Hard disk with white screen and blinking cursor failure

When I turn on my HP G60-519WM laptop I now only get a blank screen and a blinking cursor.  When I run diagnostics from the BIOS, he reports that the hard drive breaks down the main hard drive as self-test.  The PC is about 6 months after the warranty period.  Two questions:

  1. If I replace the hard drive me how can I get all the HP utilities on the new hard drive and Windows 7?
  2. What are my options for HP perform an out of warranty repair?

Hi Dan,.

See first of all, if you create a set of recovery on your workbook disks - there is a guide for this here.

If you create these disks, I think they would work to reinstall the operating system on your laptop, because they have the same reference no..

Kind regards

DP - K

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    I have a HARD disk with two partitions and two copies of Win7 but at the start, I have the black and white screen asking me only one to choose. How can I rename the Windows 7 and Windows 7 Test to start in one I want right here?

    I have a HARD disk with two partitions and two copies of Win7 but at the start, I have the black and white screen asking me only one to choose. How can I rename the Windows 7 and Windows 7 Test to start in one I want right here?

    Use BCDEDIT to SET the description that you are wanting to "Rename" and also to choose the displayorder, timeout and that you load by default...

    Maybe this old conversation will help you:

  • Windows 7 Professional with white screen and the mouse cursor

    I have a Dell Latitude E4310 running Vista professional 7.

    It worked fine with no problem except when I turned it on this morning.

    He went through his normal boot sequence (Logo Microsoft...) and then instead going to my office for display, the screen stayed black with only my visible mouse cursor.

    I can boot into safe mode and my desktop is visible.  I don't know what to do at this point and would be grateful to anyone who helps.  Thanks in advance!


    Do a Safe Mode system restore to before the problem.

    "In Windows 7 system restore:



    If that does not fix it:

    Make your own information system repair disc in this tutorial:

    "How to create a Windows 7 system repair disc"


    "This will show you how to create a system repair disc Windows 7 to be able to use to start the system recovery options to help recover your Windows 7 installation, if you have not a Windows installation disk, can't find your Windows installation disc or can not access the recovery options provided by your computer manufacturer.

    A system repair disc is not able to install Windows 7.


    If you are unable to start your Windows 7 to create a Windows 7 system repair disc, and then you could create on another computer for use on your computer. »


    Then, use this disk for System Recovery Options:

    "System recovery options".


    "How to run a startup repair in Windows 7"


    See you soon.

  • Windows 7 - partition windows on a new drive... travel startup gives nothing but the black screen and blinking cursor

    I am replacing a hard drive and move a partition Windows 7 from one disk to another.  The original partition of Windows 7 starts and works perfectly, but when I clone to the new drive, I have a terrible problem getting the new boot drive.

    On the original drive, the partition is the partition 3, on the new disk partition is partition 2.

    Both drives have the same size of cylinder.

    The new partition was created as a partition main with the same dimensions as the other and cloned in the whole content of the partition.  The files are all there in the new partition.

    He is currently not starting correctly, it starts the partition, but then he's here - I don't see Windows Welcome screen or anything - just immediately inadmissible black screen with a blinking cursor.  All I can do is reboot.  By pressing F8 at startup does nothing.

    Start of support for windows 7 and running repair features discovered the new partition as C: and CHKDSK C: points and gives a good report of the partition.

    BIOS settings have been lacking.

    The following commands were executed the repair windows 7 installation media feature:

    Of http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc749177 (v = ws.10) .aspx


    And http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/927392




    The new partition was made active and is the only asset.

    If I erase and freshly installed Windows 7 on the partition, it does not start successfully, but if I then replace the contents of the partition with a clone of the other partition of work, it does not work.

    So that leaves me with a pretty good confidence that the problem has nothing to do with the charger starting and everything related to the content of the partition itself.

    I can't find more useful information for the boot partition.

    Any ideas?

    Moving Windows is not the best method.

    It is better to 'image' or 'clone' Windows to the new drive, using software such as Acronis

    True Imageor AOEMI Partition Wizard (free). I've used both (has a free version of Western Digital

    Acronis to use if you have WD hard drives).



    (EDIT: I need to be careful.) Had redundant stuff here...;). )

    Dual-boot can be difficult in the best of times, but two partitions on a HARD drive...

    I don't think that you can select a particular partition in the BIOS to be your first boot option, only

    from the HARD disk, so it would be a blow to the top.

    See if there's useful information below-


  • Tecra A11 - 113 - white screen and the cursor of the mouse during the boot


    My Toshiba Tecra A11-113 with win 7 32 bit boots with a mouse cursor and the visible white screen.
    I tried to start under different boot options. Mode, safemode, last repair job configuration
    and msdos command only... all these startup options give the same result.

    I also tried with win 7 32 bit dvd, but same result.

