Health system shows two unknown devices. DevMgmt.MSC shows no

Run the health care system, which indicates that there are two "unknown devices".

Device Manager does not display even with the show all the selected.

How can I get rid of this false info?


OS = Windows 8 Pro, X 1 carbon touch

Find the element of "Remind Me" small print.

Interesting is that we should use "Remind Me" and choose "Never" get rid of the notification.

What is important is that the problem is now resolved.

Thank you

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  • Portege R500 - I've got two unknown devices after installing XP


    I am looking drivers for the two unknown devices in the hardware Manager:

    "Intel(r) 82801GBM (ICH7-M/U) LPC Controller"
    'System compatible ACPI Microsoft'

    Thank you


    Have you installed all the drivers Toshiba XP which appear on the European driver from Toshiba site?

    There is also a training installation document that gives the proper installation order. Please check if all the XP drivers were installed, as mentioned in this doc.

    In addition, you should check if you have installed the MS WinXP SP2 and Utility Intel chipset.


  • HP Pavilion Dv6t 2000 CTO-two unknown device

    Hi all

    My laptop is HP pavilion Dv6t 2000 CTO, product no.: NQ615AV, run the Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

    It has two unknown device:

    1. PCI Express Root Complex
    2. Intel PM55 Express Chipset LPC Interface Controller - 3B 03

    Driver status: code 28.

    I haved installed driver: audio, graphics, Player cards, chipset (sp45629), quick launch.

    Please help me!

    Thank you very much.

    The Unit came with Windows 7, or is it upgraded to Windows 7? If you upgrade, what was a facility on the spot or own?
    It was like that out of the box, or was it a recent development? Nothing changed at all before that? It is strange for drivers just disappear.

    Have you tried to use the automatic update of the Intel driver? If not, go here and select it. It must analyze and find the drivers for the listed products that both are involved with the motherboard and chipset.

  • Tecra A7: Two unknown devices after installing the OS Win

    Hi all
    Recently bought an A7 and was convinced all the preinstalled software Toshiba slowed things. Managed to fresh install windows, then use Toshiba Apps Installer to restore items that I really wanted to. Everything went well and the computer is about two times faster now. However, I have two following unknown devices:

    (1) device type: other devices
    Location: on Intel(r) 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27 b 9
    Hardware ID: ACPI\IFX0102

    (2) device type: other devices
    Places: On system compatible ACPI Microsoft
    Hardware ID: ACPI\TOS620A

    I installed the latest Intel Chipset drivers and no luck. Perhaps one of them is the sound card (although I have installed the drivers as well) and one of them HARD drive Protection (that I have no intention of installing anyway).

    If someone can confirm what they are it would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards


    Installing drivers and utilities Toshiba should be made in the right order.
    The chipset utility must be installed at the beginning and then the common modules.
    You must use the form chipset the Toshiba site.

    The Tecra M7 also supports the protection of the HARD drive. Normally you will find it at the last position under "Audio, video and game controllers" in Device Manager.

    I found this document Toshiba how to identify an unknown device:

    Maybe it helps.

  • Satellite X 200 - 21 d - two unknown devices after installing Vista 64 bit

    I just newly installed (my Vista 64-bit), my laptop 21(d) and noticed that in Device Manager, there is option - hidden features, then 2 new unknown devices appear.
    What are these devices and where to find the right driver for it?

    Hi there is green Orchid,

    Is the vista 64-bit, that you have installed the software that came with the system or a version of windows?

    Before installing vista, have you checked if there are external devices connected to the system?

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  • Two unknown devices in Device Manager.

    Original title: 2 unknown devices

    Hi I just bought a new laptop called Sony's Vaio T series, and that's my problem

    in the Device Manager it is two icons for unknown devices

    I download and installed most of the form Sony drivers but nothing resolved

    can someone help me?

    another photo

    the other device

    Thank you for your for your response

    I downloaded a program call driver pack solution

    and thank God he fix the 2 unknown devices and

    for the record, these devices are

    Device wireless Sony and the Sony firmware extension device

    I have download the drivers from Sony but nothing resolved

    but same driver package solution dryers remedy

    Sorry for my bad English, thank you and thank you for Abdul R

  • Pavilion dm4-2191us: drivers required for the PCI, SM bus, PCI, Ethernet, two unknown devices communication device

    PCI device:

    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5209 & SUBSYS_1650103C & REV_01

    SM Bus controller:

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_1C22 & SUBSYS_1650103C & REV_05

    Simple PCI communications controller

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_1C3A & SUBSYS_1650103C & REV_04

    Ethernet controller:

    PCI\VEN_1969 & DEV_1083 & SUBSYS_1650103C & REV_C0

    Unknown device:


    Unknown device:

    USB\VID_138A & PID_0018 & REV_0078


    PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_5209 & SUBSYS_1650103C & REV_01

    SM Bus controller:

    Simple PCI communications controller

    Ethernet controller:


    HP 3D DriveGuard software - drivers & software

    Unknown device:


  • HP dv7-1450us netbook: 3 base system device a missing an unknown device drivers after installing windows 8.00

    I installed windows 8 on a new clean hard drive, I'm updating with windows update but I still 4 devices missing drivers, 3 base system and an unknown device, how can I solve this problem?...

