Having a problem after disassebling/reassembly my Satellite phone


As mention above, I took my laptop apart to clean the fan and he wound up eventually. Then I turned on my laptop. It works but with a black screen.
It has nothing displayed on the screen, but I know that it works well, I hear that sound standard when a computer starts, and I log in using the fingerprint reader.

I'll reopen and want to know where to look.
Thank you


I hope you understand now why on this forum you can read so many reviews where people have written that the disassembly/reassembly should be done by maintenance staff authorized for the sole and following manuals.

If you can not see anything on the LCD screen check cable and do not forget, it is correctly connected to the motherboard.

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    I have something new, something I've never seen and I do not much [as appropriate] of you.

    Today, I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 on my laptop Satellite A100-192. As it is Vista compatible now [I added some memory] I think it's the right time to see the new operating system [that is great, he will rule the world for sure].

    But back to the topic.
    After the installation of Windows Vista, which has detected almost all of the software in my pc and have fun on this topic / and there are a lot of things an old fart like me, can have fun with / I decided it's time to get back to work.
    So I restarted my toshiba for win xp, started working and has decided that music will surely improve my / concentration i'm from Poland and as many of you know, my team lost the first game of the 2006 World Cup. so they will not pass the group stage of WC2K6--real cause my humor today. After turning on my foobar, I realized that I don't hear nothing/i do not drink, so he can't really be the cause. I've set all volume settings, all the settings of the sound and nothing! I tried headphone jack, but it does not work too. I tried reinstalling the drivers, reboot the system several times and... nothing.
    I went back to Vista and... sound works like a charm.

    Bromine to Vista my sound on XP...

    Anyone has any bright ideas, how this could have happened and how to solv it / accept to remove vista from windows...?

    I would be greatfull for some advice...

    Best regards

    Hello Krystian

    If you use recovery media supplied for installation of WXP is the noise problem persist?

  • Boot problem after upgrade RAM on Satellite A200 - 1 DR


    I have a laptop Satellite A200 - 1 DR (with 1 GB of DDR2 RAM) and it is 5 days old. I bought an another 1 GB of Corsair RAM (DDR2 PC5300 5-5-5-12 as the first). The problem is that with both submissions the laptop not boots or boot boxes when the quiet boot option is enabled in the BIOS but windows Vista refuse to go or to restore.
    I also tested the memory only Corair on the first location of memory of the laptop, and it works perfectly (vista and memtest86).

    So I tried only two submissions on the second slot of memory of the laptop, and the two do not work: quiet Boot option on vista cannot go and memtest86 freeze after 1 sec. When the quiet boot option is disabled, the bios memory test freeze to 256 MB (with 2 memories it freezes at 512 MB).

    To me there seems to be a bug in the BIOS, you have any information on these bugs?
    Thanks in advance


    a man who is not a bug in the bios. Have you ever heard of compatibility problems between the memory modules? The strange thing is that the memory modules can have the same features should not work together when they are not compatible with each other.
    You have two different manufacturers using different modules and pcb´s (printed circuit board).

    So if you're going to tell me what manufacturer's stock module I'll tell you that they are not compatible because I really know that privateers work right and good when you install corsair two modules (or how I want to say. TWO MODULES OF THE SAME MANUFACTURER).

    This is it and it s the same story in desktop computers. I have two desktop computers in my office at home and one of this for overclocking. I had a lot of modules in my machine, so I had a lot of problems at the time of the twinning of the two different modules. And that's the thing why I tell you this, because I really have knowledge about this thingys. :)

    Just buy an another corsair modules and put your stock on ebay module. You will see how your machine will work. Or better, bring back the corsair, sell your stock on ebay module and buy a pair of the best modules from kingston, you can get since the modules have absolutely no problems with compatibility.

    That's my opinion. And nothing to do with a few bugs of bios or something else...

    Welcome them

  • I am having some problems AFTER the reset of firefox.


    (a) WEIRD FORMAT! There is this weird list format when I went on the site of firefox add-ons
    (b) I can't download ANYTHING not on the site of modules because it indicates that he is no. MATCHING modules (what the?)
    (c) he always says "this connection is untrusted on my Add-ons for [get addons] Manager, but also other Web sites
    The firefox I have right now is up to date
    I reset firefox and this is the result, so please tell be how to fix it.

