Hard disk mysteriously "fills" after having deleted the files and programs uninstall

My C drive is suddenly appeared full and I had a little flashing icon who said that I was running low disk space.  I checked and 92.9 GB I used almost all.  I started uninstalling programs and deleting files (move to an external hard drive and "erase the files in the C drive with 7 assists) to height of about 15-20 GB removed from drive C so far.  He started showing the space freed up in properties, but all of a sudden I'm at just 2.4 GB of free space.  I ran CCleaner and Norton 360 and have no bugs.  I use the Microsoft malicious software removal tool.  It's done more than 3 5ths and showing without problems.  Any ideas?


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    I clicked "refresh your pc" without deleting the files and programs in windows 8. Most of the software installed uninstalled including ms office and all driver software. Now, even the gesture multi in my new samsung ultra book does not work. How can I return the multi gesture again in my touchpad?

    I clicked "refresh your pc" without deleting the files and programs in windows 8. Most of the software installed uninstalled including ms office and all driver software. Now, even the gesture multi in my new samsung ultra book does not work. How can I return the multi gesture again in my touchpad?


    The update option in the settings of PC mentions that you can save your personal files, it does not mention programs and applications.

    The first screen you see when you select the refresh option is as follows.

    You will need to reinstall all of the programs deleted.

    For the question of multi-geste, contact Samsung support to download the latest driver for this component.

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  • Error: "there was a disk error when you write to the file C\:Program files (x 86) \microsoft games\dungeon siege\resources\objects.dsres" during the installation of Dungeon Siege.

    When I try to install it it comes up with an error about 16% in the installation, saying that there is a disk error when you write to the file C\:Program files (x 86) \microsoft games\dungeon siege\resources\objects.dsres

    Any ideas?

    Hi MouseToe,

    What version of Dungeon Siege you trying to install?

    The cause of this problem could be the corrupted resource (.dsres) file or disk error. Here are some things you can do to solve the problem.

    Method 1: Run the disk check.


    Check the integrity of your hard disk for lost clusters and errors.

    To do this, follow the steps in this article: check a drive for errors

    Method 2: Defragment the hard disk.

    This improves the performance of your hard drive.

    Reference: improve performance by defragmenting your hard drive

    Method 3: Run the game as administrator.

    Here's how:

    (a) right click on the game configuration file.

    (b) choose 'Run as administrator'.

    Method 4: Try to install the game in a different folder or to a different drive


    Try to install the game in a different folder. If the computer has another hard disk, try to install the game on the other hard drive.

    Follow these steps.

    a. Insert the game disc in the drive.

    Note: Do not click on Quick Installation during installation.

    b. follow the setting menus until you see the change button.

    c. click change.

    d. in the path box, delete the existing path, and then type the following text:

    drive: \Program Files\Microsoftgame name Games\

    In this example,drive is the letter of the hard disk drive and the name of the game is the name of the game you are trying to install.

    e. click OK when finished.

    f. follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install the game.

    This should be it.

    For more information, please visit:


    For additional assistance, please post your concerns at the forum below.


    Kind regards

    Shinmila H - Microsoft Support

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  • How can I recover the files and programs before a system restore? my document folders are all empty and my programs will not open!

    How can I recover the files and programs before a system restore?  my document folders are all empty and my programs will not open!

    I know they are there and hidden somewhere, but this restoration took my settings of the computer to 2004! We lost all our data, our software that we use to operate our company at home, our quickbooks that has all our financial data, family photos, videos, Outlook will work not so no e-mail, all turned in time and 6 years ' worth of documents have disappeared.

    What happeneded was that I was trying to upgrade to quickbooks software when I got an error, I cancelled out of the facility, then restarted and that's when I got an error hal.dll something? I thought about a system restore would allow me to go back in time to just before when the error occurred, but he basically took my computer back to factory settings, so all the programs that I installed and paid hundreds of dollars for the past six years has disappeared, Microsoft Office and very expensive construction estimating software that we wil have to pay once AGAIN for If I can't get this program working properly.

    I am a fool! I can't believe what's happening.

