes before checking if it is now shut down properly in the Start Menu.

    If this has fixed the problem, it may be useful by turning the quick start back on - sometimes simply remove and re-create the file will solve the problem.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Remove and check color on Officejet 7310 cartridge

    I need all possible solutions for a new error message - remove and check color cartridge.  I work on a Mac OS 10.6.8 and aired recently in a lot of printer problems.  My HP Officejet 7310 was low on black ink, so I replaced the cartridge and it aligned properly without any problem. Later, when I tried to print labels, it gave me an error message and flashing exclamation point "remove and check color cartridge.  The color cartridge is not new and has not been replaced recently. It is half full. I did remove the cartridge and saw nothing wrong, so I re-inserted it. Once again, the same message. Then I tried to clean the copper contacts, as I've done it before. Still no change. I did a search for solutions and tried the following supposedly a HP technical support:

    Solution 1:

    Follow the steps below to power cycle your all-in-one:

    1. check that the device is on. Unplug the all-in-one power
    and unplug the USB/Ethernet cable.
    2. wait 30 seconds.
    3. connect the power supply only.
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 two times more.
    5. on the third time after plugging the unit running, reconnect the cable to the
    All-in-one to your computer.
    6. check the feature;

    Solution 2:

    Remove the cartridges from the printer and follow the steps below:

    1. clean the copper contacts of the cartridge with a slightly moistened cloth or a cotton swab
    with water distilled, filtered, or bottled. The tap water may contain contaminants that can
    damage to the ink cartridges.
    2. clean the contacts in the print carriage, inside the printer. Transport print contacts are made of copper and are found in transport, so that they line up with the contacts of the cartridge when the cartridge is installed.

    Solution 3:

    Reset the all-in-one to the default settings by using these instructions:
    1. disconnect the power cable from printer when the printer is on.
    2 press and hold # and 6 while plugging in the power cord.

    Continue holding until it displays the message Reset full Semi the front panel of the all-in-one device.

    NONE of them worked.  I am connected by USB as ever, our WiFi seems to remain stable.  Can offer you solutions to the problem?

    Kudo!  Kudo!  of course, the voltage is too low or the amps available short-term (short-term reserve amps.)  with 2 good carbatteries, I could establish free error initialize, all in this one works very well. Make sure the power supply is adequate, thank you and congratulations to all of you!

  • Why no response regarding the lack of background and text colors?

    Although I see that two posts asking why this happens, the only answer has been asked which PC they had. I'm having the same problem (background colors and text are ignored) with this pavilion ze4900 (IE9.1). Pages display properly on my desktop PC but not on this laptop. Driver chart updated today but no change. I'm not formatting HTML simple like bgcolor = text color and black lime green = talking (even if the format #00000). I do HTML (no java, no flash, but a simple formatting) for my web sites and ebay auctions and have never had this problem other than on this laptop.

    After the search for other sources mentioning accessibility features, I thought about it. The IE Options for accessibility and the colors were not the solution, but by going to control panel, I found other accessibility options and had the function of "High contrast" which forced most of the elements without color and also made most of the invisible extra boxes (no border).

  • The Green and black wire to three posts on HP POWER supply

    Hello!  I recently updated my old diet Pavilion 760n for a power SUPPLY ATX 500W PSU.  Everything worked very well.

    Uh, except that a small pig green and black of the former power supply... one that has been plugged in where it says 'PS - FAN' on my mobo.  I didn't have one of these same three grandsons connectors on the new power supply.

    And is even funnier, as the old power supply HP has a list on the side which shows what color wire has what voltage on it - red + 5V yellow is + 12V, black is ground, etc., but GREEN is not on the list!

    I opened my computer and big case fan is running (12VDC fan), the fan on the heatsink from the CPU works, the GPU card fan works... the only fan who is not running is the power supply fan (but I think it is because it is running when the power supply gets hot and she needs).

    Can someone tell me what this little piggy of son was for and what voltage it supplied, and how it is used? Thank you!