    Mozilla.org or
    Firefox in any language
    and download the full installer.

  • Problems after update BIOS on Satellite Pro 4600

    There is a problem with the computer toshiba laptop. its the fact do not install any windows OS after the Installer starts running xp there is an error message that says that the drivers of setupdd.sys could not be loaded (error code 14)

    I tried with different CDs with the same error, so I tried the procedure of the ghost image, but all in vain after reboot it is with an error that requires a kernel dll could not be found that I even used a cool ghost image but the same error.

    In fact, I upgraded the bios to a worm recent 2.60 it was beautiful, he started twice and has been used for several hours. the update was suuccesful up and running. It all started when we placed a kingston flash drive in the USB after it was working very well we copied a simple document on drive d, nothing else, it worked for half an hour. After I stopped, and then it was late at night when I started the system fine.i was listening to a song after that, he displayed the error messge system32 driver pci.sys damaged or missed.

    Then I tried everything I knew in windows xp to boot with xp cd and... etc I also formatted the hard drive to try to win98 installation gave an error also, external error to msdos, I think it's the update of the bios that is problem because windows 2000 Professional installation gave a very specific error. BIOS not fully ACPI compatible after pressing F7 in the installer of windows xp the feature ACPI went silent and requested installation good, but during the formatting the drive but it stopped with an error that the disc hard cannot be formatted.

    It's a week now. you have the previous bios file with you maybe which would solve the problem or other.
    Please guide me. I went on toshibas website 25 - 30 times but they do not have the previous bios except the last ver2.60 file

    Hi Usman

    The problem is that you can't roll back BIOS to the previous version. Just service partner chartered Toshiba for this special tool.

    Check it please this document. I have gift? t know if this can help, but perhaps you can better understand the problem http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=330181

    Good luck!

  • Problem after update bios on Satellite L505-144

    Hi all

    New here, but I know I'll be in the right place.

    I recently installed some updates, such as suggested by temppro. Now whenever my compy starts in Windows 7 64 bit, I get the following message.

    There was a problem starting C:\Users\Ems and Swift\AppData\Local\prtwst.dll

    The specified module could not be found.

    I post the picture of it, but I don't know how to paste the picture.

    If someone could give me an idea what to do, I'd be really grateful the help... I tried to re - install the bios and by removing other updates... But still this msg appears...

    Thanks in advance


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    just a quick note, everything seems to work fine, just this error msg, which made my nut in :D


    Seems that the app is loading at the beginning that creates this message.
    You should check the msconfing (in RUN type msconfig and go to the Startup tab)
    There, you can check what applications are mentioned.

    You can also try to clean the registry with CCleaner. This tool is free and scans the registry and removes garbage from registry

  • Then, I started having this problem after the end of the program. Am I just out of luck?

    Are there opportunities that I could get Apple to always do the replacement or am I just stuck with a unstable machine? Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    A few additional details on my machine:

    MacBook Pro 15 "(mi-2010)"

    2.4 GhHz Intel Core i5

    4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256 MB

    You will not get a free logic board replacement from Apple.  You will have to pay for it.

    However, you can install this application that allows you to clear the discreet GPU and only use one integrated:


    There will be a video performance degradation.


  • Problems after Satellite Pro U200 has been accidentally deleted


    I keep having problems with my laptop Toshiba Satellite pro U200. Problems started the laptop was accidentally deleted.
    I will try to describe here:

    Laptop started making noise like buzz... all the time.
    and it's really annoying. Never, it was so loud.
    Another strange thing, it is that we continue to be: after about 4 hours of running Windows, it starts to make the buzz of his stronger and ultimately all windows just freezes. You can not move the mouse can not do anything, even ctrl + alt + del doesn't work, so I have to push turn off button for a few seconds to turn off the laptop.

    I don't know what I have to do?
    is this a hardware problem? If that's what should I change?
    If anyone has had similar problem please share what you know with me!

    Thank you very much!

    > After about 4 hours of running Windows, it starts to make the buzz of his stronger and ultimately all the windows just freezes
    I think there could be something wrong with the cooling module.
    Is that your fall, the computer laptop and, consequently, the cooling module could malfunction and might makes a strange noise.

