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I had to resound hearing aids Linx, but not more (1 year +). Echo deleted app. However such aid always appear under settings/accessibility/hearing aids - list of devices (such as the pair) and seems as if IOS is still "looking" for them.

How to untie this pairing?

Hello there, Norman.

That you're always see a profile listed for resonate them Linx hearing aids which is no longer, you have or use. From what I understand the iPhone online User Guide and following Knowledge Base article, the links from iPhone to the hearing aid, just as it would be with any Bluetooth device. Using the following information, simply select option "Forget this device" in the profile of the hearing:

Use Made for iPhone hearing aids

Use the settings

Tap Settings > general > accessibility > hearing aids. Then press the name of your hearing.

Here's what you can do in the settings:

  • Autonomy of the view
  • Adjust the volume for one or two hearing aids levels
  • Select an audio preset
  • Turn on Listen Live
  • Cancel the pairing of your hearing

For additional information regarding the hearing aids and iPhone, I have also included the link since the iPhone online User Guide:

Hearing aids - the iPhone user Guide

Thank you for reaching out to us on Apple Support communities.

Happy holidays!

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