has deleted part of the key of windows vista which has been integrated with the laptop and when I start the laptop it asks activation, what to do, please give solutions

the sticker on my laptop has disappeared/deleted and I am not able to see the full key for windows vista operating system has been pre-installed on the laptop and now she asks activation and I did not quite correct key because he got faded/deleted, how can I get the key to work on the laptop I have compaq-presario-cq60-420 US laptop.please help me or give me the microsoft contact numbers where I can get my key of windows vista back by providing the serial number and the product number for my laptop.  I am unable to work as the laptop does not work without the activation key.



You can use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to see if you can read the numbers of the product key on the label.

Or take a picture of it and expand it on the screen.


Also that, read also:

You can contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send you a set of recovery disks and to reinstall the operating system.

They should do this for a fee, if they still have available to them.


And if you have never received a recovery disk when you bought your computer, there should be a recovery Partition on the hard drive to reinstall Vista on how you purchased your computer.

The recovery process can be started by pressing a particular combination of the key or keys at startup. (Power on / start)

Maybe it's F10, F11, Alt + F10, etc., depending on the manufacturer.

Ask them to the proper key sequence.


And if you do not score a manufacturer of recovery on your hard drive, you should be able to make your own recovery from her disks to reinstall the operating system.

Go to programs > name of the manufacturer of your computer > then their system or recovery tools software topics for them, depending on how it is formulated.

If you can't find any reference to it, contact the manufacturer for advice on how to make these recovery disks.

The methods above resettlement generally do not require allows you to provide a product key during Installation, the recovery process uses the Installation product key factory to activate automatically during the resettlement process.

See you soon.

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  • Where can I find my product key of windows 8, which is pre installed in my laptop form manufacturing?

    Please, help me...

    I want to know my product key of windows 8, which is preinstalled on my laptop. Because I just bought a new laptop and windows 8 pre installed on the laptop. I don't have any what CD or DVD box with it, and also I have no sticker stay with her in the box, I just want to know my product key, so whenever I'm in trouble, I can use this product key, so please help me in this.
    Waiting for your response.

    With Windows 8, Microsoft changed stickers that have the product key that the user must type in during the installation of the operating system of new embedded BIOS product key. The idea is that by eliminating the tile, you eliminate one of the easiest ways for nefarious users get a legitimate product key. The sticker also eliminating product key removes any concern that the vignette could get damaged while at the same time eliminating the long and irritating the process of typing in various letters and numbers in the installation of the operating system.

    If the user has to reinstall the operating system on a computer with Windows 8, the installation process automatically captures key software product of the motherboard BIOS without input from the user. This means that these stickers familiar windows product key will no longer appear on Windows 8 computers.

    If you want to reinstall Windows 8, which means remove applications and personal files and settings, you can use the reset and refresh. This is equivalent to a clean install.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    · Press the Windows key + i on your keyboard to show the charms (if you use a touch screen: touch the right edge of your screen and drag your finger to the left)

    · Click settings

    · Click change PC settings

    · Click general in the left column

    · In virtue remove all and reinstall Windows, click Start

    Then follow instructions that will be provided on the screen to reinstall Windows on your PC.

  • My Wd hard drive has been locked with Bit Locker and I don't have a password or recovery key. Please help me?



    Sorry, the news is not good. Some time ago, you have chosen BitLocker because you want to protect your data against unauthorized access. If someone had told you that anyone can crack the encryption by asking a little help in this forum, would you have chosen BitLocker?

    BitLocker is as good as its reputation. Unless you followed best practices and created your own backdoor, your data is lost.
  • Pregnant wireless Bose SoundLink has been integrated with success but don't connect/play audio via Bluetooth

    Separated from this thread.

    How did you get your SoundLink Mini system works? I have the same camera, he paired, but does not connect properly.