    I am able to access the C drive by booting with a linux key, so the data is visible.

    Can someone please give me a solution?

    Thank you

    What happens if you access the BIOS? Is menu visible on-screen BIOS?
    Turn on the unit F2 button and press.
    This should allow you to access the BIOS.

    If you will be able to access the BIOS and see everything as usual, then the screen is OK and I think there is a problem with your installation of Windows System.
    So boot from the Toshiba Recovery disk should help you solve this problem.

    You said that you already tried to boot from the Windows DVD disc is this Toshiba Recovery disk? In my opinion, you use this disk to restore the laptop to factory settings.

  • Studio 1535 with white screen and "ERROR CODE: 0321 LCD EDID - EDID EEPROM ACCESS IMPOSSIBLE.

    Studio 1535 (laptop with Vista and NOTE from the ADMIN: tag removed in accordance with the Service Privacy Policy > suddenly, showing no display a few days ago.)  I tried to unplug the power cord and the battery, and make a stop by pressing the power button, but none of these methods have had no effect.  I got nothing else than a white screen, but when I fix a monitor external, everything works fine on the external monitor.

    Also, I have the flashing volume control keys and I was wondering if this could be a clue to what is happening and what needs to be corrected?  The Mute key and the Volume up key flashing on and outside at the same time.  The low Volume key is regularly.

    Then I run the diagnostic test that I had "ERROR CODE: 0321 LCD EDID - UNABLE to ACCESS EDID EEPROM '

    No idea if this could be a backlight or LCD question, question of video chip or broken cable?    Thank you!

    Hi JITeglia,

    I suggest you to replace the LCD LVDS cable on the system first, since it is the cheapest part. If the system is still facing the same issue to replace the LCD screen.

  • Satellite L300 - 1AP PSLB8E starts not--a black screen and blinking cursor

    I have a Satellite L300-1AP model no PSLB8E.
    While trying to do a system restore on it the screen became empty outside the slider, and that's how it remains.

    I can switch off and restart it, will begin to start, then exactly the same thing happening.

    Plesae any ideas?

    > pressing the zero key "0" turn on the power, when you see a white bottom bar and hear a glance release the Zero key and it should start installation or reinstallation of your system

    I doubt it will work because this function is NOT implemented on Toshiba notebooks European but as I know about the series of notebook Toshiba U.S.!

    You can try to press the F8 key. An option called fix my computer should then be visible. Select it, then choose Toshiba HDD Recovery. Then a HARD drive recovery procedure must begin.

    But if it of not possible to choose this option, and then you take your recovery disk and must try to boot from it.
    If you don t have a recovery disk, and then use a CD of original installation MS windows, or you can order a new disc of recovery from here:

    Welcome them

  • Windows 7 starts problems with black screen and the cursor because of power failure

    I'm on a Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium OS. Start-up problems arose after the power failure (accidentally unplugged the charger, the battery was not in place) during a video call in Skype. Accessories attached to the laptop at the time were a Logitech Webcam, a dongle Bluetooth, microphone and headphones.

    When starting my laptop Asus N81VP, he'll go as far as the 'Starting Windows' logo, then I meet a black screen with a mobile cursor. I don't then right click, CTRL + ALT + DELETE.

    I tried the things:

    Start Up Repair = "cannot automatically repair."

    System Restore = no available restore points

    Windows Memory Diagnostic = at 100%, no screen of detected problems, then black with mobile cursor

    Networking Mode Safe Mode/Safe = black screen with cursor mobile

    Activate video low resolution (640 x 480) = black screen with cursor mobile

    Good known Configuration = black screen with cursor mobile list

    Start Windows normally = black screen with cursor mobile

    Please help me. I've had this laptop for less than a year, and it would break my heart to have to re - format.

    You seem to have exhausted most of the options available in such cases, except two:
    D ' log in under a different account.
    -To restore your registry files manually. See below for more details.

    On your heart that could get broken: have you considered using the imaging facility that is integrated with Windows 7? You can find it in the control panel / backup and restore. This is somewhat marginal in the feature and it can be finicky, but it saved my butt several times.

    You can restore your registry files manually to a previous point through the steps described below. The process is complex and requires some careful typing. Ask a computer-savvy friend to help you if you lack experience in this field. Note that it may reset your password to a previous value.
    1. keep tapping F8 during the first phase of startup.
    2. Select repair in the menu that looks like this:
    3 log in as administrator if you are prompted.
    4. Select repair when prompted.
    5. Select the command line in the menu that looks like this:
    6. identify the correct drive letter for your Windows installation. It could be one drive other than c, but it will not X:. You do this by typing commands
    DIR C:\Win*
    Dir D:\Win*
    dir E:\Win*
    until you find the Windows folder.
    I'll call this "Q:" drive
    7 type these commands:
    CD /d Q:\windows\System32\config
    xcopy *. * Q:\MyRegBack\
    CD RegBack
    8. review the dates of the software, system, and SAM files. The files created before or after that is your problem?
    9. If they were made before the problem appeared, you can then type these commands:
    copy software / y...
    /y copy system...
    /y copy Sam...
    (the two points are part of each order)
    10. restart normally. If things don't work then you can go back by copying files from the original register of Q:\MyRegBack to Q:\Windows\System32\config.

