Green Frog is displayed on the screen when Liveworship quit unexpectedly

To the Church, we run a third-party software for presentations on some projectors. When the (Liveworship) program that closes unexpectedly one frog green appear on the screen projectors. I tried to find where this image is so we can change or remove, but can't find it. I went into 'System '->' Display Preferences' and search, find nothing. Also, I went into "desktop & screensaver" and can't find anything.

For any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated! Thank you


I suspect that you need to contact the application developer and/or the manufacturer of the projector.

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    hp pavilion dv7-1232nr, the volume signal which appears on the screen at any time the volume is set does not work as before! y at - it a point or the option which is in klicked on or off to turn off this signal!


    If you have a MediaSmart software installed on your portable computer, the volume OSD (on-screen display) is provided by HP MediaSmart SmartMenu - you can download and reinstall this app from the following link.

    When the installation is complete, restart the computer and let Windows load fully before checking if it works fine now.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Firefox will not display on the screen even though with Process Explorer, I see active Firefox.exe but no CPU usage

    I use Firefox as default browser v10.0.2 on Dell XPS8300 Intel Core i5 and Windows 7 Ultimate and Compaq Presario CQ57 IO IO Intel Core i3 and Windows 7 Home. More frequently on the (approximately 90% of attempts) that Dell (50% of attempts) Firefox will not display on the screen when I click the icon. Cannot display other programs when it happens. I expressly say display because I believe that Firefox has started. To work around the problem, I installed Process Explorer on both machines and launch this program first, then click on the Firefox icon. When the problem occurs I see process Firefox.exe in the list of processes; some CPU consumed but, then, no CPU activity. If I click on the Firefox icon, yet another process opens in the list of processes, but with the same answer - some consumed CPU and then no CPU activity. If I have 2 processes running and kill the process from the 1st, the 2nd poster and then everything is normal. If I do not open it treat a 2nd, but kill the 1st process then click the Firefox Firefox is displayed and all then is normal. This problem has occurred since the original on the two new machines installation. I have updated the video drivers on both computers.

    OK, let's see if we can solve this problem and make it work for you!

    First of all, if you start Firefox in safe mode (restart your computer first, then when you open Firefox, hold down the SHIFT key) it starts more reliable? This is usually caused by a defective module. If this does not help, then restart Firefox, go to the Firefox, then add-ons button and disable your extensions one by one until you find the troublemaker.

    Also, try to update to Firefox 11, it has several bug fixes that might make life easier here.

    Just as a few troubleshooting steps base to ensure that we have all the bases covered,
    Run all Windows updates, install all required service packs, etc.

    Update all of your plugins (Flash, Java, etc.):

    Download and install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, run a full scan. This check allows that there is no virus on your computer, causing problems. You can uninstall this program after having cleaned the infections.

  • When I click on START / all PROGRAMS /, most programs do not display on the screen.

    I had a problem with a virus. Used Microsoft security programs to remove it. However, when I click on START / all PROGRAMS /, most programs do not display on the screen. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?


    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    Method 1:
    Try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps:
    NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that you reset the computer in start mode normal such as suggested in step 7 of the above article.

    Method 2:
    Create a new user account and check if it helps:

    It will be useful.

  • The volume and brightness display showing is not on the screen when I change the volume or brightness

    Hi all

    My laptop used to display the controls volume and brightness on the screen when I would try to change. A few weeks ago, he stopped, and I'm just trying to understand how to solve this problem?


    In this case, uninstall the current version, restart and then reinstall HP Quick Launch Buttons (1e) and SmartMenu again.

    Reboot after that.


    DP - K

  • I have sony camera "cyber-shot". But since last 3-4 months when I connect it with my desktop PC, it has not displayed on the screen. Why?

