HDMI output on Apple TV 4 sends audio and video on TV, not just audio and video for TV to a stereo receiver

Just hooked up our new Apple TV. Excited is no longer need to use both optical HDMI cables so that everything happens [with our compatible audio receiver HDMI.] But to hook the HDMI cable to the receiver, it sends audio and video to the TV. The audio will not play back via the receiver which is very annoying. Anyone else having this problem?

It all depends on how your receiver and the TV are connected. the general idea that underlies the HDMI, is that he send audio/video in HD quality via the same cable...

my system is configured - Live tv on HDMI1, HDMI2 on ATV, bluray on HDMI3 and cable optical audio output to receiver - no "entry" material I look at, the audio comes through tv receiver.

on the other hand, my father has everything connected to the receiver via HDMI, which acts as a transition to television, but he needs to change the entry on BOTH the TV and the receiver...

How is your audio connected TV to the receiver - it cable on which exit?

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    I guess that Yes, if you have the possibility of their software, why not? If you use WMP, go to its options for improvements and see if there's something there.

    What exactly is your problem?

    Or you could ask Realtek, as it would tend to be their problem not that of MS!
    If you want to go further, to re-post giving machine detals - done, model name and exact model number and explain the whay you want to do exactly.
    See you soon,.
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    in iTunes, you can select more then 1 speaker output could be the express and then mirrored to the appletv in the manner of STDS, if is not in iTunes then I think that you need a third party such as the wing option

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    You can set the audio output to the airplay speakers in settings on Apple TV

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    N °

  • Apple TV4 lack of Audio output - answers

    I was put off initially buy the new TV4 Apple because Apple dropped to the audio output optical, and well as my HDMI home cinema projector I needed to split the audio because it has no audio capability.

    I found 2 solutions:

    First the J-Tech Digital 3 Port HDMI/MHL Audio Extractor & switch.  This does 2 things.

    1. he split the audio and provided an optical port.

    2. in my case the projector had a single HDMI input so it allows me to pass via the Apple TV to my cable box remote control.

    The only problem I saw is that you need turn on the setting of the video release of the Apple TV auto to one of the other settings to avoid offshore of colors.

    J - Tech also sells a cheaper model separator if you don't need the decision-making of HDMI 2.

    Second, it turns out that in these same setting menus, you can actually direct the release of the Apple TV wireless to the other pair of audio speakers.  Since I have an Airport Express already put in place for Airplay, I might have just chosen.  The only reason why I keep the separator is that I need the video sharing.

    I hope this helps as anyone holding back buy the new Apple TV, because it's pretty impressive.  I've owned every generation of the first and it's the best.

    I only wanted to help Apple would have been able to offer these suggestions when I called and asked them solutions specifically about my problem and how it kept my purchase.


    My installation works perfectly.

    I figure out the color off I saw what initially set up the projector with the ATV4 was the projector and not the ATV4.

    When I added the cable for installation box I saw the color out of it, but by changing the color profile in the projector, it became perfect.  This allowed me to go back and forth the ATV to the automobile and both give a perfect color.

    If you just need the optical output to buy the optical splitter J-tech on Amazon for $19.99.

    I bought the model with the added feature of you allowing to have 2 HDMI inputs and switch between them.

  • Several digital audio HDMI output inputs TV

    With several HDMI on KDL37XBR6 inputs and using the output to an input of digital audio receiver, how does TV know what audio signal to send to the amplifier?


    Welcome to the community of Sony!

    The TV will be the audio signal to the input device selected in the receiver.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as an "accepted Solution".

    Thank you for your message.

  • I want to stop Dell Dock d3100 Audio HDMI output.

    I recently bought a d3100 dock and I use it to connect my Inspiron 13z with Windows 8.1 to multiple devices, including an HDMI monitor and stereo speakers.  It turns out that my monitor has built-in speakers and does not allow them to be disabled or cut.  They sound terrible, so I'd like to stop to send the audio signal to them.  Unfortunately, windows detects the Dell dock as a single USB audio device and I don't have the ability to send audio to the stereo output 3.5 mm without sending it also both HDMI outputs.

    If anyone has a suggestion on how to use the HDMI output for video without sending audio to the speakers on my monitor, please let me know.  There are HDMI cables that have an audio connection?

    Thank you, Chris.  It is not a Dell monitor that I'm connected, I use an Acer B273h.  I tried to watch the sounds-> playback settings in Windows.  The problem there is that the d3100 Dell presents itself as a single USB audio device.  There is no distinction between the 3.5 mm stereo output and HDMI audio output.

