GVRP and piling on 3448P


I'm about to deploy 8-9 powerconnect 3448P all switches access in rack 2 different communications. I will be half the number of switches in 2 batteries with each stack having 4 or 5 switches to the maximum. Also there is a possibility of future growth where switches might need to be added.
A scalabilty and ease of configuration/deplopyment reason is it advisable to enable GVRP on auto-propagation switches vlan. Only 2vlans (voice and data) and maybe formangement plus 1 will be created on them.
I'm new switches dell but my understanding from what I ve read is that the configuration should get propagated to all switches in the stack. Is this true for created VLAN also? or GVRP must be activated?
Let me know.

Thank you

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    Thank you very much


    Good afternoon Anup Sasikumar

    Please use our forum

    My name is Johnnatan I am part of the community of support to small businesses, I saw your post and I understand that you want to configure VTP and GVRP.

    I'm afraid you will have to configure it manually each Vlan in each device CatOS GVRP, in order to keep their databases vlan in sync. As you say, VTP is support it not in CatOS

    You can try to connect the two protocols, but I encourage you do not follow this procedure.

    On your question about intervlan routing, if you create a corresponding interface 150 VLANS on switches to base it is routed, if your configuration is correct (port access, ports of junction, intervlan etc..)

    I hope that you will find this answer useful, if it was satisfactory to you, please indicate the question as answer.

    Please evaluate the useful messages.


    Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.

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  • Linking the two switches SF300-8 and gvrp

    After passing the age trying to propagate VLAN one SF300 to another, I think that I finally did it.  It seems that we must implement the GVRP Protocol on both sides of the trunk AND manually create the VLAN on the slave switch.  Now I can ping machines on the two switches that share the same VLAN successfully.

    However; If I try and ping a machine on the passage of the slave from outside in the VLAN, which is a connection routed the master switch, it fails, succeeds the ping of a machine on the main switch.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Hi Nigel, GVRP is basically a terrible (and useless) Protocol.

    GVRP not to dispose of anything, unless it is predefined to what it can affect, the manually fresh General requirements is greater than the configuration comes actually port.

    Configuring you mentioned basically tells me that you built manually the trunk as vlan 1 UNTAG, tag 11 and 42. The GVRP Protocol should do it for you if it is properly implemented.

    To work successfully the port GVRP must send the GVRP join messages, the interface of the receiver must be configured to receive the join messages and then the database of VLAN switch advertising must have these VLANS constructed/defined manually as they are underway in the messages...

    If you need using the configuration, do not hesitate to post what is your goal, I'm sure I or someone can help you if you provide a network, the schema and configuration files.

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    Why create/register GVRP VLANs on a single port?

    #show vlan

    G 16 G Active Po117 (0/117 Te, Te 1/117)

    He will understand that the VLAN if the other switch sends on the VIRTUAL LAN, even if nothing is actually using the VLAN.

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    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.
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    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

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    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

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    I quote Gerry C J Cornell - a regular contributor here

    UTC/GMT is 21:33 Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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    A KB was created for 646 error code that appears during the installation of the updates of Microsoft Office. The KB includes an automatic Microsoft Fix it 50461 that corrects the problem. Look at the following KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2258121>

    Suggest you download and save the fix it.

    Close all open programs and browsers before running MS fix it 50461.msi.

    04/02 / 1110:10: 23 am

  • dot1x system-auth-control on 62xx and all port/traffic goes down?


    with three VLANS, and now presenting only certain ports that I do the dot1x:

    RD (config) #dot1x # system - auth - control enable

    RD (config) #aaa authentication dot1x default # spot within a RADIUS to RADIUS

    RD (config) #interface ethernet 1/g1 # bind it to a port

    RD #dot1x (config-if-1/g1) auto # config dot1x port-control

    I assumed dot1x must be forced/enabled on port/int per basis and before it's done there's no dot1x, but it seems that - dot1x system-auth-control - does not wait for anything and everything stops instantly.

    Is this desired behavior?

    And if yes then how introduced little by little dot1x, looking fixedly with an ethernet port that are configured as here:


    Flow control: enabled

    Port: g1/1

    Belonging to a VLAN: access mode Mode

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    PVID: 1

    Capture filtering: enabled

    Acceptable frame type: no label

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    -Other - or ITU (q)

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    ----    --------------------------------- -----------

    Prohibition of VLAN:

    Name of VLAN

    ----    ---------------------------------

    A lot! Thank you


    OK, you can implement other dot1x controls without having them no effect on the switch until the "dot1x system-auth-control' is given.

    I will certainly take a look at your other post.

  • PowerConnect 3448P keeps closing

    I hope this is the right forum for this...

    I have a 3448P Powerconnect who today began to stop without reason apparent (none which has yet been determined).  I unplug the unit and plug it in again, it comes back to life, but then stops again.

    To my knowledge, nothing new was introduced to our network.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

    Tim Smith, Professor of CS / it analyst, Kent CT, Marvelwood school

    Great to hear! Please keep us updated.

  • Reference Dell 6224 and 5448

    Hi team,

    I'm new dell switches - exposed to cisco switches. I am faced with new kinds of problems with these dell switches. Unable to provide a fix and fight for the last 5 days. Pls help me. Below is my script

    Two nw - 2.0 and 3.0 is required to be configured in VLAN, VLAN ID 2 and 3.