    Someone at - it instructions on how I can retrieve either the programs and data that I need specifically or how to go and seek shade from the files I read online on and restore my computer for about 12 hours ago?

    Thank you all!

    Sally in Georgia

    Looks like you did a system rather than a system restore recovery.  If you have inserted a disc supplied with your machine and booted from it, you probably erased the disc and installed the original operating system provided with your computer.  Usually, a step in this recovery is to do a full format or quick of your drive.  If you did a full format, your data is permanently lost.  With a quick format, your data may still be there, somewhere but inaccessible by normal means.  Applications must generally be installed, in order to recover the files probably will not help unless you have the original installation media.  Your other data files (images, videos, financial data) may be salvageable, but at this point, it would be advisable to take your computer or your disk to a business/professional who is experienced with data disc recovery.  It will be cheap and there is no guarantee.

    Impatient, remember investigate you a backup strategy for your computer and critical data.  Hard drives can go wrong with little or no warning.


  • What Linked Clone VM after having deleted the Parent model?

    Hi all

    I deleted the models and all VM related clones still works fine

    Looks like that model files still sitting on the data store.

    It will be really difficult for me to keep track of which is where?

    It will be really useful if we could come up with a report or something to achieve exact file structures

    Thank you

    As long as a VMDK is necessary for all child VM still in Lab Manager (or a child of this VM) it will stay on the drive in its original folder.  You can eliminate some of the records/VMDK by consolidating the configurations that have been cloned from a template.  We do it with most of the configurations captured at the library.  You must be careful if or it will cost you a lot of space if

    In Lab Manager you can see this in a graphical representation on the way to resources, Datatstores and then choose the data store for configuration model / you want to watch.  The mouse on the virtual machine, and then select the context.  Not only that you get a graphical view, but when you hover over each box it tells you the name of the folder and the size of it.  He also tells

    I've been searching in the database to figure out how I can get this information and export it.  I'm only able to track down the parent folder for a current VM inside Lab Manager so far and not the parent of one that no longer exists (but always as a linked clone).

  • Try to get the files and programs and to increase the usable memory

    I have windows xp home edition and I have apparently lost file and photos even if sometimes the image will appear in a pop up in Google chrome, I said I want to make more space on my hard disk drive or buy lots of hurt dear ware how can make more space and I'll be able to recover anything thank Ernest

    Hi Ernest,

    You can use the Microsoft Security Scanner which is free to scan your computer to get rid of the virus or malware.
    Once you scan your computer, check to see if you can view the files and images that seem to have lost.
    Keep me updated on the status of the issue.
  • __Undo "open as" as now all the files (and programs) will not open and the icon changed in the open air in the program.

    Do not uncheck the function "open as" to open files and programs.  I have here a way to return to original icons for the files.  This happened a week ago.  Cannot open any file or explore any original icon does not work, only the clicked program.  Can find no place to remove or cancel this operation.  Remedies, trhanks.


    Use above message for intense and thorough check for malware.

    To restore the ability to run any .exe programs.

    1 make a Restore Point so that you can come back if necessary back although probably not required.

    How to create a Vista System Restore Point

    How to make a Vista system restore
    2. copy BETWEEN these lines and paste it into Notepad - save as exefileFix.reg - then right
    Click on it and FUSION - REBOOT


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @= "exefile".
    "Content Type"="application/x-msdownload".

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\. EXE\PersistentHandler]
    @= "{098f2470-bae0-11cd-b579-08002b30bfeb}".

    @= "Application".
    "EditFlags" = hex: 38, 07, 00, 00
    "FriendlyTypeName" = hex (2): 40, 00, 25, 00, 53, 00, 79, 00, 73, 00, 74, 00, 65, 00, 6 d, 00, 52,------.
    00, 6f, 00, 6f, 00, 74, 00, 25, 00, 5 c, 00, 53, 00, 79, 00, 73, 00, 74, 00, 65, 00, 6 d, 00, 33, 00,------.
    32,00, 5 c, 00, 73, 00, 68, 00, 65, 00, 6 c, 00, 6 c, 00, 33, 00, 32, 00, 2nd, 00, 64, 00, 6 c, 00, 6 c,
    00, 2 c, 00, 2d, 00, 31, 00, 30, 00, 00, 31, 35, 00, 36, 00, 00, 00



    "EditFlags" = hex: 00, 00, 00, 00

    @="\"%1\" %*"
    ""IsolatedCommand"="\"%1\" %. "


    @="\"%1\" %*"
    ""IsolatedCommand"="\"%1\" %. "


    @= "{86C86720-42A0-1069-A2E8-08002B30309D}".