  • start with white screen and a page named do not work

    Firefox always start with most recent screen.

    You can check if you have a user.js file in the Firefox profile folder that affects the pref browser.sessionstore.resume_session_once true value.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

    The user.js file will be present if you or a other software created this file and normally will not present.

    You can check its contents with a text editor (right click: 'Open with'; do not double-click).
    The user.js file is read whenever Firefox is started and initializes the preferences to the specified value in this file, so the preferences set via user.js can be changed temporarily for the current session.

    You can remove the user.js file if you do not create this file yourself.

    Do not change the line browser.sessionstore.resume_session_once and change its value to false, but either delete this line or remove the user.js file (recommended if you have not created this file).
    The normal use of this pref is to reload the tabs when you need to restart Firefox (update or install an extension).

  • Invalid product key, left my computer with a black screen and a cursor of the mouse on the boot.

    A few days ago, I tried to upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) to Windows 10 using the free update. Installation hung at 84% for 2 hours, then restarted, was unable to recover the installation and then could not get back to Win 7. This left us with a black screen and a cursor of the mouse on the boot. The computer would remain in this State for about 10 minutes and then reboot and repeat.

    Fortunately, or so I thought, I had a few CD Windows installation backup from the back to the era of digital river. So I thought I'd install fresh on my empty partition, copy my files and data, and then format the partition with the installation broken on.

    I did, but now he tells me that my product key is not valid and cannot be activated. The product key came on a real label on the PC when we bought it.

    The key is for X 16-96072. I installed X 17-58997 (Windows 7 Home Premium x 64 with SP1 (u)). I don't know what is the problem with the key? Should I have installed without the (u)?

    One key 25 digits grouped in 5 sequences of 5 characters not X 17-58997.

    To analyze and solve problems for Activation and Validation, we need to see a full copy of the diagnostic report produced by the MGADiag tool (download and save to the desktop -http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012 )
    Once downloaded, run the tool.
    Click on the button continue, after a short time, continue button will change to a copy button.
    Click the copy button in the tool (ignore the error at this stage) and then paste (with r-click and paste or Ctrl + V) in your message.
  • After logging on my Satellite Pro only black screen and the cursor are visible

    I have a windows vista pro (PSAASE-00G004GR) satellite after turn on and typing the password for windows vista, the screen goes black but I see that the cursor moves & because it seems that the hard drive also works in th background, but I can't see anything except the mouse cursor , I tried to boor with other options (LAST WORK safe MODE KNOWN FEATURES... etc) but it's still the same only black screen and the cursor...

    I do not prefer the product cause of my data recovery on this subject, any ideas?


    You have the Satellite Pro A100 PSAAS hmm if you want to save your personal data, I recommend to remove the portable computer HARD drive and try connecting it to another computer via an external USB HDD controller. These cases of 2.5 HARD disk are not expensive and you can buy it in every store of the computer.

    Then you could try to recover the laptop delivered together with the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    But wait; have you tried to connect the laptop to the external display?
    Check it!
    Maybe you could see something on the second screen.

    I think that this procedure could be useful to clarify what s wrong.
    To me this question looks like a small little dysfunction of the FL inverter.
    In this case the installation of the new operating system will help you not to solve this problem.

    But who knows the verification is necessary to find what could be wrong.

    Good luck and bye ;)

  • Satellite L750 sometimes lit with white screen after hibernation

    When I got the system, sometimes awake hibenate with white screen!

    I noticed, when this happened, 'toshiba eco utility' is frozen.
    So, I think that: Toshiba Eco Utility is crushed, put into hibernation system and the awakening of the race, but screen blink.

    This time I push the power button, the system go to sleep and next push is normally awake!
    I don't know why. I use this app Eco Utility, but I'll delete it.


    You deleted the Toshiba eco utility of the system now?
    Did you notice the same problem when you Hibernate your laptop using other profiles of power?

  • my XP is not booting (white screen) and crashes at isapnp.sys then in safe mode.

    My XP Home Edition is not booting (white screen) and crashes at isapnp.sys then in safe mode. Please help as soon as possible because I need this platform for school!

    What is your system brand and model?

    Describe your current antivirus and software anti malware situation: McAfee, Symantec, Norton, Spybot, AVG, Avira!, MSE, Panda, Trend Micro, CA, Defender, ZoneAlarm, PC Tools, Comodo, etc..

