Have a bug in customize control


I tried to change the visual appearance of the Boolean button. Finally I did it, but it has some bugs.  Real square box appeared and hide when I click on it. I don't know to solve this bug so can you help me for this bug.

Please find the attachments of my customize controls and the sample program for this bug.


Hello kumuch.

You need a suitable image for all the States of your controller.

Add your user.ctl


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  • Customize control


    I want to customize a Boolean control. the result should be a sign like a faucet. You can see in the attachment. first of all, I opened a Boolean control. I have add two decorations "raised right triangle" and put them on the control. the problem is when I change the size of the Boolean control does not change the size of the decoration.

    Can someone help me?



    WeberM wrote:


    I want to customize a Boolean control. the result should be a sign like a valve

    I don't have what you mean by should be displayed as the value.

    However, I made an order that looks like a control u posted.have a glance made me know that is what you want.


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    Thanks for any help.


    I tried to work with cfwindow before I was getting a lot of errors with IE and then I found a perfect solution CF_WINDOW custom tag. I tell you it's great and it's free! Also focus on tag, you might find a few solutions in there!

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    Thank you

  • What is the customizable Control Center?

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    No, it isn't. If you want that application to iTunes to be "before and the centre", place it in the Dock.

  • Is it possible to have explicit '+' sign to digital controls?


    I was looking for a possibility to show the sign of a numeric value to digital controls, i.e. the control should display "-1.2345" or "+ 6.789" because this value will be added or subtracted another parameter value. "". " Accordingly, no sign, i.e. "6.789' is not meaningful in this case."

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any opportunity to do so (CVI8.5.1). I don't want to use a text control where this would be possible, because I have the up and down arrows to scroll upwards or downwards. I've missed something trivial - or is really not possible STD? Seems so simple and natural...

    Thank you very much


    Hello Wolfgang,.

    We will add this as a suggestion of product. In the meantime, have you tried to capture the top and bottom event keypress in the reminder of chain drive and increment/decrement the value yourself?

    Moreover, you always expect to see a sign "+" when the control value is 0? Or no sign at all, in this case?


  • I have the same front panel control in several events?

    I tried to find it in the forums and knows that there must be a simple answer, but being a left tackle L again, this one is cheating on me. So:

    I'm programming a small mission-generating program that will allow a user to create files of the mission for a small underwater AUV. These mission files can be created in Wordpad or similar, but I wanted to make an application where the user doesn't have to worry about the sometimes finicky syntax etc. The operating system of the AUV is based on linux. It is also a good opportunity to practice my LabVIEW file, management skills and experience programming state machine.

    I created a state machine, and is one of the States 'Add Primitive'. A primitive is one line of text that can be 'go to xyz', 'surface' etc. 'home' with the coordinates or other settings entered on the controls on the front panel when the appropriate primitive is called. I there before had 8 orders of the Panel before the user can choose to primitives with and structure of the event with a pane for each control. Each event, then displays string writing for this primitive controls and property nodes hide everything on the front panel.

    My problem is, I want a "Validation" button that will write the primitive duly filled in the file and display the file so far in a preview window. I can only put this button of validation in an event well and I can't use local variables. I want the same façade of control are committed to do the same for all the different events in my structure. Is this possible?

    I think that maybe the control and my preview pane should be outside (to the right) my structure. Or maybe a case of event isn't the right way to go at all. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    I recommend some redesign of your state machine.  You should have a State just to handle events of the user (have the structure of the event in it).  The start State should go directly to that State of "idle".  You can then manage each button with the structure of the event rather than do an interrogation of sorts.

    In each case in the structure of the event can determine what State to spend.

  • I have not 'Programmes' in my control panel

    Recently, I lost "Freecell" from my computer.  (XP Home Edition)  It was because I bought "Grimefighter" of Avast!  I searched this site how to reinstall and was puzzled at the first hurdle.  You suggest "Start/Control Panel/programs/etc" but I do not have a "Programs" icon (phone, printer and Power Options are the icons of 'P' I only.)  So I'm stuck.

    Any other suggestions how re - install Freecell please.  Miss me it!

    If you are not in the 'friendly' view of the Control Panel, you'll see icons instead.  In icon view, the desired option called "Add/Remove Programs".  From there, the rest of the instructions will be the same.

  • customize controls splits


    I'm trying to customize the color box control to make them look like a modern LED.  I started with classical and any color box image led.  I then imported the modern LED framework.  Control looks very good and works as a color box, but not together, the two elements of the control resizes.  That is when I extend the led I then to stretch the frame to match.  Did I miss something in the editor control?

    I would be grateful for any suggestion.

    Thank you


    I'm sorry you had to wait but if I understand correctly you want to re-size together.

    You did a nice job with what you tried and I all that I did remove the frame from the shadow of the control and abandoned his image separately on the FP. Then, I selected both and grouped.

    They re-size nicely togeth now.

    Here is the image of the public Service and attached are the Vi and the latest version of your control.

    I hope this helps.


  • do I have to set my remote control receiver only?

    I have a STR-K790 receiver. I need the codes for a universal remote, unless I can fix manully

    Hi Stooney,

    You will need to use a remote control to set a radio station in the receiver STR-K790 system.

    Is the universal remote you are talking about is branded Sony? If you use a universal remote control from Sony, the control code for Sony receiver is 01 or 001. However, we are unable to provide support for remote controls designed by other manufacturers. Manufacturers may set different code numbers in their universal remote controls to identify the infrared (IR) signal of a Sony product. Thus, the code number used to operate a Sony product in one remote can be different from the one used by another.

    For more information on the planning of a third-party remote control, contact the manufacturer of the remote control.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as an "accepted Solution".

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    I have problems using parental controls. I want to block facebook from a user account. I have facebook in the ban list, but apparently not block. I have Vista. What should I do to block facebook?

    Have you followed all the steps like that?


    It is an alternative.



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  • I have-recruitment - employee candidate - customize my account

    Hi guys

    I get an unexpected error on Irec employee candidate. This comes after upgrade to to R12.04.

    If you go to the my account Section of the employee candidate responsibility and click Customize my account it gives an unexpected error

    oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: could not create Java class: (oracle.apps.per.irc.candidateSelfService.webui.IrcCandidatePerPhonesCO) associated with the area: (PhoneNumbers). It is probably because the class name is incorrect or not included in the project.
    at oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OAPageErrorHandler.prepareException(OAPageErrorHandler.java:1247)

    However this error deosnt come customization is off.

    Any ideas will be appreciated



    Go to my account page and then click on customize page.
    Customize the button "customize my account." You'll have destination function is IRC_APL_PERSONAL_ACC_DETS_PAGE, change it to the IRC_APL_ACCOUNT_DETAILS_PAGE function at the level of the site.
    Try it now and let us know if it works

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