GUI displays does not correctly

My DBA is moving all the apps to a new server, so I just moved my app APEX from one server to another by using Import/Export and now the GUI looks all wrong. The background is no longer blue, the regions look the same as before and the tabs are not displayed.
On the new server, all my pages are always based on the same model as they were in their original location, and this model is a reference to an updated CSS. I'm not sure exactly what went wrong and how to fix it. Can someone give me some advice on how to fix this?

Published by: Prohan on May 13, 2010 12:56

Check that the CSS resources are available: get the CSS URL of the source of the page and paste them into the browser's address bar to see if the browser can access. (Or use something like Firefox + Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug Inspector web extensions/Safari allowing you to inspect the loading of resources.)

This facility use EPG or OSH/OAS? Is this one of these themes or a custom theme? If a custom theme is it provided from the repository file APEX or outside the file system?

Tags: Database

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