    Usually, if don t cooling modules to work properly, the temperature rises to a higher level and finally the laptop begins to freeze due to a higher internal temperature.

    In fact, this is just my personal opinion and I can't say with certainty what s wrong.
    I think you should ask a technician for laptop for a short audit

    What I can say is that it really sounds like a hardware problem

  • having display problems with my macbook air, first version of 2015. When I turn on my macbook, after boarding the password, then press on enter three lines (not really they look more like flashes coming from the top of the screen appear) in

    having display problems with my macbook air, first version of 2015. When I turn on my macbook, after boarding the password, then press on enter three lines (not really they look more like flashes coming from the top of the screen appear) in the colors Blue, green and red.

    also when I turn off my laptop just until the display on the top of the screen that is 2 and a half inch thick green line appears and goes about a second.

    help someone?

    Thank you

    Howdy Yaser of zoysia,

    It seems that your screen displays some graphical anomalies when you connect to your user name. I would use these troubleshooting steps in the following article on the resolution of screens:

    Restart your Mac in safe mode to reset the default display resolution.

    If booting safe mode doesn't resolve the problem, reset your Mac NVRAM and SMC to reset the video ports on your Mac to their default values.

    From: get help with graphics issues on external displays connected to your Mac.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Satellite L755-M1M3 driver sound problem after upgrade to win 10

    I have problem with audio driver Toshiba Satellite L755-M1M3 after upgrade to win 10, the sound does not normally work in YouTube or Facebook even when I play the video files from my computer it is dug into the sound or noise goes, I update the driver but not help, can you help me please, I have Toshiba backup files how can I restore it?

    Inability of Toshiba to make the solution, always shocks me. !!! ???

  • Cards will be open any after update 9.3. Anyone else having this problem?

    Cards will be open any after update 9.3. Anyone else having this problem?

    No, not at all. Cards work properly.

    Try a forced reboot: hold down the House and on the buttons until the unit turns off. Ignore the cursor off if it appears. Once completed, if it does not start on it own, turn off power with the key On. In some cases, it also contributes to double click the Home button and close all applications before restarting.

    Also, make sure card is configured to use mobile data (settings app > cell phones > cards [turn it on if it isn't already].) And that location services is enabled for it (settings app > privacy > location Services)

  • Re: Satellite L300 - problems after installing Windows 7


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 bought with Windows Vista 32 bit about 4 months later, I got my Windows 7 64 bit done.

    1 my laptop has startup problems after I installed the drivers give him additional drivers to go, but I have downloaded drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

    2nd I hear music and want to hear the next song is what I use, but not net if the keyboard fn +? don't not go and play / pause next thank you Stop and media player tased funtionieren not only the weis tase of modest silence

    P.s. to translate with google

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Patrick,

    To be honest, your ad is very difficult to understand and I don t know what you mean exactly.

    According to your assignment, it seems that you need a driver and you can get all the drivers here:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

    In regards to the FN keys you have Toshiba Value added Package, and Flash Cards Support utility. Everything can be downloaded from the official page of Toshiba.

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    Problem reinstalling Windows XP

    I'm having a problem reinstalling Windows XP.  After formatting the disk and create partitions, it will not complete the installation.  He goes back and reinstall Windows again.  I go through the installation of 39 minutes, the computer restarts to complete and it loops back and start the installation again. Why it does this and what I can do to move beyond this?

    Go into the BIOS and make sure that you your hard drive is not set to off, and that is the first priority boot CD and your second HD.

    Don't push when it restarts anything just to let him do what he does and report back if anything I'm sorry I have no idea.

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    Always get updates directly Flash from Adobe.

    This can help you:

    Download and run the Flash Player uninstaller program.


    Then download and install Flash Player; After unchecking installing Chrome and Google toolbar option:


    If the problem persists, you may want to ask in the Forums of community Flash Player:


    See you soon.

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    I think I found it! I went in the Windows Live Forum and found a thread that looked like my problem. He suggested going to msconfig and take off Live Mail list start. I couldn't find it on the list, but the top element was "" default EXE"something of an unknown manufacturer. I took it out of the startup list, and Live Mail works again! Thanks for your help!

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