    The afflicted system has a CD/DVD drive work?

    You have a true bootable XP installation CD (it is not the same as any recovery CD provided with your system)?

    The symptom often means that your system is of a malicious software.

    With this particular symptom of hanging on isapnp.sys in Mode safe is to search for a driver of zero-byte length file in the c:\windows\system32\drivers folder.

    Of course, you have to boot the system on something in order to access the hard drive to find the suspicious file and get rid of it.

    If you have any installation CD bootable XP real where you start in the XP Recovery Console, or you are not sure what type of bootable CD, you have,
    make a CD of bootable XP Recovery Console or Hiren Boot CD and don't forget.

    There is no XP media needed to make a Hiren Boot CD or a bootable XP Recovery Console.  You can access the folder and check if
    There is this action suspect file and take.

    Once you're booted to the CD of your choice, navigate to the following folder (assuming that XP is installed on your C volume):


    Looking for a file that ends with an extension .sys and zero bytes in length.  The file can also have a curious name because she may have been generated at random.

    If you are in the XP Recovery Console, issue the following command in the c:\windows\system32\drivers folder:

    dir *.sys

    Files Scrolls one screen at a time.  Look at the list of files with .sys extensions and their lengths.  You don't need to
    worry about directories...  If you see a file with a .sys extension which is zero byte, it is suspect.

    If you use just the Mini XP Mode a Hiren boot CD (which works as Office XP), navigate to the folder of the my
    Computer desktop icon and locates the suspect files.

    You really want to remove the suspicious file once you get running and you run some scans for malware, but if you are
    not sure what is the suspicious file or if it might be necessary, just rename the suspicious file for now, in case you are not sure.

    For example, if you find zigxrtml.sys folder had a length of zero byte, rename it:

    Rename zigxrtml.sys zigxrtml.bad

    Renaming or removing the suspicious file to get the system running is not resolved the problem.  It is the symptom of the problem.

    The problem is your system is infected by malicious software and you should always follow up with a few scans to remove infections.

    Once your system is running, followed with MBAM and SAS to be sure that the affliction has really been removed.

    Reduce the risk of malware by running some scans.

    Download, install, update and do a full scan with these free malware detection programs can solve any problems:

    Malwarebytes (MMFA): http://malwarebytes.org/
    SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS): http://www.superantispyware.com/

    It can be uninstalled later if you wish.

    The scans by operating clean, restart, test your task manager and we can repair any other pending issues.

    Do, or do not. There is no test.

    I decided to implement the points for a new puppy instead of a pony!

  • Satellite l.660-12 q - would the recovery disk rebuild the new HARD disk with a new recovery partition

    Talk about confusion. Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba C660 work after the HARD drive failed and the owner has stupidly NOT followed the instructions to make a recovery disk. Will be the recovery disk (if buy you one from Toshiba) rebuild the new HARD disk with a new recovery partition and install windows 7 (original OS) and accept the product key printed on the Windows license, attached to the base of the laptop. I have read a number of suggestions, but these have been considered incorrect by others.

    Surely, Toshiba must have a way to sort this problem.

    They read these messages?

    Hey Buddy

    I don't think it's really complicated, that I could find all the information about the recovery procedure in the user's manual

    The recovery disk must be created on the first day of purchase its recommended to create one in case something would be wrong with the HARD drive.

    The recovery disk contains an image. The image is a package containing Win system, drivers, tools and all the stuff pre-installed on the notebook.
    You bought the laptop and the system has already been activated so that you have need of t the key placed at the bottom of the unit.
    In addition, the use of the recovery disc formats the drive HARD integer (partitions too) and set the laptop in the same condition as at the first day of the purchase.

    There is also another option to recover the notebook called HARD drive recovery. This HARD drive recovery requires no recovery disk. The recovery disc HARD would be to use format ONLY partition C (System).

  • My computer has a black screen and a cursor and there is no menu start more

    Original title: replay Vista operating system

    What I would like to know, is my computer only has a black screen and a cursor, there is no menu start, so I can stop and start a new installation of windows vista? If anyone can help please. I thank you very much for your time and have a fantastic day. Shawn


    What changes have been made on your machine for there to be a black screen with a cursor?

    Rather than doing a clean install of your operating system, I suggest you do the following.

    Step 1:

    Remove all external devices (printer, USB flash drive), as appropriate, and start your computer again and check.

    Step 2:

    If this is little help, start your machine in safe mode and check if it starts on the desktop.

    Let us know the status of the issue.

    Azeez Nadeem - Microsoft Support [If this post was helpful, please click the button "Vote as helpful" (green triangle). If it can help solve your problem, click on the button 'Propose as answer' or 'mark as answer '. [By proposing / marking a post as answer or useful you help others find the answer more quickly.]

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