Have verizon usb 720 modem for my laptop. 1603 error codes and Error code 2738 appear when you try to install the update for the device.

Have verizon usb 720 modem for my computer laptop vista Home Premium 32. Here downloaded update but when get novatel driver the device install failed code 1603. Then he checks the previous versions and the installation States. After 1 min error 2738 VBSricpt moment of action custom execution failed. A verizon tech says that it is a windows problem. Another says that it is a usb device bad 720. Verizon says the rssi-rtt and the rssi on there network evdo should be about - 80 and my poster-98 device manager and-88 most of the time. With 3 bars of signal, they say it's the 720.mkv that's a bad camera or laptop? Can not stream video and Media Player even freezes. Have updates and it started 2 months ago. Any help don't want not to block 2 years for a new modem, if no change. Or would it be the laptop? Thanks for any info.

It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.


"Connect to a network, mail and the Internet."

Or here:


They will help you with your question in Vista Hardware and drivers Forum above.

They will help you with your question in the Forums above for Vista.

See you soon.

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