    VLAN 2 -

    VLAN 3 -

    N/W 2.0 and 3.0 N/W machinery will be shared 48-Port powerconnect switch 5448 DELL

    The routing part arrives at 6224 power connect - gateway for vlan 2 - and bridge for VLANs 3 -

    The switch of two is ascending through fiber optic - spf port cable

    This is the configuration I did-

    5448 switch-

    database of VLAN

    VLAN 2, 3


    interface vlan 2

    switchport access vlan 2

    GVRP enable



    interface vlan 3

    switchport access vlan 3

    GVRP enable



    interface ethernet 1/you/1

    switchport mode general

    VLAN allowed switchport General add 2.3

    GVRP enable


    interface ethernet 1/g1

    switchport access vlan 2

    GVRP enable


    interface ethernet 1/g2

    switchport access vlan 3

    GVRP enable


    Uplink port is TE1 (Layer 2) to XG2 (Layer 3)

    Reference Dell 6224 can connect

    Configure the terminal

    interface vlan 2

    no downtime




    interface vlan 3

    no downtime

    address IP



    interface ethernet 1/xg2

    switchport mode general

    VLAN allowed switchport General add 2.3

    GVRP enable

    Computer with / 24 GW connected to layer 2 switch g1 - vlan 2

    When I ping - accessible United Nations host destination

    Even the wise

    Computer with / 24 GW connected to layer 2 switch g1 - vlan 3

    When I ping - accessible United Nations host destination

    Any thing that has missed out in the configuration part / all bad entries. I'm not sure now how to treat this. Pls help me and it is an urgent task for me

    Thank you

    With multiple VLANs, you need to use the general/Trunk mode. With the help of the info we have I made a diagram to help show the location of the switches and parameters on them. Obviously things can be different, such as PVID, IP address, VLAN ID etc are all customizable to your needs. But the page layout modes and the port will remain the same.

    STP will not fill the VLAN on the other switches. It's probably the GVRP feature it refers. With such a short race, it is more practical to manually add the VLAN. At least for the initial Setup, then once everything works enable GVRP to accommodate future expansion of VLAN.

    Hope this helps some.

  • FATAL error after Power Cycle - GVRP associated?

    Hi all

    Happy new year!

    I have a network of four 300 switches of the series of small businesses. All are running the version of the software (latest version).

    Three of them are connected by 2 groups of LAG to the central switch that in turn connects to the router facing the internet. There are no loops in the architecture and protocols spanning tree is running. There are a total of 4 VLANS and GVRP Protocol is enabled with the four VLANS created statically on the main switch.

    Normally, everything works very good and is perfectly stable.

    However, a power outage this morning resulted in a cycle of power on two of the switches. They did not recover gracefully and kept restarting.

    I removed the ports belonging to groups LAG in the main switch (not affected by the power cycle) and then rebuilt in order to recover the connectivity and restore normal operation.

    Both of the switches which restarted several entries in their logs like this: -.

    % GVRP-F-NOSTATREG: GVRPP_checkStaticToDynamic_update: Port is not declared statically on vlan 100 * FATAL ERROR * task Reporting: BRMN. Software version: (date October 10, 2013 time 17:15:41) 0x16adbc 0x166f28 0x6df2b0 0x48fad8 0x4903e8 0 x 490608 0x51a234 0x79dfd8 0x7b9f8c 0x7c1500 0x445d 88 0x41e04c 0x7d4c80 0x61cb68 0x1223f0 * END OF FATAL ERROR *.

    Has any seen this before? I made a mistake of 'beginner' with GVRP configuration?

    Kind regards


    Hi Andrew, Yes, that sounds all right. Essentially every change made to the master advertising GVRP wide affects each vlan, not one of them. So I think that restarting the switch downstream which forces to join will update properly for the master join message.

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  • Help the VLANS on Cisco SG200 - 08 p switch voice and data

    Hi all

    I'm faced with a problem of configuration on the Cisco SG200 - 08 p.

    We use Cisco SG200 - 08 p on a mobile carriage which will go from classroom to classroom who will have computer and phone VoIP cisco plugged into it. The question is that each of our closets are in different VLANS (1 voice and 1 data... Let's say data vlan 20 and vlan voice 2025 for conversation) and which move towards every closet.

    It would be great if I could just create a vlan voice dynamically pick up this switch upstream has however and generic data, it seems that I was failed to do.

    So far, I can pass the data Vlan no probably. The upstream switch port is set to access port and a switch port access voice vlan (these are x 3750 switches)

    If the above is not possible, I guess I'll take what I can get. Should I create data vlan 20 and vlan2025 of the voice on the Cisco SG200 - 08 p and make a port on the Cisco SG200 - 08 p and a trunk trunk on the 3750 x? Is there an option on the Cisco SG200 - 08 p to tag voice traffic?

    I am also concerned about DRIFTING and I did not see an area in the Cisco SG200 - 08 p to set it as a customer and a transparent mode.

    Thanks for any help,



    first the bad news, the switches for small businesses currently do not support VTP, they support the GVRP Protocol which is like VTP, but there is no State that the VLAN used it will not automatically learn as VTP.

    You should be able to configure the 3750 as a trunk with a vlan 1U or unmarked and vlan 2025 as the tag for the voice. configuration of the port on the switch to small businesses the same way to its home port. All ports which have only phones will be 2025U of access and all ports only PC would be access 1U. All ports of phone and computer would be trunk 1u, 2025T

    Cisco Small Business Support Center

    Randy Manthey

    CCNA, CCNA - security

Maybe you are looking for