Hang watch over satellite A110-233 PASB2E

If anyone has any suggestions on how to help with this, I would be very grateful.

Sleep never worked on this laptop. He's going through the motions and then crashes at the idle screen preparedness. From this point, I have to restart by pressing the power on button for a few seconds.

I tried updating BIOS, reinstall energy saving and the power of Eve driver all nothing doesn't.

Apart from the above, the laptop is as I bought from PC world. All software from Toshiba loading always (lots of it) and I havn't to measure anything.

Thank you


It is not easy to say why the night before does not work or crashes.
Have you tried to recover the laptop with recovery CD Toshiba delivered?
Try it!
Additional you could disable some background processes in the msconfig

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  • How can I get a satellite A110-233 to recognize the NIC under Linux?


    I just bought a satellite A110-233. I have partitioned the hard drive, so I have XP and Fedora Core 5 (FC5).
    XP works fine when I plug in the network cable, but FC5 (or at least the Linux kernel) doesn't seem to be able to find and activate the network card.

    The message I get is "8139too device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization. The 8139too module is in memory as the mii (which points to him).

    Somehow, I need to get Linux to detect that the card is there, but I don't know how to do this. Can anyone help?

    Thank you.


    As far as I know the laptop has a built-in Realtek network I / F chip RL8100CL.
    I think you should googol around LAN compatible driver for Linux that supports this chip.
    Unfortunately, Toshiba page you will find not all drivers for any Linux distribution because Toshiba doesn't support this operating system. ;(

  • I want to access the fan on my satellite A110-233


    I have a satellite A110-233 and I want to access the fan I want to check it dust because he won the t-switch on and the last time he did it, it kept restarting so far. If someone can tell me step by step how to disassemble it, I d be very grateful.

    Thank you very much!

    (I ve checked the net but didn t have a chance at all)

    The fan is a big job. I think you need to remove the whole top cover and delicate cables.

    Your best option is to buy a can of compressed Air or use an air compressor to blow out the dust through the vent.

  • Cannot play DVDs on satellite A110-233

    I can play DVD CD rom and pc games, but he can t normal DVD movies play. I get the following message

    Playback failed due to a problem with the video subsystem. Lower your color depth or screen resolution may determine the message COOL problem.

    I lowered all the settings as suggested and followed all the troubleshooting guides, but still no luck. I m that I have the latest drivers ect, so a bit lost!
    Thanks for any ideas on how to fix.


    I don't have this kind of problems, but maybe you should read this document to understand why this happen.

    If your laptop is preinstalled with original recovery image, that you should be able to watch DVD movies original preinstalled using WinDVD player.

  • Re: Problem of fashion watches over Satellite L300 - 12K


    When I push the power button to exit sleep mode, sometimes, I get the reboot screen and computer blue
    What can I do?

    Thank you

    Your question is short and without any relevant info can help.
    So I give you the same short answer use the recovery image and reinstall Vista. With own OS preinstalled, it should work without blue screen.

    If you want to chat more seriously about it we know what OS you are using. Let us know since when you noticed this problem. Let us know if you have installed a software that can be responsible for this.

    There is no magic solution to these issues. No one knows what you have done with your laptop. No one knows your personal settings. Nobody knows what third part software is preinstalled and runs in the background. There are too many factors that may be responsible for the blue screen.

  • Equium A110-233 - easy key Drivers


    I have a satellite A110-233 im looking for the easy key drivers because none of them work

    All the drivers for this model of laptop is on the page of the Toshiba UE driver:
    You must choose:

    • Archives
    • Equium (laptops)
    • Equium A series
    • Equium A110 (PSAB2)


  • Windows 7 will work for Equium A110-233?


    Anyone know if I'll be able to run Windows 7 on a satellite A110-233 with the full user interface experience?
    My only doubt is the 64 MB memory graphics as Microsoft specify 128 MB graphic memory.
    I have 2.5 GB of RAM, so it won't be a problem

    Any help appreciated
    see you soon


    Of course, you could install Win 7 on this laptop.
    Win 7 has some material required min. Notebooks/computer should support:
    1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x 86) or 64-bit (x 64) processor
    1 GB of RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
    16 GB of disk space available (32-bit) / 20 GB (64-bit)
    GPU DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

    Of course, not all the features of Windows 7 would be available using a notebook of weak physical performance.
    See this page of MS on additional required to use some features.

    See you soon

  • Equium A110-233 bad sound quality

    Hi all, please can someone help,

    I recently bought a satellite A110-233 and the sound quality is terrible (I am aware that there is a conrtol of volume on the front of the laptop until someone asks ;-))

    I played around with all the settings including the Tru-Surround options and via the internal speaker volume level is very low, even though unfortunately this isn't my main concern. The main reason I bought the laptop was to use as the source for the reading of the media through my Hi-Fi and TV channel. When I connect to my stereo using a socket type of headphone 3.5 mm headphone output on decision-making for the twin RCA inputs on my system audio is absolutely appalling. The volume is very low and there is no depth to the sound and absolutely NOT that it's low.

    I tried to play the same files on the other half cell and the output is absolutely fine.

    I tried to download a new copy of the audio driver and install that. I also tried a full format of the laptop and reinstall windows from zero (not from the appropriate disk recovery, but since the windows CD), still no joy.