    I'm not sure it was a while back, but after having revisited the installation instructions, I think I uninstalled it to devices and printers by selecting 'delete device '.  I think that I also removed from the Blue Tooth device section in Device Manager.  I probably also removed the PC as a device coupled to the BOSE by pressing the bluetooth button on top of the soundlink speaker for I think that something like 5 seconds (see Manual)

    I've then matched again according to the instructions of Bose.  Since then, he has worked perfectly.  I think that they don't make it very clear what is supposed to happen as part of the connection process when you want to use the device.  When the computer is turned on, press the power button on the Soundlink.  There is a small white light above the button on the Bose Blutetooth.  It starts flashing and you will get a single "beep" that it connects, the white light is solid and it is connected

    Hope this might be of some use

  • Cloning of R12 eBusiness application has been integrated with SSO

    We almost had.

    Now, we need help.

    We have a suite of e-Business of production (R12.0.4) that has been incorporated into an OID/SSO of production instance. We have also 2 ebusiness development environments (cloned production) who have been integrated into an OID/SSO development instance.

    When it came time to re - clone (refresh) a development environment, I unregister the existing development OID clone, remove the cloned R12 environment, perform the new clone that you would normally to clone an R12 application... and this is where it got tricky... I would like to delete references UNIQUE app of newly cloned A12 authentication (using txkrun.pl as recommended by Oracle), and then I ran the deregistration (again, using such txkrun.pl) recommended by Oracle who would not say that the application has not been registered with DIOS (expected result) and finally, run the process recording, as recommended by Oracle.

    It worked very well for a while, and we were able to clone R12 environments and they delivered to our users who were simply happy that even in our development and test cases, they have to remember the passwords.

    This is where we made the fatal mistake.

    We received an urgent call to clone both of our development to production environments. So to immediately start on the process, we went ahead and deleted the existing applications of dev R12 without unregister of their OID first. When the new clones were completed, we removed the references in the new clones by using txkrun.pl as we have always done and that part worked. We also ran txkrun.pl unregister the application of the OID and that we also gave the expected result to say that the application did not exist in the OID. However, when we tried to register the newly cloned applications, we get error "* ERROR: cannot save an application that is already registered.". We are trying to write off registration the application again and it says that there is not, we try to register again and still the same error that the application is already registered.

    My question is, is there a possible way to clean your OID environment without using txkrun.pl? I would like to delete the entries for my old OID development environments so that I can save my new development environments (which happens to have the same name).

    If someone of you has done this, I would appreciate the help.



    You make me feel better. I thought that I could be the only person who had already done it. ;-) It is not too bad to clean.

    I am referencing the old tickets and are not currently have access to an OID instance to verify, but try this:

    In management of the entry, look under the value default context of Oracle, under Services and e-Business. You should see an entry for your instance of the EBS. (For example, the unique name may be: cn = SCREW, cn is EBusiness, cn = Services, cn = OracleContext). Delete this record, and you should be set. You may need to remove the other links to that record under your custom context. For example, there may also be a DN cn = SCREW, cn = EBusiness, cn is Services, cn = OracleContext, dc your_org, dc = com is

    I was afraid at first that there could be a ton of junk to delete OID connects to the instance EBS approval, but I was not able to find all the other likely entries and was able to re-enroll without problems after removing these two entries.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards

    John P.

  • Get 643 and 646 error codes when you try to install Windows Update. Everything else works with updateing, Itunes and other updates, but not Microsoft. I did what is listed here as much as I can understand, but still have the problem.

    Every time my computer upgrades, they fail to install.  I tried the fixes on the web site and still have the problem.  Errors are 643 and 646.  I continue to download and and keep not install correctly

    Hello sugarlake,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft answers Forums.

    Solution for error 646:

    Disable all Firewalls and try to install the updates and the stand-alone installation (download manually).

    Reset the Windows Update components


    Restart the computer after the update is installed.

    Also check with



    That should solve the problem.

    Solution for 643:

    It is a common problem with the updates of the .NET Framework.



    Follow the steps in the web links above to solve the problem.
    That should do the trick for you.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards


    UDAY $012 please let me know that whether the solution worked or not, I thank you and appreciate your comments. URGO. C

  • Windows Vista installation disc: Black screen with a cursor and then nothing happens

    A blue screen appears when I try to start Windows and I'm trying to fix the computer through my installation disc I have. But when I try to run my Vista disk installation happening by loading the files fine. It then shows a black screen with a mouse cursor that moves. After that, nothing happens even if I leave it for hours to sit. It is a real disk Installation of Microsoft for Vista.

