HARD drive external for Satellite Pro M10


I would buy an external USB HDD to my computer, but I don't know if I can buy anyone. USB 2.0 is not, but I think that only touch the speed of transfer, no?

BIOS version 1.50

I find this HARD disk, it'll work?




Satellite Pro M10 certainly has USB 2.0 ports, firewire, and IrDA interface. The operating system uses a standard USB Windows driver.
I put t see any problems with the use of the external USB HDD.
It should work.
But in my opinion, you should buy an external USB HDD that supports an IrDA interface. It s much faster as a USB connection.

However, the operating system must be able to handle the 250 GB external HARD drive

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  • Need help to remove the hard drive from a Satellite Pro M10

    Hi, a good will would point me in the right direction. I am trying to remove the HD from a satellite pro M10.
    I discovered the net without success.

    A diagram with being usefully etc.

    kind regards J


    I can't give you a diagram or something, but I can give an indication to take a look on the front left side of your machine. On this corner of the left side under the volume control is a small blanket where the HARD drive is in. You need only to unscrew the 2 screws that are accessible when you turn on your machine and and look at the bottom of your machine. Do you know what I mean?

    When you remove these 2 screws, you need to remove the HARD drive by taking some screwdriver flat-blade and paste between the disc cover and HARD case. Then carefully remove the cover of the HARD drive and you can recover the HARD drive with the cover and exchange it.

    Voila, your hard drive West. It s is not difficult at all.

    But if you still have some questions then request.

    Welcome them

  • Need driver modem for Satellite Pro M10


    are there drivers for the modem in Satellite Pro M10
    of the original CD? I ve lost the original CD and when I
    install the drivers of "eu.computers.toshiba" - Europe.com
    (new version), I can't connect to one of the ISPS in my
    countries (cheaper :)). And before with drivers
    original CD works...
    So if someone can post drivers or give a link...
    Thank you



    I understand that you have lost the tools & utilties CD with all the drivers appropriate for your machine, not you?

    If you have lost it,
    You can download the current drivers for the Toshiba site or
    You can order a new oneat each partner Service Toshiba for a little money!

    Good bye

  • Need info on max size of HARD drive available for Satellite Pro M30-813


    The question is mainly to be sent to Toshiba authorized support personnel. The limitation of the maximum size of a HARD drive internal that I could use with my Satellite Pro M30 - 813, what exactly?

    Recently, I bought and installed seagate SATA drive of 160 GB, on which I installed WXP Pro and have been running for a while with no problems. Recently, I've been copying large amounts of data to an external hard drive to my new internal drive, and that the files have been copied, as I noticed have about 50 GB of free space left, I knew windows "delayed write failed" and a failure of massive wall without the possibility to recover the data. The system would no longer boot time and the entire MBR has been damaged. As a result, I lost all the data on my new drive.

    Well, I realize that Toshiba is not responsible for additional hardware that I use with my computer laptop and who is not officially supported by Toshiba, I am sure that as an end-user of a Toshiba product, that I have the right to know a lot information of limiting size of HDD for my model of laptop. So I ask, representing technical support Toshiba to give me an official reply directly to my question.

    Thank you in advance,


    (You can also contact me private my e-mail address)

    Hi Andrew

    > The question should mainly be addressed to Toshiba authorized support staff
    I think that you are in the wrong place if you are looking for a response from an authorized Toshiba support.
    This is a user to user Toshiba forum! You will here meet passionate and Toshiba laptop owner who share knowledge and trying to solve the problems, but no one of Tosh :(

    I could give my experience with Satellite M30 and HDD upgrade possibilities.
    To my knowledge the M30 Sat supports a 40 GB, 60 and 80 GB HARD drive for sure.
    In my opinion, you can use the 100 GB HARD drive, but more large HARD s drive will not run and works correctly.
    So go to a smaller size of HARD drive and enjoy the laptop!