    I have a small handy device the company Sony. The name of the template is - Cybershot. It is 10.1 megapixel with screen 7 cm square. When I connect it to my PC of countertop, it is not displayed on the PC screen. I have already installed the software, I received with the device of the company. For a few months, he was allowed and eventually I had my PC formatted by a technician and then, he stopped the display. I asked the technician if he ruined the camera software, he said no, he has not touched the camera software. I bought the new USB wire to fix the problem. But it is still not resolved. Can someone give me the reason why the camera is not displayed on the screen of the PC?

    Hello Manu,

    1. have you checked if the camera software is present on the PC?
    2. are you able to connect other USB devices to the PC?
    3 have you tried to connect to other USB ports?

    Open the list of programs by clicking the Start button, click Control Panel, clicking programs, and then clicking programs and features.

    You can try the following methods

    Method 1: As the PC was formatted, the software of the camera could have been uninstalled.  If you cannot find the software of the camera, I suggest you to install.


    Method 2: If this does not help, connect your camera in a different USB port and check the status.

    Install a USB device

    What to do when a device is not installed correctly ' t-installed-correctly

    Method 3: follow also, troubleshooting of this article:
    Troubleshoot camera connection



    Follow the steps and let us know if this helps.  If the problem persists, answer and we will be happy to help you.

  • I recently used a dvd + rw disk to back up my photos. Now when I put a dvd in my pc, why it will not display on the screen that's all there is, or how to give me access to it?

    I recently used a dvd + rw disk to back up my photos. Now when I put a dvd in my pc, why it will not display on the screen that's all there is, or how to give me access to it?

    Depends on what you used for the backup.

    If you used the windows backup or another backup software will contain the entire disk will be a backup file, and view/use this file, you use the same software that allows you to save.

  • Distortions of the screen when using Firefox on Android

    Hi, a recurring problem - when using Firefox on my Android Web site, are often distorted. If I try to zoom before to increase the size of police or image during playback, the screen breaks and distorts, with different sections of text and images disappear (black sections of the screen appear) or overlapping, often in a different font sizes. The Web site displayed on the screen as "jumps around." The same thing happens if I try to select text for copy - it is impossible to select all or selection is distorted. I have not had this problem before and noticed only recently. Almost impossible to use the browser now! What is the result of an automatic update of the software? Help, please! Thank you.

    Please try to update to Firefox 38.

  • Get blackheads on the screen when it is on some websites, slow stutter sometimes when viewing pictures etc.

    Hello I'm going to have some weird problems with my Mozilla firefox to the end, getting black dots on the screen when on websites, as a DS "" when I click on the image of the screen and stay there by clicking on back I have blackheads after like 10 click on max.

    Often and is very enoying overall, I use firefox for years and love it, but at the moment I have to use Chrome to get stuff to work. It is above all this shit with blackheads. Another thing that was my Battlelog didn't show my hollow friends online but firefox which solved I think with reinstall it (done a reinstall and formatted the computer but the problem with the points is still there).

    I installed Java again and tried most things like disable the hardware accelerator but I always get the question, I thought it was my new graphics card but I had no such problems the first day (R9 280 X ASUS). I think it was the next day or 2 days after I upgraded to 8.1 pro (since then reinstalled as said to get pure), and I had these points.

    I almost sent my card back to the seller, but such that she feels right now its something with Mozilla Firefox because it happens that he (not in IE or Chrome) and never in the game in any game so far. Help!

    Try disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode without failure.

    If what happens after installing a new graphic display card while there might be a problem with this graphics card or with the drivers.

    Start the computer in Mode safe mode with network support Windows (on the startup screen, press F8) as a test to see if that helps.

  • Satellite L670D-103 - nothing displayed on the screen

    Hello, please help, my laptop does not start!

    When I push button 'ON', there is nothing displayed on the screen, but the fan is running, the lights are on except the HARD drive light. The motherboard seems to be ok then, but there screen is always black! For your information, my HARD drive is nearly full (319, 8 GB / 320 GB) and I did not create Toshiba recovery disc

    What is a screen or an OS problem, and how can I fix it? The screen display depends on the OS to start and the screen won't work if the OS is recovered?

