Have question about video of the Dell laptop...

Dell Inspiron Laptop:

Processor: Core i3 - 2350M

RAM - 4 GB

Graphics card: integrated Intel HD 3000

It's weird. Some games that I can play with the medium or high settings with little or no problem. I know that this is not a portable game, but I only play games occasionally. I'm not talking about games here either. It runs Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas without problem. In addition, it ran call of Duty: MW3 upstairs very smooth.

The question is... can I allocate more memory on my video card? He said that the card can be a total memory approx. 1696 MB, but I know this isn't a 1.6 GB video card. I read some computers allow you to change the BIOS settings to add more memory, but I can't find anything. Im just surprised he plays these big games that he probably lag at least a little, but he can't play hitman: absolution of all and the video RAM minimum for this is 512 mb like Skyrim.


Hi Shizam123,

Thanks for the reply.

There is no option in the BIOS to allocate more memory for the video card. Video card performance is optimized automatically during the game.

Thank you & best regards
Mustapha S

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    Warranty details
    Service Provider Start Date End Date Days warranty
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    Hi Hema,

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    I bought the system in a Dell store allowed, but the thing is I'm getting confused on post purchase experience.  The bag pack which the seller gave me apparently local, when I refused to take it, he assured me that I will get a real bag after a few days. I also think that I cheated from windows.

    I will be much obliged if you can read the issue in the context (the conversation with the windows community)-

    My question - what is the use of "slmgr / / ato" command, my system is watch a range error code 0x80072EF7, when I run this command. can be solved?


    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Community.

    According to the publication of the description and the error code that you get when running ' slmgr / / ato "command, it seems that you have any question in your Windows activation.

    Use of slmgr / / ato command:

    For volume systems, with a KMS host key retail editions or a key to activate Multiple (MAK) installed /atoprompts Windows to attempt activation online. Activate Windows license and product key from the Microsoft server. If you receive error 0x80072EF7 code then I suggest you to try the steps outlined in the article below and see if it helps you to solve the problem.

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    I can't run these technical stuffs on my computer. I'm scared I might lose the original settings since I'm not familiar with computer terminology. I didn't activate windows, I run the command "slmgr/ato' because of Microsoft technical team asked me to do the same. The reality is that I just bought a new Dell laptop, which came with no reinstalled windows, but dealer told me it communicates me windows 8.1pro as compliment (when I asked him which win. I should use win10 update or win original 8.1). and the cost of windows is not mentioned in the Bill. I was not aware at the time of the purchase that I won't have a preinstalled windows system, because I asked the price for laptop with the desired configuration and win8.1. I never thought that I buy a DOS system. I paid for almost the same price for laptop with "win 8.1pro" brokers in the area compare to preinstalled laptop computer sing.language win8.1. After 2 days, when I realized the question and asked the technical team at Microsoft to see if windows that is installed on my system is authentic or not, and they told me that windows is authentic, after checking with my key.  From there, my doubt starts Can a windows be true, even if the user has no evidence that he has purchased? Is the only information is the product key which certifies the genuine windows? What is the risk if the dealer gives the same key to another customer as a "compliment".

    Once I shared the issue with Microsoft support, they tried to hear me, but I think that they have not properly my concern. However, they asked me to run that command and message showed that windows is already activated. Since then, I thought that it could be someone else can also use the same key, I tried to check this order 4 days after. Since then, this error shows. Now, I want to solve each and every error on windows, I will also be very grateful if you could provide me the only way to learn how to check the real windows.


    Yes, I agree with you, your concern on the product key. It is true that your computer vendor could give the same product key to the other person as a gift too. If another person uses the same key to activate the OS, then you might get pop up to activate your Windows or other activation errors.

    You can see the article mentioned below to check if your OS is authentic.

    My question-

    Today, I called again to Microsoft helpline years technical support says my concern again. This time they told me that 'the ID of the product' which I use is enabled on other computers, but still found my authentic windows. I wonder, earlier the chat session which is held with the technical support told me that no one can use the same key that I use. If it someone trying to do it won't affect my computer because I am one who is authentic and the first user. I don't understand why are there different versions of the truths in the company for the same problem?

    I feel very sad that the company like Microsoft is not able to do something for their customers like me who are less sophisticated techno and want to become authentic windows user! Now, I think there must be a link any between the 'error', I've mentioned above and even the activation key on a different system.  I'm afraid how it would affect my system if other systems get activated by the same key. I don't know what are the services that I won't be able to enjoy if my windows become ingenuine later. Kindly guide me how to raise my complain about best way (with respect to the argument) to the dealer or authority be it is.


