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I have downloaded several movies and diverted to the handbrake - if I want to see them on a normal TV, can use the files converted to mp4 format to watch them on any TV via a media player?

Thank you



Yes as long as the format is compatible with the video playback device.

Not tell you which device is playing videos. Some support TV putting on a peripheral storage UBS and just plug into the USB port on the TV.

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  • Imitate the default Handbrake H264

    At the University where I work, we have our own streaming video server that allows us to deliver educational content.

    Its own built-in compression profiles do not provide the quality I want, but there is an option to download .mp4 without compression, and I get good results this way if I use FCPX share > 720 p for Apple devices. However these videos play well on campus - outside of our network of many students have complained that they do not have the bandwidth to play these videos smoothly.

    My problem is that I could not find a profile of compressor this quality pretty good delvers while offering low enough bitrate for smooth playback for individuals. Many of the videos contain some text, and which tends to degrade badly with all profiles bitrate lower than compressor I've tried.

    A colleague uses the default profile in the hand brake and the results are much better, so ideally I'd like to try to reproduce in the compressor, so that I can use this profile to export directly from FCPX.

    Unfortunately the documentation of the hand brake does not give much away and video compression isn't really my field, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    «.. . Download .mp4 without compression.

    Uh, no such thing .mp4 is a great highly compressed.

    In any case, you will need to open Handbreak, watch settings.  You should be able to see the settings somewhere.  I've not used in ages.  But look at the Inspector in the compressor, the video section.  Compare that to the Handbreak screen.

    Start with predefined Apple devices you used in the presets of the compressor.

    Duplicate it by right clicking and select duplicate from the pop-up menu.

    This duplicate will now be in the custom group.

    Select it, go to the Inspector, the video section, and it is where you are going to settle things.  Basically, you'll only have to set the bitrate.  Everything else is automatically set to the size of the image and the rate of your original video.  Unless you want them changed.  But you can easily get all the information you need simply by looking at the screen Handbreak and Scribble all parameters.

  • iPod Touch cannot play some mp4 files

    I have some video captures for the House that my iTunes will transfer to my iPod Touch saying they cannot be played on this.  The videos play in iTunes, and I see nothing unusual in the file type.

    An MP4 Player is simply a wrapper for video files. There are many variations in the video files that can be encapsulated in a mp4 file. iTunes can play more variations than the iPod.

    I recommend using the hand brake computer free app to convert the file


    This app has preset for outings specifically compatible with the iPod

  • . Video MP4 will not sync to iPad?

    I just created an Album containing several videos into pictures on my iMac.

    The videos are. MP4 format that I packed with a Canon camera.

    Then I synced my iPhone and iPad to my iMac via iTunes.

    Videos to sync and play fine on my iPhone. However, they do NOT synchronize or play on my iPad.

    What's not here?

    Thank you.

    Photos 1.5

    10.11.6 Mac

    iPad 9.3.5

    iPhone 10.0.1

    MP4 can be many things try to use the hand brake in the free program to convert it to a supported format that MP4 is a container that can contain several codecs much of what iOS is not compatible

  • I have a Mac Book Pro with a CD/DVD drive.  I want to copy a home made DVD.  Is this possible with iMovie or another application?

    I have a Mac Book Pro with a CD/DVD drive.  I want to copy a home made DVD.  Is this possible with iMovie or another application?

    Look for the hand brake.

    It is a free application which can convert your DVD to QuickTime formats.

  • Handbrake approx. of teacher Tube - is - it safe to open?