    If a clean installation of a real Installation of Vista disc does not work, then you probably have some kind of hardware problem (and the blue screen, you got before makes this even more likely).  You can try to do some troubleshooting on your own hardware, but frankly you probably put "t have tools or spare parts to do very much.  Here are some instructions that may help:http://elephantboycomputers.com/page2.html#Hardware_Tshoot.

    If this does not work, then I suggest that you take it to a repair shop of computer with a good reputation for the service where they can troubleshoot, diagnose, identify and possibly repair or replace the problem.  Before you import it in, I suggest that you protect your important data, as it is likely that they will wipe the hard drive clean in the process.  You can use Knoppix http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html with a good ISO as Copier: http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm as well as a blank CD.  This should hopefully give you enough access to the system (if you do not have any other means) to backup your important data.  Otherwise, slave the drive to another computer and copy the data in this way.

    I'm sorry, we can not help more, but from your description there is no option of software if you do not have to do a clean install of an Installation of Vista genuine disc.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Malicious software has been installed on my system and now I start to a corrupt registry error


    The message says can not open corrupt windows file.

    Oh, I think the error message said a little more than that.  Maybe it was one of them:

    • Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM
    • Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SOFTWARE

    If so, Microsoft provides a long and complicated method to solve this (which will only work if the system restore service has worked correctly): http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307545

    Before you begin this procedure, however, see the post of Jose Ibarra marked as the answer in this thread: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-system/after-windows-restart-and-then-no-configsystem/83d5c57f-9836-4f3a-bec8-04c7d81861d3 (both and you did answer my question about if you had a Windows XP installation CD).

    Of course, if my crystal ball was cloudy and that you actually had a different error message, please provide - without paraphrase.

  • Why do I get a warning "stop character has been read" with VISA read and TCPIP?

    I use VISA readings with raw sockets TCPIP without problem with NI-VISA 3.0.1 but when I moved to NI-VISA 4.4 I was getting timeout errors.   Time-out errors disappeared when I put the stop character allow the property (which seemed to be default in NI-VISA 3.0.1) but now I get a warning indicating that the "stop character was read.

    Can I turn off this warning?   Can I put the ending character activate by default?   How can I get rid of this annoying warning?

    Hey, Dagwood,.

    Unfortunately, there is not a way to globally change the attribute VI_ATTR_TERMCHAR_EN to VI_TRUE.  Talked with R & D ability to use registers and they say that it is not accessible through that.  To answer why this change was made so the developer who made the switch isn't around more I can not find his reasoning to explain.  The best to you in your code would be during initialization, use the node property VISA to make the change and until the closure of this VISA resource, this change will be the value that you assign the value.  I'm sorry, we cannot provide any other solution for these problems.  Also, if you feel that it is a heavy load on your programming practice you can certainly submit a product idea for the ability to change the overall values for default attributes VISA.

    Thank you

  • Windows XP has been infected with a virus/trojan via the net and will pop up window wanting to access the app tray and Windows install wants to work.

    Original title: tray app

    I have a PC with Windows XP. He has been infected with a virus/trojan via the net. I can't access the net, but I have now access to readers of DVD and CD. On the screen is a window who want access to the application of the status bar. I don't have a restore date prior to infection. Installer Windows guard eager to work. How can I get going again and remove the virus/Trojan? I also have a laptop with windows vista. I can download MSE on my laptop for windows XP and copy it to a CD and then use it on the PC?

    Hi shanethornton,

    You can try to download Microsoft Security Essentials from the link below for a CD or a USB key and try to run it on the infected PC and check out them.

    See the link to download Microsoft Security Essentials:


    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Windows vista the task image is corrupt or has been tampered with (0 x 80041321) Please try again.

    Windows vista the task image is corrupt or has been tampered with (0 x 80041321) Please try again.