    If you have a valid key, then you will be able to turn it on again. If you call our support team then they will check into his tool and validate it, after doing this they will validate your key and help by activating the latter, if it turns out anyway.

    Keep us.

  • Question about video drivers Satellite P100-257

    Question about video driver. Version 14.25... Works (tells... 945 GM chipset); 14.27--works but with ocassional problems (tells... 945GM/GU); version 14,29... (said 945GM/GU) - does not work at all - black screen, but you can hear sounds which tells that XP does all right.

    Why that? And what is GU? Pilot info says it is for 945GM, pilot says he's for 945GM/GU.

    All kinds of three said they are for Mobile Intel 945 GM Express chipset. Who initially my machine have said there. In section "video card" my machine said no Intel - some Calg... - don't remember exactly the name.
    Thank you very much.


    As much as I know Satellite P100-257 supports the graphics card Mobile Intel 945GM. The code name of Intel's GM Calistoga
    This is not the same thing as the chipset Intel 945GM/GU. Both are different and so the graphics drivers are not totally compatible!

    The Intel page provides some interesting info on these chipsets:
    Mobile Intel Express Chipset 945GM

    Unfortunately, I have not found anything on the 945GM/GU.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 does not connect to the DELL laptop


    I use the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit with the Intel processor i5-2450 M CPU @2.50 GHz. recently the past 4 months, I have observed that Samsung Galaxy S3 does not connect to the Dell laptop

    We could not see the content of Samsung Mobile in the PC. No Popup message is coming

    I tried the options below

    1. connected with different cable to the laptop, the original cable

    2. try with Samsung Kies

    Can you please help us in this regard that I wasn't sure if the drivers problem.

    We have seen the error in the mobile below.

    "Could not find the software on your computer that can recognize your device.service Pack 3, Windows Media Player, version 10 or greater, for Android File Transfer for MAC OS or Windows XP must be installed.

    You can download and install Kies on your http://www.samsung.com/kies computer to synchronize with your device data, back up the data and upgarde your device (Windows and Mac OS are supported). »

    I use Windows 7 and Media player version 12.0.7601.18150.hence was not, of course, why the Samsung Galaxy S3 does not connect to the DELL laptop

    Thank you


    Hi Kalyan,

    From my research, this error message indicates that you have an old version of Samsung drivers installed on the computer.

    Several clients are faced with this question after that they have updated the version of Android to 4.3, but the version of the driver is not updated.

    I suggest you uninstall all traces of Samsung is installed in the list programs and then reinstall the device drivers Samsung from the link provided in the previous post.

    To uninstall a program see the link below.

    Uninstall or change a program

    Once you uninstall programs related to Samsung download and install the drivers for Samsung devices.

  • What version of Firefox options do I have to use Firefox on the new laptop running Win 7 64 bit, and how do I move bookmarks current laptop running Firefox 3.5.13 again laptop?

    Currently running on the laptop using Windows XP pro sp3 Firefox 3.5.13 and want to move my favorites to a new laptop. New laptop using Win 7 pro 64 - bit OS. I've read too many conflicting reports on Firefox and Win 7 and Firefox works on a real 64 - bit version. What are my choices for a stable browser for the new laptop and what specific version of Firefox is recommended, and the advantages and disadvantages of this suggestion? (I think we can run Firefox 32-bit version in the 64-bit environment, but which is the best choice?) I have not installed Firefox on the new laptop yet and am eager to dump IE. It is displayed for my old laptop. Thank you...

    Mozilla working on a 64-bit version of Firefox, but it's a way off. Currently, the only release versions are 32-bit, and the next major version will be also only 32 bits.

    I recommend that you install the latest version of publication (3.6.10) available since http://www.mozilla.com/

    To copy bookmarks, follow the procedure described in the article restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer to save a json file, you can import (restore) on the new laptop. You can copy more bookmarks, for details, see back up and restore the information contained in the Firefox profiles and backup - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Profile. The last link includes a third-party utility that can make the process easier.

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    I just signed up for cc, received confirmation that I'm in and confirm my email address.

    The following text is displayed when I click on "Download now" under Services and applications:


    We currently have questions get applications and the list of services. Please try again in a few minutes.

    This happens in Firefox and Chrome.

    I'm kind of miserable at the moment.

    The problem has been resolved.

