have a phone pantech Impact model, how can I download photos from the thing on my computer... what software will do?

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Hi Biker seal 66,

Before continuing, we need additional information.

  • You have any software disk provided by the mobile phone manufacturer to transfer photos?
  • Are you using Bluetooth or USB cable to connect the phone to the computer?

I suggest you to first contact, the phone manufacturer to check if you can access their Web site and download a software to transfer the images and also check if you can use USB or Bluetooth to connect to the computer. You can also consult the manual of the phone and check if they have any specific instruction to transfer the pictures from the phone to the computer.

You can also navigate to the link below and follow the steps in the article to transfer pictures from your phone to the computer.


Note This article is for digital camera, but the same steps can be followed to get the pictures from the phone.

I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

Thank you and best regards,


Srinivas R

Microsoft technical support.

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    Hi Islarich,

    Thanks for posting the question on the Microsoft Community Forums.

    According to the description, it seems you are trying to download images from the camera.

    It would be great if you could answer this question in order to help you further.

    You connect your digital camera to your computer using, USB cable or a memory card?

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    A common problem on a MAC, less frequent on Windows based on my reading of the reports here in this forum

    You don't have WRITE permission in the folder where Lightroom is trying to copy the photos to (this file is put in the import dialog box in the Destination panel), so change your permissions.

    For future reference, the 201 is not the error code and no use for us here, it's the number of photos that are affected by this error. In the future, just give the complete error message.

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    You must copy those you want to your Mac first.

    Remove photos from my photo - Apple Support stream

    The following photos will not be deleted when you delete photos from my photo stream:

    • Photos that you copied to the tab pictures or film on your iOS device
    • Pictures that you have imported into your iPhoto or Aperture library
    • Photos that you've copied in a folder on your PC and are not part of my photo stream
  • How can I download photos from my camera digtal on facebook

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    I guess you put the card in the camera, in the adapter, then plug the adapter into a usb port.  Windows will see this as a removable drive

  • How can I download pictures from the phone LG 9100?

    How the images from a mobile phone of LG9100 draft.exe

    Original title: photos draft.exe leave cell LG9100

    Hi realboudreau,


    (1) are in train to download pictures off Internet?
    (2) are underway to transfer the files from the phone to the computer?

    I would like more information about the issue.


    If you are trying to transfer pictures from the phone to the computer, then I would have you contact LG support for assistance-


    Support LG

    Hope this helps!


  • How can I remove photos from the iPhone but save on iCloud/desktop mac?

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    I wish I could take a picture, saved it on my computer and iCloud and then remove it from my phone without losing.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

    You can go to settings > Photos & camera on your phone and do the following:

    1. turn off iCloud photo library

    2 turn on my photo stream

    Then on your Mac, you can open pictures and under preferences, perform the following steps:

    1. on the general tab, make sure that "Copy items to the photo library" is checked

    2. by virtue of iCloud, make sure 'My Photo Stream' is checked (you can also have shared Photo also controlled flow)

    This should cause all photos of photo stream to be shared between devices as well as to import into your photo library.

    See you soon,.


  • How can I transfer photos from the "iPhoto" to 'Photos' without losing info "date of creation"?

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    TO migrate from keep everything that you migrate the iPhoto for pictures library by dragging the Photos icon in the dock

    If you export you create them new files with metadata selected although the date of the photos should stay in the fields of EXIF/IPTC - assistance to export from iPHoto see - export to iPhoto

    If the metadata is not correct after exporting it's user error - and if you perform the migration instead of export and import, nothing will change-- How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

    What about sorting in the Photos - all the photos of the user can be sorted by ascending or descending date or by title - see Photos (years/collections/moments) is always sorted by date of the photo with the oldest first and pictures is always sorted by date added


  • BlackBerry smartphones, how can I transfer photos from the map SD card in my Panasonic camera in my Blackberry "BOLD"?

    I will visit China this summer to see the solar eclipse on July 22, take pictures with a Pansonic Lumix camera. It uses a standard SD memory card.

    I want to transfer pictures to my Blackberry 9000 "BOLD", so I can then upload them on a blog. I won't have a computer with me. Is it possible to get a SD card reader which can connect to the USB in the Blackberry and transfer files directly in the Blackberry?

    If not, is there a bluetooth solution?

    Note that I tried to take the microphone out of my Blackberry SDHD card, put in an adapter and insert this in my Panasonic camera, hoping that I could store my photos directly on the micro SDHD card. It does not work. The camera is complaining with a memory card error (probably due to incompatibility between the standard SD and SDHD, I guess).

    Any ideas?

    Forget the above post, I just had a cup of coffee and then realized:

    1. I think the Blackberry "BOLD" can use ordinary micro sd (and not sdhc) cards.  They come in 1 GB and 2 GB sizes with adapters for $ 5 to $ 10.

    2 use a regular mic with its adapter sd card in your camera.  When you want to send photos, take the adapter to the camera, take the micro sd adapter and pop card in your phone.


    Thunderbird has had in the past, a simple command, "Get Mail" that disappeared that I can tell. Need to get my messages on the server as some disappear just if I leave here too long and I never can tell what is "too long".

    Thank you

    VIC Tennery

    Download mail has not been deleted, but yours may be hidden.


    In my humble OPINION, unless you have a formal contract with your email provider, you should show all emails stored on their server as transitional and not guaranteed to be here tomorrow.

  • How can I copy photos from the CD?

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    Put it on the CD. When you see the folder, right-click on it, and drag it to my images & copy here.
    You can also. You can open the folder on the CT to reveal all the photos. Click on one to select it, and then Ctrl + A will highlight the al. Drag the image in a folder you already created in my images.
  • How can I import photos from the office in Lightroom?

    Like I can't understand how to import pictures from my office in Lightroom, I would appreciate guidance.


    There are a lot of examples and tutorials on the Internet about importation, for example: http://tv.adobe.com/show/getting-started-with-adobe-photoshop-lightroom-5/

    In addition, put pictures on your desktop is NOT a good idea, finally, you need to move photos out of your office and this can cause problems with Lightroom. Instead, create a folder somewhere are put the pictures there, and then import them using the Add option.

  • How can I transfer photos from the disk of the camera in the printer on my computer?

    When I insert my disc of the camera into the slot in the printer, it has no option to transfer to my computer, just direct printing. I read the manual, and while it says I can do this, there are no instructions. My printer is a HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium

    \\Ip address printer\memory_card enter files and programs start the search.

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