    I just signed up for the "teacher" Tube I am a new teacher and it would give me the opportunity to have my own website where I can post my own video content and allow my students to blog, and parents can communicate with me. I googled in the classroom through work, and I have a PC that I could put this whole thing (teacher Tube) on. Teacher tube has an App called "hand brake". They say that they cannot play or incorporate several different types of multimedia without this "hand brake". What are your thoughts? Should I just use the school issued PC to use this application? (So do not expose my MAC to any type of situation like this. The site owner says he was an officer, years ago and wanted to launch this site for teachers in order to make their own video content on the site. I am familiar with the concept of "Unsigned Applications" by the developers of the unknown

    , and that the best is still using the apple store, or iTunes only. If this guy was so tedious on what is an educational site, his idea of a 'gift to teachers', and it has 1.5 million users, why he can't get his signed app? It has something to do with Open Source or Creative Commons? I find it a little disturbing and just because he says good sound, does not mean that I will run and download this app. However, if he is right, I will miss out on a lot of content and not being able to integrate Flikr and several others. In addition, he said, we can only buy it safely on its site. Any other copy would be suspect. What should I do?

    Thank you


    If it is the handbrake you talk, you might as well get it directly from here: https://handbrake.fr

    What I don't understand, are the references to coating... HandBrake is essentially a video transcoder. It converts the video from one type to another, nothing else. You'll probably need to download the video in the correct format.

    BTW: I don't see any risk when uploading handbrake. He has a good reputation.

  • old DVD project to new web file viewable (dvdproj to m4v)

    I have files .dvdproj and .iMovieProj, created in 2007.

    I want to reformat them for display in a browser.

    I know how to use Handbrake to take a .dv file and output as an m4v file, but apparently the hand brake does not have a .dvdproj

    Any advice welcome.


    Hi, Marsha,

    For dvd.proj files:

    Open your dvd.proj and save it on your desktop as a disk image on the file menu.  It will take a while the

    rendering to complete.  When is rendered, you will have a disk image icon on your desktop.  Open it by clicking on it.  You will see a window with two files inside.  Open the one named VIDEO_TS.

    When you open it, you will see a screen listing several files.  Option-make slide ones with .vob desktop extensions.  This will make the copies on your desktop, leaving the original files where they are.

    (Standing for Video object) .vob files are your film.   Handbrake can now deal with these files to be converted.

    For your old files imovie.proj: I think that you can simply open the project and file/export to your desktop as a better video quality in Quicktime and Handbrake can manage with this one to convert it.

    I hope this helps.


  • MacPro dual processor mid-2010 5.1 temperature settings?

    Hello world

    I recently upgraded my MacPro mid-2010 5.1 (not 2009 flashed) single 4-core processor 2.8 GHz tray with 32 GB of RAM for a tray of 12 CPU cores double with 64 GB of RAM. I removed the processor 2.93 GHz original double set came with replacing them with 2 X 5690 3.46 GHz processors.

    To check the time, I encoded a video file that is large enough with hand brake.

    When encoding, I noticed that the CPU ran hotter than the B - 92 - 98º C for the CPU CPU has and 71-75 ° C for B CPU.

    Is it normal for CPU make it warmer than CPU B? Slow down time appear to be relatively stable, with A CPU running just above CPU B time.

    Forgive my ignorance, but who's CPU has on the map (the left or the right one)?

    Thanks in advance for the info!

    I also noticed that the heat sinks run about 20 degrees colder than the processor cores.

  • Have two old CD/DVD with the old movies of family 8mm on them.  When I try toopen them I get a statement that ' cannot they in format Samsung "suggestions?

    Have two old CD/DVD with the old movies of family 8mm on them.  When I try toopen them I get a statement that ' cannot they in format Samsung "suggestions?

    that is a difficult question. Try VLC to see if it will open to them. Usually when the disc appears on the desktop, if you click on it and let go, then press the clover sheet and I (get info command), you should be able to choose which application/program can open them. I have not already heard talk of the "samsung" format, I know there is a stranger there (lie format MTS from Sony). Regarding the conversion of them, maybe MPEG streamclip or hand brake? worst case scenario, you may need to spend some money to buy a video conversion app/program

    Sorry I can't help you more


  • Can I copy a DVD old House?

    I have an old movie House DVD (not done on a Mac), shot in 2003, probably not too long after. I would like to cut the last 30 minutes of it, so I can copy the first mass party for parents (his karaoke like nobody wants to watch haha). Except that, I can't understand how to copy all the same thing. He said that the format is "PCM" I think and also NTSC. Thanks for any direction.