  • Questions about video stabilization - iPhone 7 more

    Hi all

    Like most of you, I am an Apple enthusiast. I work as a videographer frelance. I use Apple products every day. I'm about to buy the new iPhone, but there are some issues that concern me. I've seen a few videos with the new iPhone 7 more, and it seems that video stabilization, its all just too bad. When the person walks, the camera is still struggling to stabilize images, and it gives a very poor video quality/eye. It seems that the video is allways glitching.

    I can't be the only one to notice this problem. Help, please! Do you know if its possible to disable? Which will probably solve this glitch.

    Best regards

    I have the same question. Today, I shot a lot of video footage and when I walk around with the camera I get a strobe effect. The video is useless. Does anyone else have this problem? It is with my iPhone 7.

  • Have questions about my Satellite A660

    Please bare with me, I only am not computer savvy even the least of the world.

    My laptop Toshiba Satellite A665 is fairly recent, but from the first day I took out of the box when I move the laptop around, even slightly it "don't know", its really noticeable only when your playing videos or listen to music, because the music will jump. When I got the laptop each time that is would it give me a message that was something in the sense of ' movement has been detected something or something has been moved to a safe position "of course, I forgot the exact message, but it could happen if often later, I checked it to no longer appear whenever it happened." I assumed it was normal or something for this laptop brand since it was my first Toshiba but my laptop has locked up twice now. Screen freeze and crash all by that irritating jump sound and I would have vigorously to stop him. Both times, what happened was when I was doing more things demand a lot of work on the computer as a performer of music, a writing program, chat software, and a browser with a bunch of tabs open. So my question is - is this normal for laptops Toshiba especially right out of the box?

    He had been getting worse lately that I don't have even if it now to get almost constant jumps, its still not very sensitive and I'm not lock still but listening to music is unbearable because of that now.

    I swear to you that I have the worst luck with laptops! Hard drive of my laptop first died a few months after I got it, but it was used and had been handed down for my father, after getting a better. My second fan laptop broke a few months after I got it and she had to be sent to be fixed, she only lasted me a little more than two years and then its backlight for the screen came out and I decided to screw it and get a new one. Now, I have this laptop and he apparently has a problem on the first day. So frustrating...

    Please tell me there is an easy solution, I think that its still under warranty but I really don't want to have to send an another laptop back to fix...


    > Please tell me that there is an easy solution
    Yes, there is an easy solution, but first I have to say to the question that you have described is not a bug, it s a feature!

    The program is causing it's Toshiba HDD protection. This means that if the laptop must be moved, the HARD drive head will move up to a safe location to reduce the disk from damage.

    As far as I know there are 3 different levels for this protection, you should try a lower level which allows more movement.

  • Question about linux on a toshiba laptop

    Hello. I have a question; I'm going to buy a computer toshiba laptop, but I need to install fedora linux for my work. My question is
    should which model I buy to be able to install this linux by myself? I thought about Toshiba A200 - 1 MB or A100-786. What other linux can be installed on Toshiba A200 - 1 MB, A100-786. You may know if power is working correctly?

    Elder Hello

    In recent days, nobody writes here and I just want to write a few words. As you probably know that Linux is not supported by Toshiba and with Linux, you're on your own. Please if you have time check out this Linux section. You will find many interesting topics and I hope some information about Linux on the laptop A100 and A200 model.

    You can also visit these interesting pages of Linux:

    Bye and good luck!

  • Lost the dongle to my optical mouse Dell R 201 WW, you want to configure the Dell laptop to communicate with the Bluetooth mouse.

    Original title: Dell optical mouse

    question: I lost my optical mouse Dell R 201 WW dongle.  Is it possible to set up my Dell laptop, Core i5 M (450) to connect with the mouse via BlueTooth?  Or do I have to buy a new dongle?  Thanks for any help.

    The WM311 is a mouse RF 2.4 GHz not bluetooth so unable to connect without a dongle (support with the right model). Most bluetooth devices have the logo of the 'B' double triangle on the label

    It is also likely that you will be able to re-pair to another dongle, they are coded to avoid 2 mouse interfere with each other.

  • Question about backing up the Lenovo factory

    Hi, I have an E530, I have a question about the Lenovo factory back, I'm a little unsure of the difference between the bootable media and just backup data.

    Is the bootable media just the equivalent to a disk of windows 7?

    the option data backup all currently installed on your laptop?