    I've goggled a bit and found compatible drive HARD and part numbers
    HITACHI GBC000Z810-> 80 GB
    HITACHI GBC00014810-> 80 GB
    TOSHIBA HDD2188B-> 80 GB
    HITACHI G8C0000Z610-> 60 GB
    HITACHI G8BC00013610-> 60 GB
    TOSHIBA HDD2183-> 60 GB
    TOSHIBA HDD2184-> 60 GB

    I hope this might help you a little!

    Best regards

  • 160 GB hard drive update for Satellite Pro M70 - 220

    I want to upgrade my satellite Pro M70-220 portable HARD drive the current 60 GB HDD to a 160 GB HARD drive and you drive would be grateful if someone could provide information on the standard/type of HARD drive I should like being looking for and, if possible, specific manufacturer's recommendations and the model number of an appropriate 160 GB of disk HARD.

    Thank you



    The laptop uses a simple 2.5 SATA HDD.
    It's not really important what the speed of the HARD drive is supported, but I recommend to use the 5400 RPM or faster 7200 RPM HARD drive

    Generally all HARD drive size should be compatible because the SATA controller has no limitations.

  • Driver LAN for Satellite Pro L20 Windows 2000

    I am looking for a local network (ethernet) drive to my Satellite Pro L20, who has Windows 2000 on it.
    I found one for WiFi, but not for the Ethernet (cable/CAT).


    Well, you can t find all the LAN for Win2000 drivers on the Toshiba page because this unit has been delivered and tested with the Windows Xp operating system.
    However, I found the information that the appliance has a CL LAN Realtek 8100.
    In this case, I guess for visit the site Web of Realtek. You can find a compatible driver for this network adapter.


    Good bye

  • Need of repair for Satellite Pro M10

    Any body can help me find a manual to repair Satellite Pro M10

    Thank you


    Don t think that everyone here will be able to help you and to get links to repair manuals.
    Always is it that these books are not for public use; just for the Toshiba authorized service providers.

    So if you need assistance, you must contact the ASP in your country.

  • Help for Satellite Pro M10 RTC CMOS battery replacement

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M10 PS630E-G206C-FR
    Removing the main battery causes a failure message from RTC battery from the beginning to the top and loss of CMOS date/time.
    I tried to charge my main battery in full and then leave the machine in charge while it is turned on (I said it is a method for the CMOS battery)-without any result.
    My questions: do I have to replace the RTC battery (ie: is it refillable welded or a CR2032 battery shows or similar).
    If a specific type, the best source?
    And also, where it is (I'm comfortable with disassemble my laptop having replaced the LCD cable already)
    Thank you

    Hi David

    Do you need help? What you mean exactly, step by step disassembly procedure? Maintenance manuals are not public documents and I'm really interested if anyone can offer assistance to you.

    When you want to swap the portable RTC battery almost entire must be dismantled. Believe me that is not the procedure of 10 steps and to do something like this, you need the disassembly instructions. I recommend you to check how it will be service charges because that when they disassemble the laptop they can clean at the same time and the laptop will be as good as new.

    If you want to do it yourself, it is very important to use authorized by Toshiba replacement batteries or real. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

    Please be careful about this.

  • How to install the driver LAN for Satellite Pro A120

    In fact, my problem is that I didn't know how to install the driver on my Satellite Pro A120 lan connect net throug.
    The issue that there's no facility to do to complete the installation.

    And theres other question that I need the Ethernet controller

    My laptop was vista operating system installed, but I change and put Windows XP

    Please help me


    LAN installation is very easy.
    First of all, you need the correct LAN driver.
    In order to download the LAN driver please visit the Toshiba driver page and choose your model of laptop.

    Once the LAN driver has been downloaded, you will need to decompress.
    Then you will need to access the Device Manager, choose the controller Ethernet (network cards) and must point to the place where the LAN driver was decompressed.

    Then finish the installation procedure.

