Having difficulties to install El Capitan on my MacBook Pro

I can't get to El Capitan to install on my MacBook Pro 2012. I tried to remove and re - download several times, tried both Safe Mode. All I get is the following:

with the Rainbow wheel for 20 seconds, and then nothing happens. I was not able to find anything online to help. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Here's a tip to user you can follow: basic steps for the OS X upgrade.

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  • I just installed el capitan on my macbook pro.  The circle of progress is in rotation on and on. Is it supposed to?

    If it's supposed to take a long time is ok; I just want to know.

    Can you elaborate on what looks like the screen?  He said nothing?

  • Having difficulties to install

    Having difficulties to install

    Hi Rico,

    Please specify the error message and the product.

    What operating system do you use?

    Start with the help below document:

    Download cloud creative to troubleshoot and install questions

    Kind regards


  • I installed Windows XP Professional on MacBook Pro with Dell-branded OS. How can I legally activate it?

    I installed Windows XP Professional on MacBook Pro with a Windows XP CD is a Dell machine.

    I want to activate windows now, but I came to know that the Windows XP Professional license is no longer available on the market.

    Please guide me this license to purchase to activate it?

    If the Windows 7 key can activate windows XP Professional?

    I don't want to go to Windows XP Mode because we have one standard on our local network for all PC is Windows XP Professional.

    Thank you

    Khawar Pasha

    First of all - what you were doing was not a legitimate path in the first place.  The Dell OEM was probably already used on a Dell system at some point.

    Second - to activate Windows XP Professional OEM, you need a product key for Windows XP Professional OEM.  No, the Windows 7 licenses will not help you.

    Probably your only choice (and is not the best) is to locate someone sell Windows XP Professional on the Internet, find the provider that you can trust most, purchase and use of the CD and the product key you get to install.

  • I have a 12 licensed copy elements onCD. I want to install it on my new MacBook Pro with no cd player. How can I accomplish this? Download?

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    Photoshop elements help | Download Photoshop Elements | 10, 11, 12, 13

    Install and enter your serial number.

  • Mac user. CS4 still active (not disabled) on my macbook pro DIED. Time Machine installed CS4 on my new macbook pro. Error message, "licensing for this product has stopped working". How can I disable my old macbook pro and activ DEAD CS4

    Mac user. CS4 still active (not disabled) on my macbook pro DIED. Time Machine installed CS4 on my new macbook pro. Error message, "licensing for this product has stopped working".

    How can I disable my old macbook DEAD pro CS4 and activate CS4 on my new mackbook pro?

    Hi Christophe,

    Please visit: https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activate-deactivate-products.html

    Contact technical support for assistance:


    I hope this helps.


    Megha Rawat

  • I have a one year subscription for creative cloud for students and teachers and I installed it on my old MacBook Pro, but it broke, and I just bought a new. How can I transfer the CC package to the new computer?

    I have a one year subscription for creative cloud for students and teachers and I installed it on my old MacBook Pro, but it broke, and I just bought a new. How can I transfer the CC package to the new computer?

    No need to empty the trash after moving from opm.db to the trash.

    Well, follow the procedure below:

    Launch monitor activity and "Force quit" all processes associated with Adobe as creative cloud, CoreSync, AAMupdater, AAMupdater notify, demon Adobe Crash of the activity monitor.

    Follow the previous steps again, but this time rename OOBE folder OOBE-old.

    Then launch creative cloud app and check.

  • Cannot install adobe flash player on macbook pro

    Cannot install adobe flash player on macbook pro. Setup automatically runs through Matlab as default program. What should do?

    I don't really know what is "MatLab", or the ".mdlp" suffix, or why it is added.

    What is the file size of the downloaded install_flash_player_11_osx.dmg.mdlp file?  It should be 18,005,202 bytes.

    If which is, I would try to simply rename the file (removing the suffix ".mdlp"), then try running it.

  • Having difficulties to install Snow Leopard Server on Fusion 4

    I upgraded from Fusion 3 to 4. I want to use the merger to run Snow Leopard Server under Leo, so I use a few applications of Rosetta. When I try to install SLS from the disc, it starts and stops with the message:

    "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system.

    Power off or reset the virtual machine.

    Im trying to install on a MacBook Pro i7 quad core 8 GB of RAM. The merger is the version 4.0.1

    What should I do?

    Thanks in advance,

    Bill White

    Hi Bill,

    You should be able to install and configure 10.6.3 on the Core 2 Duo Mac Mini.  If you were to then move it as-is on the MBP, it fails at startup in the same way that you see with the installation program now... however... If, although the host of Core 2 Duo, you apply each update is available via software update, turn off the prompt, then move it into the Core i7, there is a good chance that it will work (I think 10.6.8 supports your Core i7 CPU)...  Definitely worth a shot.

    See you soon,.



  • Having difficulties to install Catalyst! Setup will not initialize!

    I use a Mac.

    I downloaded Flash Catalyst beta 2 four times and each time the "initialization Installer" window that appears first when you launch the Setup from the disk image file, nothing happens. Charge of the blue bar and a file named 'PDApp' launches in my dock. The loading bar "initialization Installer" 100% and disappears, but the file "PDApp" does nothing. When I right click on its icon my my dock, he said "does not not, the Application" so I Force-Quit it. I used the disk utility to repair permissions, I've made sure were quit all other applications and windows were closed. I unplugged my external hard drive (1 TB) and my drive time machine (which are the same thing, just partitioned). I tried to install Catalyst four times over three days. I don't have Beta 1, but I have CS4 Design Premium. However, I have Mac OS Snow Leopard v10.6.1, and I think it's maybe the problem.