    I tried with the two checked options the other day and I got to the point where he solicited for disc DVD - RW 6 so I cancelled because I didn't know how much in total he would do, would be nice if he told me so I could better prepare.

    Also, if I was ever to use the data disks, would you boot from the startup disk you did first then also boot from CD 1 of the data disks?

    Hi James,

    We create these disks to customers of all time.  In our case we have Win 7 Pro, pre-loaded.  Win 8 discs are already included with the device.

    The process of factory recovery disks will create a set of disks [the E530 in the USA, to 4 DVD - Yes it would be nice to know how much to advance] will allow you to restore your machine out of the box.  The first disc it creates is a boot disk - you start from this when you start the recovery process - that's all it is. No file data/images for the restore process.  Other disks contain image files needed for restoration.  This does not save the user data. It is a different process.

    Since you started & cancelled the process, I'm not sure that it will allow you to re - burning the discs.  Because of the MS license restrictions, you are allowed to burn discs once.  We got all the way on the last drive and had the process fail [we don't know why - maybe bad disc?] and we cannot redo records because he thinks that we have successfully created their.  So, we have to call Lenovo support and ask them to send us a set of disks in Windows 7.

    I hope this helps...


  • where to post a question about iTunes on the iPhone?

    I have a question about a problem with iTunes on the iPhone (iOS), but I do not see a 'Community' with this title (or anything close;  I have no idea what "iTunes U" means).

    For lack of a better idea, I just posted to the community "iTunes for Mac", but I don't think that's true.

    Please let me know where I should post to an iTunes on iPhone issue.  Thank you.

    It should probably be posted in the community Using iPhone Apple Support communities. I'll ask a host spend your question in iTunes for Mac, if it has not already been moved.

    EDIT: Just read your message, and I think it's probably better where it is (because you need help syncing your songs via iTunes on your Mac). He should be fine here, but if the moderators believe that he should be somewhere else, they will move for you.

  • Question about video memory on Satellite L30-113


    I have a Satellite L30-113 and I managed to install a driver (I am learning how to in this forum, thx) for the video card, which allows me to change the size of the memory, what video card can be used. Configure the size of the (UMA) memory of 256 MB (including 128) properties, then in the properties of that memory for the graphics card is display 512?

    My question is that the size 512 memory is real? Video card really use this amount of memory or is unreal? If so is it better to go back to 128 (then in properties is 256), not to waste this memory for nothing.

    I know the les specifications specifications from the manufacturer, said 'max 256 memory hyper', but my question again: why in the properties I have the memory size: 512 MB?

    Thank you in advance, best regards.

    No, 512 MB is not true. The maximum size of video memory is 256 MB, but I do not know why your system shows 512 MB. If you set the video memory up to 256 MB performance will be no higher. Do not waste this memory to change anything back to 128 MB.

  • Hi all, I have questions about Hp Pavilion elite

    I have a question on a gaming pc. HP - Pavilion Elite desktop with Intel Core i7 - 920 processor processor is on bestbuy, Web site and I want to buy it but I have questions and I want to make clear before buy you.  but I couldn't find the answer with the service the customer of bestbuy. so I think I should ask Hp team.


    1 / this pc supports more than 2 video graphic cards?

    2 / if I add 'Killer Xeno Pro Gaming Network Card' in there? or an another k1?

    3 / I will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 free?

    So thank you and have a nice day

    Message edited by percy1105 on 07/08/2009 16:10
    Message edited by percy1105 on 07/08/2009 16:10

    Percy, I saw ads for computers that say that if you buy now they will update your operating system to Windows 7 free, when it is released.  It looks like he may be released in October 2009.  Of course, this could change several times before Octobler.  Here is a link to an article I found:


  • Update the bios of the DELL laptop under ubuntu

    Hi all.

    I have a dell inspiron N411Z (or N14z).

    I installed portable ubuntu 12.04 as a single operating system on the computer. Current kernel is 3.2.0 - 30, gnome 3.4.2.

    Are the details of my BIOS: A02 19/10/2011

    I opened a session in the DELL support web page, and after giving my serial number, I was redirected to the following web page: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/gr/en/grdhs1/ServiceTag/ maintain the label removed by privacy policy >

    As you will see, there is a new update for my BIOS, namely A05 19/04/2012, however is a ".exe" file and therefore cannot be used with Microsoft windows operating systems.

    I'd appreciate very much if you will guide me in the process step by step how to upgrade the BIOS of my laptop said, because the operating system is linux - ubuntu 12.04.