    It's your motherboard and I see that the outlet marked PS - FAN.  Apparently motherboard and bios controlled the speed of the fan to power supply.  It is the first time I heard of this, but then you have an older model of PC.  New power supplies have an internal fan.  The Green wire can be a signal wire.

  • Change a picture n & B in black and a color?

    I have a black and white image and I want to change the image to look as if it printed on color paper. Basically I want the spectrum of the impression of being black and green (as example) instead of black and white. I can't do this by simply selecting white and replace the color of a layer due to shades of gray. So if a grey is black to 70 percent and 30 percent of whites, id want it to be then the colors black and 30% to 70%. Thoughts?

    If that's what you have in mind.

    Image > Mode > RGB color

    Mix the Lock background layer in the basket and insert a white layer underneath (symbol Cmd + new layer in the layers panel)

    Edit > fill and choose color and select a color, such as green

    Return the 0 image layer and change its blending mode to multiply

  • How separate and recombine color channels?

    I want to separate my picture in the primary color channels change them individually and then recombine them, so that the parts of the undedited remain faithful to the original.

    I can come close.  My best effort has been to use the photo filter to create 3 layers red, green and blue with a density of 100% real, and then I can recombine using the screen blend mode.  But the colors are not quite true.

    With the help of histograms, it doesn't seem like I'm really able to create real RGB layers.  Even if I did, I'm not convinced screen mixture will merge their return to the original properly.

    Can someone point me in a successful direction?  I searched, but I do not know what terms to use.  Thanks a ton.  BTW, I use PSE 9.

    I only did a quick test, so I don't know for sure if that's what you want, but...

    I created three layers by copying the full color image can "improve". Adjust lighting | levels... "on one layer at a time (that is, ensuring that a single layer is visible). I changed the levels out of two of the colors of "0 to 255" "0 to 0"... e.g. red + blue on a single layer, leaving the green channel visible, then blue + green on another layer, leaving the Red layer... defining each layer having a screen blend and all visible layers showed me the original color image.

    It was with PSE8... that's what you were missing?


  • lines green and pink when you export film 10.1.2

    Hi, I use iMovie 10.1.2 (OS El Capitan 10.11.6)

    I get the Green and pink lines when I export a movie - no idea why, his sporadic... it worked in previous versions

    Maybe a problem with the library? Help, please DL = 0

    This problem was reported previously in the forum and I do not believe that a solution was already posted. Your project consists of all the video clips or a mixture of video and photos? Just noticed you said you see this, when exporting. Means that it is ok in the timeline?

  • Flashing green and Red pixels

    Hey, guys!

    I'm new to the forum and I apologize in advance if there is another thread with the same problem. I wanted to just share some pictures and maybe get answers to my problems. As mentioned in the legend my macbook air that I bought last year has green and Red pixels flashing on the screen. It covers just a vertical strip of 3-4 cm on the left side. It does not affect the performance but it gets really annoying. Im guessing there is something faulty with the video card or the matrix of pixels.

    Here are some photos: 29739562934_n.jpg? oh = aedf6434da04f4dbdb6... and 26971687538_n.jpg? oh = cac08d41fe32ec25fb1... .

    Anyone know what seems to be the problem? In addition, the 1 year warranty covers these dysfunctions of the material? And how long would it take for the apple service center to fix it?

    Thank you in advance!

    See you soon,.

    It looks like a bad graphics card. Bring any Apple store, it must be covered under AppleCare.

  • When I open Mozilla it turns green and encloses everything is green in the window and I can't use function in Mozilla.

    When I open Mozilla for a fraction of a second I see the normal screen, then it turns green and I can't access all the features in the web browser. I can't access anything or else the accident ID troubleshooting info.

    Hello StanleyRoper, please follow the troubleshooting steps in Firefox opens with a white or transparent window. If this solves the problem, it would be also interesting including the extension has a problem in your case. Thank you!

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