has Apple a military discount?

Has Apple a military discount?


Hi John

Yes, Apple has a federal public servant and Military staff Store which offers price specials on some, but not all, products:

You can visit the store here:


More information:


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  • The clock in the taskbar has set both military, how can I get that back to the normal time display?

    Clock in the taskbar has set both military, how can I get that back to the normal time display?

    You make this kind of adjustments in the regional and Language Options applet.

    Click Start, settings, Control Panel, regional and Language Options.

    On the Regional Options tab, in the section Standards and formats, your language is selected.

    To the right of your selected language, click on the Customize button, the click the time tab.

    Change the Format of the time to your desires.

    Eastern Standard time: h:mm:ss:tt

    Military time would be: HH

    Click OK, OK to save the settings.

    You don't need to restart, but I would reboot in any case to ensure the changes 'stick '.

    Do, or do not. There is no test.

    I need YOUR voice and the points for helpful answers and propose responses. I'm saving for a pony!

  • Someone else has Apple Airplay jumping and drop outs when streaming music?  WiFi is not the problem, and there is nothing around the units of airtime to interference.  Impossible to listen to music.  Thanks for any advice.

    I've recently updated several broadcasts in my house from V1 to V2 in the hope of resolving a constant jumping and abandonment problem I always had when playing music with Airplay.  I have a unit of airtime plugged directly on my stereo receiver that feeds music throughout my house.  My WiFi connection is not the problem and there is nothing to cause interference.  Airplay modules are not more than 15 feet distance modem or range Extenders.  Someone else has this problem and, hopefully, a solution?   I'm tired of doing factory reset all the time.  Many thanks for any advice.

    I've recently updated several broadcasts in my house from V1 to V2 in the hope of resolving a constant jumping and abandonment problem I always had when playing music with Airplay.

    By "Airplays" what are you actually refers to... Base station airPort Express, Apple TV, or something else?

    ... and "V1 to V2" do you mean you replaced a 1st generation 802.11n AirPort Express with a 2nd generation?

    Airplay modules are not more than 15 feet distance modem or range Extenders.

    When steaming audio with AirPlay, the flow goes first to the device host to iTunes to the router Wi - Fi, this unit is connected to. From there, he will travel to the AirPlay "speaker". A president could be an AirPort Express, Apple TV or an AirPlay device ready another manufacturer. If you use line extensions, the flow must go through those as well... so there is potential bottlenecks between the host and the speaker. One of these could be the cause of the issue you found.

  • Apple music student discount

    I chose Apple Music 3 months ago in my normal account. My girlfriend out you can get a discount if you are in College and I signed up for him. I just charged today for the first time and it was the normal price of Apple's music and not the price reduced for students. How can I instruct me as a student, not a normal person.

    you will need to contact apple directly for this support.

    It is a support forum and not the appropriate place for help with this query type.

    they will have access to your account details and should be able to help.

    I hope that you can mark my answer as helpful?

    Thank you

  • Student for a military discount?

    military dicount

    I'm in the National Army guards.i take classes online through a few different schools and they all use my (Army e-mail) AKO address.is there a way for me to get the student discount for upgrade to windows 7 Professional (Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional Upgrade (USD$ 29.99*) (I eligibility update, windows xp pro, windows vista edition Home premium)) windows 7 edition starter :)) or even buy it for the price student 64.95...

    I wish that your help.thank you for your time.

    Unfortunately no, you will need to purchase at the regular retail price, any discount is currently available for people in the military.

    Windows 7 - version comparisons:


    MS Windows 7 store price:


    An alternative, if you know that a student enrolled at the University, you can let buy them the discount for you since they are entitled to three purchases.

  • Child ID has Apple of a credit - how do I use to pay for purchases?

    I use sharing family and two of my sons are less than 13 years and have an associated credit to their login apple gift cards, what they bought.  I don't know how they can use that money to pay for your purchases because the default payment method always to my credit card.  I tried to turn off 'request to buy' and then sending a gift to myself from one of their accounts, but it ended up charging my credit card rather than using the available credit.  It seems that the credit is still stuck and inaccessible.

    Your sons are recorded in their own account on the computer/device you are trying to purchase items from? It should automatically use their balance for purchases (they crossed with a real purchase and it charges your card, or they only got with regard to demand for more details of the map?), if it's not iTunes Support contact: http://reportaproblem.apple.com or https://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html

    send a gift to myself from one of their accounts, but this ended my credit card rather than using the available credit

    That's how Don works, you can use the balance of an account to give as gift amount (or an app, song, etc.).