    For your info, my laptop is certified ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201106-8252/

    Thank you.

    As I opened this thread, I'll you know how I managed to update my BIOS.

    First of all, I think that since the update of the BIOS is a very sensitive issue (taking in mind that if something is wrong you can brick your laptop), the best way to do this is to follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly. Since there is no official record for the use of linux, it is advisable to use the .exe for windows file.

    So, I managed to find a way to actually update my BIOS through windows without installing windows.

    What you need:

    (1) a 32 bit windows7 installation. On another PC or even install via Virtual Box. (In fact, I installed win7 via the virtual machine. I found the iso of win7 from google. I don't have not had to save windows as they give you a period of 30 days of grace and we have actually windows for 5 minutes).

    (2) a USB stick with at least 1 GB of space

    (3) the right bios.exe file that we get from the manufacturer's web page.

    (4) a specific dll file. In my case it was oledlg.dll.

    (5) a blank CD.

    Step 1.

    We start windows and create us a rescue disk from windows7.

    Step 2.

    Format us the USB drive in FAT32.  We copy and paste all the files within the USB rescue disk.

    Let's open up command prompt and we follow the following sequence of commands to make the USB bootable:

    DiskPart (it turns at the diskpart prompt)

    listdisk (he will give the list of available disks)

    Select disk 2 (you select the USB stick drive. In my case it was the No2. Be very careful during this step).

    list partition (it lists the partitions on the usb key. It will be only 1 since we have just formatted it).

    Select partition 1 (we choose the partition)

    Active (make us active or bootable)

    Step 3

    We open the USB and we create a file called BIOS. Inside this file, we put the bios.exe that we need, as well as the dll we need. In my case it was oledlg.dll. I found it here: http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?oledlg

    Step 4

    We start the PC from the USB port. In case your PC doesn't have an option to boot from USB do via Plop Boot Manager CD.

    Windows will start loading, you choose the language and you will get a window titled "system recovery options". Choose the first option «use of tools of recovery...» "and click Next.

    On the new window that opens, choose the last option named "command prompt". The command prompt opens. Type the following commands pressing on enter after each one:

    c: (it replaces the C, i.e. the drive usbstick letter guest).

    BIOS CD (it changes in the BIOS file, we have created)

    BIOS.exe (he runs the bios.exe file we downloaded from the manufacturer's website to update our BIOS).

    I hope that the BIOS window will open and you just follow the options to update your Bios. In my case I had to restart twice. In this case must boot from USB as well the second time.

    That's how I updated my BIOS of N14Z of Dell from A02 to A06.


    -It is without saying that I take any responsibility in case something goes wrong with your laptop. I said just above how I did it in my laptop

    -In case you have a friend who uses windows you can kindly ask him to use his computer for 5 minutes to create the rescue disk and the updated use the stick (without having to install windows on VB). I just had to mention the VB option to tell you how to do 100% on your own.

    -Regarding the dll file: when I was experimenting with all the above, the first time that I actually run the bios.exe file in the command prompt I got an error message that the oledlg.dll is missing. So I found it via google, added even within the BIOS file and then the bios.exe work fine. In your case, it can ask another dll or dll. Act accordingly.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Pavilion 2000: startup program names 'false '?

    Hello So, since I restarted my laptop, I had this startup program named "false" when it opens at startup, it is a window asking what program should I use to open the 'false' but I tried everything. I even tried to delete it, but he said I can't. And

  • NEED HELP! OneKey Recovery with XP PROFESSIONAL

    I managed to do a upgrade by using a Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 CD and everything works fine. Now, I need help with a key recovery and how it will behave during a recovery of a backup I created AFTER the XP PRO upgrade: AFTER THAT I

  • DVD code 32 WINDOWS 7

    My advice on DVD rom in my laptop gives me an error code 32.  I have uninstalled and rebooted twice a so-called always gives me the message.  I tried an external dvd rom drive and it gave me the same message when I installed it.  I have windows 7 btw

  • HP Photosmart C309a AiO Wireless on and work, can not find the network!

    My printer has stopped printing a couple of days.  It was fine, now it is not.  The blue light wireless radio is turned on, but when I run the network set in place, it works simply and can not find my network.  I ran the network diagnostic and it det

  • BlackBerry Smartphones eception exception error when you try to open the text

    After the reboot, I am unable to open my texts... receiving Eception Exception: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException.  I have rebooted several times, but I get the error.  Any Suggestions?  Thank you