Headphones MDR - Nc6 listen to noise

Hey everybody,

I would like to send this message directly to Sony. I bought these headphones of your not so long ago, and not sooner than later, one side does not work. Now I don't blare the volume, so I usually wait headphones/headset to last me a decent amount of time.

I opened the side that wasn't working, and I found a very avoidable error. The two wires that connected to the real speaker have been merged when I took a peek. I had to apply a decent amount of force to get them out, leading me to believe that they were firmly melted on the other. I guess that this caused a short circuit and that's why she damaged the Platinum that I don't know how to fix.

* Side note, these two sons had MANY showing bare, which leads to a few options for reduction of the volume limit, or find a more durable coating material.*

I'm upset that this defective design. I feel like an EA, not enough emphasis is placed on quality. Yes to build the circuit and make it compatible with the appearance of noise can be a decent challenge (maybe not so much with PSPICE), but the quality of the product could be improved.

These headphones have been enormous, until this incident. I really hope that your company focuses on fixing small errors like these and greatly improve the quality of the product. I am generally satisfied with products Sony and their quality, with the exception of this defective product.
Disappointed customer

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm not at SONY, I'm just another disappointed customer.

But at a certain point, one, sooner or later, as a consumer, we must begin to discover where these products are from and under what circumstances they are done and why are relatively expensive. I have no doubt that Sony engineers are very intelligent, but even if the design of the headphones is impeccable, its production could not.

Please take a look at the label and what countries are doing in the headphones. Made in China? Made in Malasia? Made in Indonesia? Made in the Mexico?

Facts to start learning and important words are:
-Maquiladoras (http://geography.about.com/od/urbanecon... adoras.htm)
-Duty free area (landscape http://infranetlab.org/blog/2010/05/bor... /)
-Globalization (http://home.clara.net/heureka/gaia/global02.htm)
-Corporation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pin8fbdGV9Y)

And the always recommended "Story of Stuff" to round up:

So poor manufacturing is a more complex phenomenon.

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    The noise cancellation is a sony proprietary software and is unlikely to be supported in other devices from manufacturers.
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    Kind regards


    I got more information on this problem and I'm afraid it's a compatibility issue.

    The design of the Bose headphones is Samsung specific design and this is also indicated on their homepage. Usually button headphones VAD is designed to be connected to the GND PIN when it is pressed, but when the key VAD of Galaxy S4 headphone kitting, it still has an amount of impedance. We have a different threshold in Z3, Z3c to support the other fuctionalities of our helmets of multi button.

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    It's very strange. So you're sure that your headphones are 100% ok?
    Have you tested your helmet with other devices?

    Have you tried to update the audio driver? If this is not the case, the update.

    But not to be honest, it looks more like a fault of headphone jack to listen like a software problem.

    In any case, it should be to update the audio driver

  • Where can I send my pair of MDR - R10 to repair?

    I have a pair of headphones MDR - R10 that could use a tune up.

    Where can I send them?

    Thank you.

    OK thanks, I'll take them to the nearest Sony store.

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    Hello Borlando

    Over the past two months also have F20 and I don't really no bad experiences. Sound quality is good especially with the virtual sound. F20 has small speakers and you can't force them up. I did some experiments with all the details of the built in speakers option and I am very satisfied.

    Good bye

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    If I remember right here in this forum that several people have reported to this topic. I'm not 100% sure but I think you need new AC adapter.
    Your adapter is connected to power with 2 or 3 pin power cable?

  • Where to find cord MDR-NC60

    Where can I get the cord for my headset?

    It is nothing on the Sony site to order a replacement for my accessory broke. There are only four stores in Texas and they are not close to me, or they are located in a mall busy VERY VERY Super for Christmas and any other great holiday.

    I use this headset about six hours a day for the school online. I need it desperately.

    Please point me in the right direction.

    Thank you

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum.

    Here are the power cord and plug for headphones MDR-NC60 reference numbers:

    1-833-784-12 - power CORD (WITH CAP) (1.5 m gold plated L type mini stereo plug)

    1-833-783-12 - CABLE (WITH PLUG) (0.5 m, gold plated stereo mini) (tourist)

    1-477-125-22 - JACK ADAPTER (DOUBLE) (for use in flight (single/double))

    1-566-410-21 - ADAPTER, TAKEN (unimatch gold-plated adapter (stereo mini jack stereo plug there))

    Call line Sony parts and accessories, and they will be happy to help you:

    https://servicesales.sel.Sony.com/ecom/... 1562973772

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