    This happened after Windows update

    and no solutions yet!

    Dear Marilyn

    nothing worked, finally I deleted KB2305420

    now everything is OK

    Anyway thanks for your help


  • Have lost the product key for Windows Vista

    Hi, please I lost my product key for windows vista. How can I go about it?

    Hi, please I lost my product key for windows vista. How can I go about it?

    Thanks for the reply, it has been very helpful, I found the product key, but whenever I go its says invalid.

    You have not said why you must use the product key. ???
    Assuming that you need to activate...

    Please read this...

    1. activation by phone

    Pay attention to step 2: how to do a phone Activation.
    Note: If the activation service will inform you that it was
    unsuccessful and cannot help with activation, thenSTAY ON THE LINE and your
    call will be transferred to an operator of activation that will help you
    activate your copy of Vista.

    2 here is a response from Keith, Microsoft Support,
    Moderator, on this subject.
    Date: April 29. 2010

    3. how to activate Windows Vista

  • my valid product key for windows vista on the label at the back of the laptop becomes invalid.

    Hi all. I recently bought a Dell studio 1737 in which windows vista family premium is already installed. A few days back, I was installing drivers that were installed successfully. When I activate my window, he asked for the product key which has been mentioned on the sticker under the battery of the laptop.at, first that I have not found the sticker so I don't have to enter the key bt after that I restarted my computer, he asked me to activate windows, few options were available.i opted to activate windows online.again it asks to enter product key.i entered , but it gives me the error message incorrect windows vista key.i restored my computer several times older points but in vain.i also adopted the method run services.msc and then this selection of software licenses and properties by clicking the start of stop.the type has already been set on automatic and I have so I still clicked on start.and when I rebooted my computer He asked again for the key.

    I only have one way to use the laptop.when I start in safe mode and restore to point more and when it restarts, this time, it does not ask for product key.and I can use laptop but automatic updates are installed and I have reboot again, it asks for the key.

    kindly help me solve this fed issue.im of this.i should be very very grateful.

    Hello Mrbaqer,

    Thank you for your message.  You could also give phone activation a shot.

    1. Click Start, and then in the search box type: slui.exe 4
    2. press enter on your keyboard
    3. Select your country.
    4. Select the option to activate the phone, then call and hold to a real person.

    See you soon

    Jason H. Engineer Support of Microsoft answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows 7 backup error: the file is corrupt or has been tampered with. Error code is 0 X 80041321

    After coming back to Windows 7 pro to windows 10 I'm not long able to back up my computer.  I get an error message saying: the file is corrupt or has been tampered with.  Error code is 0 X 80041321.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Original title: backup Windows 7

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I would say first of all allows you to check if the Volume Shadow Copy service is running.

    1. click on Start, type Services in start search. When the page is open, find shadow copy Volume service.

    2. right clickon the Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS) and check whether it is started.

    3. If it is stopped, select Start or restart.

    Check if you are able to backup.

    Step 2: If you have installed a third-party security software, then try to temporarily disable the security software and check what is happening.

    Step 3: You can also try to remove the task from the location:


    How to find which task is damaged or altered.

    3. click on Start; Search type cmd in the list on the start menu, programs, right click on cmd and run as administrator.
    4. now run the following command

    schtasks/query | findstr /i


    ERROR: the task image is damaged or has been tampered with.
    ERROR: task cannot be loaded: the task name

    Find the name of the task, try deleting the task name, and then try to recreate.

    See the link below that solves your problem.


    1. click on Start, type Task Scheduler in the start search box, and then click Task Scheduler in the list programs.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click on continue.

    2. in the Actions of the Task Scheduler dialog box, click on create a new task.

    Check whether the problem is resolved.

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

  • Need phone number to talk to someone on the product key of Windows Vista is not invalid. 0x004E003 error code

    Need phone number to talk to someone on the product key of Windows Vista is not invalid. The number I tried of never made me a person.

    1. click on start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4

    2. press enter on your keyboard

    3. Select your country.

    4. Select the telephone activation option and brace yourself for a real person.

Maybe you are looking for