    First, you will need to extract the part of the DVD movie video with the free Handbrake app by copying the VIDEO_TS of the disc on the desktop folder.  The hand brake race on the. VOB files in the folder to get the movie you want to if there is more than one.

    After that she is torn, edit it with iMovie or another editor of movie of your choice.  You will need to create a new video DVD with a creation like iDVD application or a video DVD authoring applications available on the App Store.

    Regardless of the app allows you to create video DVDs follow this workflow to help ensure the best DVD video qualty:

    Once the project you want it save it as an image disk via the menu file → save as Disk Image (in iDVD). Most applications have a save as option .dmg or .iso.  It will separate from the process of encoding of the burning process.

    To check coding mount the disk image, launch a DVD player and read it.  If it plays OK with DVD, encoding is good.

    Burn burn to disc with utility disk or toasts to the slowest speed (2 x - 4 x) in order to ensure the best quality.  Always use higher quality media: Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are recommended in these forums.

  • How to extract files on DVD VOB

    I have many DVDs made from iDVD.  The source of film is created from the FCE to QuickTime files.  I did not save the Video_TS, VOB?, files.  Can I extract these files from the DVD so I can use them for posting to YouTube, more editing, etc?

    Use the hand brake.

  • Recommend an app for mac that can convert several videos at once for the iPad 3

    Recommend an app for mac that can convert several videos at once (or better yet create a queue) for iPad 3, preferably free, if not yet ok.

    I can't say enough good things about the hand brake. Visit the Web site and see if it's what you're after. And Yes, it's free!

  • Drive DVD DVP3950/12 does not play the converted videos


    My DVD DVP3950/12 player plays all videos I converted (hand brake).
    In my description are no valid information for the videocodecs that I use and it has no details for resolution. And what kind of audiocodec is able to play on my player?

    Could someone help me?



    Is the drive DVD DVP3950/12 a Toshiba device?

  • 1 problem and 1 Question

    I just got a Sansa discovered refurb 16 GB for Christmas and tried to get some movies on this thing.  Its been a real pain.  I have VOB so Any Video Converter files, I tried and it has lip sync problems.  Tried the settings from here: http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=view&message.id=4413&jump=true#M4413

    and they did not work.  Tried the settings from here: http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=view&thread.id=6068

    and he got the view to play videos but with the lip sync problem.  I tried to change the A / V sync basic, no luck.  video framerate to 29.97 is not an option, only 25 to 30 I think, but certainly not 29.97.

    I have not yet tried formatoz.com, but will probably tonight.  Any suggestions?  I have about 8 hrs a value of time lost so far...

    Now to the question: I have about 5 VOB files by film I would like to transfer and I was wondering whether or not point of view seamlessly pass the 1st mp4 to another.  If not, I'm pretty well, do anyone knows how to convert these 5 VOB files into a single file to be converted to mpeg-4 (mp4), or a shortcut to the 5 files just convert a mp4?

    Thanks in advance.  I usually love challenges, but it becomes a little hand.

    Well, I found a program called "Hand brake" courtesy of lifehacker.


    I think that should do it.  its supposed to be one of the best free programs out there, and you can use it instead of Any Video Converter.

    If for any reason any who does not work for me, I'll use some type of program "Carpenter" to make the case.  Check download.com and type of Carpenter.

  • Is there a 'Linux' way to get movies on the "rocket"?

    Good morning-

    I googled a bit and have the impression that there are problems with the Sansa Media Converter same in Windows and less options for downloading movies of the "rocket" in Linux?

    Someone had a bit of luck with the handbrake?  I did experiment with Handbrake to make the files 'high Profile' (described as "all the bells and whistles" to the hand brake) in .mp4 and .mkv containers, but do not know if there are parameters that make the Fuze-compatible video.

    If it has been taken over recently, maybe someone could be so kind as to post a link?

    Thank you-

    OK, thanks, I'm going to print that out and see if I can get there...

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