  • Why has Apple Store deleted all my contacts vids and photos

    I took my phone to Apple store Broadway to check the battery, they said nothing wrong I go home and all my contacts, photos and videos are removed * I'm not happy I'm blind and disabled what kind of store support is this. ? Broadway Glebe nsw store are useless

    the best that you contact and ask?

  • My time display has changed to military time and I can't reset it to normal

    My recently changed time normal military time clock. I do not change it, and I can't find a way to reset to normal time.


    Control Panel\All Control Panel items

    Formats\short time Formats\long

    Try the formats that begin h or hh, as opposed to H or HH.

    Tom Ferguson

  • I am military, could I get a package of discount?

    try to get some kind of discount for an "all inclusive"

    I've never heard of a military discount

    A reduction of education has several steps, as I already posted

    Since it is an open forum, not Adobe support... you must contact Adobe staff for more information

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific Time)<=== note="" days="" and="">

    Don't forget to stay signed with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Creative cloud support (all creative cloud customer service problems)


  • Can I take advantage of discount student on mac in India?

    Hey guys, I'm planning to buy a Macbook air. I know that apple provides discounts student for college level students, can I take advantage of this discount in India?

    Yes, Apple gives student discounts in India. The discount period is normally between July and September - the time where colleges/schools reopen.

    Remember, the student discount are valid only for iPads and MacBooks.

    While Apple offers discounts Rs.10 - 15 000 on MacBooks, third party stores offer more. It varies from one store to the other. Discounts are sometimes in the form of a price reduction on the right, or by providing a value for the amount of the discount of accessories for free. In 2013, there was a cash discount of Rs.15, 000, so that in 2015, it's the accessories fitness based.

    The iPads are updated in the range of Rs.3, 500 to Rs.6, 000, depending on the Variant.

    To receive a student discount, you must wear your school/College/IDENTITY card at the store while making a purchase. The discount is valid for students of class 10 and above only. The student must also not be more than 25 years.

    Apple student discounts are not available on e-commerce sites.

    - Ajay picart - Quora.com

    I hope that answers your question.

  • Can I change my subscription of music Apple android on my iPhone?

    I want to spend my Android device to iPhone, do I stop my subscription Apple music on my android phone before moving on to the iPhone? Or it switches automatically?

    No need to stop your subscription. On your iPhone, you just sign in with your Apple ID that has Apple's music composition and everything displayed correctly.

  • Lack of purchased content.

    Hi people

    I bought albums in itunes, but they are now gone from my library?

    I don't have an iphone and im using an Android mobile phone and phone to view itunes.

    I wanted to transfer music from my itunes library (because I paid for them) my Samsung phone but have failed in my efforts...

    Any advice or has Apple scammed me by not allow me to do anything, unless I use their products as the iphone ipod etc.?

    Thanks in advance


    Person don't you ripped off at all.

    You can definitely put the music on another device, you simply cannot use iTunes to do.

    Read the instructions for your device to learn ho to put music on it.

  • A copy of Mac OS 9.2.1 detail or higher

    I had a snow iBook G3 and I want to install Mac OS 9 on my iBook G3 Snow. I got me a copy of Mac OS 9.1, but 9.1 is not compatible with my model (and Yes, I tried). Anything Mac OS 9.2.1 or don't work anymore. I've seen "Update" CDs, but do not know if they will work as there is no Mac OS 9 on the iBook. Has Apple made copies of lots of detail? Or I need to find a CD of grey? MacTracker, he said at the end of 2001 and the 1 iBook 14.1 "LCD two supplied with Mac OS 9.2.1 if I buy the wrong one, will it not work with my model? Or Mac OS 9.2.1 the 14 "model compatible with the iBook late 2001 CD?

    You must find a retail CD, or run the installation on an older Mac and update 9.2.1.


  • SignIn required keeps appearing

    After the connection has apple a friend to get some of its paid apps and logging on every time I use my ipad, sometimes a sign-in required bubble seems to want to connect me on his account. This happened for 3 months and I tried to reset my ipad and other methods. How can I fix it?

    You deleted his apps and everything which he downloaded from his account?

  • How can I change the icon of a disc?

    At the same time we could highlight a drive (command I), select the information on a disk, select the preview of one aspect of the disc as it appears on the desktop and paste a picture on the preview. This ability to use any image for the image of the disc seems to have disappeared with El Capitan. Is there and in order to do this, or has Apple nuked it?

    Still be able to do this, although I've seen reports of problems with this. Try this.

    1. in the read window information, select the smaller image at the beginning, then delete it. That, in effect, makes sure the image isn't already a custom icon.

    2. in the window read information, paste the new work at two places in the work.

    3. restart your Mac.

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