    Please please can someone help me because I can't use my system for what I bought it for!

    Thank you all


    Hmmm, I'm not an owner Equium A110 and so I can't give you a professional opinion on this problem.
    For me it is not easy to tell if it is a hardware/software problem, or if it is simply a sound quality.

    In any case... I noticed several discussions here in the forum about bass on laptops Satellite A100 and a person has provided a solution.

    According to several messages try to delete or to rename the files RTHDAEQ0. DAT and RTHDAEQ1. DAT.
    You should find these files in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\ folder

    But it is a solution of A100 series and I don't know if it helps on an A110.
    However, test it and please report results... It is interesting to me

    Please also check this thread

  • Accessbility Equium A110 - 233 buttons do not work after installing XP

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite A110-233, with windows XP.

    on my laptop, I have 6 buttons below the power button.
    1 web
    2 music
    3 play/pause
    4 stop
    5 skip ahead
    6 back.

    Since I reinstalled window on my laptop, it will not work. I have a program call for windows startup Inspector. I use to control the program that starts when the pc starts. could someone tell me what the name of the program is to make these buttons work?

    Thank you


    But if you used CD recovery provided then the program must be installed. If this isn't the case, then just look here and download the software:


    Then it should work.
    Welcome them

  • Equium A110-233 - cannot find Steromix

    Hi every1

    I have a prob on my computer model of Toshiba laptop satellite A110-233.

    I want to play songs in the chatroom through Stero mix but I found no table of mixing stereo or another that I could play songs without speakers, because normally there are in the PC.
    But I can't able to play laptop.

    Any suggestion or other sources? Any solution?


    What operating system do you use?

    In Vista, I have enable this first in Control Panel-> sound-> recording tab
    To do a right click and have to mark the option called see the disabled devices and devices disconnected show (or something like that)

    Then you would see the Stereomix and may activate this device.

    Check it out!

  • Equium A110-233 does support memory 667 mhz or 533 mhz?


    I have a satellite A110-233 with a processor Intel Core solo processor. Sound of the Intel 945 GM Express chipset. Now, I have looked everywhere and just cannot know for sure if my computer supports at 667 mhz. I know that it supports 533 mhz...

    I'm after a new ram install and want to take advantage of the higher speed if he is cabable.
    Also, anyone know where I can get cheap ram? Pref kington etc.?

    Thank you!


    I m not 100% sure, but it seems that the laptop supports a FSB of 533.
    So I advise to use the 533 Mhz memory modules.

    As far as I know Toshiba recommends the use of these modules:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    It seems that the modules are designed by Kingston. Usually Kingston modules are very effective in high-performance, but there is a little more expensive than the modules without name.
    In any case, I would always buy a module high performance, because the quality is much better

  • Equium A110-233: HDD - no HARD drive boot failure

    My Toshiba Satellite A110-233 decided its had enough. Basically when you switch on you get the Toshiba first screen with the options to press F2 or F12. When you select one of these it bascially says please wait and goes no further. We have F2 (twice) and a message pops up saying that it was not a hard drive.

    When you view the list of devices in the Bios the hard drive does not appear. We can't even use the recovery disc you need to press F12, that we cannot do. Laptop is about six months. To be honest, we really don't care about information stored on it because most of our documents, photos etc are on the main PC.

    We do not know what to do. Can someone advise/help?


    Chances are that your drive HARD must be changed. Bring it to your ASP and ask them to test it. They'll probably change the HARD drive and reinstall OS then it will be like new. Good luck and have a nice day.

  • Broken laptop screen Equium A110-233

    Hi, I have a satellite A110-233, the screen is broken.

    I have attached an external monitor and it displays when the Starter until he got to the Windows logon screen and then it switches back to the laptop screen.
    Is there no workaround known solution for this other than to replace the broken display?


    The interal screen replacement is a little tricky because you have to remove a lot of. You should remove a lot of parts and screws, and for that, you should have a little experience with it.
    An ASP can help you to do this and be able to order this part and exchange it or take you a look on ebay.

    Normally, you can switch between monitors with FN + F5.

    Good bye

  • System hangs after connecting a USB device in Satellite A110

    I have a Satellite A110 (psab6c). Whenever I plug an ino device USB my computer it crashes and I have to put it off and then on again and remove the USB device. I looked for the drivers, but I can't find.
    I use Windows XP. Can someone help me? Thank you


    I'm sure that there is a driver problem. See the manuals. It must be described how to properly use this external device.

  • Satellite A110-293 hangs in hibernation mode

    Toshiba Satellite A110-293 is suspended in the mode hibernate after opening the cover of the laptop. Nothing happens after tapping the keyboard, the mouse clicking or any other activity (i.e. opening DVD - ROM etc..)
    The cover was closed as usual with some running programs. After about 10 minutes, I tried to open but the whole system was in hibernation and he's still asleep.

    Please help me to restart (fix or smth) laptop, because I have not found any restart button.
    Thanks in advance.

    hibernating your computer is off; "Hibernate" State is very different from 'sleep' (in which the system is not completely off)
    Take a look at:
    (1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibernate_%28OS_feature%29
    (2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standby_mode
    so... you have to press the power button to 'wake up' a computer that was previously placed in hibernation. have you tried to press the power button?

Maybe you are looking for