    [- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.exe\UserChoice]


    If necessary:

    Check the fix of exe here

    Also check this one if it applies

    How to set default Associations for a program under Vista

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Satellite A100: Cannot install recovery after having deleted the Ubuntu partition

    Hello friends,

    I have the Satellite A 100. I was using dual OS - windows vista home edition and Ubuntu. Now I wanted to remove Ubuntu and so I did the stupidest thing - directly delete the partition with Ubuntu which had the GRUB files. Then to the laptop computer restart of course the Grub bootloader wasn't there and if the computer is not started or load any OS. Then I thought that I will reinstall Vista with product recovery CD but the progress reached at 2% and then I keep getting error 1117 a failure to read. I tried so many times without success. I even tried to install XP, but it says Intel boot agent cannot make connection. And it also fails.

    Please help to reinstall Vista or XP. I'm really stuck and I learned a lesson not to tinker in mobile when it isn't those of Cup of tea!
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!


    > Now if I download EasyBCD how would I be able to run it or how should I use it?
    You will not be able to run EasyBCD because you are not able to boot Vista.
    EasyBCD can be installed only in Vista and will allow you to change the Vista Boot Manager.

    I think you need to format the entire disk HARD again should erase all partitions and must attempt to reinstall Vista.

    I recommend using a free tool called GParted LiveCD. Google for what it helps format the HARD drive!

  • Need to delete the files and unwanted programs

    Original title - used laptop questions

    I inherited a laptop Toshiba family, now full of their information and mine, passwords, and others.  There a program according to Toshiba Recovery disk, which is easy enough for anyone to use?  I want just all the other information that mine are not off the computer, not necessarily the programs and associated files.  As my collection of mp3 curly and all my family photos.  The OS is Vista Home Basic 64 bit, if that matters. I just want to be able to do this at home rather than having someone paid to do. Thank you.


    If you get a second hand computer, you must reinstall the operating system and start to configure it as you wish.

    There are other reasons why it is recommended, that probably does not apply in your case: Malware, p0rn, etc..

    There are several methods to reinstall Vista.

    There is no Windows Vista downloads available from Microsoft.

    You can contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send you a set of recovery disks.

    They should do this for a small fee.

    To reinstall Vista using their recovery disk/s, you start from the 1st recovery disk they provide and follow the manufacturer's instructions to reinstall:

    You need to change the Boot order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the boot order:

    How to change the Boot order in BIOS:


    "How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals.


    And if you have never received a recovery disk when you bought your computer, there should be a recovery Partition on the hard drive to reinstall Vista on how you purchased your computer.

    The recovery process can be started by pressing a particular combination of the key or keys at startup. (Power on / start)

    Maybe it's F10, F11, Alt + F10, etc., depending on the manufacturer.

    Ask them to the proper key sequence.

    And if you do not score a manufacturer of recovery on your hard drive, you should be able to make your own recovery from her disks to reinstall the operating system.

    Go to programs > name of the manufacturer of your computer > then their system or recovery tools software topics for them, depending on how it is formulated.

    If you can't find any reference to it, contact the manufacturer for advice on how to make these recovery disks.

    Some manufacturers have more available Vista recovery disks.

    If this happens, you may need to try this instead:

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key on your computer / Laptop box determines what Edition is installed.

    Other manufacturers recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

    Here's how to do a clean install of Vista using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft:

    "How to do a clean install and configure with a full Version of Vista '


    And once the operating system is installed, go to your computer manufacturer's website and get the latest drivers for your particular model or laptop computer.

    And phone Activation may be necessary when you use the above installation method.

    "How to activate Vista normally and by Activation of the phone '


    See you soon.

