Height of market commentary

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I have a small question. By default, the height of the comment of the stage is limited to 3 strings. How to change this value? I can't find the appropriate option =)

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If you work with TS 4.x, make a right click List steps to open its configuration. Press 'change... '. "to open the configuration dialog box. In the first, active tab, you can see an entry 'lines of comments to display. The default value is 3.

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    Help, please.

    Earlier, this could be done with the help of a simple css code:

    But now there is a bug in Muse. This bug does not well move objects that are below. Therefore, you can not do this without complex coding in javascript. Now, just buy a widget, which makes it. Or use CC 2015.0. CC 2015.1.

    I sincerely hope that Muse team will fix it.

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    Any help is appreciated,

    Thank you

    Hi Ben,

    Please try following markets-

    (1) create a rectangle

    (2) fill the rectangle with the image required: check "option scale to fill" for fitting

    (3) now according to the resizing option, you can select the stretch to the width of the browser and adjust accordingly, the height

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    Hope this helps

    Kind regards


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    Any help in this area would be appreciated, I don't want to spend $79 for a subscription of a simple widget.

    Thank you.

    Other than the browser and full slide show background images screen, you would either had to use the widget to third party or submit a request for such a widget development.

    Thank you


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    problem = 20 images of different proportions, some offshore a few big... lots / action them all... to put them all at a specific height (1,580 inches in height - 300 dpi) for the future by making slip and fall on a single A4 page...

    so far, there is no case found that only part of the PS, I found? ... If a fixed height, width must also be set, so things get crushed if the 2nd image is larger...

    I looked in file / Scripts / Image Processor... that should work, but I tried and went around in circles with... I also studied here help Photoshop | A batch of files = resize adjustment is "No. su-ERS to" defining the size of the desired height works only one way, if the images are rectangular vertical, who works in a way and a configuration option is applied 'only' and rectangle landscape images are resized to the 2nd position, the proportions (of height) is therefore modified compared to the setting of the actual height to... the simple and obvious thing would be in order to be able to leave one of the resize to adjust the empty pixel options, it would be too easy, I guess, he said that the choice of vacuum a px (pixels) box is possible in the video above, but it is not possible, the nag screen says "You must specify the width and height using resizing options for JPEG." (this is also the case for the .psd or.) TIFF...)

    Visually and mechanically it is just a simple transformation / scale, keeping the same aspect ratio, with no culture, and a PPP eventually chosen... it seems to reach easy to be a complicated solution...

    ... Russell and I also had a go at writing an action and the CE marking on the end of a process of "Image" to solve the problem of 300 dpi which is also... the height / size question remains...

    PC - Windows 7 - CS6...

    Thank you...

    and I'm also in the market for a hammer nut 10 pounds with a 3-foot wooden handle / maybe even a bucket of gasoline and a match... or other breaking ideas...

    I did this in PS for more than 15 years.

    Create an action that:

    Opens the image

    Go to Image/Image size

    Set the height to the desired height

    Let the width only, does not change it

    "Keep the Proportions" is checked

    Click OK

    Save the image

    Close image

    Only problem you have is that you might have a few images that are too wide.

    Started using this method in PS 3 and again thru CS6.

    Do not use all of the cloud CC stuff so can't speak on that.

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    What is the best way to implement an Android Market as home screen. A drop-down list of the images of different heights and widths that go beyond the size of the screen.


    It would be just a series of hgroup and vgroup tags bound by a scroller or is there a better way to do it.

    I had a view like this time and a Scroller with VGroup/HGroup is how I did it.  It works very well for a small number of items, but if you have many items that you can consider a provision in a list by using virtualization.

  • Opera support & height limit of screenshots


    Overall, BrowserLab is a great product. Only, I have two problems with it:

    1. lack of support for the Opera browser (I know this is not popular in the United States, but it is much more popular in Europe, reaching 10 to 15% of market share in Central Europe).

    2 height limit (about 4000 pixels I think?) for the screenshots - why is it necessary? Sometimes Web sites rich in content, the pages are more than that and it is impossible to test.

    Thank you

    Hi Jacek,

    Thanks for your comments. I will pass on your comment about Opera along to our product manager and see what we can do about it.

    As far as your 2nd question goes, the reason is due to a current limitation of the Flash Player which limits the images we can treat 4095 pixels by max aside. We have some ideas how to get around this limitation, but it's going to take a lot of work on our part and therefore is not likely to happen in the near future. I can assure you that this issue is on our radar and is a limitation that we want to get it over with.

    Hope this helps,


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    think it was ios7 who wallpapers would pass vs icons when you moved this back and forth that it was a characteristic probably one, that you can disable in the settings

  • Mini 4 Apple iPad market always with iOS 9, why?

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    Hello. Devices are supplied with the software that was installed at the factory. iOS 10 just came out after a long beta test, so he will not have been sent to repair. There is no way to update the devices in closed packaging. For example, you may need to wait for the next model again if you ask him to come with 10 installed iOS.

  • y at - it application market/exercise for iphone 4

    y at - it application market/exercise for iphone 4

    FWIW, my wife has an old version of Endomondo app on his iPhone 4. I use the new version on my iPhone 5s...

  • Column of the browser height

    I just downloaded the latest update to itunes and now my Explorer displays more than 4.5 lines. I tried hovering over the lines as I've done it before and no double arrow to resize vertically. The double horizontal arrows show, but no arrow double vertical change. This is the maximum vertical size that I can get. If something has changed with itunes

    Thank you


    On, I'm able to extend up to about 2/3 of the total height of window Explorer, or reduce it to about 2 lines.  It works this way in the overall music library or playlist.

  • Firefox OS, market shows only a white screen

    There was an update to the market available before yesterday, after that I downloaded the just market shows a white screen. I tried to erase the user data, which did not work. I have an alcatel one touch fire e, under firefox os
    I'm running out of ideas, suggestions on how to fix this?

    There is now another update of the application of the market who got just came out and that solves the problem.

  • Installing the Apps market - where do they go?

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    Post you or install the Palemoon marketplace apps? I don't know about the support of Marketplace apps on palemoon, I could take, but which would be false info.

    So, normally they create a shortcut on your home screen panels and are listed as an application. I know that you uncheck the download of applications from third party/unknown sources on some versions of android.

    Another place to see them listed in the Explorer, it is if you go to tools > applications

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    Acabo adquir an equipo con firefox Os, huawei Ascend Y300 II el, y desde fabrica is no tengo opcion para instalar I can open the application market led applications, y tampoco puedo open the web site.

    Q firefox os version?
    SE paciente. Soon 40 aveces segundos.
    O cierralo y vuelve a abrirlo

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    Yesterday, I noticed that the height of the tab bar went from what it had been. It is now about twice as high, and so are the icons. Also, the active tab is not highlighted on the tab bar.

    I did not any changes to the settings in FF.

    Is it possible to reduce the size of the icons, which can reduce the size of the entire toll bar?


    Looks like a flaw with this theme Littlefox 2.0.32.
    See the comments of the user. Fix was filed, just waiting to be reviewed by AMO.

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