    However, I found a solution.  I remembered that HDMI and DVI have the same video encoding, and also, my monitor has a DVI input.  So, I picked up an HDMI cable to DVI, which now sends only video to my monitor.

    Problem solved!

  • NVIDIA HDMI output "Is not connected" - Audio does not have TV

    I have a HP HDX X18T-1200 CTO Premium Notebook PC.

    I am running Windows 7 64-bit, Service Pack 1.

    Some time previously, the audio has stopped working when you plug an HDMI cable to my tv (perhaps after updating a driver?). It always occurs on the laptop itself.

    Under the control panel: sound, the output device HDMI NVIDIA said that it is "not connected" and is grayed out so I can't set as default device. I can see the video output to the TV, but the audio is not go with her, even when you set the video mode for projector only.

    I tried to uninstall the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and drivers NVIDIA High Definition Audio from the Device Manager, but that did not help. The IDT driver is version 6.10.6276.0, and the Nvidia is Both are as up-to-date as possible I think.

    I work in the COMPUTER industry, so I'm not a total fool when it comes to this sort of thing, but it's me confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    So here's what I discovered...

    The link to the Nvidia site provided by maxpower757 also had a link to this page on this topic: No. HDMI audio when connected to a TV by Philips HD graphics card. In case the link stops working at some point, this is what he said:

    • Some Philips HDMI screens may have problems with some older NVIDIA graphics cards that could lead to corruption of the image when the audio over HDMI is turned on. In this case, the NVIDIA driver attempts to identify these views and default settings to disable the audio if necessary. To re-enable audio (note that this could cause corruption of the image), go to the NVIDIA Control Panel, and then select the page resolution of changes in the View Menu. Select your HDMI display in step 1, and then change the connector in step 2 of "HDMI-HDTV (compatible Audio)" and select apply.

    But when I went looking this "connector" setting, it was not found. I upgraded my drivers to the latest versions, and it was there! When I put it to Audio-enabled, it pops up a warning, and after clicking on Yes, I could open the peripheral reading window and set the HDMI as the default device.

    Hooray! It works again! Here is a screenshot of the setting you would look to (notice the connector set in the middle of the window).

  • Satellite L500-131, an HDMI output to the audio amplifier


    I can't the sound of my Satellite L500-131 HDMI port to my Pioneer amp supposed to be designed to manage these tings...

    Think the problem is in the early stages as I * don't * select "Realtek HDMI output" as default + output + option is not available.
    Playing around, I managed to get to an old Microsoft driver hidden in memory somewhere and could select HDMI output 'default' through the laptop speakers. But ultimately this ddn can't get sound through either, well that the volume to "sound board" control of Vista indicates activity signal (bars during playback of DVD)... :|

    No idea what is the problem? By selecting "Output HDMI" audio output by default seems to be a Solver for everyone, but it's the only option that is not left in me, so frustrating... :|

    Thank you very much for any help provided.


    To be honest I often use HDMI connection on my laptop but I never had any problems with this connection. Everything is working properly and even I checked again all works well!

    Anyway, in your case, I'll try reinstalling the audio driver. You can find it on the Toshiba site.

    If you use the HDMI connection, connect the cable first. Then turn on your TV or your amplifier and finally the laptop.
    Check it!

  • How to have separate video and audio over HDMI output Lenovo Thinkpad T410

    I have lenovo T410 and wanted to connect it to my TV high definition. Earlier had problems, but after buying SIIG Displayport to HDMI its job very well. In fact the video and Audio can now be read / listened to on my HDTV via HDMI. However, I have a separate 2.1 computer speaker system, which has much better sound output than my HDTV. Now if I want to see the video on HD TV via HDMI and audio output to speakers for laptop (connected to the 3.5 mm wired 2.1 speaker system), how to do that. I went to SmartAudio settings in the Control Panel, but there is no option of separates HDMI audio to the speakers only.

    I don't want to buy another cable with RGA Audio Converter 3.5 mm female port. Please suggest a direct solution.

    in win 7 do a right-click on the speakers on your lower right corner icon, select playback devices, click on speakers, click on set default, click OK and it should work (sound must come from your computer speakers or the computer 3, 5mm jack)

  • Audio jerky HDTV using the GPU Radeon HD HDMI output 7950

    I tried to look online and on the forum. I found a post, but it wasn't quite the issue I'm having.