    My hardware:

    Early 2008 MacBook Pro with 2.4 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor

    4 GB OF DDR2 RAM

    200 GB HARD drive, about 130 remaining

    V10.6.1 Snow Leopard OS

    Hi Chris,

    Is your problem solved?

    In the case where it persists could you try either of the following-

    1. rename the settings.sol in your user to "~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/macromedia.com/support/flashplayer/sys/settings.sol" folder and try to install again.

    2 or create a new user on your computer, log in via the new user and try to install again.

    Let me know if the problem persists and do not attach the PDApp.log file in the user folder to ' ~ / Library/Logs/PDApp.log'

  • guys I need help last night I tried to install alcapitan update of my macbook pro, but it did not work and it make me an installation message you cannot be finshed I need help please

    The guys that I need help please,

    Last night I tried to install the update to alcapitan to my macbook pro, but it does not work it makes me a message (your installation cannot be finshed) and many many things and when I try to strt my macbook still keeps it install the updat and then get the message again...

    I need help please

    Hello, check if the mac you can use El Capitan. See the information update of OS X El Capitan - Apple Support here

  • Do not start (El Capitan, mid 2012 Macbook Pro)

    Hi all!

    I'm having serious problems with my Unibody Macbook Pro mid 2012 since a few days ago.

    On Sunday, all of a sudden the computer really slow and G.Chrome used a lot of CPU, so I rebooted the machine, but on reboot, I couldn't get the operating system to start. I kept getting a white screen with the circle-slash (prohibitory sign) and a file of o Apple logo with the question mark that would Flash briefly before returning to the slash of circle.

    After leaving the computer alone for half an hour, it starts without a problem. I rebooted again to see if the problem disappeared, but he returned to the circle-slash. I tried the resets of LANDAU and SMC but no result. I couldn't enter Recovery Mode (via CMD + R, because he just left me a white screen). I got the computer to reboot again and ran first aid to disk on the disk and partition utility and I got a message that says that there is only a problem with the map of partition with could prevent from starting.

    So, I downloaded El Capitan on the App store, is an installation of the flash player program, reformatted the whole drive and reinstalled the operating system but I always get the slash circle approximately 85% of the time and cannot set the Mode of recovery without the flash player. Also, I can't access Single User Mode (CMD + S) I get an error that says something about a problem loading the kernel cache.

    In summary: when the operating system loads (15% of the time), it works well; but can not access the Recovery Mode in single user Mode.

    What are my options?

    Here are the instructions from Apple for your splash screen:

    Your HARD drive may also be suspect or the connection with it.  Try to access the Internet, OPTION-COMMAND-R recovery on startup.   Then run disk utility > first aid.


  • How to install a SSD in a Macbook pro mid-2010?

    Hey guys, I have a Macbook pro mid-2010, intel core i5 2.4 GHz and I bought last week a crucial MX300 - 2.5 in SSD and somehow I can not understand how to install it. I replaced it and when I start the computer, it is a question mark '? And after like 2 or 3 min it shuts it in itself.

    Can anyone help me pls how can I install it?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards

    Mohamed Ndreko

    Replace the internal connecting cable (SATA)

  • Cannot install Windows 8 on retina Macbook Pro 2011

    I try to install and run Windows 8 on my Macbook Pro 15 "retina end 2011 with OS 10.10.5."

    I read a ton of forums, and they say all get a Windows 8 ISO from Microsoft Web site. I did it.

    Then, they say get a Virgin USB key and plug it in. I did, and I put the ISO on my USB external drive.

    Then he said: open Boot Camp Assistant, what I do, but then it does not match what say all forums. When I open the Boot Camp Assistant, he goes to the Introduction page. I click CONTINUE and the next page says SELECT TASKS. The only two available tasks are to "Download the latest software from Apple support" or "install Windows 7 or later.

    I select both, it asks me to select my destination drive, what I do, then click "CONTINUE".

    It downloads the Windows support software.

    Then I get an error message that says "Installer disc cannot is, wait a few minutes for something (I forget exactly).»

    So I wait and nothing happens and I'm back on the screen SELECT TASK.


    Greetings Peter Degaillande1,

    A MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina display requires different versions of Windows due to their different abilities. Here is the information you need to determine what Windows operating system can be installed on your.

    Use Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp 8.1 - this article explains what MacBook Pro models can install Windows 8.1 and the steps on how to do this.

    Install Windows 7 and older versions on your Mac with Boot Camp - this article explains what MacBook Pro models can install Windows 7 and previous versions, as well as the installation steps.

    I hope this helps!

  • How to install Yosemite or Mavericks on Macbook Pro 2.2

    Help! My friend gifted me an iBook and I can download it on iTunes, but I can not read it there. Yikes! I need to update my OS X somehow.

    I have a Macbook Pro - 2: 2 apparently is a model of "end of 2006". It has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2 GB of memory. He is currently running 10.6.8 but I need to upgrade to a system that can read iBooks.

    When I read the requirements of the formal system of El Capitan, he seems to satisfy them, but when I try to upgrade via the App Store of Macintosh, downright tells me that this computer can not run El Capitan. I think that iBooks became beginning of functionality with the Mavericks. Then...

    Is it possible for me to move on Mavericks or Yosemite on this machine? I searched for them on the App Store, and nothing comes up. I guess it has a download page for the old system somewhere on apple.com, but dammmmed if I can find it. A pointer to such a page would be wonderful. If you can assure me that this will result in being able to read my gifted iBook, it would be even better. Thank you!

    No, it isn't.


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