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Maybe a silly question, but is possible to use the hands free to send a text message? I always have to press on send on the phone. It is a problem because my wife has a rating of galaxy 2 and can simply order the text to send. She's never touch the phone. I thought that assist bike would work this way, and perhaps I just haven't thought to it yet. Any help would be appreciated. Looking for an answer but couldn't find one.

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  • hands free texting while driving iphone6s w?

    I upgraded from the iphone iPhone 5 6s and I am now limited in hands-free SMS while driving.

    It works probably 1 out of 10 times.

    before, I hold down the button on my phone on the wheel, to make appear siri on my dashboard, then ask for the text to my contact.  I would like my text, then confirm, then the message is sent.

    now when I touch, rises in the mobile assistant, but siri said nothing and the microphone is dimmed, siri sense does not hear you.  every once in a while it works, but for the most part, when I run the command for siri / voice assistant, phone blue tooth disconnects and then reconnects.

    It was so convenient with my iphone 4 years, now with a brand new, I've lost this ability.

    I've read a few things about what is a 'known problem', but I don't buy it because apple has just had an update that does not solve the problem.

    chrismcclain077 wrote:

    I upgraded from the iphone iPhone 5 6s and I am now limited in hands-free SMS while driving.

    Which isn't a bad thing:

    http://www.ScientificAmerican.com/article/hands-free-texting-is-no-safer-to-use-certain time at the wheel.

    However, you can verify that your car system is up-to-date. Automakers are known for failing to keep up with that.

  • Hands free text double?

    When I use the free touch function to send a text message the recipient becomes the message 2 times or three. Everyone affected by this and/or know how to fix it? Thanks in advance for your help.

    We captured this question, he reproduced and reported it.

  • No sound on the hands-free car on incoming calls after upgrade iOS 10

    I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 10 6s. With one of the versions iOS 9 it makes my hands-free connection in my Toyota 'agitated', but this time I could call people without problem, so I thought everything was ok. That was, until I got a call and didn't hear a thing after accepting it.

    Seems iOS 10 has broken my audio on incoming calls. I can't hear the caller, and the caller does not hear me. I tried to reset network and matching settings once again, but unfortunately which didn't help either (this resolved the problem of stuttering last time).

    Anyone got tips on how to solve this problem?

    DelGurth salvation!

    I see that your car radio on your iPhone Bluetooth connection no longer works correctly.  I know it's important to have this job just so I'm happy to offer assistance.  Please follow the instructions in this article, and it may be necessary to contact Toyota to see if there is an update of the firmware available for your car stereo.

    Help to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your car radio

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

  • After updating IOS 10, hands-free BMW did not work

    After updating IOS 10, hands-free BMW did not work

    If I want to launch an appeal, all thinking looks like normally, but after 5 to 8 sek. the call will be abort. so I can't use the hands-free system!  Others with the same problem?

  • Bluetooth does not work with the hands-free after iOS 9.3.1 on 6s

    Question so that evacuation here... Hello apple, invite you me several times to upgrade to the latest version of the software and I finally do after two weeks of incessant pop ups and now my phone became unusable with connection handsfree on three high-end cars (both brands of cars from 2007, 2010 and 2015 ", which confirms that it is a matter of apple).  I have a 6 s and have just updated to 9.3.1.  Before the update, everything was fine now, I have constant clipping making it impossible to use.  This means that I can not make calls hands free which is obviously a problem in relation to the laws of conduct.  I'm trying to get by using a headset or speaker of the iPhone, but it's bad news.  Note people are ranting on this matter in all directions.  Do you have a recommendation?

    You talk to Apple by posting on this forum, only users such as you. Please provide your feedback directly to Apple at this link: http://apple.com/feedback

  • iOS 9.3 do bluetooth hands-free connection to my Audi stuttering. Using google maps with instructions of the Tower burn on bluetooth still works very well. It's an iPhone 6. Another 6s to 9.2 iOS iPhone works very well with the hands-free bluetooth.

    iOS 9.3 made connection kit hands free bluetooth to my Audi stuttering.

