Have changed my router but Airport Express no longer works.  How can I connect it?

Have changed my router but Airport Express linking is no longer.  How can I connect it to the new router?


The Express has been programmed to keep in memory the settings needed to connect to your 'old' router... What is more there... so the Express is lost and knows not how to find his way.

The solution is to reset the AirPort Express Terminal at its new, out of box factory settings, so it can be mounted again do not forget to connect to your new router.

To do this...

Turning off the AirPort Express for a minute or two

Hold the reset button the first Express... and keep holding it while you simultaneously reconnecting the power cord the AirPort Express

After that the amber light was clignoter blink quickly for 5 to 6 seconds, release the reset button

Allow a minute for the Express start slow, flashing amber light status

Now, the Express is back in its new factory settings, then you a game it upwards again to connect to your new router... just like you put in place to connect with your old router.

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