Half, who wrote the software password Bank (PWDBank)?

I recently bought a Satellite Pro with the fingerprint reader for password memory.
But I can hardly believe that the Pwdbank software appears unfinished or poorly thought out.

My main complaints: -.
1. when I go on the Internet banking site I don't want Pwdbank to remember my passwords.
Then why hell is there not an option to stop the pop-up "Finger Scan" that appear on some Web sites?
Each time, it appears that I have to press 'X' - it's annoying bloody!

2. I just disconnected a site, the window appears again. I don't want to!

3. the software of Pwdbank somehow interferes with some other software when a large dark blue border appears around a clickable button.
The button does not work then. I know 100% for you, it is Pwdbank that, because when I get out the application this problem NEVER occurs.

4. the software Pwdbank "plant, often" with an error message box that appears.
Sorry that I don't have the exact wording right now as I have no record.

Does anyone know if there is a patch or software update available to address all these very annoying problems on what is otherwise a great feature?

Thank you



Have you tested a different internet browser? Like Akuma says Firefox is a good alternative and I only use it.
You may notice the problem under Firefox and Internet Explorer too?

In addition, I would like to try to reinstall the software password Bank. Maybe it can help you solve some problems

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