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    You need these drivers for the bsd...

    This package contains the driver for the JMB38X Host Controller Card Reader in laptop models supported and operating systems. JMB38X card reader supports the following types of media: SD, MS, MMC and xD.

    File name: sp45180.exe

    You probably need this driver for the unknown dev...


  • HP TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 ENVY: Unknown devices in Device Manager

    Hi all

    I had to reinstall Windows 8.1 (x 64) on my ENVY of HP TouchSmart Ultrabook 4-1170EZ (P/N C1X23EA #UUZ) after a system failure caused when you try to install Microsoft One Note 2010. The system is now running, but Device Manager shows two unknown devices that are

    ACPI\HPQ0004\3 & 11583659 & 0
    ACPI\HPQ6001\2 & DABA3FF & 2

    Anyone know where to get the driver software for these devices? I wasn't able to find it on

    Thanks in advance


    Please try:

    Kind regards.

  • HP Pavilion P289SA: Unknown devices


    I have a HP Pavilion P289SA laptop and I installed Windows 7 sp1 with no problems, but I still 2 yellow warnings in Device Manager.

    Both are unknown devices and hardware IDS are as follows:


    * SMB0001



    * HPQ6007

    I installed the latest AMD drivers from the Web site, which has been successfully installed the 3 USB ports and graphics, when I installed them it says it included pilots smb, but like I said I have still two unknown devices.

    Tried to download AMD driver on the HP site for its model laptop where it has what I need, but he gets 9% and none does not move.



    You need these drivers for devices...

    This package provides the driver that allows the Synaptics TouchPad in the notebook models that are running a supported operating system. The pilot turns the touchpad General (for example, double-click and scroll) feature and provides a user interface.

    File name: sp69001.exe

    This package provides the HP 3D DriveGuard software (HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection) for the laptop models running a supported operating system. HP 3D DriveGuard software protects the drive hard by parking the heads if cell phone accidentally falls, or is suddenly struck by another object.

    File name: sp71811.exe

  • Brand new twist S230u unknown devices 2

    I get warning messages from the solution Center Lenovo I have two unknown devices. It is a new system, I am very surprised to get this message right out of the box.

    All ideas are what the drivers missing?

  • Aspire s7 unknown device in Windows 10

    After the Windows 10 pro update, everything seems to work. However, Device Manager shows two "unknown devices": I have no idea what I might be missing: how will I know?

    I can't find any reference to this topic...

    are you is of course not a USB connected device or a desktop software remotely? * KINONIWave & ie = utf - 8 & oe = utf-8 & gws_rd = cr, ssl & ei = uvCsVsalO8fSPdSTgcAH

  • Pavilion dv4 1040ee: unknown device 2

    Hi, I have a problem on my hardware.

    Device Manager, I have two unknown devices.

    Devices says:

    • Unknown device, location: Port_ #0002.Hub_ #0001
    • Unknown device, location: on PCI Express Root Complex

    How would I be able to get a driver for it or maybe solve this problem?

    My laptop model is: pavilion dv4 1040ee

    My operating system is: Windows 10 (32 bit)


    You need these drivers...

    This package contains the driver for the validity fingerprint sensor in portable models supported and operating systems.

    File name: sp45217.exe

  • HP pavilion dv7-3165dx (unknown devices)


    I just upgraded my HP dv7-3165dx professional model of window 7 and now on the Device Manager shows two unknown devices. I installed a few things this hp support assistant, the usb card reader and the quick lanch, but they did not work... Please help out me and I will be very appreciated.

    First unknown device showed

    * ENE0100

    Second unknown device showed

    * HPQ0004


    Download and install the following.

    ENE CIR driver.

    Validity sensor driver.

    In addition, if you haven't already done so, install the following.

    HP ProtectSmart hard drive protection.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Unknown device ACPI\TOS1900 on Satellite A105-S2091


    I just finished a * CLEAN * Vista install on my Satellite A105-S2091.
    Installation was smooth and clean.

    After installation of all recommendations * DRIVERS * (I chose not to install * ANY * Toshiba utility).
    I was left with two unknown devices in Device Manager.

    One was ACPI\TOS1901.
    After searching the forums, I found a thread that indicated that the installation of the supervisor of the Toshiba password utility, would be fixed
    This device, which it did.

    I stayed with unknown device ACPI\TOS1900. A search here havenot been useful forums.
    I have + really + do not want to install the Toshiba utilities that are not absolutely necessary.

    Anyone know what drivers need to be installed to fix the unknown device, ACPI\TOS1900?

    Thank you!



    I think that you need the driver for Toshiba HDD Protection
    Maybe it helps to get rid on unknown device.

Maybe you are looking for