  • Need to drive caddy HARD and coverage for Satellite Pro 6100 HARD drive

    Does anyone know the part numbers or to get a hard drive caddy and the Satellite Pro 6100 Series hard drive
    Thank you

    What caddy did you? Internal an external 2.5 USB caddy for a HARD drive or the case?
    I think that if you need a domestic framework for laptop you should order it since the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country.
    I think that guys should be able to order something like this directly from the Toshiba store

  • Update hard drive to the Satellite Pro L300

    Have a Satellite Pro L300 with a 120 GB hard drive, running Vista Home, the reader is divided 50-50 and does'nt Vista as to move the partition (Partition Magic does not work)...

    So would like to change to a larger HD... Q / I can do this, and how hard is it? even with the recovery of files on the Partition and if I bought the Toshiba recovery disks, gruff, when the player is changed discs would not reconise the largest disk that I discovered in the past using Norton Ghost.

    Upgrading the hard drive doesn't have to be the problem.
    HARD drive is placed in the lower corner under the HARD drive cover. HARD drive cover is fixed by two screws. Remove the screw, then the HARD drive cover. Please do it gently. After having this deletion drive by pulling on the tab kit attached to the pack, following the direction of the arrows.

    According to the specifications of the laptop you need SATA HDD and it can be upgraded up to 500 GB.
    After upgrade the disk HARD use recovery DVD for installation of operating system.

    Any other questions? ;)

  • Re: How can I add a second internal hard drive to a Satellite Pro P200?

    I have a Satellite Pro P200 with a single internal hard drive. There is a second Bay in the computer of another internal hard drive, but I couldn't find any information about it. There is enough space for a 2.5 "SATA but I do not see a connector.

    I contacted Toshiba Dutch customer service who said that it was official policy not to provide any information on a second internal drive. They also said that they would not provide parts to make it possible.

    Can anyone provide more information?


    I think that if there is no connector you cannot add a second HDD.
    It of Nice to have a second Bay, but it's nothing without a connector.

    Good bye

  • Can't see the new hard drive on my Satellite Pro 6100

    I bought a new Toshiba 40 GB hard drive for my Satellite Pro 6100.
    I installed it in the Bay, but it is not recognized in the BIOS, or when I try to reinstall using the recovery disk!
    Bios recognize that there are in the car, even if it is not formatted?
    I'm missing something?

    Thanks in advance


    It should work!

    The reader should also be recognized that even he is not formatted...

    3 things you can do:
    At the start you can go in bootmenu and check if the drive is recognized on the 1st controller.
    If this is not the case, check the configuration of the drive (master, slave, CSEL).

    If this is not enough to check the toshiba support website and download the latest version of the bios (probably you already have, check as mentioned above)

    If this does not work your new drive (or worse: your controller) could be faulty. If the reader of the Moose still work on your laptop, check the 40 GB drive to another laptop or PC with adapter ATA connection normal.

  • Need driver LAN for Satellite Pro A120

    Initially, my English is not very well, I'm sorry.
    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro A 120, but I lost the recovery disc so I don't have the drivers for internet. When I plug in the cable ADSL, nothing happens. I was looking for on this page, but don't think. There are two available, and I don't know how to download.

    When I download and extract so that there is no icon install.

    Hi champion20,

    What is the exact reference of your laptop?

    Usually, you can download all the drivers on the Web from Toshiba site. If you have a European model, visit the European site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads

    Good LAN driver is based on the integrated material. If you n t know how to identify an unknown device, see this very useful article:

  • Question about hard drive storage on Satellite Pro L40

    I have a Satellite Pro L40. Memory hard drive seems to be divided into two (about 35 GB each) under Vista C and e of data.
    Vista C is almost full. How can I use/access the E-data memory?

    Hi Bart

    Please don't get me wrong, but your question is really strange. I mean after reading your post, I'm really interested in your PC knowledge and how long you use your laptop.

    You want to know is basic stuff and must be learned first when you start using computers.
    When you have the time to try to get some book on WXP or Vista and all know about operating systems and how to use them.

    Open Windows Explorer, and you will have direct access to the second partition. You can move files from C to D, or save all data directly on the D partition.

    Google a bit. You can find many Web pages on basic stuff to the use of operating system.

Maybe you are looking for