  • is it safe to delete the files and folder to softwaredistribution.old?

    Recently, I have my muweb wuwebcontrol was too bad and I'm trying to find a solution to fix it then I read a few forums in microsoft that you can solve the problem if you try to rename c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution in softwaredistribution.old and then go to windows/system32/muweb.dll and then delete the c:\windows\system32\muweb.dll and wuweb but my automatic updates is not heading itry even choose the automatic updates. After I try to download the microsoftFixit50203 and intall to solve the automatic updates of the problems. But the step of automatic updates. I opened the windows/c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution why softwaredistribution.old still in there? Now, I have two folders to c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and softwaredistribution.old appellation in c: / / windows is good for my computer with the record in doubles, but different inside files because the other is new?

    Yes, you can safely remove the old softwaredistribution.old folder.

    Hhhhh TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • Changed all THE files and programs to open ONLY in adobe reader. I can't change back. How can I fix it?

    Am just this side of being computer illiterate.  You do not know how I did this but have changed all my programs and files to open in Adobe reader, which as you may know... they do not open.  I had to go through back doors just opened my internet explore.  It becomes a problem.  My friend tried to do a restore, as nearly 2 months back and that didn't change anything either.  I seriously need some help here!

    Hi Mary,

    I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader. Then set the default program for the file accordingly.

    Follow these steps to uninstall Adobe Reader software.

    a. click the Start button and select Control Panel.

    b. Select uninstall a program

    c. Select Adobe Reader in the list, and then select Uninstall.

    Now download and install the Adobe Reader once more through the following link.


    Then go into the article to find out how to set default applications.

    Change the programs that Windows uses by default


    Let us know the results.

  • Cannot delete the file and the error is "the specified file is not valid or too long." Specify a different file name.


    I have filenames with weird values inside (created by Application software).
    Here is an example:

    When I try to delete it, I have the following error:
    The specified file is not valid or too long. Specify a different file name.

    And it takes a lot of space in my hard drive.

    How is it possible to remove it?

    Thank you.
    Best regards

    Original title: delete files with weird names


    My corrupt files are found on a disk of material on my computer.
    I have re-formatted the full disk to remove these files.

    Best regards

  • How can I delete the file Win 7 after that my PC is to go back to XP?

    I went back to XP on my HP Pavilion s7410n PC after that Windows 7 upgrade did not work. My PC works well with XP again, but how do I get rid of the Win 7 file that takes up space? How to remove files and protected files? I tried to remove it, but I tells me access denied.

    Thank you


    Try to delete the files and folders using check and disk cleanup if it helps. Disk clean up will help you remove unwanted and unused files, folders, and programs.

    Description of the tool in Windows XP Disk Cleanup:


    Hope the information is useful.

  • My hard disk crashed - I have questions about the network now.

    My hard drive crashed on the computer that was the computer on which the files shared.  We had a T: climb together on this computer where we recorded the files and programs that we wanted to share.  My questions are this... We have replaced the hard drive on this computer.  Do I need to set up the drive w: in this computer once again, on the other computer as well, since I'm not there, and if so how do I?  Thank you.


    Yes, you must redo the sharing.

    Most of the network news are stored on the system which is located on the drive crashed, and now he's gone.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • delete the file opm.db now was completely messed!

    I, like many others, get screens of constant reminder telling me of my license programs. I have a full license of CC and everytime I wonder, I get the news.

    But... I get this application everytime I open a program, I don't know how many times I have satisfied demand.

    Help forums are full of this problem and a solution was to delete the file opm.db. It is not easy, you need to stop all the services of adobe before you can delete the file and then re start.  Fine so far... but now all my programs are locked for 'only way' and when you go online to ny adobe ID I is no longer registered as having all programs under license.

    So Adobe take my money and not only do you have a big prolem their use, by following their suggestions I have now no programs.

    But Adobe always take my money...

    I tried to go to the customer support, but after two hours of waiting, I still have no answer.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    After clicking on the "Software license" option and identify yourself, you get a thank you message and App opens without any problem.

    And next time when you start, again had to go through the same process?

Maybe you are looking for