has obtained a new wireless network and I can not connect the printer to it.

I have a photosmart c4780 wireless.  Got a new Airport Express Wireless yesterday.  It is connected to my MacBook Pro without problem, but I can't get the printer to connect to it.

I have a MacBook Pro, OS v. 10.6.  My HP Photosmart C4780 worked perfectly on my old system wireless (Apple product).  Yesterday I bought a new wireless Airport Express and I can't get the printer to recognize the new system.  Where it shows the name of the printer in the system, the box below (called location) is empty.  I tried to put the name of my Airport in it, but no luck.  I know it just needs to be connected internally somehow, but can't find where the information goes.  I don't have a USB port.  The printer is connected to a modem, and the modem is connected to the radio (is this is what is called the router?) Airport Express - just like it was yesterday when he was working with my old wireless.

Tags: HP Printers

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