    Thank you


    Theoretically, it could be a malfunction of the card Mother poster to find this point connect an external monitor to your laptop and if the internal display is faulty, you should see something on the screen. Otherwise another part is at the origin of the problem.

    This problem has nothing to do with the HARD drive. Even without disc HARD is installed you should see the screen of the Toshiba BIOS at least.

    Why you have not created the Toshiba Recovery disk?
    The recovery disc can restore the factory settings on the HARD drive, but in this case it will not help you. Recovery disk is only software (Windows).

  • Dead zones of the screen when I write

    I get the dead zones of the screen when I write. They are not always in the same area of the screen, but go across the width.
    Everyone knows this and they found how to solve the problem?


    It's not easy to say what can be the problem.
    Well, first of all, I would recommend to recover the OS with the recovery CD. If after this procedure, the problem persists then you should try to update the display driver. If this doesn't help, so I guess that it s something wrong with the hardware. In this case, you should ask for help ASP.

    Good bye

  • Powers on my computer, but no image is displayed on the screen.

    Powers on my computer, but no image is displayed on the screen.

    You forgot to tell us something about your computer. You hear any sound from the computer at all once you turn it on, it? It sounds like the hard drive turning upward? You see absolutely nothing on the screen? Be more descriptive and include information about your computer (computer desk/computer laptop/brand-model), his age, and precisely what happens when you turn on the computer. It is a hardware problem and narrowing of component that failed is not possible without more information from you.

    If you can't do the work yourself (and there is no shame in admitting this isn't your cup of tea), take the machine to a professional computer repair shop (not your local equivalent of BigComputerStore/GeekSquad).

    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • I have Dell ispron B130 running windows xp, how do I print what is displayed on the screen using the PRNT SCRN key?

    I have Dell ispron B130 running windows xp, how do I print what is displayed on the screen using the PRNT SCRN key?

    The 'Print screen' button is misnamed.  In fact, what happens when you press it, it is that an image of the screen is copied to the Clipboard.  You must then open an application that can work with images (paint works) and paste in the opened window (or right-click > paste or edit > paste).  Then you can use the regular print of this application (for example, the file > print).

    You can also download free IrfanView.  It is a very handy utility.  It allows you to open and view a wide variety of image file formats and also has the capability of the bulk renaming of files and - for your current number - capture screen images and prints them out.

  • Loginoff, save your settings and Windows stops no display on the screen, every time I stop my Windows XP Professional SP3

    Hi all

    Hi Patfaucher1974,
    Your question seems incomplete. When you say "Windows is no display on the screen stop" means that you do not get the screen that says "closing Windows"?
    -You are unable to shut down your computer?
    -If so, can remind you to make changes to your computer between the calendar when things worked fine and now?

    Try the steps listed in the article below and check if that helps you:

    Your computer stops responding when you try to shut down in Windows XP

    Additional reference on:

    Advanced Troubleshooting for shutdown problems in Windows XP

  • My toolbar was at the bottom and is not on the right side of the screen when I turned on the PC. How do come back on the bottom?

    How do you reposisition the toolbar background down

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012 19:45:28 + 0000, BJWoodham wrote:

    My tool bar downstairs was on the right side of the screen when I turned on the PC this morning. How do come back on the bottom?

    You say "toolbar." Do you mean the taskbar?

    Although by default, the taskbar is displayed on the bottom of the screen,
    It can be on any of the sides on what you prefer. To move any
    side to side, simply click an unused portion and drag
    where you want it. Don't forget to click inside it, not on the edge.
    by clicking on the edge and dragging will resize not move.

    If it does not move, it can be locked. In this case, right click on it
    and uncheck "Lock the taskbar", then try again.

    Moreover, with the screen monitors wide today, I prefer the taskbar
    on the left or the right of the screen. I think that allows a better
    use of real estate than have it at the bottom of screen.
    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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