    Both the speaker and the stuttering/pulse microphone so that you cannot speak/hear.

    Using googlemap-app with instructions of the Tower burn via bluetooth still works very well, his is perfect.

    It's an iPhone 6s and the car is an Audi A6 2010 with the Moose Bluetooth adapter business.

    Another 6s to 9.2 iOS iPhone works fine with bluetooth hands-free, just like my phone before the upgrade.

    I tried to disable the twinning, remove all old in the car and the iPhone and pair Bluetooth devices again.

    Anyone alse experinceing this?

    And tip on how to fix it?

    I have the same problem with Audi Q7 2008 and iPhone-6s - iOS - 9.3.

  • How to use the Satellite Pro A100 speakers as a hands-free SmartPhone device?

    I have a your Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAC) and a T-Mobile SDA Smartphone. I would use my laptop speakers and microphone to talk to my cell phone hands-free. I use Vista.

    Are you sure that something like this is possible?

  • free text in the Apple health

    Is it possible to enter free text in the health of apple?

    Not as far as I know, but if you want this functionality, let Apple knowledge by using this link:

    Apple - iPhone - Feedback

  • Why Motorola does not have hands-free in the bike box?

    Why Motorola does not have hands-free box?

    I have all kinds of helmets that work very well.

    As to why the bike not turned in the box - I would say that most people do not use them. You may disagree, and perhaps it is regional. But looking around the United States and the European Union, most of the people with cell phones do not use wired headphones. And the few people I know that do, tend to buy a different brand of what is in the box.

    In the United States, you can get them in many stores for less then $10 for Motorola is saving most of us who do not use wired headphones. I have a set that runs in my backpack as a backup, but I always forget it's there and use the phone without it.

  • Cliq MB200 voice cannot dial hands-free?

    Which Bluetooth device or software that will allow me to use my MB200 Motorola Cliq with MotoBlur again as totally hands free voice composition telephone, composition of seems to be a problem for the hands-free?

    the CLIQ is running Android OS version 1.5 which does not support BT voice dialing at the moment. I find the speed dialer is the best solution for now.

    GOOD NEWS so the CLIQ is going to OS 2.1 soon and this will solve your problem.

    best answers I can give you today


  • MDR-NC31EM hands-free microphone?

    Hi people, someone of you know where the microphone is when this hearing is used as hands-free?
    It is on the back side of the ear bud left?
    Thank you!

    its on the back of both headphones.

  • Bluetooth not pair with hands-free on Xperia m4 aqua

    Hi, I just bought the above phone. I tried to implement everything so he can associate with my hands-free kit. I have not had this problem before, EVER! Any ideas as to what I can try? I really want to buy another hands-free kit, in case the same thing happens. I have a Samsung hands-free kit.

    I will certainly give that a try. Thanks for your help.

  • Bluetooth hands-free audio has a driver problem.

    My HP g6-1d70us running on 64-bit windows sound 8 just stopped working after it has been switched off.

    When I move my mouse to the speaker icon in the taskbar, it displays the message "no audio output device is installed".

    When I run the troubleshooting, it says "Bluetooth hands-free audio has a driver problem.

    Please, what should I do?

    Hi felixchip,

    I think you have a problem with the hardware at this point with the map his and your case it is a card that is integrated directly into the motherboard. I would recommend that you have someone take a look at the hardware store. You can call HP Total Care at 1-800-474-6836 in North America or Start here if you live outside of North America.

  • Problems of hands free blackBerry Z10 Z10 with Vauxhall Astra

    I just updated my Blackberry 9800 torch that worked very well in my Vauxhall Astra with integrated Bluetooth.  AddressBook synchronized with the car and the voice dialing etc worked.

    The Z10 however connect to the bluetooth car, but do not synchronize with the address book etc and calls must be made and terminated from the Z10 handset which is useless when you drive!

    Does anyone else have this problem? RIM study compatibility issues? I can't even go back to the torch that the sim card is a different size!

    Hands free and works now. The problems have been solved by the latest version of the Blackberry software

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