    Sometimes - no particular trend spotted - the sound of my TV becomes and remains jerky.  Specifically, he's crashing several times every second about. However, when I run a video YouTube on Internet Explorer audio seems to be fixed (including any audio output, not just the video on IE).  As soon as I close IE audio becomes choppy.  I guess I should note there is no lag in the video performance or system, when this happens.
    I think that this question has to do with the release of my audio from my video card, because when I plug my headphones (for the header or line of motherboard) audio is not so rough.  Currently, I have a cable HDMI from my GPU to my TV and then output a line audio from my TV to the speakers.
    I have the drivers updated on my graphics card and my motherboard.
    This can be solved probably by plugging my computer directly into the audio mixer for my speakers Panel, but I would like to know if I can solve this problem with my current setup, because it is more convenient.
    Thanks for any help or you advise!  If need more information, I will do everything I can to help.
    System Specs:
    OS: Windows 8 Pro
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7950
    Mobo: ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
    CPU: Intel i7 - 3770K
    RAM: G Skill 8 GB DDR3

    It worked for me

    Originally posted by JeonjuHot
    Hello. Im a Korean user and I am not good in English. So. just interpret yourself.
    I got a same problem as you guys.
    I 7950 and receiver onkyo 707 and after worm. 12.3 drop audio had taken place.
    To fix this, I compared other drivers and found the solution.

    Open regedit and locate
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Video\ {... XXXX} \0000
    ('XXXX' means the device number. There are several file of the device number and 'AdapterDesc', you should find in the 0000 folder is what value of the key "amd radeon HD series 7XXX.).

    At that folder '0000', 'PP_SclkDeepSleepDisable REG_DWORD"change the value 0 to 1.
    and reboot ~! ~ ! ~ !

    I solve this problem like that and I hope to solve the problem.
    If it doesn't, I don't know. !! Good bye

  • Audio default HDMI output goes to "not connected" when the receiver is turned off and does not reset as defdault when the receiver is turned on

    I have an NVIDIA HDMI output connected to audio receiver 7.1 Onkyo TX - NR. 818.  It is defined as the default output.  When connected, it works well.  When I turn off the receiver, the output goes to "not connected" and scene of my returns instantly becomes the default.  When the monitor is switched on again, the HDMI out remains "not connected" and audio is directed to the monitor.  If I unplug the pc HDMI cable and reconnect it, the HDMI from the receiver instantly responsive as default device.  How can I stop her from doing this change, whenever I have turn off the receiver?


    Try this: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-PC-Sound-and-Audio-e-g-Windows-8/Nvidia-HDMI-Output-quot-Not-plugged-in-quot-Audio-not-going/m-p/1001191#M16981

    Good luck.

  • NVIDIA HDMI output - not plugged in (?) = no sound on the TV, but great picture!


    I'm not very experienced in the computer, but I know now that the connection from your laptop to a flat screen HDMI cable TV is not as easy as it should be...

    Description of the problem: no sound, but the big picture on the TV when connecting to my HP dv7 entertainment PC through HDMI to it. Specifically: for NVIDIA HDMI output icon is grey and not active in the "pilot sounds and reading - menu" - you can not simply give (other icons that are active are: speakers and headphones double, double independent headphone & SPDIF). You can also see the TV under "Control panel" > "Devices and printers" - so the tv is connected. In Device Manager, I see that I have 2 sound processors (?) "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC" and "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" - I don't know one that is used for the HDMI connection.

    I have at my own risk installed the latest driver (?) for my graphics (NVIDIA Geforce 9600 M GT) - before I did, the NVIDIA HDMI output icon participated actively in the "... sound"-menu (so you can turn it, etc.)- but no sound on the TV and then either...

    I suspect there to be something wrong with the drivers for my graphics card or processor... or maybe you can't send sound to the tv with my cable? It's a standard HDMI cable...

    Laptop model nr: HP Pavilion dv7-1094eo

    Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit don't know ServicePack... .

    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT

    HDMI cable, tv LCD Philips model: 37PFL7605H

    If someone could help please advise me on what drivers to install or anything else, I would be very grateful!

    / Marie

    First do you uninstall IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver and NVIDIA GeForce 9600 M GT drivers by going to

    Control Panel\Programs\Programs and features.

    In case if request you a restart of the computer, please make sure that restart you one after the other. Do NOT avoid restarting the computer.  So go ahead and download view updated and audio drivers from the HP website here.

    Yet once, after installation if you are prompted to restart the computer, go ahead and restart the computer. Once done, go to:

    Control Panel\Hardware and the sound and click on sound. On the Read tab, right-click on the white (empty) space and you will see 2 options (see the disabled devices and show disconnected devices). Make sure that both options are checked for all devices listed reading.

    Now, right click on the option to output HDMI device and make sure that the option "set as default device" is selected for the sound of the external display during playback picture on external monitor.

Maybe you are looking for